Sauntering into her room a half-hour before dinner, Eva deposited her bag on the plush chair at her desk, grateful she was able to avoid questions of her whereabouts. When she had finally made her way back to her dorm room, an excited Jay had accosted Eva and proceeded to spend fifteen minutes explaining the logistics of Tourney to her, bragging about how he had managed to make the team. Happy that her friend had managed to find his own passion whilst at Auradon, Eva had willing listened to the joyous babble. Also, whenever she made an attempt to escape by walking around him, she found he was stood before her once more before she was able to take more than a step forward. Apparently the Coach hadn't been overselling when he had dubbed Jay a 'natural talent'. Therefore, Eva hadn't returned to her dorm for almost two hours after the end of the school and had been anticipating an interrogation from Mal but luckily both she and Evie were preoccupied with the pacing girl in their room.

"New haircut, Jane?" Eva asked, smiling at the shy half-fairy.

"Mal did it for me. Doesn't it make me look beautiful?"

"She did, huh?" Eva turned to face the purple haired villain, raising an eyebrow at her.

Mal shrugged nonchalantly, conveying that it was part of her plan to obtain the wand and Eva shook her head in disgust.

"Jane, you look beautiful either way."

Flushing under the compliment, Jane thanked her before resuming the rant about her mother. Irritation swelled within Eva upon realising that Mal had preyed upon the poor girl's insecurities and helped her 'change' her appearance; a kind act used to trick the frail fairy into being an accomplice in their crime. There was nothing wrong with Jane in the first place and Mal should never have encouraged her to believe that she needed to change just to fit in with cruel (popular) people.

Letting out a huff, Eva smiled gratefully at her sister when Evie gave her a comforting pat on the shoulder. No one understood what it was like to be concerned about his or her appearance more than Eva. The subject of her appearance had been a topic of conversation between her and her mother for years.

Snorting when Mal dismissed the idea of a boyfriend, Eva bit back her sarcastic remark about Mal's extensive knowledge of men. Narrowing her green eyes at her ally, Mal opted to ignore the sardonic girl because the daughter of Mulan entered the room and introduced herself to the evil trio. Complimenting the work Mal had done on Jane's hair, Lonnie begged Maleficent's heir to do a makeover on herself and that she was willing to pay. Disagreeing with magic makeovers, Eva threw herself down on her bed and picked up one of the sketched Evie had left on it. A poorly drawn design of a potentially beautiful dress was painted onto the page. Pulling out her art supplies, Eva made quick work of bringing Evie's vision to life. Waiting until the warrior and the fairy had left, Eva waited until the door had fully closed before turning to face Mal.

Already expecting a lecture, the daughter of the dragon was staring at her friend, arms crossed and a bored expression twisting her features. Opening her mouth, Eva looked flabbergasted when Mal cut her off.

"She asked me," defended Mal.

"You didn't have to do it. There are other ways to get to the wand without using Jane's insecurities to manipulate her."

"In case you forgot, I'm trying to complete the mission our parents gave us, which is more than you're doing so stop projecting."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Eva shot back, her rage having been ignited at the venomous tone Mal used.

"I saw you with that redhead. I think someone is forgetting the real reason that we're at Auradon. Now isn't the time for fun."

"And I think someone is too busy trying to be the leader of this little group that she forgets she doesn't actually control me." Eva hissed. "Anyway, you're the last person to be making comments about me hanging out with boys, Miss Heart Eyes at the King."

Taken aback by the accusation, Mal was unable to do little more than gape at her friend. Never before had Eva truly gone against Mal. The two of them had had their share of disagreements but it was usually with a one word retort and noise of discontent. Eva had never vocally opposed Mal's decisions. Instead she had opted to passively accept the purple haired girl's rule but they had been at Auradon for two days and that had changed. Scoffing in disgust, Eva shoved her feet back into her boots before heading for the door.

"Where do you think you're going? We have a job to do."

"No, Mal, you have a job to do. Your mother told you to get it. We're just your sidekicks."

Ensuring she smacked into her with just enough force to push her aside, Eva reached for the door handle. Hand outstretched, it moved before she was able to touch it and the boys entered the room. Noting the tense atmosphere, Jay spun Eva around until she was part of the group once more and kept an arm tightly around her waist so she couldn't attempt to escape. Wisely, neither one of them commented on the fact that Mal and Eva refused to glance in each other's direction.

"Not that I should have to say but I believe this is by far the worst plan you've ever had." Eva commented, leaning against the counter and watching as Mal stirred the ingredients together.

Spending time with Parker had opened her eyes to the possibility of being a better person whilst still managing to have fun. You could tease people and wind them up without having to hurt anyone in the process. However, there was mischief and mayhem and then there was forcing someone to feel as if they love you. The latter was inhumane.

"Luckily no one asked for your opinion." Mal shot back. "We're doing this, we're getting the wand and we're going home."

"You really are insufferable sometimes."

"You really think I care?"

Opening her mouth to retort, Eva was cut off when they heard the door to the kitchen creaking open. The VKs stared at the newcomer in horror when they realised they could be caught. Slamming the book shut, Mal hid it behind her back and was relieved when Eva took it from her grasp and tucked it into the inside pocket of her jacket. Whilst they bickered constantly, the two of them still managed to make a great team when united against a common 'enemy'. It was part of the reason the VKs were the strongest group back on the Isle.

