This collab is part of a series of stories, however, due to the nature of the Pokemon anime, it is not necessary to read chronologically earlier stories. (Which is fortunate, as most haven't been written yet and none of them are finished) While you lose a bit of context as to who the OCs are and how they know Ash, let alone each other, this story and the characters can and should be fully enjoyable without that.

For those who still need/desire context, author Sai Kunai Blade's stories, Ash vs Sai and The Team-Up, are a good introduction to Sai's character (and Shane, in the case of The Team-Up). Warning, there is somewhat gratuitous profanity from Sai in both stories, mostly in the first chapter of Ash vs Sai and much more mild swearing in The Team-Up, but the other characters are true to the show and there's nothing worse than what the show usually gives in terms of violence. In terms of the character Shane, the existing chapters of Black & White Master Quest will introduce him well enough for now. Note, Ash vs Sai and The Team-Up are not the same continuity as this story and Black & White Master Quest, though similar events will have happened in this continuity.

Very special thanks to author Sai Kunai Blade for collaborating with me and allowing use of the character Sai Blade. Seriously, if it wasn't for him this story probably wouldn't exist, and it quite literally wouldn't be half as good or have come half as quickly without him seeing as he wrote around 50% of the chapter and will likely write around that much of later ones too. He's a good author who focuses on action and comedy, so do both of us a favor and check out his stories too if you haven't already.

It was a beautiful, sunny day on Melemele Island, where the pride of Pallet Town and future Pokémon Master Ash Ketchum...was on vacation, thanks to his mother's rather lucky Mr. Mime.

While Professor Oak had requested that Ash and Delia deliver an egg to his cousin, there was no true rush, and Ash had, so far, had a blast in the Alola region. After roaming around the Alolan sea on a Sharpedo and enjoying a brief Tauros taxi ride, the Ketchum family had stopped for a brief look at the marketplace, and Ash, naturally, got distracted by an Alolan Pokémon he'd never seen before.

Ash was now running after the Pokémon, having leaned a bit too close and gotten his nose pinched. He chased it all the way into the forest, where, unbeknownst to him, a mysterious blue-eyed being was watching. The Pokémon Ash was chasing briefly breached out of the ground, and Ash dove for it, but missed. It dug back into the ground and Ash crouched over the hole, furiously digging after it, but he was interrupted by a berry randomly bouncing off his head. As he looked up in confusion, Pikachu took an interest in the random berry, grabbing it and hopping on his Trainer's shoulder as Ash stood back up, looking around as he suddenly realized he was in the middle of a forest.

Before Ash could wander or ponder, he was distracted by a pair of familiar-sounding, intense voices, and decided to follow them as Pikachu munched on the berry from nowhere. The two eventually arrived at a clearing, and Ash found the source of the voices.

It was two of his strongest friends and rivals, Shane and Sai. The two Unovans had briefly traveled together through Kalos, but quickly went their separate ways, due to Sai's... lack of concern for others, to put it mildly. But now here they were again, facing off in a Pokémon battle.

Shane had a Pikachu that wore a red headband with a small star in the center of its forehead.

Sai's answer was a light brown quadrupedal wolf-like Pokémon with a white underbelly that extends up around its muzzle and eyes in a mask-like marking. It had pointed ears with dark brown tips and pink insides, big blue eyes, and a triangular, dark brown nose. There were four sharp fangs in its mouth: two in the upper jaw and two in the lower. Large tufts of brown fur extended from the sides of its head; three tufts on each side. A bushy, white mane covered its neck. Four dark brown rocks poke out of its mane, creating a shape similar to a stylized sun. The lower portions of this form's legs were white, and each paw had three dark brown claws. It also had a long, fluffy white tail.

The two Pokémon had clashed between their Trainers, the Pikachu's glowing tail pushing against the forehead of its foe, who was covered in a white aura. After a moment of struggle, there was an explosion that sent the two Pokémon skidding back several feet each. As the glow faded from each Pokémon, Ash could see the heart shape in the Pikachu's tail, indicating it was female.

Neither Shane, Sai, nor their Pokémon noticed Ash and his own Pikachu watching their battle as the Trainers gave their next commands.

"Sparkle, use Thunderbolt!" Shane called.

"Pika...Chuuu!" The electric mouse responded, jumping up to launch the move.

"Lycanroc! Dig, now!" Sai ordered.

"Lycan!" Sai's Pokémon- apparently called Lycanroc- confirmed, tunneling below the ground, avoiding the lightning bolt. Sparkle landed and looked around in confusion for a moment, before Lycanroc burst from the ground and slammed into it, knocking it back to Shane's feet as the Wolf Pokemon leapt back to Sai.

"Whoa! This is getting intense!" Ash said excitedly.

"Pi!" Pikachu agreed, equally excited.

"Hope you've got some tricks up your sleeves, Shane, or this might be over." Sai taunted.

As Sparkle stood back up and took her stance, Shane grinned. "Alright, time for our special move! Sparkle, use Surf!"

"Chu!" Sparkle confirmed, her eyes briefly glowing blue. Suddenly, a large wave of water burst from the ground, the electric mouse riding it with a seasoned surfer's elegance, before the water crashed down upon Lycanroc.

"Lycan!" The Wolf Pokémon cried out as it was hit by the wave and washed back to Sai's feet.

"No way!" Ash exclaimed.

"Pika?!" Pikachu yelled in disbelief.

Sai knelt down beside his Pokémon in concern. "Lycanroc! Are you okay?!" He asked worriedly.

"How's that for a trick?" Shane asked, putting a hand on his hip with a smirk. "Normally, it's impossible to teach Surf to a Pikachu. But I recently conquered the Pokétopia Colosseum Challenge, and for it, I got a special prize. The Pokétopia Master personally taught my little Sparkle here how to use Surf!" The teen held his other hand out, flashing a peace sign. "Fun little surprise, huh?"

"Pika!" Sparkle confidently confirmed, imitating her Trainer's pose.

"Ly... Can..." Sai's Pokémon whimpered, struggling to continue, but amazingly it got back to its feet and stood to fight again. "Roc!" It barked.

"Amazing! I knew I could count on you!" Sai laughed happily, standing up and looking at Shane. "Not bad at all, Shane. You nearly had me there. I wasn't planning on using this, but I think you earned it." He said, looking to Lycanroc. "Ready, buddy?" He asked.

"Roc!" It confirmed.

"What are they planning?" Ash wondered.

"Pi..." Pikachu could only wonder as well.

