Waking up squished between her two favourite girls always brought a smile to her face. After the disastrous meeting with her mother yesterday, Eva had been bombarded with cuddles and reassuring words. If it wasn't for Mal and Evie, Eva was sure that she'd have dissolved into a nervous wreck by now. Luckily, they were always there to pick her up when her mother shot her down.

Evie had spent the night making her sister a new skirt, and after convincing herself that she rocked anything she wore, Mal and Evie managed to get the other girl outside and walking around in it. Wrapping her arms around her stomach, Eva looked around to see if anyone was staring at her, scowling when Evie swatted her arms away.

The uneven ground was covered in trash, sleeping bodies, and questionable substances. Yells and fights had already broken out over the Isle as the light had begun to filter through the smog. As the trio sauntered down the streets, people backed away from them in fright. Enjoying the way people scurried into the shadows at the sight of them, the trio outright stole things from the stalls around them, knowing nobody would argue against it.

They were easily evil and they loved it. They revelled in the feeling of fear.

Separating to run their own errands, the pair of them agreed to meet back at their apartment so that they could face their mother's together. Thankfully, Jay and Carlos would be there this time and Eva always drew strength from the caring son of Jafar.

Spotting Gil strolling down the street, the blue haired beauty hurried her steps to catch up with him. The son of Gaston had yet to find himself a crew and so Eva looked out for him as best as she could. She knew her friends would never accept him into the crew; they didn't consider Gaston to be that evil of a villain. However, Eva always found him a place to stay and a shoulder to cry on when his father had been particularly cruel to the loveable goof.

"Morning, Gil." Eva greeted, finally matching his pace.

Glancing down at the shorter girl, he slowed his stride slightly so that she wouldn't have to speed walk around the Isle.

"Hey, Eva. How have you been?"

"Wicked as always." She smirked, fiddling with the mirror pendant around her neck, something she was guilty of doing when she was lying.

The necklace was a minor replica of her mother's magic mirror but instead of giving her answers, it allowed her to spy on other people.

"I have some good news," said Gil, cheerfully. "I've been recruited by a crew."

Swinging around to face the long haired man, she beamed up at him. Knowing that he had the safety of another crew brought Eva an immense amount of relief. She hated the idea of anyone being able to pickpocket him, or worse, attack him.

"That's wonderful. Who?"

The hesitation on Gil's face had the smile sliding from Eva's.

"Uma's pirates."


It was no secret that the Core Five and the Pirates were rivals. After Mal had refused to allow Uma into the crew, called her Shrimpy, and basically made her an outcast, the daughter of Ursula had formed her own crew and vowed vengeance on the Five. Since then, her pirates had taunted the Five, stole things from under their noses and attempted to be the most frightful crew on the Isle of the Lost. Being friendly to Gil now would cause Eva all kinds of trouble with Mal.

"We'll still be friends though, right?" Gil asked, shoulders drooping.

"Of course we will!" Eva reassured. "We just might need to be more discreet about it. I don't want to get you into trouble with Uma."

"Yeah, sure. Uma's warned us to stay away from you, anyway."


"Yeah. Because you're all pretty and stuff. She thinks you'll convince the men to leave the crew." Gil stated before realising his mistake.

He could no longer be casual with Eva, he would have to watch what he said otherwise he could find himself back on the streets, defenceless. Whilst Eva had tried multiple times to get Gil accepted into the Core Five, the others had always disagreed.

"Hmm." Eva mulled over before bidding the son of Gaston goodbye when she spotted a member of his new crew.

Disappearing into the shadows, Eva decided to put her skills to good use and flirt some information out of the residents of the Isle. Now that Gil was a member of Uma's pirates, she was going to keep a very close eye on them. If they didn't take good care of her friend, she would ensure they went down with their ship.

"You shouldn't be here?" A voice called out, startling the sleuthing girl.

Twisting around, fists raised, she rolled her bright blue eyes when she saw Harry Hook leaning against the damp brick wall.

