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"She did quite the number on you." Kassandra's amused voice rang out. "Don't worry, little thief. Your savior is here!"

Following the woman's declaration was a cheeky smile that only served to annoy Naruto even more. It was bad enough he got his ass handed to him by Zabuza's apprentice but now he was being teased by Kassandra?

Kami truly did spite his existence.

Naruto slapped Kassandra's hand away from his face, preventing her from examining the black eye and other wounds he now sported.

"I'm fine..." He responded in a slightly petulant manner, aggravated at his defeat.

Kassandra was silent for a moment before sighing quietly and taking a knee on the soil. She stabbed Zabuza's weapon into the ground and dropped the decapitated heads of said man and his apprentice next to the weapon.

"Let me see." She didn't bother waiting for the boy's response and immediately grasped the boy's chin, turning it towards her and staring at the swollen area around his right eye.

Naruto was resistant at first, but soon understood that his struggle was futile.

Mostly because the woman's ironclad grip was nigh unbreakable.

Kami! Did this woman crush cinder blocks for fun?!

The bronze skinned woman continued to examine the wound before gingerly rubbing her thumb across the blackened skin. At the boy's silent grimace of pain, Kassandra nodded her head.

Her chocolate brown eyes roamed down the boy's face and to his left shoulder. She moved his hooded cloak aside, taking note of the stream of blood that was idly seeping into his shirt.

Without warning, the woman proceeded to tear the cloth around the boy's wound. The fabric gave way easily and the Spartan woman ignored Naruto's indignant huff at the action.

Kassandra reached into one of her many pouches and pulled out a clean piece of cloth. She began to gently dab the wound, taking caution when nearing the entry wound.

After thoroughly cleaning the area around the wound, Kassandra examined the injury and lightly pursed her lips.

Clean cut. No tears.

Kassandra clicked her teeth quietly before nodding her head and speaking. "Look at you... Already taking after your master." A sly smile formed on her face as she reached into a different pouch. "It'll leave a scar but you're lucky she didn't nick your bone."

Naruto rolled his eyes before resting his head on the tree he was seated against. His hands fell to the grass beneath him as he slowly calmed his breathing.

His first fight with a Shinobi...

A complete disaster.

She had completely decimated him. He was outclassed at every turn.

Too slow.

Too cautious.



A disappointing loss...

One that surely should have ended his life if not for Kassandra's actions.

A heavy sigh left Naruto as Kassandra pulled out two needles with a long piece of thread. The woman held the piece of thread between her teeth before tethering it through both of the needles.

Once finished, she reached into her pouch before pulling out a peculiar looking herb and offering it to Naruto.

"Here. Chew on this. It'll ease your pain." Kassandra proceeded to place the herb in Naruto's mouth the second he opened it, not caring about his feelings on the matter.

He was going to eat it whether he liked it or not.

And so, Naruto resigned himself to chewing on the odd tasting herb that Kassandra procured for him. He occasionally twitched as Kassandra sutured his shoulder but other than the odd spasms, he didn't really feel any pain.

So, that was a plus atleast.

Kassandra pulled out the cloth she had used to clean his wound before wiping off any excess blood around the now sutured injury. She threw the cloth away before covering the wound and moving back to his black eye.

"I can help with this one but it'll feel... different."

Naruto continued to idly chew on the herb and rose a single eyebrow. "Different how?" He asked curiously.

Kassandra was silent for a moment before she closed her eyes. There was silence for a few seconds before a gold hue began to form around her body.

That same golden hue that always surrounded her when she was using her power...

Well, that's what Naruto assumed it was because it certainly wasn't Chakra. It didn't feel like Chakra...

Naruto couldn't pinpoint the feeling he got when she used it but he felt like he knew what he was seeing.

It was difficult to explain but he knew that he was familiar with this power. He just didn't know how or why.

Kassandra's eyes opened and gone was the chocolate brown pupils she possessed. Golden tinted orbs stared into his cerulean ones and an odd sensation ran through Naruto's body.

He felt electricity course through his entire body as Kassandra's hand made contact with his face.

He felt... lighter.

Felt... free.

A sense of euphoria tore through his body, spreading out and invading every inch of his body.

Unbeknownst to the boy, his eyes now shone the same color as Kassandra's. A similar pair of golden tinted pupils stared back at her as a small smirk formed on her face.

"There you are."

