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Chapter 1: To be Butler, Her Saviour

Henrietta blinked, staring at the front door of her home. The lights in the house were off, the car was there so she knew they were home which meant she'd been locked out. It wasn't the first time she'd been in this… situation but the others had all been during the summer, however, now it was winter…

Henrietta shivered and blinked again as a frown tugged at her brows. What was she gonna do?

With a heavy sigh, she turned but stopped as a thought hit her… maybe she could go visit him? He always enjoyed her company! He told the best of jokes too!

Henrietta giggled and nodded, she'd stop at her friend's little home on the way too! He would no doubt get chilly in this weather!

Henrietta smiled to herself and started towards the cemetery, where her little companion had decided to build his home.

It wasn't very far, only five minutes but five minutes in this weather was… chilly and with the thin hand-me-downs she wore, Henrietta knew she had to hurry just a bit faster. But the bitter cold air burned her throat and lungs as she had to keep in mind the state of her malnourished body.

She couldn't run very fast or long and she got ill easier, which meant being out in the cold would do more harm than good, yet her body had limitations about how she fast she could react.

And yeah, she did know what malnourished meant! She might not be able to say it, but that didn't mean she didn't know it!

Another shiver racked Henrietta's body and she hurried around a corner only to collide it something- nay, Henrietta quickly realized, it was a person.

Her bottle-green eyes, partly hidden by her long, messy and unkempt fringe, wandered up and up and up until she saw the face of the person she'd run into peering down at her with subtly raised brows in surprise.

She stepped back abruptly, only now realizing he'd caught her by her shoulders at their collision, to get an even better look.

Henrietta knew she understood more than some of her age, but there were just somethings she didn't, such as when she'd often hear her Auntie and her group of friend's gossip about men and how 'handsome' or 'rich' or anything really along those lines. But, if she was going by what her Auntie classed as handsome, she was sure that this man was beyond the word.

She blinked, he returned the gesture.

"Sowree," She blurted, backing away from his hold. She wasn't fond of physical contact. Henrietta clasped her scared and tremoring fingers behind her back.

"It's quite alright," The man answered without a moments pause, then continued with curiosity. "But I must ask- what is a child of your age doing out so late?"

"A-Ah…" Auntie had also said not to talk to strangers because she'd scare them with her freakiness, so Henrietta bit her lip and glanced away.

The tall man crouched, a finger curled under her chin and turned her face back to him. His brows twitched as he noticed the scar that came down from under her messy fringe and down her right side, even catching her eye (he didn't know how much more was hidden but what was shown left him thinking that perhaps she might be blind in the eye). "It is alright, you can tell me, little one,"

Henrietta had never heard such a soothing voice before, it made her want to… to tell him. But why? She didn't understand.

"A-Auntie said I'm not 'llowed to talk to strangers, sir," Henrietta said.

The man's lips curled upwards. "Call me Sebastian. May I know yours?"

Henrietta blinked again, wondering why the man told her his name and in return asked for hers. "Me'names Henrietta, sir,"

"Well Henrietta, now that we know each other's name, we are no longer strangers, correct?"

Henrietta's eyes widened in realization. "O-oh!"

Sebastian's thin-lipped smile widened.

Henrietta shuffled on her feet, the action sent pins and needles up her legs. "Was locked out teh house, Mr. Sebaseon,"

Sebastian smiled at the mispronunciation but then frowned. "Why were you locked out?" He asked.

"Uncle had some f'ends over for dinner and kicked me out but since I weren't there to be let back in, they didn't bover waitin'," Henrietta answered, scratching the back of her head but then smiled. "So, I was on the way to pick up meh little f'end and head to another's!"

"Little friend?" Sebastian tilted his head, he held back the need to correct her wording of 'bother'.

"And who is this another?" He asked curiously.

"Oh! Little f'end is Orion! He escaped from the zoo, said he's a ball python or something like that and the other is a kind man that lets me stay when I get locked out! He'd really funny!" Henrietta said a small smile on her face as she spoke of her friend.

"A…snake?" Sebastian was momentarily taken aback but also intrigued by it as well.

"Yes!" Her eyes widened with excitement. "Would you like to meet 'em?"

"Would you allow me to?" Sebastian questioned, greatly fascinated by the idea of another human having such a close relationship with the reptiles as Snake did. Henrietta nodded eagerly.