Lonnie bounced into the room full of energy and chatting about how all the girls wanted Mal to do their hair before she noticed the ingredients resting on the table. Eyes sparkling with excitement when she realised it was cookie mix, Lonnie leaned forward for a taste test, shocked when all five of them yelled at her. Listening to the reason Lonnie loved cookies so much, Eva discovered that whilst many of the 'Heroes' were insufferable, they had done something right. They had raised their children to feel loved and cared for. Nobody in the kitchen, other than Lonnie, could say that his or her parents had done such a thing.

"It's just different where we're from." Mal murmured.

Noticing a tear sliding down Lonnie's cheek at the reality of the VKs home situation, Mal snapped out of her melancholy state and swiped the tear from her cheek, quickly dropping it into the bowl before ushering Lonnie out of the kitchen. Ordering the VKs around, the daughter of Maleficent rushed to get the cookies made.

An empty bowl was shoved into her hands and Eva looked at it in disgust, not moving from her position as guard. Mal demanded that she wash up the evidence of their baking to which she received further outward disagreement. Putting the King (the only person ensuring they remained in Auradon) under a love spell was bound to have catastrophic consequences.

"If we get caught then they throw us all back on the Isle and without that wand, we will be punished." Mal demanded. "Since when did you disagree with wickedness?"

Since I realised I didn't have to be like my mother, Eva thought.

Parker was vastly different to his father and those differences were celebrated by his parents rather than reprimanded. Perhaps it was possible that being evil wasn't the only option to gain respect and appreciation. After all, she had never received a speck of appreciation from her mother, no matter how evil she was.

Textbook open in front of her, the dark blue-haired beauty glared at the irritating boy across from her. She was currently attempting to revise for her upcoming mathematics test but a certain redhead was doing his best to ensure she failed. Each time she returned her attention to the pages, he would lift his head from his own and begin chattering away. Ten minutes had passed since they sat down in the first place and Parker's book had been abandoned entirely as he lay atop the table. A shadow fell on the notepad she was using to write down equations and a grinning face beamed down at her.

Rolling her eyes, Eva was unable to fight her own smile that crept onto her face. As Parker described the rules of Tourney to her in preparation for his upcoming game that afternoon, Eva allowed her pencil to shuffle along the paper.

"Oi, pay attention to me." Parker pouted, bopping his new friend on the nose.

They had barely known each other for a few days but Parker had deciphered that the daughter of the Evil Queen was nothing like her mother. Instead she was fun, vibrant and full of life. After a few phone calls with his father, Parker had been informed that she sounded like a wonderful young woman who had been surrounded by some unfortunate influences. With a bit of encouragement, Peter Pan was sure that the Evil Queen's daughter would blossom into someone worthy of the title of a Lost Boy. Coming from his father, Parker knew that was the most honourable compliment one could receive. Armed with his father's approval and support, the son of Pan was determined to show the blue girl that she did belong at Auradon.

"You are not worthy of my attention," she joked, watching as he feigned hurt.

A twinkle glittered in his green eyes and Eva couldn't help but smile at the spark of mischief she saw. Being around Parker provided Eva with a joy she had not often felt being trapped on the Isle and she was dismayed at the idea of having to leave behind a friend when they returned with the wand. Only Gil had managed to make her feel such easy contentment. Looking at Parker, she was reminded of her old friend and wondered if the pirates were treating him kindly. Both men had been kind to her despite her infamous reputation and had forced their friendship upon her, compelling her to feel affection towards them.

"I think you'll find I am worthy of everyone's attention." Parker teased, throwing the eraser at her.

Glaring at her friend as it hit her squarely in the forehead, Eva pushed him lightly in retaliation before exclaiming in fright as he tumbled off the picnic table. Relief flooded through her when he picked himself up with a booming laugh and clambered back onto the table as if nothing had happened. Terror had coursed through as she watched him roll off the table because she believed he may have seen it as a malicious act and she would've lost his friendship.

"No need to look so scared, Eva. I'm not about to push you back," chuckled Parker.

His laughter fell short when he noticed that she still looked uneasy, fear shone in her blue eyes. Parker found himself wrapping an arm around her shoulders before he could to stop to think that she may not appreciate the gesture.

"Would it make you feel better if I pushed you back? You needn't be so worried that something as simple as play fighting would end our friendship."

Eyes darting up towards the row of lockers, she narrowed her gaze upon seeing Mal stood at her graffiti covered locker. Prince Ben stood opposite her and Eva could see the small plastic bag containing the cookie from her spot at the table. Some part of her begged that Ben would refuse the baked good. A snapping sound wrenched Eva from glaring at the smug daughter of Maleficent as the future King of Auradon chewed the cookie. Glancing down at her hand, she noticed she had snapped the pencil she had been using for her mathematics revision. Ignoring the inquisitive glance from her friend, Eva glanced out at the sprawling fields and the cheerful students.

"I'm not sure I'm quite willing to leave Auradon."

"Whoever said you had to."