Whatever Kassandra had planned was immediately stopped as a thunderous cracking noise resonated from the inner confines of her mind followed by a booming voice.

"You don't belong here half-breed. Leave."

Kassandra immediately let go of Naruto's face after hearing the voice and immediately pulled away from the boy.

The Spartan woman idly realized that her heart was now beating incredibly fast. She blinked several times before forcing herself to calm down.

What... What was that?

Was... Did Naruto's Isu Artifact just speak to her...?

A sentient Isu Artifact? One that could talk?

That... How?!

It wasn't completely out of the realm of possibility considering the Apples of Eden were all sentient... But the Apples of Eden couldn't talk.

Control and manipulate humans yes, but to talk and possess free will?!

This was unheard of!

Naruto's Isu Artifact had literally pushed her away! While SPEAKING!

A grin began to stretch across Kassandra's face as she stared at the boy who was now shaking his head with a low groan.

Oh yes... This world was definitely interesting.

Getting herself under control, Kassandra cleared her throat while furrowing her eyebrows. "You ok, little thief?"

The blond thief was silent for several moments as he rubbed his head with a soft groan. A few seconds passed before Naruto abruptly turned his head towards Kassandra.

A golden hue replaced his previous cerulean orbs as his eyes gazed directly at Kassandra. A pressure seemed to surround Kassandra before a tremendous weight proceeded to settle upon her shoulders.

The weight was suffocating.


All encompassing.


Staring into the boy's now golden orbs was reminiscent to the times she had stared directly into the eyes of the Isu race.

Hades, Persephone, Poseidon...

Kassandra's eyes shifted from their chocolate brown to a beautiful gold. Her head tilted as she applied the same pressure that Naruto was doing to her.

While Kassandra hadn't shown strain or discomfort from the pressure, Naruto certainly did. Evident by the way his left eye clenched shut with a minor grimace. His shoulders dropped low as his muscles coiled painfully.

"Is it a fight you wish for Naruto?" Kassandra asked blankly, her head tilting in the process.

The young teen grunted as the pressure upon his body seemed to double with her inquiry. Naruto released a tiny groan of pain before his gaze dropped to the ground.

Immediately upon doing so, the weight Kassandra had placed on him disappeared, relieving him from any further pain.

"Breath, little thief." The Spartan spoke with power in her voice. "The first time is usually the hardest..."

Why did her words make sense?

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed as he stared at the soil beneath him. Following her advice, he began to slowly control his breathing.

In... Out...

In... Out...

What... What was this new feeling? He felt so... invigorated. So powerful. Like he could fight for hours without a break.

In... Out...

In... Out...

The pain in his shoulder seemed almost non-existent now. While the herb that Kassandra had procured earlier had done its job in numbing the pain, it was almost as if he had never gotten injured in the first place.

Naruto slowly trailed his hands towards his sutured wound before halting as his fingers grazed across the...


"Neat, isn't it?" Kassandra asked with a crooked smile.

Naruto's head dipped once more as his eyes gazed at the non-existent wound upon his shoulder. The only thing that led credence to him actually having a wound was the fact that the stitches were still present.

His skin was unblemished... Save for the single piece of twine that zigzagged through his skin. There was no irritated skin...

No clotting of blood.

No cut.

He continued to stare at the wound in disbelief before slowly gazing up at Kassandra, his eyes no longer golden.

"Wh-what happened to me?" He shakily questioned Kassandra.

The Spartan's crooked smile shifted into a grin as she bent at the hip, her face coming within a few inches of Naruto's.

"It seems you have awakened something powerful. Something... ancient." Kassandra's hand came to rest under Naruto's chin as she gently stroked it. "Something I've never seen before."

"What are you talking about?!" Naruto asked in genuine confusion. "I feel... I feel... Different. What did you do to me?!"

Kassandra chuckled quietly before pulling away from the boy and standing to her full height. "Let's just say that I was the conduit needed to awaken you." She twirled her spear for a moment before deciding to test the boy's Isu Artifact.

If it was awakened and sentient then it would surely protect its user.

If not...

Kassandra abruptly lunged towards the boy as her spear blurred directly into his line of sight. The speed at which she moved was quite literally to fast for normal human eyes.

It would surely spear through the boy's head.

But as Kassandra had expected...

Naruto's eyes shone an ethereal gold before he seemed to dodge her strike with absolute ease, almost as if knowing she was going to attack him.