She grabbed his hands and began to drag him, Sebastian's lips quirked as he allowed the little human child to pull him to a… graveyard? For a moment he balked in surprised but quickly moved his feet. The little one led him to a bush where she stopped and crouched.

"Orion!" She yelled.

For a moment the quiet chilly wind and the leaves were the only sounds, but the bush shuffled and then a dark with a brown and deep golden yellow head of a snake peeked out of the shrub. Sebastian's brows shot up as its- his dark eyes looked up, glancing between them with what demon could only describe as a questioning look.

Don't ask how he managed to deduce that.

"Sebaseon, this is Orion! Orion, this is Sebaseon!" Henrietta chirped.

Orion hissed gently, peering up at the ravenette before turning his gaze onto the male raven.

Henrietta giggled. "It's alright Orion, we can trust him!"

She could understand 'Orion'? Sebastian's back straightened as he knelt to the right of the child.

"It is lovely to meet you, Orion," He greeted, bowing his head to the snake, who hissed back.

"Orion said hello!" Henrietta said.

Sebastian turned his mocha eyes onto the child in awe, so she was a snake speaker. A rare trait indeed.

"You are able to comminute with him?" Sebastian asked.

Henrietta smiled bashfully with a nod. "Would you like to stroke him?" She turned back to the snake. "Is that alright?"

Orion hissed and slithered closer. Sebastian didn't need to understand the creature to know the answer. He brought his hands up and tugged his left glove off and reach forwards, watching as the child flinched, her head twisted to see his hand in surprise with confirmed his suspicion of her being blind her right eye.

He said nothing as he gently stroked the scaled creature's head.

Henrietta cooed suddenly as she leaned forward. "You have black nails! I never meet a man who painted their nails before, their long too!"

Sebastian smiled, eyes darkening. "Yes, do you find it weird for me doing so?"

Henrietta shook her head. "Nu-uh. Auntie and Uncle call me a freak!" She turned her eyes back to him. "Guess we're both weirdos!"

Sebastian tilted his head as he drew his hand back from Orion's head. "Oh? Why would they call you a freak, Henrietta?"

Henrietta's posture wilted, and Sebastian frowned. "I can do things, like this one time I turned my teacher's hair blue and I can talk to snakes, can do loads of other stuff too. Auntie and Uncle hate it, call me an abomb'nation," Her eyes burned. "I didn't know what it was 'til I met the man I told you 'bout earlier! He said it was magic! That I was a witch!"

"A… witch?" 'Most curious'. Sebastian gently set his left hand on her back, fingers brushing against her skin in a mock action of comfort but, she yelped as his skin touched hers, the demon felt a pulse flare through his arm to his chest and his eyes widened in shock, pulling his hand back.

He fixed his expression into one of concern as Henrietta reached up and rubbed the back of her neck, a perplexed look on her face. She peered up at him and frowned, stilling rubbing the spot his hand had touched.

'To think after so long… I'd find you here of all places'. Sebastian mused but he paused as he truly examined her face. Across her nose, she has a faint scar, it was an old and healed one that was mostly faded and looked to have been caused by perhaps hitting a corner of a table or desk. The most noticeable one was the one had the one that took up a large amount of her right side, from her forehead to her cheekbone and left her blind in that eye.

Her hands held a tremor that was not caused by the cold weather, but if he had to guess was caused by the scarring on her knuckles. The skin on all of them were damaged, something that had if been on an adult might have signified long years of labor- and might even on Henrietta.

That thought unsettled him. Greatly so to the point of anger bubbling inside his chest. To think that humans would lay a hand on what was his-

He exhaled, allowing logical thoughts to overrule his emotions and watched as Henrietta nod, seemingly shrugging off the shock she'd received at his touch and answered his question. "Yes!"

She then shivered, and Sebastian was reminded of the cold a pursed his lips. "How about we find someplace warm, being out here in this weather is not good for you, little one,"

Henrietta nodded and held her hand out for Orion to slither up, which he did. He curled around her neck and nudged her cheek before settling down. The duo stood.

"Can we go to ma f'end's?" Henrietta asked.

Sebastian smiled. "Of cause,"

Henrietta took his hand again and the pair walked out the graveyard and back into the street, Sebastian was led down a lit alleyway and towards a row of doors for apartments above serval shops, one that looked suspiciously like a funeral parlor.

