Hello thanks for reading the crossover of RvB X Kuroinu. This story will appear the characters of Kuroinu 1 and 2. Let's realize that the character Dyrek and Vault are the orphaned brothers. We will start the arch where the reds and blues reach Eostia. We will start with the Chronicle of Eostia where is the history of the reds and blues.If you want to skip the prologue. Go to Chapter 1 to start the story. because in this prologue is the future where the progress of the reds and blues is.

Warning: RVB and Kuroinu dont belong me.

Prologue: Why are we here?

We see the roof part of the great frigate ship. Simmons and Griff stand watching the entrance where there is a road.



"Why are we here?" Simmons asks Griff.

"Well. An elf excibiconist goddess dragged us into her world to stop another dark elf excibitionist but everything turned into an unexpected event that must stop such a maniac named Vault" Grif said looking at the sky. "And how is your progress?"

"Eh ... it is complicating me to speak girls. But now I understand why in our world. I speak normally with the women who are well dressed. But in this world" Simmons looks at the gentleman girls passing by who are dressed as similar of Princess Claudia. "That makes me very nervous looking like that" Simmons is ashamed to see such clothes.

"I hope my sister does not dress in these clothes because if I find out about this. I swear I will kill the one who devised those clothes" Grunt Griff.

"Hey garbage bags!" A thick voice shouts. Simmons and Griff look down at Sarge along with a girl around the age of 20, with short reddish hair, red eyes, he had a suit that adjusted his body, which he did not try to hide his skills, around his neck he wore a white fur, which apparently part of his suit, thoughLooking more closely at her suit she looked like a swimsuit, gloves without the part of her fingers and brown boots. his pants fit tightly if he could call them pants since they exposed the crotch area, the latter was covered by the red part of his upper suit.

This girl was Maia, one of the 7 princesses of the continent of Eostia.

"What's wrong Sergeant?Simmons said looking at Sarge.

"I have received Ken's command that we have a rescue mission. So we go with little Maia who will lead us to the meeting point," Sarge said raising his voice.

"I'm 24 years old and don't treat me like a child," Maia said, replying to Sarge.

"I do not care to!"shouts Sarge. "Come on fat ass I need you in the Warthog!" Sarge yells at Griff and they both go to the vehicle.

"I hate my work in the fantasy world" Grunt Griff and lowers the ship from the ceiling entering a waiting room where he finds a group of women who are forming a line for a room that would be the clothes where the managers would be Sister and Dr. Gray giving A medical exam to each woman.

"Next!" Sister shouts at the next woman. The woman enters the room and finds Dr. Gray seated and is dressed in scientific gown and her black hair is tied in ponytail and has round glasses.

"Let's see, let's take an exam," Gray said putting on a latex glove and look at the woman who is scared to see a strange smile from Gray.

"Kyaaaaa !" the woman shouts while Gray hummed a song. Women shudder in fear and until they hear something strange "Kyaa no ~"

"You are fit for assault armor. So you take the paper and go to the armory room, a little rose will give you the weapon along with the rookie suit." The woman staggered out and had a slight blush on her face.

Griff and Simmons look at Gray's consutory. "Remind me to never let this crazy woman do a medical exam?"

"If you doubt," Simmons said, attending the head. They go to the other room where there is a training room that Maine is shouting at the men who turn around.

"Let's go lazy !" He shouts at the men who are circling. "They want to enter the red and blue battalion for fun. This is not a game. It's real life and they must be ready !"

"Yes sir!" Shout the recruits.

Griff and Simmons leave the great frigate ship. "Here we are sir"

"Good guysthe command center gave us a rescue mission that would cross the border of the black dogs. "Sarge said and points to Maia" That woman will lead us to the border and we will begin the rescue to rescue the prisoners and also Lopez and kill the traitors "

"Sarge, how much will we go?Simmos asks worried.

"Only the three of us" Sarge replied dry.

"Don't fuck," Griff said, crossing his arms denying.

In the Ken.

"Hello friend. I have already given a mission to the Reds and now he wants the connection to the Blues to pass you. Well at this moment they are occupying the invaded village undoing more dogs."

"Come on Vic. It's urgent. Washington needs to communicate with Carolina," said a worried voice.

"I'll send the mensagge to Agent Carolina know if she knows how to handle things," Vic said quietly. "Wait a moment" Vic looks at the map on the screen "She is in Urkis village dealing with certain issues with one such ex-mercenary"


Locus was aiming at the mansion of a certain nobleman who was cooperating with black dogs.