Kassandra's spear dug deep into the wooden tree that Naruto was seated against. A thousand pieces of wood splintered outwards from the woman's attack as her arm dug into the tree, swallowing it at the elbow.

A smirk graced her face as she saw Naruto immediately roll away from her while reaching for his kunai and taking a defensive stance.

"As I expected..." Kassandra spoke with a soft chuckle. She proceeded to pull her arm out of the tree with relative ease. "Your Isu artifact truly is sentient... You're a walking conundrum, little thief."

Naruto stared at Kassandra as if she was completely deranged. "Why are you trying to kill me?! What the fuck Kassandra?!" His entire body tensed as Kassandra twirled her spear with a small smirk.

"I wasn't trying to kill you Naruto... Well, not intentionally of course." When the boy kept his guard up, she sighed softly before holstering her spear and leaning against the tree she had struck. Crossing her arms against her chest she spoke in a serious tone.

"You hold an Isu Artifact within you."

Silence and confusion met her statement. It wasn't unexpected.

"A what? What is... What's an 'Isu Artifact'?" Naruto questioned with furrowed brows, his body still tense and his adrenaline still surging through his veins.

Kassandra tapped her forearm several times before replying. "An Isu artifact is an item created by the Isu race ; the first civilization to exist. They are considered to be the progenitors of humans, having even created them."

Naruto, despite his earlier suspicion and tense posture, couldn't help but just stare at Kassandra as if she was mentally deranged.

"You... You expect me to believe that?!" He asked incredulously. "Where's the proof?"

He almost wished he hadn't asked that.

Kassandra's entire being seemed to change before him.

Her features sharpened and veins like liquid gold spread throughout her entire body. Her eyes morphed into that ethereal golden color and she seemed to exude a feeling of absolute divinity. Her broken spear shifted and glowed like the sun, illuminating the entire forest around her.

It was as if she was holding a lance that had been pulled directly from the sun itself!

Naruto had the sudden urge to drop to a single knee as he gazed upon this... this...

This God.

And just as quick as it came, it went.

The feeling of divinity vanished along with her features returning to their norm.

"Should I do it again?" Kassandra asked with a quirked eyebrow and a small smirk.

The power of the Isu ran through her blood. It was only reasonable that she had mastered their abilities to a finite degree.

She had been alive for several centuries after all.

"That... Wha-... What are you?" Naruto asked in pure astonishment. He had never felt something like this in all his life.

Not even from the hundreds of Shinobi that called Konoha their home. While intimidating and deadly, they did not feel divine.

Did not exude a presence that practically demanded subservience.

He was reminded of the first time he had actually met Kassandra in Konoha. How she seemed to just naturally give off an aura of power that demanded obedience.

"I am like you Naruto." Kassandra replied back simply. "Though I do not have an Isu Artifact held within me. You are... unique. I have no doubt that we are one in the same."

Naruto blinked at the statement before his eyes strayed towards his hands. He stared at the appendages for several seconds before clenching them tightly, feeling an unknown energy coursing through his veins.

"And yet you haven't explained what exactly we are." He stated while returning his gaze to the woman.

Kassandra leaned against the tree she struck once more before smiling. "Part Isu and part human... Though that shouldn't be entirely too surprising. Humans that can control water and ice?" She asked rhetorically while gesturing towards Zabuza and Haku's severed heads.

"Do you believe it is just normal that you people can have the ability to control the elements and perform feats that would otherwise be impossible?"

Naruto was silent for several moments as he thought about what Kassandra was saying.

Truly thought about it.

Isu... Chakra... Were the two related? They had to be. It was the only explanation.


"If what you're saying is correct then Chakra is the power that you use. Correct?" Naruto questioned.

To his surprise though, she shook her head no.

"This Chakra that your people use is just a watered down version of the Isu powers." Kassandra held her hand in front of her as a golden hue emitted from the palm of her hand. A second passed by before a roaring inferno exploded out from her palm, shooting into the sky and incinerating the tree she stood below.

The raging inferno continued to destroy the tree for several seconds before Kassandra waved her hand in the air. In an instant the fire dispersed and disappeared as if never having existed, though the damage to the tree remained.

"This is the true power of the Isu." She turned back towards Naruto who maintained his awed expression. "Your people are still far more unique than my own. Your people have managed to explore different avenues of the Isu abilities... It is truly fascinating."