'Could it be-?' It was a curious thought and he would only have to wait a few moments to learn if his suspicion was true.

Henrietta led him up some stairs and stopped outside a door numbered five. She let go of his hand and lifted the flower pot, sliding out a key from beneath it.

She slid the key in and turned it, opening the door. "Undertaker?"

So he was right. Sebastian didn't know if he was perhaps annoyed at this to-be meeting or not, considering the last time he'd seen the former Reaper.

"Little Etta!" Came the cheerful greeting. The long silver-white haired male appeared from around the corner a moment later only to abruptly stop in surprise then promptly giggled. "Ah~! If it isn't the late Earl's butler,"

"Undertaker," Sebastian greeted stiffly.

"You know each other?" Henrietta questioned with a tilt of her head as she glanced between them.

"Old acquaintances, little Etta," Undertaker answered, the smile on his lips softening as he turned towards her. "Locked out again?"

Henrietta nodded.

"Have you eaten either?"

A shake of her head.

"Okay, then you don't you take a bath to warm up and I'll make you something?" Undertake offered.

"Thank you!" Henrietta beamed and, not before hugging Undertaker around his waist, the male giggling as she did, she moved past him and down the hallway.

Once the two males knew she was from earshot, they turned their gaze onto one another.

"I was wondering when you'd show up~" Undertaker crooned, grinning.

Sebastian's eyes narrowed. "How long have you known Henrietta, Undertaker?"

"Eight months. Met the little one when she'd been locked out, I heard her talking to her little snake companion," The Ex-Reaper answered, his smile tightened and the air around him dropped a few degrees. "Those… relatives of hers are horrid people. I only needed to do a little research after learning her name to find out who she was. Your little mate is a child of a Wizarding World prophecy, Butler,"

Sebastian hissed, moving forwards. "Prophecy?"

"Henrietta Selene Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived," Undertake hummed. "She survived an attack by a so-called Dark Lord and in the process killed him,"

Sebastian tilted his head, lips curling into a smirk. "A baby killed a so-called Dark Lord?"

Undertaker giggled. "I don't know the full story sadly, but my guess was because of who she is-" Undertake moved to the desk by the arch of the hallway. "-in regards to you. But there was also something else I found extremely exciting,"

Undertake plucked a file from the drawer of the desk and handed it to Sebastian with a giggle. "I'm sure you'll be as amused I am once you read it,"

Sebastian's eyes scanned the front of the file, a family tree. Sparing a quick confused glance at the crazy man, Sebastian flipped the file open and his eyes landed a familiar one.

Vincent Phantonhive. Ciel's farther.

But that wasn't it, besides Vincent's name was Selene Martin née Phantonhive, the name that was Henrietta's middle name. She was a witch.

Sebastian pursed his lips- impossible, right?

He continued down the familiar line, eventually, Martin became Evans through marriage.

Lily Jasmine Potter née Evens. Then Henrietta Selene Potter.

Undertake giggled as Sebastian exhaled sharply. "Ironic that she would have relations to your former Young Master, yes?"

Sebastian looked up to see that Undertake had started cutting a red pepper, some chicken was already being cooked and water was reaching a boiling point.

"Perhaps," Sebastian said.

"But that's not all," Undertaker's cutting slowed to a stop and he set the knife down. "When I met little Etta, I immediately noticed something wrong with her other than the state of her body. So I had her take a test. The last piece of parchment will show you what I found,"

Sebastian pulled said parchment from the bottom of the pile so he could read it. Just seeing the long list made him grit his teeth in anger.

Undertaker returned to cooking.

Block on over half of Henrietta's magical core. Compulsions and potions of which three of them were loyalty, obedience, and a love potion keyed to a boy called Ronald Weasley. A Soul Bond suppression designed to keep from finding your soulmate and a Horcrux residing inside her forehead.

Below the list said marriage contract to Ronald Weasley which was designed to be unable to be back out off without losing her magic, but it was still pending. It had been requested by a man named Albus Dumbledore.

Sebastian hissed, eyes flaring red in anger. To think he'd allow such manipulation to take place with his Henrietta. Now he understood why he had been unaware of her. When a Demon's soulmate had been born, they'd often feel it within a year or two, but he'd felt no such thing and Henrietta was seven.