Sai then raised his right arm, which had a strange bracelet containing a small brown gem with a Rock-type symbol in it, then crossed his arms over his chest as the gem began to glow. "Behold our bond. Together, me and my Pokémon are as strong as a rock!" Sai chanted, moving his arms in a circular motion before holding them out in front, his left arm crossed over his right as he began to glow too. "Our strength combined will overcome any obstacle!" He announced, straightening his legs as he flexed his biceps while energy seemed to flow from him into Lycranroc. "And crush any foe!" He continued, turning and bending his right knee while stretching his left leg behind him, balancing on his toes and flexing again as Lycanroc jumped into the air. "CONTINENTAL CRUSH!" Sai bellowed.

"LYCAN!" Lycanroc howled as it summoned multiple rocks from the ground, forming a huge boulder under its paws. It then hurled the boulder at Sparkle, who, along with Shane, where looking on, panicked, waving their arms frantically before it landed, squashing the Pikachu.

"Sparkle!" Shane shouted as the boulder exploded, knocking his Pokémon back towards him. Sparkle crashed into Shane's chest, her Trainer barely catching her without falling over himself. Turning her over, Shane found that her eyes were swirls. She was knocked out. "I'm sorry, Sparkle..."

"Pika..." the electric mouse replied sadly.

"WHOA!" Ash exclaimed in shock.

"PIKA!" Pikachu cried out, dropping the remains of his berry.

"Oh, yeah! We won!" Sai shouted happily as Lycanroc howled in victory, running back to its Trainer for some well deserved affection and Pokébeans. "You did great out there, buddy. Return." Sai told the Wolf Pokémon, withdrawing it and walking up to Shane, holding his hand out respectfully. "You and Sparkle did great out there, too, Shane. I definitely wasn't expecting to have to use a Z-Move in this match."

Shane fed his Pikachu a PokéPuff and scratched her chin. "Great job, Sparkle. Return." The teen withdrew his defeated battler, turned to Sai, and accepted the handshake. "Still as strong as ever, Sai. I really thought we had you when I broke out Surf."

"That was AWESOME!" Ash suddenly interrupted, startling the pair. Ash was in front of Shane in an instant, trembling with excitement. "Shane! I can't believe your Pikachu knows Surf! You've gotta teach us sometime, please!" Both Pokémon and Trainer held identical pleading expressions.

"...Um...hi, Ash." Shane replied awkwardly, before the youngest of the three Trainers suddenly rounded on the oldest.

"And Sai! What was that Pokémon you used?! It's gotta be from around here, right?! And that move! That was so awesome! I've never seen anything like it!"

While Ash assaulted Sai with questions and exclamations, Pikachu and his pleading expression remained locked upon Shane, unwavering.

Shane proceeded to scratch the electric mouse behind his ears and under his chin, ignoring what he knew Pikachu actually wanted. None present noticed Ash's enigmatic stalker nearby, dropping another berry on the single most dangerous creature in the Pokémon world.

"Oh... Hey, Ash... Wasn't expecting to see you here." Sai said, before recovering. "Well, the Pokémon I used is called Lycanroc. This one is the Midday Form. They have either this or another form called Midnight form, which looks more like a werewolf. As for the move I used..." Sai started, before they heard rustling from a nearby bush and a Pokémon emerged.

It was a black and pink Pokémon resembling a bear. Its legs and the front of its body are black, while its head, back, and tail are pink. Across the top of its head is a white band with two tufts of fur on each end. This white marking gives it the appearance of wearing a headband with decorative bear ears. It has a short, white muzzle with a triangular black nose. There are pink paw pads on its front paw, and white digital pads on its hind. It has a short tail with dark pink rings.

"Oh, wow! Look at that!" Ash said excitedly.

"That's a Bewear!" Sai warned cautiously.

"Is that a problem?" Shane asked.

"I caught it's pre-evolved form, Stufful. It evolved into Bewear and hugged me... I woke up in the hospital later after someone yelled 'Clear!'" The older trainer explained, a shocked and horrified look washing over Shane's face.

The Bewear then waved its arms towards the trainers and Pikachu. "Look, it's waving!" Ash said, waving and walking closer.

"Ash, no!" Sai and Shane yelled out together, but to no avail.

"You sure are cute!" Ash said, before Bewear's waving arm easily snapped a nearby tree in half like a twig, Ash's face distorting to one of fear as Bewear spun and kicked down three more trees. "Now what?!" Ash asked, before the Bewear cried out, causing Ash and Pikachu to turn and run.

"Well, that's not good. One of you guys better be ready to battle." Sai told his Poké Balls, looking through them for the Pokémon he wanted.

"Let's go! Altius, Reso!" Shane called, throwing a Quick Ball that released a Pidgeot and a Poké Ball that released a Lucario. Both wore Mega Stones, with the Pidgeot's hanging from a necklace and the Lucario's worn like a belt around its torso. "Altius, go after Ash. If he gets in trouble before leaving the forest, help him out. If not, come back and be ready to battle." He directed, pointing where Ash and Pikachu ran off.

"Pidgeot!" The bird Pokémon confirmed, flying off.

"Reso, use Aura Sphere!" Shane commanded, turning his attention to Bewear.

The Lucario nodded, launching the attack. Upon collision, the move exploded, obscuring Bewear in a dust cloud.

"Sai, you know this Pokémon. What type is it, and what moves do you remember it having?"

"Salazzle, go!" Sai ordered, releasing a white Pokémon resembling a salamander or lizard. Its thin body had a purple underside with several wavy, dark pink markings: a U-shaped marking with two additional lines inside on its chest and one on each hip resembling wisps of smoke. The white on its head and neck extended slightly onto its chest in a V-shape. It had a slender head with purple, almond-shaped eyes with slit pupils and two fang-like projections on each side of its lower jaw. There were two thin, wavy growths on its back at the base of its tail, which was whip-like with a dark pink underside. Its hands and feet each had five long, thin digits.

"Salaz!" It announced as its body briefly sparkled.

"Bewear's a Normal/Fighting Type. We should watch out for its Thrash, Double-Edge, Hammer Arm and Superpower." Sai informed.

"Normal and Fighting? Could be dangerous for Reso, but it sounds like a close-range battler." Shane noted. Just then, with surprising speed, Bewear ran out of the dust, throwing a punch Reso barely dodged. "Use Power-Up Punch!"

The Lucario growled as his paws were engulfed in a red-orange aura, then launched a quick three-punch combo that got the Bewear to back off slightly before Reso jumped back in front of Shane.

"Salazzle, use Toxic!" Sai ordered.