And she certainly meant that. The Isu race had never sought to really weaponize their abilities, preferring to create and build. While her armor and weapons were crafted from the hands of an Isu and could take blows that were otherwise devastating, they had never gone out of their way to explore avenues regarding violence.

And why did they need to? They were incredibly powerful and intelligent. They were well aware that warring on one another would just lead to their downfall. Bickering and attacking one another was beneath them though they did have their fair share of squabbling.

No race was perfect whether they be human or Isu. Everyone and everything had flaws.

Naruto was silent for a few moments as his gaze shifted from the destroyed tree to Kassandra. "If Chakra is just a weaker version of the Isu power then that does that mean... I could use it like you do?"

The Spartan regarded the boy for a moment as her gaze rose to the night sky. "Absolutely. But it would take time and training. It is not just going to happen... You'll bleed for it just like I did."

Her smile was downright terrifying. It caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end.

Kassandra was a terrifying woman.

Pushing those thoughts to the side, Naruto spoke once more. "Does that mean that everyone who has learned how to utilize Chakra can eventually harness the power of the Isu?"

Kassandra shook her head as she replied. "Unless you possess an Isu Artifact and are directly related to a powerful Isu bloodline, then no."

Naruto was silent once more as his eyes returned to his previously clenched hands, still fisted and resting atop his knees.

"Can you harness the Isu power with just an artifact and not possessing the heritage from a powerful descendant?" He questioned while staring at his fists that were beginning to shake from the anger that was bubbling in his heart.

Noticing the sudden change in the boy, Kassandra rose an eyebrow as she responded. "No, it is impossible to harness the Isu powers without being a direct descendant to one. While the average human can use an Isu Artifact to its fullest extent, they will never harness the Isu's abilities."



It all coalesced in Naruto's heart as he began to connect the dots regarding his treatment in the village. The treatment that had condemned him to this life of thievery and deceit.

A life full of nothing but hardship and struggle! A life that had kicked him when he was down and continued to stomp upon his very ribs!

The treatment... The looks...The whispers...

"The Sandaime made a mistake."

"It walks among us..."

"Our end is near and no one does anything!"

It all made sense now. The reason Hiruzen was always spectating his actions. The reason the ANBU were always monitoring him.

Why hadn't he connected the dots before?!

The golden tinted words from the Sandaime Hokage were beginning to deteriorate as he realized just exactly what he was.

He knew the term used for people like himself. People that harbored weapons of mass destruction inside their very bodies. People that came from powerful bloodlines who could perform feats that astonished even Shinobi.

People, related to the leaders of their very own Village, cursed with a power meant to destroy. To topple their enemies with overwhelming power.

A weapon to use and wield at the Villages' extent.

"I'm a Jinchuuriki." He replied with sheer venom.

Kassandra's eyebrows furrowed at the term. "A what?"

The blond teen snarled quietly as he replied. "A human sacrifice... A Jinchuuriki is an individual who holds a weapon of mass destruction inside them... Each Major Village has a Jinchuuriki that reside in the home and are primarily used as deterrents of war. The Jinchuuriki are chosen by the leader of their Village... And are always related to them in some fashion..." A bitter laugh escaped Naruto as he unclenched his fists. "I always suspected but..." He shook his head before going silent.

It was silent for several seconds before Naruto abruptly yelled out in pure anger. The scream that tore though his vocal chords was as agonizing as it was painful.

"WHY?!" His fists struck the hardened soul beneath him as he screamed again. "FUCK! Fucking... FUCK!" The ground cratered as his fists struck the earth once more. His new power surged through his body, strengthening him to a degree previously unheard of.

Before Kassandra could comfort the boy, her senses flared followed by the sound of Ikaros cawing from the sky. Her chocolate brown eyes focused on the man that was now standing on one of the burned branches of the tree above her.

This was... Kakashi Hatake?

His hands were in his pockets and his posture was lax, though Kassandra knew that was a farce. The man's body was tense and he looked ready for anything.

"Well, the cat's out of the bag now isn't it?" The silver haired Shinobi stated in a jovial tone though it carried a certain... foreboding feeling to it.

Naruto's posture stiffened for a moment before his head rose to stare at the masked Jonin. His blue eyes were a storm of anger as he unconsciously called upon his new power.

