Summary- Harry, having no choice, had to attempt what most would call the most desperate way to escape the wizarding world. At least, not if he wanted to save the life of the one, he called his son. But at the same time, he had never expected that it would lead him to a strange world, and considering he lived in the wizarding world that was saying something. At the same time could he make a life for him and his son in this world? And if he did would it turn out better for him than the wizarding world did? Honestly, only time would tell. This is a Harry Potter/My hero Academia story.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or My Hero Academia. Nor do I make any money off of either one of them.

Chapter Two

Harry wasn't sure what had happened, or how he had even gotten to where currently was; at least not exactly. As he honestly didn't remember walking to his currently location that was for sure. In fact, Harry was still feeling slightly dazed from this trip through the veil and was still trying to sort through all the information he had gain from it as well.

At the moment, all Harry really knew was that one moment he was being told that it was illegal to use his quirk, and the next, he was fighting for both his and Teddy's life. As some sort of Gorilla man, began to try to grab the both of them to use them as a hostage against someone called Eraserhead.

Then all Harry knew, after tucking his son into his chest, was that he was then using his magic to knock the attacking Gorilla man in question out. Hissing slightly as he curled his tails around where Teddy was; adding a little more protection towards his sone as he did this.

After which, Harry could almost dimly recall the man, who had previously been telling him that his quirk usage was illegal, was sighing and telling him that he had to take him to the police office. As while it was legal for him to use his quirk to defend himself like he did, he still had to make a report of what happened. As was the norm when a civilian managed to take out the villain that had been attacking them.

Which is how Harry ended up in the situation he currently was. And what had led to him being left wondering just how he ended up where he was, at least as fast as he had. As currently he was in front of a police officer, who was apparently called Detective Tsukauchi , and the man, whom Harry had found out was the Hero Eraserhead, that the Gorilla man, a small-time thug if what the police officer said was correct, was trying to escape from, right behind him.

Currently Harry was debating just what to say. As he had already been told that Detective Tsukauchi, who was standing directly in front of him, had a quick that told him if Harry lied or told the truth.

Something Harry figured was similar to the truth serum back in his world only the other way around as instead of forces those who took it to tell the truth no matter what, the detective could tell if you lied no matter what; or at least that was what Harry figured it meant; as he couldn't think of any other comparison that may work.

And honestly, after hearing this, Harry wasn't sure what he should do. Or for that matter how strong the officers quirk was when it came to knowing what was the truth or what was not. Nor did he want to risk testing it out, as he had Teddy with him, and they were in a completely new situation that Harry now wasn't sure just what to do next in. Or if he would be risking Teddy in anyway if he did try to lie and get caught in said lie.

Knowing this, Harry took a deep breath, looked at his son for a second; taking in the small wolf like ears that were now at home on his head. His look going even softer as his son leaned against him going back to sleep. Seeing this, Harry ran his fingers through his son's now soft fur like hair, and sighed.

Deciding that he was going to tell the them the truth; or as much as the truth as he could stomach at the moment. After all, he knew he was going to need some help from someone in getting settled in this new world.

As while Harry did have the basics downloaded into his head by the Veil, as well as a bit of a background, he had no idea about the laws, or the small details everyone who really lived in this world would know; would have to know to survive in it for that matter. So, with that in mind, Harry looked at the officer in front of him, and while knowing that the other one, Eraserhead, was behind him began to speak.

"I don't know how strong your quirk is, and how much of the truth it can tell. But for the sake of saving myself a headache, and hopeful get some real help while I'm at it, I'm going to tell you two the whole truth. Don't believing me, that fine, try and take my son from me because you don't believe me, and I'll be doing everything in my power to utterly destroy the both of you."

This said both the ones he had spoken to went stiff at his threat, and the officer, nodded telling Eraserhead that Harry was speaking the truth; with everything he had just said. Letting both of them know just how serious Harry was, about what he was currently doing. Harry seeing this and seeing that both of them seemed to be now taking him seriously, even if they didn't like the threat he had just given, began to speak again.