"Sala!" It confirmed, firing a thick stream of purple liquid from its mouth. It landed a direct hit on Bewear, causing its face to gain a sickly purple tint.

"Now's my chance! Go, Poké Ball!" Shane called, throwing the red and white sphere. It bounced off the poisoned Pokémon, pulling it in, and fell to the ground.

"You want to catch it?" Sai asked as the ball shook.

"If you don't mind."

"Already have one." Sai shrugged. Before the conversation could continue, Bewear popped back out of the ball. "Venoshock, now!"

"Reso, use Copycat!"

Sai's Salazzle launched a dark purple ball of liquid poison from its mouth, with Shane's Lucario imitating the move a moment later. Both hit their mark, but a second later, Bewear closed in on Reso and, with one kick, knocked him into a tree. As the aura jackal landed on his rear, the tree he hit snapped and fell to the side.

"Reso!" Shane yelled in concern. Rushing over, he found the Lucario had spiral eyes. Reso had fainted, likely on impact. 'Just one hit and he went down?! It didn't even use a move!' Shane analyzed despite his growing terror. Quickly, he recalled the unconscious canine and searched through his Poke Balls for someone to try surviving Bewear. 'Doesn't even look like it's poisoned anymore, and if it is, it's clearly not doing much...'

"That strength is staggering. My Bewear is strong, but this one feels like it's one a whole other level! Maybe even as strong as a legendary." Sai voiced in disbelief, before looking determined. "Well that's fine. That just means it's time for us to give it our all! One thing we never do is back down from a challenge!" He said fiercely.

"Salaz!" Salazzle hissed with equal ferocity.

"It's time..." Sai spoke seriously, swapping the gem in his bracelet for a dark purple one and crossing his arms again as the new gem began glowing just like before. "In a toxic world..." he chanted, going through the same motion as earlier, before imitating acid rain with his fingers instead of flexing. "Let my Poison be the Anti-Venom to cure this ailing planet and wash away all other toxins, leaving the world stronger and better." He continued, getting down on one knee and spreading his arms his hands and fingers pointed down as the glow surrounded him and transferred power to Salazzle. "Now! Acid Downpour!" He announced as Salazzle created a massive cloud of poisonous mist and a small tidal wave of venom, which washed over Bewear and completely engulfed it, obscuring it from view. Things soon returned to normal, with the Bewear face down on the ground. "Guess that did it." Sai breathed a sigh of relief, trying to stand up before the weight of using two Z-moves in less than twenty minutes took its toll on him, bringing him back to one knee.

"Salazzle!" Salazzle cried out worriedly, hurrying to his side.

"I'm okay, Salazzle. It looks like that finished things anyway." Sai told his worried Pokémon, before they all heard a noise and looked up in shock to see the Bewear getting up, definitely slowed down and weakened, but not out of the fight yet. "It can't be... Nothing should still be up after that." He said in disbelief.

"Pidgeot!" A familiar chirp suddenly caught Shane's attention just as he'd retrieved an Ultra Ball.

"Altius! Kept us waiting, huh?" He greeted the bird as it landed beside him. "Is Ash okay?" Altius nodded. "Good. Well, get ready! It's time to go all-out!" Shane stated, holding up his right arm to show his Mega Ring. The Pidgeot nodded determinedly, then turned towards the fight. The teen pressed the Key Stone with two fingers, then held it up as it and Altius' Mega Stone glowed brightly. "Witness a devastating power, born of an unbreakable bond! Full power, Mega Evolution!"

Mega rays emanated from the ring and Altius' necklace, blasting towards each other, connecting in the middle between Trainer and Pokémon and turning blue. The Pidgeot glowed with incredible power, transforming into Mega Pidgeot.

Shane quickly ran in front of Sai and Salazzle while Altius flew overhead. "This has gone on long enough! If this doesn't end it, nothing will! Altius, use Brave Bird!"

"Yeah, bring it down!" Sai shouted in support.

"Pidgeot!" Altius confirmed, surrounding himself in an orange flame-like aura as he slammed into Bewear at high speeds. Altius landed in front of his Trainer, wings folded. Orange static flickered across his form as he flinched, feeling the recoil.

Bewear, however, seemed almost entirely unfazed.

All color drained from the four as they stared in shock and horror, jaws/beak falling open. Several seconds passed before, finally...

"Run away in comedic fashion." Sai suggested.

Salazzle picked him up over her head as Shane assumed an appropriate about-to-run pose before the two dashed away at high speed, their feet resembling wheels. A moment passed before Altius looked back, audibly blinking as three dotted outlines flashed where the others were a moment ago, causing the Pidgeot to panic and take off, flapping its wings rapidly to catch up with its Trainer. Bewear made to pursue, but was stopped as something quickly flew by in front of its path. Distracted, it looked around, but found nothing, and Shane and Sai got away safely.

As the trees thinned out, Shane and Salazzle skidded to a stop, panting. Altius, however, was flying too fast and blew by them, getting his beak stuck in a wooden fence. Shane looked back at the forest and sighed in relief as it seemed they'd escaped successfully, then turned his attention to his struggling Pokémon. Shane walked over to help, but before he could anything, the still-Mega Pidgeot pulled himself out with enough force to fly back into his Trainer and even Salazzle, knocking the whole group over. The four separated in streaks of motion, but Shane fell back on his rear, and Sai took a moment to stabilize on Salazzle before standing on his own. Altius took flight for a moment, grabbing the back of Shane's shirt to lift its Trainer back to his feet before landing properly next to him.

As this happened, however, three people clearly younger than the Unovan duo approached with concerned expressions.

One was a girl with green eyes and long, platinum blonde hair with two braids on either side of her face. She wore a large white hat with a blue ribbon around it, a white dress with blue outlines, a pair of long white socks, and blue flat shoes. She also had a Pokéball-themed duffel bag.

The other girl was shorter, with short blue hair and matching blue eyes. She wore a sleeveless white shirt with a dark blue undershirt, a very short blue cape, blue pants with a light blue wave pattern on the lower legs that had a light brown string for a belt, with a strange badge hanging off of it, an odd hairband the same color as the string on her pants, and dark blue sandals. She lightly held a small blue sea lion-esque Pokémon in her arms. Said Pokémon had two small, rounded ear flaps, a long white snout with a pink, round nose and black whiskers, a light blue ruff collar that extended a little past its shoulders, and four flippers, with the two in front being larger with white markings separating its toes.

