Summary- Harry, having no choice, had to attempt what most would call the most desperate way to escape the wizarding world. At least, not if he wanted to save the life of the one, he called his son. But at the same time, he had never expected that it would lead him to a strange world, and considering he lived in the wizarding world that was saying something. At the same time could he make a life for him and his son in this world? And if he did would it turn out better for him than the wizarding world did? Honestly, only time would tell. This is a Harry Potter/My hero Academia story.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or My Hero Academia. Nor do I make any money off of either one of them.

Chapter Three

Harry after hearing the question Eraserhead had asked him after his explanation, had to blink his eyes in disbelief. Mostly because of how ridiculous said question seemed to him; as he could think of a dozen other questions Harry would have asked if he had been in the man's shoes. But, at the same time, seeing that Eraserhead and Detective Tsukauchi both seemed to be rather interested in the answer to said question let loose a slight sigh before answering it.

"It's because of my Animagus form." Here Harry paused and seeing the slightly confused looks that, while hidden, were clearly being directed at him because of his answer. Catching this Harry could see that he hadn't really answered the question that had been directed at him; at least not in a way the others could understand.

Seeing this, Harry decided to give a little more detail in what he was saying. As he had already given them a lot of detail before, about much more sensitive information, so there really wasn't a point in trying to hide more now. With that in mind Harry, after giving another sigh and trying not to bring his spare hand up to rub the bridge of his nose to stop the building headache he could feel coming on, Continued on with what he had been saying before.

"An Animagus form is a more complicated bit of magic from my old world. One that not every magical person there was able to do; because of how difficult it can be. What it is, or really was, is the ability to completely transform into the animal that best suits you. Be it in personality or even soul; depending on just what book you read. I had this ability before I went through the veil and my form was a two-tailed Neko Yoko. Which seemed to have merge with me and my magic when I came to this world; resulting in my new look and the quirk I now have." This was said with a gesture to both the ears on his head, and a twitch of the two tails that were swaying behind him.

Harry after saying this, looked at the two to see how they were reacting to what he had just said. Only to see Eraserhead staring at his tails with a an even more curious look in his eyes, and with his hands twitching slightly before he looked right at Harry and asked him. Looking like he was making an effort to keep his tone, and face, deadpan as he did so.

"Why did the form of a Neko Yoko fit you? I mean it is also classified as a two tailed cat Demon correct? And according to some of the stories I know it is a very deadly creature that attacks, as well as destroys, things for no reason…So why does that form out of all the forms that were out there fit you and do we need to worry about that?"

As this was said, Harry felt his eye twitch as he had gotten a lot of question similar to it, if even more prejudice, when his Animagus form had first came out. Hell, he had been out right attacked a couple of times because of said form; before the others had learned better. But because of this, Harry also knew just how to best answer the question he had just been asked.

"The form is not a demon or anything remotely like that. Rumors like that only got started in the first place from those that feared the two-tailed Neko because they didn't know what they were or because they looked so different then what they were used. Or even because they were jealous of the powers the Neko had, and mad that they couldn't control them!" Here Harry took a deep breath to calm himself down before continuing; tone much more natural as he did so.

"When in reality the Neko form that I had been able to take, is one that is often a guide for the lost, a last a protector of children and loyal to a core to those it considers part of it's pard. Though deadly when betrayed and often not trusting to strangers, as their trust has to be earned…unless they don't have a choice in the matter. Like normal cats can be. But the power level I had made it so I could take a form that was more powerful and capable of using magic of its own. Which was why I got the form I did."

This said Harry got tried of speaking, and honestly had nothing else he wanted to say so he started to rock Teddy gentle and keep his focus solely on his son; letting the others now without saying it that he was finished with the conversation as it was.

Which luckily, it seemed that the two in front of him seemed to understand as they, instead of pushing Harry for more information, looked at each other for a while as if debating what they should do next.

Before Detective Tsukauchi seemed to make his mind up about something, and it was most likely because of this decision that the Detective in question spoke up; directing what he was saying at both Eraserhead as well as Harry as he did so.

"I think, at least for the time being, that it would be best if Harry and his son stayed with you Eraserhead. To keep an eye on them and make sure their story checks out. Not to mention, if everything they do say does check out, it would be easier to find them and help them fit better into this world if we knew exactly where they were." This said Tsukauchi didn't seem to even wait for any protest as he began to feel out the paperwork he had just brought out of his desk. And there was protest as both Harry and Eraserhead called out.


Both saying the same thing, in the exact same disbelieving tone, though as the happened Harry got the feeling that the outburst in question was an extremely rare one from Eraserhead. Who Harry got the feeling was more of a silent type, then one that reacted with extreme emotions. Hell, most of the time he seemed to have a I am so done with the look clear on his face, just like the one he seemed to be currently wearing.