"I know what I am about to tell you is going to sound utterly insane, and you'll have a lot of trouble believing it at first. But do think about all the quirks that are out there, and how unbelieving some of those are before you judge me. Also, if you give me a chance after I finish speaking and you still don't believe me, I do have proof to back up my tell."

Swallowing after saying this and taking a brief moment to gather all of his thoughts together. Harry hugged his son to himself slightly, before he began to tell the others everything, he felt they should know; trying to choose his words carefully as he did so.

"Okay, I am going to come right out and say this, believe me or don't. But originally me and my son Teddy here weren't from the world to begin with. " Here Harry paused in what he was saying and looked to see how the others reacting to what he had just said. Only to see the police officer staring wide eyed in disbelieve and trying not to choke on his spit as he told the hero behind him.

"He's telling the truth." Harry hearing this, and not wanting to have any more doubt cast on to what he was going to say. As he knew that they could say that he believed he was telling the truth and go down the road of doubting his mental stability.

Which would likely end with a fight, where they attempted to take his son from him; stating mental instability or another thing similar to that. Which would be something that wouldn't end well for anyone, considering just what Harry was willing to do to make sure his son was safe; hell it was how he had ended up here in the first place.

Still knowing this, and despite this knowing, he still felt that it would best to get the truth out. So, with this in mind Harry continued on with what he wanted to say. Keeping a comforting, but still tight, grip on his son the entire time; taking comfort with the fact that Teddy was in his arms as he spoke.

"Look, I know this sounds rather crazy, but me and Teddy are from another world, like I just said. My son is mine though something that in our world was called blood adoption, which makes me a third parent to him by blood. His original father, who's the one who asked me to take care of his son if anything happened to them in the first place. Was what in our originally world was called a Werewolves; which I am pretty sure that you know about correct?" Hear Harry paused and waited to see if they did, which after getting both nods and a look that was rather unreadable from Eraserhead, Harry continued on.

"Well, in the world we had left, Werewolves were something that was badly discriminated against. Hell, the whole world I came from was running rapid with different discrimination always seeing black and white. Light verse dark, never in greys, and Teddy's father, because he was bitten by another werewolf as a child, against his will might I add, was treated like dirt under a lot of people's feet. " Here Harry had to pause as he took a deep breath to calm down before he began once more; trying to get back more on subject as he did so.

"What I mean, is that because Teddy's father was a werewolf as his son Teddy was going to be painted with the same light. Something I wasn't going to have happen. Especially when I found out just what they were trying to do with all of those that they classified as 'dark' or 'creatures' rather they were children or not."

Here Harry gave a shuttered deep breath, as he recalled just how he found this out, and as he remembered that he had just left Fleur on the floor like he had, in his desperate attempted to get his son to safety. Something that to his shame had ended up failing.

"Look, before I go on in that line of thought, I need to tell you that back in my old world we had just gotten through with a war of sorts. A big light versus dark kind of thing. The guy on the other side was a mad man who though everyone who didn't have…. well in your minds it be quirks, to even live. In my world it would have been anyone who didn't have… magic to live." Here Harry was interrupted by Eraserhead, who seemed to have finally had enough of what Harry was saying.

"Magic, you really don't expect us to believe, that do you?" Harry once he heard this, raised an eyebrow and in a tone so deadpan it actual had the man in question blushing very lightly as he heard what Harry had to say.

"Yes, but the ability to transform to and from something like a Gorilla is just that much more believable isn't it? Look before you scoff and shout out your disbelief how about you let me finish telling you my tale; how does that sound?"

This said, and after getting another nod from the now pretty pale officer Harry once more started back up. Wondering how many more times he would stop or being interrupted before he was able to finish what he was saying as he did so.