His eyes moved to the last piece of writing on the page. The prophecy, the Demon realized.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... And the Dark Lord will mark them as his equal, but they will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives.

His lips curled back into a snarl, but it disappeared as the sound of pattering feet reached his ears and he closed the file as Henrietta appeared from around the corner with a comb in hand and dressed in a dark nighty.

She wandered over to him looking sheepishly. "Could you help me with my hair, Sebaseon,"

Undertaker giggled, no doubt because of her mispronunciation.

"Of course," Sebastian smiled and took the comb from her waiting hand and Henrietta sat on the wooden table chair.

The crow demon ran the comb through her hair, making sure to gently brush out the knots as he hit them. He watched as Henrietta's lids fluttered closed and if she could purr, no doubt she would. It made him smile.

The string that bound them together flared to life, the simple affectionate action enough to help slowly strengthening their bond. His little one would not feel it until they had her safely cleared off all that influence. He could wait.

Undertaker dishing up brought him back to the present. Sebastian spared a glance over his shoulder and began to type Henrietta's hair into a fishtail, making sure to leave a few strains in front of her ears alongside her fringe.

She peered up at him with a wide smile. "Thank you very much!"

He brushed her fringe from her eyes to reveal both eyes fully and give him a full look at her scar. "No thanks needed little one. Though I would like to ask, how much can you see in your right eye?"

Henrietta blinked owlishly before looking sheepish. "E-eh, you noticed?"

He nodded.

"Nothin' much, can tell that the table is lighter than the floor and the cab'nits are darker then the wall but if colors are similar, then nothin',"

Sebastian patted her head. "Thank you for answering,"

She blushed under the praise, making the crow smile, pleased.

"Dinner's ready," Undertaker cooed and set the plate in front of Henrietta with thanks from the child. "No problem~"

As Henrietta started eating, Sebastian took a seat and turned to Undertaker, who'd also sat.

"How do we clear these… things from her?" Sebastian asked.

"You'll need to go to Gringotts, they'll be able to help. Also, if you plan to stay with her, you should consider her getting her Ladyship. It'll get her out of Dumbledore's hands and he can't have a say in anything then. Saying that, hehe, you'll also be able to learn some stuff about him too~" Undertaker answered, which surprised Sebastian as he'd expected some sort of demand for payment already. But he wasn't looking to look a gift horse in the mouth, as the saying goes.

"How has he been able to do such things with her anyway?" Sebastian questioned, a frown pulling at his defined brows.

Undertaker shrugged. "I don't know everything, Butler,"

Sebastian sighed heavily but turned his gaze onto Henrietta, who was eating slowly, no doubt because she couldn't handle it otherwise.

He needed to fix that, but it would take time, she needed to see a doctor too. Her relatives, no doubt, had never taken her to get vaccines or even a dentist.

He closed his eyes, he had plenty of work to do.

Undertaker giggled. "So little Etta~" She looked up at the man. "Sebastian will be taking you into his care and away from those people you call relatives~"

Her bottle-green eyes widened as she looked to the crow in excitement and relief. "Really?!"

Sebastion smiled. "Of course, to allow you to continue to suffer just won't do, little one,"

She dropped her fork and threw herself at him, sobbing into his jacket. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Red eyes softened as he pulled her up into his lap, rubbing her back to comfort her.

"It'll be best to tell her what you are too, hehe," Undertaker giggled.

Henrietta pulled back, rubbing her eyes. she looked up at Sebastian with curious eyes. "You're not human either?"

Sebastian blinked then shook his head. "No, little one,"

"But you're not a Reaper, you don't share the same energy!" She tilted her head with a scrunched-up expression of focus.

Sebastian smirked saying "Oh? You're right, I'm not a Reaper. I'm a demon,"

"Does that explain your nails?" Henrietta asked while lancing at his nails.

Sebastian chuckled, he just couldn't help it! This girl kept surprising him over and over. First, the snake speaking, her magic, her reveal to be his mate, then knowing Undertaker and now this!

"It does, Henrietta," Sebastian said.

She beamed, and Sebastian could feel her preen over their weak bond. She'd no doubt had little praise in her life; he'd need to change that. He wouldn't stand for his little one being treated as if she meant nothing anymore.

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