But at the same time, Harry found himself not caring about this, finding it not to be important, as the outburst from the two of them had waken up Teddy and he wasn't happy. His crying, in an almost howling like tone reflecting his more wolf like heritage, let Harry know that; in the least bit.

Hearing this crying, Harry immediately turned his attention away from the other two, and away from the protesting he was about to do, and instead put all his focus back into his son. Trying his best to sooth him, and as he did this. Not liking the fact he had done something that upset his son so much; particularly more so as his more nurturing instincts seemed to be even stronger than they had been before.

Harry oddly enough found himself both rocking his sobbing son, and what surprised him quite a bit, purring loudly in weirdly soothing way that echoed out of his chest loud enough for the entire room to here. But, at least, this purring seemed to be very soothing to Teddy as he quickly calmed down after Harry started purring and was instead now staring around him with wide golden eyes that shone with utter curiosity.

Seeing this, Harry gave a slight sigh and turned his attention back to what he had been doing before. Only to see a slightly smug looking detective and a rather grudgingly accepting look on Eraserhead's face. It seemed they had continued on with what they had been doing while Harry was trying to calm his son down and had even reached a decision without him.

Seeing this, Harry was about to raise his own protest before decided that perhaps it would be best if he did stay with this Eraserhead. At least until he was able to get more settled in this world. And knew more of what he was going to do in this world; not to mention knew the laws of said world better.

As at least this Eraserhead knew the truth about where Harry, and his son, were from. Not to mention was someone that was rather trusted by the law enforcement of this world, so it wasn't like he was being led the wrong way. Nor was it like they were trying to block his magic or cage him in, so he could defend himself if he needed to. So right now, it honestly was his best option. Again, for the time being.

This in mind and knowing that the others could see he wasn't going to argue with what was going on, Harry elected to simple wait to see what was going to happen next. Something he didn't have to wait long for, as Eraserhead, who now that he thought about it Harry really needed to find the real name of as he seriously doubt the guy's real name was Eraserhead, chose to add one more thing in there before he was willing to let Harry go to his house; baby with him or not.

"Alright, I'll let him stay but first I want to know just what his skill level is. Just what his quirk can do, and if I can stop it or not. Just to be sure it's safe." Harry hearing could understand where Eraserhead was coming from even if he wasn't completely comfortable doing so.

As doing so would mean that he would have to put his son down, and to actual get away from him while doing so. Something Harry wasn't sure he wanted to do so soon after nearly loosing him.

Nor around people that he honestly didn't know all that well, even if he had trusted them with the truth of where he had come from. As that had been more out of necessary then for the out right trust he had for them. Considering Harry had long since learned that trust had to be earned rather than given out right.

At the same time, Harry knew that if he wanted things to go as he wished, he really wouldn't have much of a choice in the matter either. Leaving Harry with a dilemma he wasn't quite sure how to deal with.

Or at least he wasn't so sure until Teddy took the decision out of his hands as he started making grabbing motions toward Detective Tsukauchi. Letting Harry feel a little more comfortable with handing his son over to him, as Teddy, because of the instincts he had because of what his father had been, had very good gut feelings on who was or wasn't trustworthy. More so then even Harry could be at times as, Harry often over thought things a bit too much.

And obviously right now Teddy did trust the Detective, letting Harry know that for the time being, he could trust the man in question as well. At least enough for him to hold his son, while Harry was in eye distance and able to do something if the anyone tried anything with his son.

So, gritting his teeth, and trying to take the best option available to him, Harry followed the two as they led him to what he could see was a training room of some sort. That Harry could tell was made to withstand a lot of damage, while letting those outside it get a clear view of what was going on inside it.

Where once he was there in front of said training room Harry, with extreme reluctance, handed his son over to Detective Tsukauchi to make sure he was safe. Before, just as reluctantly, making his way into the room where he had been led.

Mainly, so that he could show Eraserhead the skills he had, what his magic could do and the extent of his abilities. While at the same time, also doing so, so he could find out just what else may have changed while going through the veil. As Harry doubted what he knew was the full extent of the changes as after all merging his Animagus form into his human form had to do more then just physical changes; as the purring had already shown.

And because he wasn't exactly what else the changes may be, Harry really what to explore his new form a bit himself. Not to mention he could now tell that his earring, necklace and Tattoo that he had before was still there as well, so he also wanted to check on those as well.

Seeing as if those had gone through all without being touched by the veil, like Harry hoped that they hadn't been, then they could also play a very big part in helping him make a much more comfortable live for both him and his son. As Harry was pretty sure no matter where he ended up things like Gold, jewelries and other such things would always hold so sort of value.