A golden hue began to envelope around the boy, outlining him in an ethereal manner. His cerulean orbs began to transform and change as the power of the Isu ran through his blood.

Though before the boy could do something he'd surely regret, Kassandra immediately moved to stand in front of the kneeling boy, placing herself directly in the line of sight of Kakashi.

"I assume all of the Shinobi in your village knew about Naruto?" The Spartan questioned with a raised eyebrow. She turned her head towards Naruto and stared at him out the corner of her eye, subtly warning him to calm down. She nodded her head when the golden hue of the Isu deteriorated from the boy's vision.

Kakashi eyed the Spartan woman standing in front of the boy before replying. "Them and the villagers... Those who are unaware were the generations born after Naruto's birth, though their parents certainly didn't mind spreading their prejudices unto him." The silver haired Shinobi dropped from his perch atop the tree, landing several feet in front of Kassandra.

Kassandra tilted her head as she stared at the man. "Curious... You don't seem to harbor the same prejudice that the populace does."

Hiding his surprise behind his apathy, Kakashi responded with a brow raised. "And why would I?" He questioned rhetorically. "Naruto wasn't responsible for what happened that night 17 years ago."

"If that's the case then why wasn't I informed?!" Naruto questioned with a scowl from behind Kassandra, still seated upon the soil. "I suffered in that village. No one helped me! No one did anything for me! I was left alone to fend for myself. I always suspected that I was related to the Yondaime! Why was I left alone to fend for myself?! You think the son of one Konoha's strongest leaders deserved to be treated liketrash?! I stole what I had to survive!" His scowl deepened as he slowly rose to his feet while continuing. "I went hungry for days at a time, hoping that the local restaurants were feeling generous enough to throw out their leftovers!"

"It's bullshit. I didn't have a place to live for years! I was spit on just for existing! You say you hold no prejudices but what did the Shinobi of Konoha ever do for me?! You think an unstable Jinchuuriki is a healthy one?!"

Kassandra's expression was stoney as she listened to the boy speak about his suffering. She could relate to what he was saying wholeheartedly.

Before being found by the Cult of Kosmos she had been a lowly little thief, stealing and sometimes even killing others just for a night's rest or a single scrap of food. Sometimes she went hungry for days and wished nothing more than for Thanatos himself to claim her soul.

But this suffering had made her infinitely stronger. Had molded her and shaped her into the warrior she eventually became. From being trained and hailed as the future savior of Sparta to being thrown off of Mount Taygetos and having to survive on her own.

It, with the aid of the Cult of Kosmos, had created Deimos. The personification of dread itself.

She was a phenomenon.

A mythos.

A piece of history that had yet to truly be written. An individual who was feared among the Greek Nations and could strike fear within the hearts of even the most fearsome warriors.

Which is exactly why Naruto was going to follow in her footsteps. He was the same as she was. A piece of fruit that was ripe for the picking. A piece of clay that only needed a pair of skilled hands to properly mold.

Yes... Yes yes yes.

Naruto would be the Deimos of this world.

"I never said it was healthy. Expecting the Shinobi of Konoha that endured that night 17 years ago to aid you is an irrational belief and you know that." Kakashi replied calmly, knowing that Naruto was only acting on his anger. "We, as Shinobi, follow the orders of our leader. Sandaime-sama prevented us Shinobi from interacting with you, believing that it would cause discourse through the village."

Before Naruto could respond with the acidic retort that danced upon his tongue, Kassandra did so.

"You and your comrades are cowards." Her head tilted as her brown eyes bore into the Jonin with a look that bordered on disdain and disgust. "You only see a weapon... Dull as it may be, but a weapon nonetheless. Death is the norm for warriors ; titles are irrelevant. Shinobi, Spartan, Athenian... It does not matter."

"You chose to actively disregard an individual, whose importance was enough to try to gain the trust of from the leader of your very own home, so that you and your comrades could wallow in grief. You are a weak man."

Kakashi's aloof manner maintained even as the woman's words sliced through his core. This unknown woman, whose presence had never before been seen in the Village of Konoha, was able to not only ascertain the importance that Naruto possessed within the village but was also able to identify exactly what he truly was.

This woman was incredibly dangerous.

Naruto himself even seemed to calm at her words and seemed to almost...

Kakashi realized it then and there. The woman had gained the trust of the boy. She had cleverly crafted her words and actions, clearly. Naruto had never been one to trust easily, let alone at all.