Hidden in the shadows of a dilapidated building, Eva had been scouting out Ursula's Fish and Chip Shoppe. The building's entrance was guarded by rotting, wooden saloon doors. The sign's paint was fading but seemed to the cleanest, nicest thing about it. Pirates sauntered in and out, dumping their swords into a rusting barrel at the door. The stench of fish was so strong that Eva had lifted her top up over her face, flashing her midriff but valuing the clean smell over her insecurity.

"I think you'll find that I'm free to go where I please."

"Sure. When you're not in pirate territory all alone." Harry took a step closer, enjoying the way she stood her ground.

Nostrils flaring in slight rage and a tiny hint of fear, Eva refused to be intimidated him. Even if she did only come up to his shoulder, and he had a metal hook, and he was slightly insane.

The sound of the sea calmed her slightly but she refused to glance at the only glimpse of freedom that the Isle offered. Eva didn't want to turn away from Harry, or let him know that she enjoyed the sea (as it was considered a pirate thing).

"You don't scare me." Eva stared down at her nails, pretending as if they were more interesting than the conversation.

"Then why did ye breath just hitch?" Harry asked as he took a step closer to her.

The sea salt smell of him wrapped around her and she tried not to make it obvious as she inhaled it greedily. Whilst most people might be disgusted by it, she loved the smell. To Eva, it was the smell of freedom. Cast offs from Auradon usually wound up on the Isle and Eva had collected as many pictures of the sea that she could find, pinning them up on her wall to remind herself that there was something better out there. However, she had no desire to become a pirate and ride the waves in a ship. In face, the very idea of it made her stomach queasy.

"Because I can't stand the sight of you and I'm trying not to throw up in my mouth."

It was a lie. Harry Hook was the handsomest boy on the Isle but she wasn't about to give him an unrequired ego boost.

Eventually, he had gotten so close to her that she had stumbled back, underestimating how close she was to the wall. Bumping into it, Harry realised that she had tried to escape him.

Caging her in with his arms, he leaned down and bumped her nose with his own.

"We both know ye can't resist me gorgeous face." Harry chuckled, glancing down at her lips.

Growing impatient, Eva reached up and pulled his face down to hers, red lips hovering above his. Shocked by her newfound confidence, Harry stuttered slightly, unsure what to do. Eva smirked, leaning forward.

Before their lips met, she turned her face to the side causing her lips to graze his cheek.

"You couldn't handle me, Hook." She whispered in his ear. "Not that you would ever get me."

Pushing him away in his shock, she walked away from the pirate and the water.

Reaching the end of the side street, she turned around to see him staring after her with a dazed look on his face. Winking at him, she decided not to tell him about the lipstick mark staining his cheek. She would leave that for Uma to interrogate him about. Gaping at the girl until her the last strand of her hair had disappeared around the corner, Harry Hook decided he wasn't going to let her get away. She was a perfect match for him.

Greeting Maleficent, Jafar, and Cruella, Eva made sure to leave her mother for last. Begrudgingly kissing her mother on the cheek, Eva scurried away from her as quickly as possible. But it was too late. The Evil Queen had already caught the peculiar scent mixed with her daughter's usual one.

"I've been seeing more and more of those putrid pirates roaming around lately. What a ridiculous crew. Filled with the dregs of the Isle." The Evil Queen commented, watching her daughter for her reaction.

Eva's face remained stoic but took a step closer to Jay, engaging in conversation with him. Jay was always able to calm her down and reassure her during meetings with her mother. He was her hidden strength and knew exactly when she needed to be rescued. He was her knight in dirty leather.

"No woman should be caught dead with a pirate. Only a prince will do for my two girls." The Evil Queen brushed past her daughter, turning to sneer at her. "I'd take a bath if I was you. It would seem as if the stench of sea has found its way to you."

The glare in the Queen's eyes had Eva's turning colder, emotion draining from them. Anytime she was around her mother, Eva became more and more emotionally detached.