The last was a boy, easily the shortest of the three, and bit chubby. He had short, somewhat spiky orange hair and small brown eyes, and wore a white t-shirt with an orange Game Boy and Link Cable design on the front, a yellow scarf with a lightning bold or Pikachu tail hanging off on his neck, a metallic grey belt with a round buckle and a badge similar to the blue girl's on it, brown shorts with orange cuffs, and green shoes with lightning bold designs on the sides and purple soles.

"Are you all okay?" The blonde girl asked, keeping a bit of distance compared to her companions.

"We'll be fine. We both almost die every other day, so this really isn't a thing for us." Sai assured her.

"What's the rush?" The boy asked as the blue-haired girl's Pokémon jumped down to investigate Altius.

"A Legendary in a common Pokémon's clothing." Shane stated with a notable trace of fear, not noticing the little blue sea lion sniffing his Pidgeot.

"Huh?" The three chorused, exchanging confused looks.

"We ran into a Bewear that defies any and all laws of nature." Sai explained.

"Pop pop?!" the blue Pokémon suddenly exclaimed, apparently surprised.

"Pidgeot!" Altius replied cheerfully.


"Altius?" Shane interrupted. "What's up?"


"You know them?" Shane translated, then turned back to the people as a thought struck him. "Have you met a guy a little younger than me, wearing a red hat with a Pikachu on his shoulder?"

"You mean Ash?" The boy asked. The older Trainers nodded in unison. "We ran into him a few minutes ago. Mallow's showing him around the school."

"Excellent. Do you think you could help us find them?" Shane asked.

"Are you looking to become fellow students as well?" The blonde girl asked, looking to Sai. "Forgive me if this comes across as rude, but you seem a bit too old to become a student here." She explained.

Sai's eyebrow twitched lightly in annoyance at this comment. "I'll just pretend I didn't hear that." He said.

Suddenly, however, a Master Ball on Sai's belt popped open and the Legendary Darkrai popped out of it. "That was rather uncalled for. I don't take kindly to people insulting my trainer." The Pokémon spoke telepathically, looming menacingly over the girl, who backed away in terror.

"Darkrai, no! It's okay! She didn't mean it!" Sai told the Pitch-Black Pokémon, frantically trying to pull it away from the girl.

Once at a safe distance, the girl's fear was soon replaced with awe as she looked at Darkrai, along with the others. "You have a Darkrai!" She exclaimed in awe.

"You're clearly seeing this, yes." Sai stated the obvious, looking at Darkrai, then her.

"I'm getting Sinnoh League flashbacks." Shane muttered. Altius turned to his trainer, a question mark flashing over his head.

"So you've captured a Legendary Pokémon!?" The boy asked in amazement, sparkles in his eyes.

"Legendaries. As in plural." Sai corrected proudly. "In fact, I don't think you could name a Pokémon that I haven't caught." He added.

"Unbelievable! You must be a trainer of the absolute highest caliber!" The boy continued to geek out.

"Well, thank you... You're not wrong, I suppose." Sai voiced his appreciation with a bit of surprise.

"So, then truly you must be a trainer of unfathomable knowledge in regards to many different Pokémon." The blonde girl stated.

"I would say my knowledge is rather extensive." He agreed.

"Then perhaps we could see about making you a teacher here! At the very least an assistant teacher!" The blonde girl suggested.

"I-I'm not sure that's a good idea!" Shane tried to reason... a bit too quietly.

"Let's do it!" The blue-haired girl said, the three of them eagerly dragging Sai along with them, not hearing Shane at all.

"H-hey wait a minute! I didn't agree to this!" Sai cried out as they dragged him away.

Shane and Altius sweatdropped as this happened. Shane quickly shook it off though. "Well, I should make sure no one does something we'll all regret." He stated as he pulled out Altius' Ball. "You should rest. You've done more than enough for today just trying to brave that crazy Bewear." He reassured as he recalled it before running off after Sai and the others.

"And after we chased after Charizard, we kinda just wound up here." Ash explained. He was seated on a green couch next to his mother in the principal's office, just across a wooden coffee table from a girl sitting on a red couch.

Said girl had long green hair that she wore in twin ponytails, matching green eyes, and tanned skin. She wore a pink flower in her hair, tied on by a dark green vine-like headband, grey overalls and matching grey short-shorts with tattered cuffs, and green shoes with white toes and soles and dark green vine-like laces tied into bows.

"So that means, you're really not a new student after all!" The green-haired girl realized.

"I guess I never really got a chance to explain..."

"It's my fault," the girl admitted. "I'm in such a hurry all the time, I can miss things." She explained as Samson turned on a TV-like video phone and waited for the call to go through.

"Aren't you worried about those Unovan friends of yours, Ash? You said they were in the forest with that Pokémon, right?" Delia asked.

"Nah, I'm sure they're fine!" Ash answered optimistically. "They're both really strong Trainers, and their Pokémon know awesome moves!"

Just as Ash finished speaking, the video call came through. "Hey, Samuel!" Samson greeted. "It's me! I got your egg safe and sound!" the principal stated as he held said egg.

"Excellent, Samson!" The professor exclaimed as his image appeared. Samson softly placed the egg on the table as his cousin spoke. "That's what I like to hear! Thanks to you, Delia."

"It's my greatest pleasure." She replied.

"Say, Principal Oak, sir?" The green-haired girl spoke up. "May I show Ash around the campus?" Ash excitedly turned to the principal at the request, clearly hoping for a yes.

"Of course! Porygon your way!" the principal replied, imitating Porygon and even trying to wink like one as he gave a thumbs-up.

"Ready to go, Ash?"

"Yeah!" Ash replied excitedly, standing up.

The two made their way to the door, but when they opened it, they found the blonde girl from the Tauros field- Lillie, Ash remembered the boy saying- standing there just about to knock.

"Mallow! You're already with the principal?" Lillie asked, putting her hand down.

"Hi, Lillie! Yeah, I was just about to show Ash around the campus. What's up?" The green girl- Mallow, apparently- replied.

"We found these two outside, another new student and a Trainer we think could be a really good teacher! Or, at least, an assistant-teacher." Lillie explained, stepping aside so Ash and Mallow could see the blue-haired girl and the boy from earlier, who were holding a clearly non-compliant Sai, with Shane awkwardly standing behind them hugging his Servine.

"W-we're not students!" Shane protested.

"Or teachers!" Sai added.

"Wow! You're gonna teach here, Sai?! That's awesome!" Ash said excitedly.

"I've clearly told them several times I have no intention of being a teacher!" Sai countered, flailing his arms furiously.