"The whites are in sight," Locus said talking on the radio.

Carolina was together with the 10 recruits who are dressed in Chorus armor and equipped with MA37 assault rilfe.

"Well, we're going to go in and arrest the corrupt nobles and if they are armed, don't hesitate to shoot," Carolina said, looking at the 10 recruits. "Locus, how many whites are there?"

"There are 25 and 10 Vault officers" Locus looks through the window that there is a group of rape orgy that he was disgusted to see "They are enjoying his delicacy"

"Well we'll get in" Carolina takes out the insurance and starts running towards the entrance of the mansion meeting the 2 guards at the door.

"What the hell?!"

"Lower the swords" Carolina and the ten recruits raise their weapons. "Or we will open fires"

"O what woman" The guard looks at the curves of Carolina and puts a wicked smile "Or maybe we let you in and pay you for ...


"AAAARHHHHGGG !" He screams a lot with pain. The other guard drops the spear and kneels. a recruit puts the wives on a guard and Carolina along with the 10 recruits enter breaking the gate. Carolina lifts the gun and shoots through the air causing all the guests to stop having fun with the poor women. Everyone disperses and arrests the nobles. Carolina took care of the Vault officers knocking them out with a series of martial art. (NA: I'm sorry. I'll have to skip the fight scene.)

10 minutes later.

Carolina and the 10 recruits raided the mansion, releasing the prisoners. there were two deaths that would be the Vault officers that they took a hostage in exchange for letting go. Carolina shot the two officers with real bullets without hurting the hostage.

"Carolina!"shouts an annoying voice that came on the helmet radio.

"What's up Vic?" Carolina said growling annoyed.

"Hey hey. What's up as everything goes with purgatory," Vic said cheerfully.

"We have already arrested the accomplices. We will take him to the base to interrogate him and eliminate the two officers."

"Great mission accomplished. There is an urgent message"

"What is it?" Carolina frowns.

"It's Washington"

"Well in about 30 minutes I'll be in Ken"

"Good change and short"

On the border of black dogs.

We see a camp that has a group of mercenaries guarding and torturing the prisoners. An officer is talking to a man over the age of 20. who is dressed in a dark green vest and dark blond hair. His name is Hicks.

"How are you doing today" Hicks said smiling.

"Hi Commander Hicks, we have brought you that you will like it," said the officer opening a bag that reveals a brown head with a yellow visor.

"Hola( Hello)"

"Is he one of the warriors that Cellestine invoked?" Hick said little surprised to see a head. "What's your name Golem?"


"Well Lopez. Tell us you know more about these subjects?" Hick said grabbing Lopez's head.

"Jodete(Fuck you)." Grown Lopez. Hick was confused and what he said was not understood.

"Speak in our language."

"No puedo hablar tu lenguaje. estupido mono(I can't speak your language. Stupid monkey)" Lopez insults Hick.

"I don't understand you at all," Hick said in an annoyed tone and shakes his head quickly. "Or I will shake you and you will become a bucket of ogre droppings."

"Solo mátenme de una puta vez (Just fucking kill me at once )" Lopez growled angrily. Hick had a confused face and until I heard a distant song.

"Did you hear anything?" Said one of the confused mercenaries.

"Is it a music?" Hick said confused. Lopez recognized the song.

"Mierda son ellos. sera mejor que corra para que no te maten a ti. pendejo.(Shit are they. You better run so they don't kill you. moron)"

A car appears in the forest running over an ogre. Hick's eyes widen when they see that they are the riders of death (Red, Garnet, Orange).

"Hi Dogs !" Sarge shouts excitedly wanting to tear the dogs apart. The mercenaries turn pale before the red man.

"It's the demon lord !" the humans scream in fright.

"Simmons feed the traitors" Sarge orders Simmons to shoot with the turret.

"Gladly sir," Simmons pulls the trigger and starts shooting at the mercenaries.


Sarge looks the other way that an ogre was going to attack the other way. raise the shotgun towards the ogre.

"Say hello to my shotgun"


The ogre's face is shattered upon being shot. Sarge points to another. Griff steps on the pedal to run over the mercenaries until a red ogre grabs a large rock. throws it towards the Warthog. Griff turns the steering wheel to the right dodging the rock and runs over the red ogre.

