Almost everyday, three kids would enter the library in search of help. Not the typical help, though, more of the supernatural kind. No matter the situation, the librarian, Maven, would have the answer to their question or question.
However, on that particular day, Hilda, Frida, and David weren't there to gain supernatural intel. Nope, this visit to the Trollberg Library was super special.

"Ready Romeo," Frida Asked.

"I dunno guys," said a nervous David. "What if she scoffs me off? What if she laughs because she's like double my age?"

"She's not gonna scoff or laugh bud," Frida tried reassuring him.

"What if I freeze up? I've never confessed my feelings to someone before. Much less a Librarian. Oh, I shouldn't have come here."

"David listen," Hilda said, hand on his shoulder. "You've got this. Maven will be flattered."

The young boy smiled. She was right, he got this. He took the flowers and chocolates from the black haired friend and said, "welp, now or never. Wish me luck!"

Hilda andFrida gave him thumbs up before David turnt around, took a deep breathe, and walked into the library.

Maven was inside stamping books while listening to music at her desk.

David heard faintly the sound of Magic by the Cars from her headphones. He turned around to see his besties smiling at him. That built up his courage to approach the purple haired woman and say, "excuse me."

Maven looked up. "Yes?"

David gulped. "I…" He showed her the flowers and chocolates.

"Those for me?"

David nodded as she took the flowers and observed them.

The flowers were a lovely bunch of black and purple roses. Maven then took a look at the chocolates; dark chocolates, her favorite. "Thank you," She said genuinely, "but why though?"

"Well," David stuttered, ""

"You like me?" Maven smirked.

The brown haired boy blushed. "H-How did you know?"

"I have Legilimency," she remarked. "I can read your mind David.

"Oh that's right!"


"But you don't feel the same way," he said, dejected.

"No," she remarked.

"Because you're dating Hilda's mum, and I'm younger than you."

"You catch on fast." The librarian walked around her desk and met eye to eye with the boy. "I'm flattered you have a crush on me. And I'm proud of you for being brave enough to admit it, kinda"

"Really?" David was shocked by what happened next. The purple haired woman kissed his cheek in gratitude. When she was done, he held his cheek and said, "thanks Maven."

She smiled at him before going back to work.

"Good job David!" Exclaimed Frida when he walked over to her and Hilda.

"Thanks guys," he said.

"And the best part..." Hilda Said.

"I got it all on camera," cried out a small voice.

"WHAT?!" David screeched "Alfur!"

The little elf laughed. "Just kidding, elves don't have technology that small."

"Whew," David sighed.