It was unheard of.

Naruto didn't even trust Hiruzen and the Sandaime had made sure to keep Naruto unpunished for his actions within the village.

This woman had a grip on the boy.

A grip on the Jinchuuriki of Konoha.

An unknown mercenary had done what Konoha had failed to do in less than a single week.

Kassandra was a threat. There was no doubt about that and her very existence was a danger to Konoha. She could and most certainly would poison Naruto.

Perhaps it was his paranoia biting at him but Kakashi knew that this woman was going to be a future problem. A problem that needed to be nipped in the bud.

His ebony eyes slowly trailed towards the severed heads of Zabuza and who he assumed to be the apprentice of said man. While he could have easily taken care of Zabuza, he had a team of Genin that he needed to protect.

Meeting the man in open contact with his team would have been a death sentence for his students. And even now, the plans that were circulating through his head on the multiple ways to terminate Kassandra were being overweighed by his desire to keep his Genins alive.

A full on confrontation with the woman was... Well, he didn't know. She had killed Zabuza, relatively easily if the lack of wounds were any indication.

Which meant that the woman was near or perhaps even above his level, and that truly terrified Kakashi.

But she wasn't a Shinobi... She most certainly lacked critical information about what Shinobi could do in combat.

Zabuza was a man who preferred to fight. A stealth killer he was but if given the chance, he would trade blows in the open for all to see to satiate his blood lust. Which led credence to the woman's skill in close quarters combat... Having the strength to over power Zabuza was a feat in itself. Even the way she held the man's blade upon her back, coupled with the dozen other weapons upon her body, was incredibly telling.

Kassandra needed to die.

"I wouldn't say that I'm weak but everyone is entitled to their own opinions, Kassandra-san." Kakashi replied blandly.

It was a subtle change.

An auditory shift of his tone.

Kassandra's eyebrows furrowed as she felt something... change. She couldn't pinpoint exactly what had happened but something wasn't... right.

"You though, are certainly powerful Kassandra-san." Kakashi continued as he placed his hands into his pockets while gesturing towards the decapitated heads of Zabuza and Haku. "Zabuza was no slouch and earned his reputation as the Demon of the Hidden Mist. The fact that you were able to not only trounce the man, but kill him is very telling to your skill as a mercenary."

The Spartan continued to stare at the man with slight confusion. Something was clearly wrong but she couldn't pinpoint what exactly it was.

It just didn't feel real.

Like a cheap fabrication.

Which was odd to say because nothing seemed out of the norm and yet...

Kassandra blinked and a wave of pain jolted throughout her body, starting from her breastplate and surging throughout her entire body.

Her vision distorted for a mere second and the image of Kakashi standing in front of her seemed to bleed away as if not existing.

Confusion racked her skull as she came face to face with Kakashi, his headband raised revealing a completely unique eye to her.

Kassandra belatedly realized that Kakashi's hand was encased in lightning and was currently striking against her chest plate, directly where her heart was.

But it hadn't pierced her armor, only denting it enough to cause superficial pain to her chest.

Despite being caught completely off guard by the surprise attack that Kakashi had launched Kassandra was quick to retaliate.

Her face hardened as her eyes shone like the sun. Taking in Kakashi's shocked face, Kassandra immediately latched onto the man's outstretched arm.

The Spartan made to break the man's arm but was once again caught off guard. The Shinobi's entire body seemed to expand in an abnormal way before glowing brightly. Not a second later did the body Kassandra held onto explode in a brilliant display of destruction.

"KASSANDRA!" The aforementioned woman heard the scream of the Jinchuuriki before a cloud of destruction emanated from her position.

The bronze skinned woman was engulfed by the flames of Kakashi's clone. A shockwave surged throughout the clearing, nearly knocking Naruto through the tree he was seated against.

The blond covered his face as ash and loose debris shot towards his position. Not a second later did he rise to his feet with a horrified expression.

Wha... Why?! Why did Kakashi attack her?!

What the fuck?! She hadn't threatened him!

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" His voice came out hoarse and ragged as he swiveled his gaze around the clearing to search for the Jonin. "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND HATAKE?!"

He just attacked Kassandra for no fucking reason! The woman who had been authorized by the Hokage to aid him on this mission!

What the fuck?! Was the man going senile?!