"And I don't know how I feel about being a student here." Shane said.

"A new teacher, eh? What makes you think you've got the right Stufful for the job?" Principal Oak asked, imitating a Stufful.

Sai deadpanned at this. "First off, absolutely terrible pun. Second, please don't mention the Bewear line to me right now. And third, I don't even want the job." He told him.

"I don't think we're gonna win this, Sai. Maybe it won't be so bad." Shane said.

"He said he's caught just about every Pokémon species you can think of, Professor! Even Legendaries!" The boy, who'd been introduced as Sophocles, explained.

"It's true, sir! He even has a Darkrai with him at this very moment!" Lillie added, the Pitch-Black Pokémon rising from a shadow just in front of Sai.

"Greetings, Principal Oak. It is true: I, Darkrai, am the most powerful Pokémon in Sai's possession." Darkrai introduced himself pridefully.

"Okay, getting A LITTLE ahead of yourself." Sai warned the Pitch-Black Pokémon, raising an eyebrow.

The principal looked on in awe at this. "A Darkrai!? Inkay-redible! You truly must be one Exeggutor-ific Trainer!" He joked again, impersonating an Exeggutor.

"I may have to hurt this guy." Sai growled.

"Calm down, Sai. Happy place." Shane tried to calm down his friend/rival.

"If I can't attack people, neither can you." Darkrai told Sai.

"No need to be so Heracross! Why don't you Simipour down and think it over? You might find it's not so Gastly to work here!"

"That's it, come here!" Sai snapped, trying to attack the principal, but he was held back by Darkrai, Shane and his Servine.

"Pokémon do the battling! Not trainers!" Darkrai reminded the former champion.

"I was just about to give Ash the tour anyway." Mallow spoke up. "Why don't the four of us show you around together?"

"YES! Please!" Shane agreed, struggling to back away from the principal with Sai in tow.

"Now, this is our classroom!" Mallow announced, leading everyone into a large, quarter-circle room with a notable open area like a balcony, complete with railing. There were seven wooden half-circle desks with wooden chairs, a metal ladder that presumably led to the roof of the school in the corner, one wall full of bookshelves, cabinets, and various pictures, and of course the other wall had the blackboard, chalk, and some other teaching tools.

Ash immediately ran to the railing, feeling the breeze alongside Pikachu. "Wow! This is so nice!" He commented as Pikachu squeaked happily.

"And that's not all!" Mallow stated, joining him and pointing to several places as she called them out. "There's also the field where you met Tauros, and there's the lake, and the campus is huge and we learn all sorts of amazing things!"

"Yeah!" The boy, who'd introduced himself as Sophocles, added. "Like the origins of Alola's traditions, or the history of Alolan Pokémon!"

"Hi!" a new voice chimed in from behind, getting the group's attention. They turned around to see a new man walking up, one hand in his white lab coat's pocket with the other raised in greeting. The man had tanned skin, black hair worn in a man-bun, and a goatee, with dark eyes underneath a pair of lightly tinted glasses with a teal frame. He wore a white sports cap with a rainbow symbol, with his lab coat left open and the sleeves rolled up, grey shorts with a teal stripe around the waist, and teal shoes with a white stripe. "A big 'Alola' to you all!"

"Alola, Professor Kukui!" the students replied in unison.

"Professor?" Ash asked.

"Yeah, he's our teacher!" Mallow stated. "Professor, we'd like you to meet Ash, Sai, and Shane!" she said as the four parted, gesturing to the foreign trio.

"Principal Oak just filled me in." Kukui replied. "Hi, Ash, Pikachu, Shane, Servine, Sai and Darkrai. The Pokémon School is a wonderful place. I hope you enjoy your visit here!"

"Thank you!" Ash replied cheerfully.



"Thank you, sir." Shane replied.

"I have to admit, it is pretty enjoyable." Sai said.

"Even I like it. And I usually hate bright places like this." Darkrai admitted.

Suddenly, everyone heard a roar near the school's front gate and turned to see the cause. A dark-skinned boy with a Charizard wearing a saddle on its back was stopped by three gangster-looking punks on motorcycles: a tall boy with blue hair, a girl with pink hair and a shorter boy with brown hair. "Who're they?" Ash asked.

"Stoppin' our bikes the way you did was NOT the smartest of moves!" The blue-haired punk warned the boy across from him.

"Yeah, just like my bro said!" The shorter punk agreed.

"Team Skull doesn't like anyone getting in our way!" Blue hair said, posing.

"You got that right!" The girl agreed.

"Yeah!" The short one added.

"I don't remember blocking the road. The only people I can see getting in the way are you!" The boy with the Charizard said.

"I like this guy. He's got an edge about him." Sai noted about the boy standing against the thugs.

"Impressive." Darkrai agreed.

"That's Kiawe." Professor Kukui stated. "He's a powerful Fire-type specialist from Akkala Island, and another student in our class."

"I see." Sai replied.

"We-hell! Listen to the big talker!" The thug leader scoffed at the defiance.

"I dare you to say that again!" The short one added as Lillie, Sophocles and Lana peaked out from behind the gate to watch the altercation from a closer, yet hidden location.

"Who are those guys?!" Ash asked impatiently as he ran up along with Mallow, Shane, Sai and their Pokémon.

"They're part of Team Skull. Always bullying us into a Pokémon battle! Not nice!" Mallow explained.

"Really? Well, I may not be a teacher yet, but it sounds like I might just have to teach these punks a lesson." Sai spoke smoothly and surely.

"I'll give them nightmares that will put them back in diapers!" Darkrai declared, clenching a fist.

"Feels a little extreme, considering they barely seem to be out of them in the first place." Shane deadpanned.

"I'll fight too!" Ash exclaimed, pumping a fist.

"Pika!" Pikachu added, his cheeks sparking.

"Hold on, Ash." Shane interrupted. "I hate to say it, but we should leave this to Sai and Darkrai."

"What? Why?!" Ash demanded, confused. It was rather odd for the younger Unovan to avoid helping someone.

"Listen. I'd like to pitch in, but after those fights in the woods, none of my team is really in shape to battle. And you've probably only got Pikachu, right?" The teen replied.

Ash still looked upset as he responded. "Well, yeah, but..."

"Besides, you know better than anyone how powerful Darkrai is, and we BOTH know how ruthless Sai can be."

Ash said nothing, but he and Pikachu still seemed tense, which didn't escape Shane's notice.

"Look, if by some magic, it goes south, or Team Rocket shows up, we'll jump in. For now, I think we'd just get in his way."