"Do you like this!"Griff shouts at the ogre and out of nowhere a red hand grabs griff's neck. "Shit!" Griff leaves the vehicle by the ogre's hand.

"Shit" Sarge grabs the driver's steering wheel and starts driving. "Griff was honored to have met you"

"Fuck you!"Griff shouts being hit by the enraged ogre. Griff performs the DMR and shoots it in the ogre's crotch.


"Die once!" Griff takes out the grenade and puts it inside the ogre's big mouth.


Sarge stops the vehicle and waits for Griff.

"You've disappointed me you should have sacrificed while we rescue Lopez and the prisoners"

"Don't tell me and I hate you too," Griff said hatefully toward his sergeant. Hick looks around where all his teammates are dead. He looks at Lopez and throws him to the ground and flees from this place.

"Huye cobarde ! (Flee Coward !)" Lopez screams victorious. Sarge grabs Lopez's head.

"Hi Lopez, you told vital information to traitors"


"Well Lopez, you've suffered enough, we'll take you back to base"

" Yo no quiero volver con ustedes. prefería morirme que ser salvado por ustedes. pendejos(I don't want to go back with you. I'd rather die than be saved by you assholes)"

"Don't thank us," Sarge said without understanding what Lopez is saying. Simmons released the prisoners and advised Ken's headquarters that I sent a pelican to extract the prisoners.

20 minutes later the pelican arrived and the two pilots is Tex along with a dark blonde elf.

"Well let's take to the base. Dr. Gray and Doc are going to treat them, "said the dark elf in a serious tone.

"Well, our work is over. We're going back to the base," Sarge said.

"Finally," Griff said, sighing with relief.

"You fat ass will have to get in shape. It was a great shame that an ogre hits you in the face. At least you should have died with honor." Sarge scolds Griff that he responds by showing her long finger.

"Well guys you return to the base" Tex said entering the pelican and the ship rises and goes south.

In the Feoh.

"Caboose," said a young teenager who brought a cookie tray. "I brought you chocolate cookies"

"Yay" Caboose is glad "Thank you little princesses!"caboose grabs the cookies.

"You must call me Prim" Prim points herself. Caboose nods while eating with the helmet.

"Okay" Someone opens the door that is Church along with Alicia.

"How was the training?" Prim asks the two.

"It was difficult to train a group of rookies who want to learn how to use rifles," said Church, sitting in the chair. "And besides, your cousin wanted to challenge my girlfriend Tex again" Church points to the blonde who is startled when she is mentioned.

"How dare you sign me up"

"Admit it, you can't defeat her just because of your reckless actions that could kill your allies." Church speaks with alice.

"Well, your sniper aim is worse" Alicia teases Church.

"Who told you this?Church said and found the culprit and looks at Caboose "Caboose you told these princesses of me !"

"It was Tucker" Caboose accuses Tucker. Church growls annoying.

"You didn't tell him about * that *"

"Which one?" Caboose said confused.

"Envelope in the canyon"

"Ah ... you mean that Sheila shot you in the tank and you died"

"DAMN IT CABOOSE, YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE SHAME ME IN FRONT OF THESE TWO PRINCESSES!" Church screams in shame. Alicia puts on a mocking smile.

"That you died once .."

"i hate you"

at the base of the reds and blues near Ken.Armory.

"That is going to be left of fables with this friendly armor," Donut said, praising a recruit who recently gave her an armor of the republic with a rifle. "Well go to the barracks your teacher is waiting for you"

"Thanks Donut" The girl nods her head. and a muscular man comes.

"Hello sweetie," Donut said cheerfully that the big guy got confused. "Let me see your role as the doctor." Donut looks at the paper "Mmm you have a huge body," Donut said giving homosexual comments that the other women and men he doesn't want to hear.

In the Ken.

Washington is in the shooting room looking at the recruits firing the targets that are dressed in black dog armor.

"Wash," said a familiar voice that Washington turns back meeting Carolina.

"Carolina was waiting for you," said Wash. "There is something you should know about something that is coming"

"What is it?"

Outside Ken.

a well-known man walks towards the entrance that is a gate that is the great main entrance of the city Ken. Its armor is dark green and is stained and a poorly sewn fabric that hid the part of the right shoulder.

"Is that the location where the reds and blues are?" the man told his I.A that a blue woman appears in front of his eyes.

"Yes ... that's it"

"So let's go"

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