There was silence for several seconds before Kakashi reappeared on the tree branch several minutes prior to his untimely attack. The man's mismatched orbs were peering into the small cloud of smoke that had emanated from his exploding clone.

His visage was stoney and uncaring as he noticed Naruto's increasing anger. The boy's fingers were curling in agitation as his eyes flickered into a different color all together. A prick of worry wormed its way into Kakashi at the sudden change but he squashed it down as the cloud of smoke contorted before being swept away by an unseen force.

The Jonin's lips thinned as he spotted Kassandra's head peek out from the remaining smog of smoke and ash. Her right eye was alit with a golden hue and surged with anger. The rest of her body soon followed from the aftermath of his jutsu.

Like a nightmare from the deepest pits of his imagination, Kassandra stepped out of the smoke with a minor injury. Her left arm dangled uselessly at her side, blackened from the explosion he brought upon her.

Her golden armor was completely untouched, spotless even. The only thing that indicated she had been in an explosion was the black soot upon her skin and the injury to her arm.

Blood slowly dribbled down Kassandra's mangled and slightly charred arm, dripping unto the soil and pooling at her feet.

She didn't even appear to care. Preferring to stare directly at Kakashi with those... those golden eyes.

"KA-... KASSANDRA!" Naruto called out in shock. He made to move towards her but immediately stopped when she, without looking, raised her uninjured arm, motioning for him to not move.

The Spartan slowly rolled her neck to the left, illiciting a loud cracking noise before repeating the action in the opposite direction. Her right hand slowly reached for her broken spear before twirling it and finally speaking.

"It has been so, so, so... very... long... since I've been injured..." Her golden orbs shone brightly as her entire body tensed. "You have gained my respect Kakashi Hatake." Adrenaline surged throughout her body, igniting her warrior spirit. A vicious smile tore through her features as she bent her knees.

"Let us fight! LIKE WARRIORS!" Kassandra's voice bellowed out loudly. "ALALÁ!"

Kakashi's lone Sharingan spun ferociously as the Spartan woman seemed to just... appear in front of him. Her crazed expression etched itself into the confines of his mind as the bronze skinned demon struck.

The Jonin had only a single second to move as the woman's spear cleaved through the air. His head ducked and not a moment later did the woman's weapon whizz above his hair, almost taking a few strands with it.

Kakashi half expected the woman's blade to get stuck into the large trunk of tree that he was crouched upon but was once again shocked to see that it had cleaved entirely through the dense wood.

The grey haired Jonin immediately placed his right palm against the trunk of tree, leaving an exploding tag on it before disappearing in a burst of speed.

Another explosion seemed to engulf Kassandra as the Jonin appeared several meters away from the burning tree. He didn't have time to catch his breath before his instincts screamed at him to move.

And move he did.

Kassandra's form blurred in front of Kakashi, her weapon poised to spear from above. Her weapon sliced through the air with little resistance.

A pair of kunai appeared in Kakashi's gloved hands as he finally aggressed on the woman. His blades were a flurry of activity as he struck against Kassandra's single blade.

Spark after spark emanated from the exchange of blades, illuminating both fighters' form.

Kakashi grunted as a particularly powerful blow struck against his guard causing his knees to bend slightly from the force of the blow.

The kunai in Kakashi's left hand scraped viciously along the blade of Kassandra's spear before he was forced to jump back due to a surprise kick from the woman.

Kakashi took a heavy breath as he stared into the golden eyes of Kassandra. His Sharingan spun several times as her grin grew wider.

This woman... She was an animal.

Like a raging beast fighting on pure instinct.

His Sharingan roamed along her injured arm, inspecting the wound and damage he had caused. He'd thought that she'd be slower or even more cautious due to the wound but the woman didn't even seem to care.

One arm or not she was incredibly dangerous. Speed and power combined with pure skill...

The Jonin breathed in lightly as he noticed the woman's knees tense.

Both Kassandra and Kakashi disappeared and reappeared a second later with their weapons clashing.

Kakashi's dual wielded kunai clashed against Kassandra's single broken spear. A cacophony of metallic rings and clangs rang out as both Shinobi and Spartan traded blows with their blades.

Kakashi ducked under a sweeping attack while simultaneously thrusting one of his kunai towards the woman's gut. In response to the attack Kassandra lifted one of her legs allowing her greaves to block the attack.

