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December 21st The winter solstice

Josef and Robert are going through the house examining all the Christmas decorations. There are three trees on the periphery of the main ballroom. Four others scattered though out the house. Beth also included the girls wing. They've all been invited to help with tonight's tree decorating party. She included Kaida and Ryker's wing since they've decided it's better if they stay sequestered. Ryker got his Christmas present being turned a few days early. He's still working out his control. In the middle of the ballroom is one normal fir Beth went to great pains to pick out herself. Six small trees, about three feet tall a few feet out circling the bigger tree. Josef thinks Vanessa and her druid ideas had something to do with that. He's sure it's symbolic of something. Josef laughs to himself when he thinks of all the time it took for Beth to find the right trees in the right pots. Because heaven forbid, they cut the them down. Right after Christmas the grounds people will plant them on the edge of the forested area of the grounds. So here it is in the middle of the room, with tables of decorations for everyone to choose from on one side. On the other side of the room tables which will be laden with food for the humans and wolves. Locked up but in the same area are chilled carafes of blood for the vampires.


He smiles hearing the joy in Beth's mind. "Yes?"

"Mick and I would like to see you out in front of the house."

"Be right there." He wonders what this is about. Hopefully not a snag in the party prep. Although Beth sounded too happy for it to be anything like that.

He stops at the top of the stairs leading down to the driveway and stares. "How in the hell?" He turns to Beth and Mick and moves towards them. "How in the hell did you get Lance to sell it? This Aston Martin is the car that won so many races in the 50s. The World Sportscar Championship and let's not forget the 24hrs of Le Mans." He shakes his head. "This is the exact car that won the '59 Le Mans."

Beth laughs and nods. "It is. It was restored before Lance bought it."

Mick laughs. "We offered him money, lots of money."

Josef shakes his head. "I've done that. Never worked for me."

"Well, since the decided to liquidate the family holdings they put Mason in charge. He likes us and we somehow we managed to outbid everyone else by one dollar." Mick pats Josef on the back and Beth hugs him. "Happy Birthday Josef."

He smiles broadly. He glances at the pair. He holds out his hand to Mick. "Keys."

Mick grins and winks at Beth. "Told you. It was never driven when Lance owned it, so I had Jack prep it because I knew you'd want to drive it. Beth thought you'd roll it into the garage and look at it."

"Mason said they didn't drive it because the more miles you put on it, the more it devalues the car." Beth says in her defense.

Josef nods. "Mason is right, but I could care less. I own cars to drive them." With a grin he turns to Mick. "Want to go for a spin?"

Mick nods but hesitates. "It's not licensed for the road here."

Josef laughs. "I'll pay the fines."

She smiles and watches them leave. She turns as she senses Robert behind her. "I take it he liked it."

"Very much." She hugs Robert. "Thanks for the tip. I had no idea he'd been trying to get this car from Lance for the last fifty years."

Beth glances at her watch. "I'm glad we did this now. Our guests should start arriving soon. I wish my dad and Angie were going to be here."

Robert pats her back. "You know they would be if they could. She's just so close to delivery and at least they relented on Christmas night."

Beth nods. "Yes, and I'll see them at their place Christmas Eve so that's good."


Christmas night.

The werewolves' descended on the mansion at dusk. In December dusk is about five o'clock. It's now midnight, and the party is in full swing.

Angie slaps Daniel's hand. "Go away. You're hovering again. Go play with your children, the ones that have already been born."

Daniel stares at her wordlessly.

Angie huffs at him and waves her arm around the room. "We are surrounded by pack, by vampires who have more than a vested interest in my wellbeing. No one is going to hurt me. Go AWAY!"

Vanessa watches the scene from behind the pair and smiles as she approaches them. "Can I help?"

Angie clutches Vanessa's hand. "Yes. Please sit with me so this lunkhead will go play with the children or talk sports or stand on his head in a corner. Anything but stand over me like he's guarding the Mona Lisa."

He looks down at her. "You're more precious than any damn panting."

Vanessa smiles at Daniel. "You know I would never let anything happen to Angie. Go play with your children and give the poor woman a break."

Daniel eyes the pair for a moment and the forces himself to go find the kids.

Beth screams and laughs as Mick stuffs snow down the back of her coat. She turns and fires a snowball in retaliation. She misses Mick and hits Daniel right between the eyes. Josef smirks at Daniel. "Are you going to let her get away with that?"

Beth laughs as she sees Daniel moving into the snow. She crouches down behind her little brother. "Danny, you have to save me from daddy."

Danny looks over his shoulder at his laughing sister and shakes his head. "You're on your own." He says as he ducks the snowball bearing down on them and lets it hit Beth in the shoulder.

She grins at him shaking her head. "Boy, you really are my brother."

Danny nods but stays silent as a grinning Marcus sneaks up on Beth. Beth senses her other brother at the last moment. She pushes Danny in front of the snowball Marcus was going to plow into her head. Beth rolls over in the snow and the twins jump on top of her a snowball in each of their hands.

Mick brushes the snow from his clothes and moves to stand next to Josef. He looks out over the front lawn of the mansion. It's midnight, and the lawn is covered in snow. There are children and adults playing everywhere. "I have to give you credit. The snow making machines are a great idea. Everyone is having a great time." Mick smirks. I think you have a future in planning children's parties."

Josef smiles. "Yes, and at the next one you can dress up as a clown and make balloon animals. Beth said someday she'd like snow for Christmas. This was as close as I could get." Josef kicks at the melting snow at his feet. "Even at that it won't last long."

Robert snorts from the other side of Josef. "The gardener is going to have an apoplexy when he sees the damage all the water and little feet are doing to the grass."

"Tough. He needs to think of it as job security."


Well that's it for now. Hope everyone like the series. I've got a couple ideas but who knows how long that could take.