"If you're sure..." Ash reluctantly relented.

"Oh, who's this now? Some random do-gooder? Mind your own beeswax!" The blue-haired punk said.

"Yeah, what my bro said!" The short punk agreed.

"Yeah! Messing with Team Skull is asking for trouble!" The girl punk added.

Kiawe turned and looked at Sai with a bit of a glare. "I can handle them myself." He said.

Sai chuckled at this. "I don't doubt it. But if these punks really think they're tough, I'm curious to see how tough they are." He said.

"And I'll show them how wrong they are." Darkrai announced, stepping in front of Sai.

Kiawe was shocked at this. "Whoa! A Darkrai! Never mind. You've definitely got this." He said, moving over to the rest of the class.

"Whoa, bro! This guy's got a Legendary Pokémon!" The short punk said.

"Maybe this was a bad idea!" The girl punk said.

"So, what? That just means we'll be legends when we bring this thing down. Use all your Pokémon!" The blue-haired thug said, each of them tossing three Pokéballs, revealing nine Pokémon. Three revealed Zubat, but the others revealed three small lizard-like Pokémon and three small mongoose-like Pokémon.

"Hey! That's no fair!" Ash snapped, but Shane held him back

"I'd say the unfair part would be Sai using Darkrai." The younger Unovan trainer said, pulling out his PokéDex and scanning the new Alolan Pokémon.

"Salandit, the Toxic Lizard Pokémon. It burns its bodily fluids to create a sweet-smelling poisonous gas that disorients enemies, and attacks when they are distracted."

"Fire and Poison-type. The pre-evolved form of Salazzle." Shane read aloud. "Why does it say only the females can evolve?"

"Researchers theorize it's because of malnutrition." Lillie explained. "In the wild, male Salandits give all their food to the females."

"If they're so easy to catch that punk like that has three, how hasn't there been a trainer who's kept a male well-fed?" Shane asked. Lillie paused, suddenly pondering it herself. When she said nothing, the Unovan turned back and scanned the next Alolan Pokémon.

"Yungoos, the Loitering Pokémon. It has sturdy fangs and jaws, and an insatiable appetite."

"Well there's that Salandit's problem." Shane deadpanned. 'Guess I'll have to ask Sai about it later. I'm sure he's caught at least one male before getting Salazzle.' he mentally noted. "Poison might be a reason to worry if they get ludicrously lucky. Ash, Pikachu, be ready to jump in, but WAIT for my signal, okay? I doubt we'll need to, but after Bewear, even the impossible could happen today."


"Pika!" the two responded intensely.

As that was happening, Sai was being Sai.

"Wow. nine against one? I'm so disappointed I'm almost impressed." The older Unovan taunted the punks, who all growled at the insult.

"Wow, I'm almost willing to care. Almost."

"Now, Salandit, show 'em your strength with Venoshock!" The blue-haired thug ordered, the tiny lizard Pokémon all jumping into the air and firing shots of purple poison at Darkrai.

"Yungoos, use Bite!" The shot punk ordered, the weasel like Pokémon rushing towards Darkrai with their teeth glowing.

"Zubat! Leech life!" The girl ordered as well, the Zubats dive-bombing Darkrai with glowing fangs.

"Let's crush them!" Darkrai shouted.

Sai considered it, but then smirked. "Nah, let's have a bit of fun with them first." He suggested. "Just dodge for now. Let's see how well they keep up." He instructed.

Darkrai rolled its eyes at this, but nodded. "Fine." It huffed, effortlessly dodging the numerous attacks despite the large number of attacks being used against it at once. It then rushed forwards and bounced off the heads of the Zubats to reach the airborne Salandits, simply bopping them and sending them to the ground, crashing into the Yungoos as they attempted to bite Darkrai once again.

"Whoa! They're actually winning against nine Pokémon at once!" Sophocles said.

"And it's more like toying with them than fighting." Kiawe noted.

"That's Sai for you." Ash said.

Darkrai spun and whipped its long hair around, smacking and disorienting the Zubats as they had split off and surrounded him, jumping and causing the Zubats to crash into each other. "Quick, Salandit! Use Flame Burst!" The leader ordered, the Salandits all firing several balls of fire, which Darkrai dodged by casually leaning back, letting them soar over it.

Finally, however, this gave an opening big enough for the Yungoos to jump at Darkrai, trying to bite at its face, the Pitch-Black Pokémon raising its arm to intercept the attack, the weasel Pokémon clamping their jaws down on his arm. "Oh, no!" Ash said, him and Pikachu about to run in, before they noticed the deadpan expressions on both Sai and Darkrai's faces.

The Yungoos changed from a look of fury to shock and horror as they hung limply from Darkrai's arm while it looked at them in annoyance. "Really? Using a Dark type move on a Dark Legendary?" Darkrai questioned, simply swinging his arm and throwing them off into the Zubats and Salandits again.

"You're so boring, you're making me fall asleep. Let's return the favor, Darkrai. Dark Void." Sai instructed.

"Got it." Darkrai confirmed, creating a ball of darkness with red aura outlining it in its hands, before pushing it outward, several smaller balls of darkness flying everywhere, hitting each of the enemy Pokémon, forming a pink and crimson bubble around them and putting them to sleep.

"No way! He put 'em all to sleep!" The leader said.

"Not good!" The short one said.

"I knew this was a bad idea!" The girl said.

"Now, send them all packing with Dark Pulse." Sai announced.

"Finally." Darkrai said with a smirk, creating another orb of darkness in its hands and firing a beam of black and purple circles from the orb at the opponents, sending them flying into their trainers, knocking them back into their bikes.

The punks were all dazed, before snapping back to reality and looking down at their Pokémon, who had all fainted. Darkrai and Sai then stepped up to them threateningly. "Now, unless you want nightmares for the rest of your lives, I suggest you stay far away from me, this Pokémon school and all the students in it!" Sai warned them all.

They all stammered in fear, scrambling to recall their Pokémon and jump back on their bikes. "You got lucky this time! This ain't over!" The leader snapped.

"Yeah! Just like my bro said!" The short one agreed.

"You only won because you used a Legendary!" The girl called back as they drove out of sight.

"Please let me go beat them up some more." Darkrai requested.

"Nah. I think they've had enough. Even without getting hit by Dark Void, I think they're still in for a nightmare or twenty." Sai dismissed.

"Honestly, I feel bad for those Pokémon. They're definitely having nightmares after that." Shane said, walking up to Sai and Darkrai alongside everyone else.