The Jonin immediately dropped his kunai and latched onto the woman's leg, pulling it towards his armpit and entrapping it. Kassandra's eyes widened slightly at the maneuver and she immediately made to strike down with her spear.

Kakashi spun the other kunai in his hand and immediately intercepted the woman's blade. The resulting clang from Kakashi's kunai and his minor tug on her leg caused the woman's balance to shift awkwardly.

Kassandra's spear held for a moment before being struck back and into the air though she did not relinquish her hold on her weapon.

Kakashi took advantage of the woman's off balance and immediately flicked the kunai he had struck with into the air, catching Kassandra's gaze for a mere moment and distracting her.

The cry of a thousand birds sang out into the forest almost immediately after his actions. Kakashi's lone Sharingan blazed ferociously as he thrusted his Raikiri towards Kassandra's unprotected chin.

Kassandra's eyes immediately snapped down at the sound. She grit her teeth upon noticing the danger of that particular technique before tilting her head back as far she could.

What Kassandra didn't expect was the plume of smoke that formed around Kakashi's previous form and now in his spot was the kunai he had thrown into the air.

Kassandra was unable to react as Kakashi appeared directly in front of her, somehow swapping positions with the kunai.


Kassandra's golden orbs followed the lightning encased fist for a single moment before she closed her eyes and focused on the Isu blood that ran through her veins.

Power flooded through her veins like an addicting drug. The power of the Isu spread throughout her entire body before she yelled.


Kakashi's Sharingan spun viciously and he was unable to react as a pillar of golden light struck down unto Kassandra's position while subsequently blasting him away.

The Jonin rag dolled along the earth for several seconds before pushing his palm towards the ground and catching his balance. He flipped several times before ending in a crouch. He immediately gazed towards Kassandra's position and dread formed in his chest.

The Konoha Jonin swallowed the saliva in his mouth before releasing several labored breaths. What was this woman?!

What was this power?!

Kakashi's Sharingan spun slowly as it took in Kassandra's new... form? The woman was bathed entirely in golden chakra...?

He couldn't really identify exactly what the energy was but the fact that her left arm was now completely healed was worrying. He had already used so much Chakra just trying to end her as fast as possible.

Sweat dripped down Kakashi's face as his vision blurred for a moment. A grunt left his body as he sighed tiredly.

This was not going at all how he expected. He might actually die here...

A pity.

Kakashi released a tired sigh before slowly rising to his feet and closing both of his eyes. All of his doubt, fear, dread, and exhaustion seemed to vacate his body. His entire body relaxed before he slowly opened his eyes.

Kakashi raised his hands before going through three familiar hand seals.


How many times had he used this particular Jutsu? The very same one that had cemented his name in the Elemental Nations.


The Jutsu that had made him infamous. The very same jutsu that he himself had originally created.


The cry of a thousand birds emitted from Kakashi's position. His left hand gripped his right wrist as a large amount of lightning emanated from the palm of his hand. His entire form was covered in lightning as he slowly raised his gaze towards Kassandra's golden form.

The screeching sound that emanated from the lightning jutsu seemed to only increase in volume as his mismatched pupils glared into the golden eyes of his opponent.

This was it.

This... This was it.

His final Hail Mary.

He closed his eyes for a brief moment as he thought about his team before shaking his head. His students would be fine. They were smart kids.

Kakashi had always wanted to die after the death of his pseudo father. He had failed to protect Minato and had chosen to wallow in grief.

He failed Obito.

He failed Rin.

He failed Minato.

And he had failed Naruto.

Kakashi opened his eyes once more before his form blurred towards Kassandra. Lightning trailed alongside Kakashi's form as he sped towards the Spartan Woman, intent on spearing her through with his jutsu.

His form was nearly untraceable save for the lightning that seemed to trail behind him from the jutsu that sat in his hands.


Kakashi's right hand thrusted towards Kassandra who made no move to defend, block and or dodge the attack.

The Raiton Jutsu clashed against Kassandra's golden form and a blinding light pierced through the canvas of the forest, illuminating it to a degree that was slightly painful.

The familiar squelching sound of human flesh being torn into was heard. A grunt of pain shortly followed the sickening noise before a wheezing exhale was heard.

The sound of a thousand crying birds slowly tapered off from its ear shredding cacophony to a low ringing noise.

And then...

"Not good enough... Little assassin."

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