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Marinette loved her son Hugo. Really, she did. And she loved her husband Adrien. Really. She did.

"Hey mum, what did one ocean say to the other?" Hugo asked and Marinette resisted the urge to sigh.

"Nothing!" He continued. "They just waved!"

It was a miracle that she didn't audibly sigh. She loved him. Really, she did, she reassured herself. Hugo grinned.

"You're going to love this one. I lost my job at the bank today. A woman asked me to check her balance and I pushed her over."


"Then there's this brilliant one. Why can't you run through a campsite? Because you can only ran, as it's past tents."

At that point the doorbell mercifully rang and Hugo ran to answer it. She glared at Adrien in faux anger.

"I'm blaming you for his terrible sense of humour," she said to Adrien, who simply grinned.

"Of course you are. He's a very a-meowsing kitten," he said and Marinette rolled her eyes.