"That was amazing!" Sophocles exclaimed, starry-eyed. "I knew Legendary Pokémon were powerful, but to defeat nine Pokémon at once with hardly any effort?!"

"Indeed," Kiawe pitched in, "Normally it would take a Z-Move of some kind to take out nine foes at once, even weak ones like those."

Ash and Shane glanced at each other in confusion. "Z-Move?" the two asked in unison.

"Remember Continental Crush and Acid Downpour?" Sai reminded.

"The big moves you used in the forest? It looked like they took a lot out of you." Shane asked.

"Yeah. Those were Z-Moves." Sai stated. "As for taking a lot out of me, that was probably from using two of them basically back-to-back."

"Z-Moves are special moves passed down in the Alola region." Kukui explained. "Alola consists of four islands, and each island has its own Guardian Pokémon. Only those who participate in a ceremony called the Island Challenge are able to use Z-Moves."

With every word spoken, Ash got more and more excited. "Island Guardians...Island Challenge...and Z-Moves, too!" he repeated to himself, both him and Pikachu getting starry-eyed.

"I'm guessing this Island Challenge involves traveling around each of Alola's islands, and has something to do with that bracelet Sai's wearing?" Shane asked.

"It's called a Z-Ring." Sai added, holding up his arm to reveal said bracelet. "And you need Z-Crystals too." He added, pointing to the dark purple crystal in his Z-Ring, likely a Poison crystal, since he had done that poison Z-move with Salazzle last.

Kukui nodded. "Quite an astute observation, Shane. And I must say, Sai, if there were any doubts before, you've more than aced the interview by now. Besides that Mega Punch-level battle, you already seem to have made quite a bit of progress in the Island Challenge. How far along are you?"

"Actually, when did you even get here?" Shane asked. "Ash and I only got here today, but it seems like you've been here for a while."

"I'm gonna ignore that move pun and just take the compliment. Anyway, I just completed the Ula'ula island trial earlier today, as a matter of fact. And I suppose I've been here for about 3 months." Sai explained.

"The hardest part was getting that old man Nanu to accept our challenge." Darkrai grumbled.

"Yeah, I've seen Snorlaxes that aren't as lazy as that guy." Sai agreed.

"Well, being Kahuna can take a lot out of a guy." Kukui chuckled. "But now, what do you say? We could use another teacher around here, assistant or not and you've definitely got the right qualities for the job." Kukui said.

"Man, you guys are insistent, aren't you? I'll still need a bit of time to think it over, but... I'll say there's definitely a chance I'd be willing to help teach here." Sai told the professor.

"Sai teaching? I thought I was the one that gave people nightmares." Darkrai joked.

"Hey, you could always go back in your ball, you know!" Sai warned the Pitch-Black Pokémon.

"Say, Ash, Shane, you two seem pretty interested in the Island Challenge, and it sounds like you both enjoy a good battle." Kukui observed, snapping Ash out of his daze.

"Yeah, I'm gonna be a Pokémon Master!" Ash replied, determination apparent.

Shane nodded. "Battles, contests, movies...as long as it involves working with my Pokémon and bringing out their full potential, I'm up for it!"

"Oh, I see." Kukui replied with a smile, turning away with a hand on his chin. Shane crouched down, petting his Servine as a random berry bounced off Ash's head. Ash turned around, he and Pikachu catching sight of a strange Pokémon just before it vanished behind a tree.

"Who's that Pokémon?" He asked, to the group's confusion.



"I don't see anything..." Mallow said, looking where Ash was facing.

"It was just there!" Ash replied, turning back to the group. "It was a Pokémon for sure! It was yellow, about this big, with an orange crest on its head!" He explained, using his arms to illustrate its size and some other features.

"Yeah, I saw it, too. It was just a flash, but it was definitely there." Sai agreed.

"It had to be one of them..." Darkrai said.

Kukui looked surprised as it clicked. "That sounds like..."

"Tapu Koko." Kiawe said.

"You saw Tapu Koko?" Lillie asked. "Guardian of Melemele Island?"

"Wow, guardian?" Ash asked, his voice quiet. "That's what that was?"

Night had fallen on Alola, and three particular Trainers were thinking hard about their day. The Unovan Duo were walking to the Pokémon Center, simply chatting and catching up since their separation in Kalos.

"...but she says 'we hope to see you again!' That's a TERRIBLE thing to say at a Pokémon Center! That's basically saying 'we hope your Pokémon get hurt!'"

"You know, I never really thought about it like that before, but you're right..."


Elsewhere, the Ketchum family, including Ash, Delia, Pikachu, and Mr. Mime, were dining at an open-air restaurant.

Having taken a bite, Delia couldn't resist commenting. "This is so good!"

Ash, however, was lost in thought as he chewed his food. Meeting the students of the Pokémon School, seeing Sai and Shane again, Sai's powerful Z-Move, getting a glimpse of Tapu Koko... he couldn't resist a smile as his eyes lit up at the idea of another new adventure.

"Anything interesting happen today?" His mother's voice snapped out of his thoughts.


"You seem a bit distracted this evening." Delia noted, smiling.

Ash chuckled a bit, grinning, but before he could say anything a piercing screech rang out. In confusion, the Ketchums looked around for the source of the voice until Ash caught sight of Tapu Koko again. Immediately, he got up, moving the railing to get a better look, where he saw Tapu Koko sitting on a tree.

"Yeah, that was it!" Ash said as Tapu Koko took off again. The boy jumped over the railing and ran after the Island Guardian, Pikachu following close by with his Trainer's hat on his own head.

As Ash and Pikachu searched for Tapu Koko, Shane and Sai were relatively close, enjoying a meal courtesy of the Pokémon Center.

"...I'm not sure what to do, myself." Shane said, poking idly at his food, a fully-healed Reso seated next to him. "Really, it depends on what you and Ash do. I'm just not entirely comfortable traveling by myself after what happened in Kanto. Plus, most of the interesting stuff happens around Ash, and it always works out, so it's a lot easier to relax. Even this close to Unova. Especially this close to Unova."

"You're certainly right about that. If Ash is around, there's never a dull moment." Sai agreed. He sighed at the mention of Unova, however. "I know it was rough for you, there and bad things happened, but you need to move on. You're stronger than you were back then. And team Plasma is gone. You have nothing to worry about. You're more than capable of taking care of yourself and your Pokémon now." He said supportively. "And maybe another journey is just what you need to prove that. Still, it is nice to have friends along. If you're asking me, the Pokémon school is a pretty good option." He said, before he noticed Ash and Pikachu. "Hey, where are they going?" He asked, pointing to them.