"Like I said, the world I came from had magic in it. I was a wizard there and before this I had been fighting for the light side of the war. Even if it had only been because I didn't want those, I called family killed, and the fact that the Dark side where pretty much insane. As, as I found out later neither side was really good. " Here Harry gritted his teeth as he recalled just how bad the light side had gotten after the war, not really stopping his explanation as he did so.

"Both sides had their serious faults, and it seemed to only get worse after the war between them had ended. Seeing as after the war, and after the threats had been done away with, the so-called light side went to the extremes. As I said earlier Teddy's other father was a werewolf, and because it was classified as dark, they decided that all creatures that were declared dark should be killed. This included Teddy, the son of a werewolf. I wasn't going to let this happen. "

There was slight whimper that interrupted Harry and caused Harry to pause in his tell as he soothed his son back to his sleep and away from whatever it was that was bothering him. Before in a calmer tone he started speaking once more.

"And because I knew that the Light side would either want me done away with or completely under their thumb, as I had been one of their stronger fighters during the war, at least when it came to the level of magic I had, I came up with a plan." Here Harry took a deep breath and began to finish up his tale; not really wanting to give more details than what he had as he did so.

"Because of my family line I knew that there was a sort of gate way to different worlds within their Ministry. And I knew that they saw said Gate way as a sort of death sentence as no one had ever come back through it alive. Knowing this and knowing that I really didn't want to have my son live his life on the run. having to always look over his back and wondering why just because of his blood line he was being hunted down like some sort of animal. I tricked the others into letting us go through the Veil, as I hoped that we would both be able to have a better life after going through it. And that is how we ended up in this world, as the veil sent us to this world; while changing use and giving us a little more information about this world."

Harry after saying this, went back to soothingly run his hands through his son's hair before waiting to see how the others would react to what he just said. He didn't have to wait long, as the officer in front of him simply stated.

"He's telling the truth. Now could you please tell me what you mean when you said this…veil changed you. As well as tell us what you mean when you mentioned the fact that it gave you a little more information on this world." Blinking at this, and rather surprised that he was being believed in this first place, Harry answered the question he had just been given.

"I meant that the veil made it so that both Teddy and I would fit in the world it was taking us too. It could have been any world, like if there was a world out there that was made up of only water it would adapt us so we would be like whatever civilization was there. With things like being able to breath underwater and maybe things like tails or things that would make us be able to move quicker in the water." Harry after giving this explanation gave the detective the answer that he wanted.

"What it has done, because we came into this world was, it took our magic and adapted use to this world; while at the same time giving use the bare minimum of information about this world. Like the fact the changes the veil made to us are quirks, what a quirk were and how quirks were usually used in this world."

After saying this Harry had to pause and take a breath. Then after seeing the first officer nod to the Hero that was still behind him, telling the Hero Harry was still speaking the truth Harry finished up the last of what he was going to say.

"When it came to quirks, that the Veil gave us when it changed us. I mainly keep my magic and got the quirk magic cat. While on the other hand, my son Teddy, it took the wolf blood he had gotten from Remus, his birth father, and the…well I guess you could say magical shapeshifting his mother had and merged it together while taking the majority of his magic. Giving Teddy the quirk, morphing wolf. Which if what I found out about it was right, it would let him use different features of all kinds of wolf or wolf like creature, like there sense of smell strength or other such things, and eventual be able to fully transform into said creature if he wanted to. He'll also be able to use a small level of magic if he trains on it, but not nearly as much if he had stayed in the wizarding world. Though considering his age at the moment there really isn't a lot he can currently do with his quirk."

After saying this Harry got ready to defend himself if he had too, only to feel slightly flat footed about the fact that both of them seemed to believe everything he had said. Or at least it seemed that way when the Hero, Eraserhead looked at Harry and in a tone that screamed he was just so done with this asked.

"I've just got one more question for you. I get why you son…Teddy, was it, has a wolf like quirk with some wolf like features. But why did you have to be a cat?"