As Shane and Reso looked, the Lucario suddenly stood up, barking something before running off.

"'The Guardian?' Reso, wait!" Shane called, grabbing his bag and hat as he gave chase with Sai close behind.

"Okay, what is it with this kid? I have to hunt for these Legendaries through every corner of the region, but they just come to him on their own!" Sai demanded, a bit jealous, but continued to follow.

Ash followed Tapu Koko up some stairs, arriving at a viewing point overlooking most of the town. Pikachu was perched on his shoulder again, the Trainer's hat atop his head as it was supposed to be. Tapu Koko hovered just beyond the railing as Ash walked up, the powerful Pokémon sparkling in an otherworldly manner.

"The spirit guardian...that's Tapu Koko?" Ash whispered, awed as he saw it in full. "Why do you keep coming to me?" he asked, walking up to it. "Is there something you want to tell me?"

As Ash approached, a certain Lucario arrived, and behind it was a particular pair of Pokémon Trainers.

Tapu Koko held up its right claw, which held a white ring-shaped object. The guardian released its grip, levitating the object to Ash. Seeing it up close made it easier to tell it was a familiar-looking white bracelet with a dimly glowing yellow crystal embedded in it. Ash could make out the black lightning bolt symbol on the crystal, even as it spun around in place.

"That looks like what Sai was wearing." Ash noted, looking back up at Tapu Koko.

"Tapu Ko-koooo!" the guardian chirped.

Ash blinked in confusion. Tapu Koko nodded, and after a moment, Ash smiled and nodded back, reaching out for the bracelet. As he gripped it, the crystal's glow intensified. Ash and Pikachu flinched for a moment, but Ash slipped it on anyway, causing the crystal to shine even brighter. Shane and Sai were forced to cover their eyes until the light show finished. Eventually, the glow died down, letting the Unovan duo see as Ash and Pikachu looked at the Z-Ring in awe, before they all turned their eyes back to Tapu Koko. The deity lingered for a moment, allowing the entire group to see it, before dashing off.

"Hey!" Ash called, running up to the railing. Tapu Koko was long gone, however, and Ash simply looked back at the Z-Ring again, smiling.

"That was Tapu Koko." Sai stated in awe. He then looked at the Z-Ring. "So, you received yours from a guardian as well."

The other two looked at him in shock. "What?! Your ring came from a guardian, too?!" Ash asked in amazement.

Sai nodded at this. "Tapu Fini. The guardian of Poni Island." He explained.

He then pulled out a Pokéball and released a beetle-like Pokémon with a large pair of mandibles. Its small orange face had robotic, yellow eyes and was covered by a blue carapace. The mandibles extended from this helmet. They were blue on the inner surface and yellow on the outer surface. At the base of each mandible was a large spike and the inside was lined with short spikes. Its body was black and divided into three sections by yellow rings. The last two sections had a yellow spot on each side. On its back was a pair of wide, flat wings that were transparent with blue wing covers. It had four legs; the front pair of legs had two claws, while the back pair has only one. "Vikavolt!" It announced.

"Whoa! What's that Pokémon?!" Ash asked in awe. Shane, however, glanced at it uncomfortably.

"Vikavolt. There's a special place on Poni island where you can evolve its pre-evolution, Charjabug, into Vikavolt and after I did that, I happened across a Pokémon Poacher hunting some Noivern." Sai explained, causing Shane and Ash to growl at the mention of Pokémon Poachers, Ash especially, due to him having a faithful Noivern of his own, hating to think about them being hunted. "To put it mildly, Vikavolt and I taught him a very similar lesson Darkrai and I taught those Team Skull punks, then Tapu Fini came before me and offered me my Z-Ring. An elder on the island told me about the Island challenges and that's when I started." He explained.

"Wow. That's amazing, Sai!" Ash said excitedly.

Sai smiled and shook his head. "Still nothing compared to Tapu Koko just giving you one. Like Shane and I were just saying, there's never a dull moment with you around." He said.

"You're both pretty lucky." Shane said, idly scratching Reso behind the ears, partly to help calm himself. "If I don't want to fall too far behind, I'll have to get myself a Z-Ring too, and since I doubt a Legendary Pokémon is going to take an interest in me, that means taking the Island Challenge. What are you going to do, Ash?"

"Mom and I were only supposed to be here for a vacation, but..." Ash replied, glancing at his new Z-Ring.

"You're staying, right?" Shane guessed. Ash nodded, and Shane grinned. "I knew it from the moment Z-Moves came up. If there's one thing about you that's truly predictable, it's that you never turn down the chance for a new adventure."

"Yeah, for sure!" Ash replied.

"Pi-Pikachu!" Pikachu added excitedly.

"So, why don't we all travel together?" Shane suggested. "There's no way you're not planning on taking the Island Challenge too, and Sai's already started, so we won't have much to worry about."

"Actually, I was thinkin' of joining the Pokémon School." Ash stated, to Shane's visible shock.

"What?" Shane asked, blinking.

"Yeah!" Ash replied. "Learning with others from Professor Kukui and Sai will make me an even better Trainer!" he held up his arm, showing the Z-Ring. "And, you know, I can't help feeling like Tapu Koko gave this to me for a reason. Like it chose me."

"Like Zekrom did?" Shane clarified, scratching his own head now instead of his Lucario's.

Ash nodded. "Maybe. I'd like to thank it for trusting me with this, at least. And I'll probably see it again eventually, if I stick around, right?"

"...Alright, I guess it makes sense. What do you think, Sai? Decided whether you're up for teaching yet?" Shane asked, turning to the older Unovan and ignoring Reso's pleading expression.

Sai chuckled. "Well, like you said Ash, you want to learn from Kukui and me, so I suppose I can't turn that down. Besides, with the two of you here now, I may get an actual challenge every now and then. So I guess the Pokémon school just got a new teacher." He declared.

"Well, if that's how it is this time, why not? I'll join the school too." Shane decided, then looked thoughtful. "I just hope we do actually end up in the same class."

"Leave that to me. I can be VERY persuasive." Sai reassured.

Considering Sai's definition of persuasion, Shane wasn't sure whether to relieved or even more concerned.

"This is gonna be so awesome!" Ash exclaimed.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu agreed excitedly.

And so, a chance encounter in the forest has ended with Ash receiving a powerful gift from the mysterious Tapu Koko, and our heroes choosing to begin what promises to be an exciting Alolan adventure as the journey continues!

To be continued...

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