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After Alicia pre-potted Caboose demanding that he return the sword.

"It's mine ..." Caboose said hugging the sword.

"YOU ARE NOT WORTHY TO BE MY VOWED !" Alicia shouts aloud causing an echo throughout the castle.

the Reds and Blues were dumbfounded to hear what Princess Alice said.

"Vowed?" Church said surprised.

"Do you expect Caboose to be ..." Simmons said in surprise.

"Whose fiance?"Tucker said and looked at Alicia who had an annoyed expression and realized right away "Shit!" Tucker yelled in surprise "Caboose finally had a girlfriend!"

"Woah!"Sister yells in surprise when she hears about the news "That means he is finally going to become a real man!"

"Bow-Chicka-Bow-Bow!" Tucker yells. Alice blushes and growls annoyed.

"Shut up idiots!" Alicia yells angrily "I won't let this idiot be my husband. he don't pass the tests yet!" Alicia yells pointing at Caboose.

"What about Caboose rescuing you and Claudia at the moment the dragon spit fire ..." Cellestine mentioned.

"Well, that will return the favor" Alicia said lowering her voice before the goddess "But that sword is sacred to my family and it is impossible that Caboose is the chosen one!" she exclaims without believing that Caboose was the chosen one and worthy to be the king of Feoh and to be the promised Alice. "It must be an error!"

"If you say it's wrong ... why don't you try to brandish the sword ..." Simmons said he thought ancient articles choose the chosen one.

"Done!"Alice yells and grabs Caboose's sword but her hands were dragged to the ground as Caboose released the sword and Alice falls to her knee.


Alice is shocked and her hands are being crushed on the sword handle "Ahhhhhhhh!" Alicia screams in pain and tries to lift the sword but could not get up because she felt that the handle was heavier to lift it.

"Caboose helps Alicia!" Yells Wash worried.

"Okay!" Caboose yells and grabs the sword handle and lifts it up easily. Alicia was surprised and shocked to see that Caboose is able to easily lift the holy sword.

"Hey stick the sword in something concrete!" Alicia shouts ordering Caboose to nail something.

"Okay!" Caboose yells and digs into Sarge's foot.

"Ahhhh. My right foot!" Sarge yells. "Idiot blue. the blonde told you to hit the ground, not my right foot "Caboose raises his sword and sticks it in the ground.

Alice rubs her hands and grabs the handle of the sword and begins to try to lift it but the sword is stuck and she did not want to get up. "Hnnnnnnnnng!" she screams in a thud, 5 minutes later. Alice is gasping and recovering the oxygen that she lost during the effort to raise the sword that did not move a single foot. "Impossible!" Alice shouts incredulously.

"Alice, Caboose is definitely the one ..."Cellestine said "You already know your tradition ..." Alicia growls annoyed and kneels before Caboose since she has a mandatory goal that would be

"I AliciaActurus, Successor of the crown of is your estimated full name chosen from the sword ... "Alicia said, closing her eyes seriously and inside she is angry.

"I am Caboose!" Caboose shouts.

"Your full name..."

"Michael James Caboose!" Cabooose yells. Alice frowns.

"I will be your queen and you will be my king of Feoh ..." she said seriously.

"EHHHHHHHHH?!" Shouts the soldiers shocking at the forced declaration of Alicia.

"Me?" Caboose said confused.

"Whoa whoa!"Shouts Wash approaching Caboose "Alicia, don't you think you're leaving something dangerous in Caboose?"

"Dangerous?" Cellestine said confused "But the sword chose it ..."

"But that leaving Caboose as king is a great responsibility and full of burden in having the high command of Feoh. You don't think you are putting your people at risk ..."Wash warns Alice worriedly and begins to imagine about Caboose being King of Feoh.

Imagination of Wash.In Feoh.

"Get out Stupid King!" Yells the angry villagers. "Death to Caboose!"

"My king what we do!"shouts the knights looking at Caboose who is sitting on the throne.

"Let them in!" Caboose shouts cheerfully.

"But my King?"begins to worry. "They bring burning swords and flares and there are even the bakers who are very angry that you asked for a promotion that there will be free cakes for the whole kingdom ..."

"That is because I am going to give a great warm welcome to my people!" Caboose shouts.

30 minutes later.

"Some last words" Alice said angrily looking at Caboose standing on the gallows.

"It's fun!"

"Hang him!" Alice shouts angrily. the executioner lowers the lever by opening the floor hatch and leaves it hanging listening to the sound of bone.


"You better cancel that proposal ..." Wash said seriously.

"Who are you to tell me what to do?" Alicia said in a serious tone.

"I'm helping you to avoid tragedy ..." said Wash.

The soldiers think that Caboose is a danger in being King of Feoh. They assumed that Caboose has intelligence above zero. they don't care if Caboose becomes king but the only one who is against is Sarge.

"Blonde. Pay attention to the Blue. I don't want the Blue Idiot to go up in rank for me to be inferior!" Sarge yells. "Reject it!"

"No. it's my tradition, sorry sir. My family tradition forces me to follow my obligatory task which would be to follow this ... "Alicia said pointing to Caboose who is still caressing the giant egg.

"Well stop talking" Cellestine said in a serious tone "... rest ... my servants will guide you in their respective rooms ..." Cellestine looks at her allies "You also rest since today was a mess in my city Tomorrow at noon we will talk about our business ... "she said calmly. Cellestine's allies listened to their goddess until Kaguya approached the goddess.

"Kaguya, what are you doing?" Alicia asks Kaguya.

"I'll stay and talk to Cellestine-sama. Rest Alicia ..." Kaguya said. Alicia and Prim leave the room. The reds look at Simmons who didn't move.

"Hey Simmons come with us!" Sarge yells angrily.

"Sarge, there is something I must do ..."Simmons was going to approach the goddess but Sarge drags him.

"Forget your romance for a moment. We have an urgent meeting!" Sarge yells. "Hey Chestnut Woman. What is the living room or an office so no one can hear us!"he yells at Claudia.

"My name is Claudia ... the office is on the right going to three corridors ..." Claudia points the way to the office. The reds go to the office. "Really he always screams?" Claudia said with an annoyed expression.

"Believe me ... you're going to get used to it ..." Church said reluctantly.

The Blues did not care at all for the reds and were led by the goddess' servants until they left the two of them alone that would be Cellestine and Kaguya.

"Is something wrong?"

"Cellestine I want to talk about that curse ..." said Kaguya who opens the sleeve revealing a Japanese text that Cellestine's eyes open when reading something embarrassing.

"Ah ... I see ..." Cellestine said embarrassed. "I will send my two servants to prepare the room for you and Simmons ... by the way go find him ..."

"Yes ..." Kaguya said and starts running towards where the reds went. "Simmons!" Kaguya shouts but when Sarge closes the door. "Sarge open the door!" she yells knocking.

"Just reds!" Sarge yells from behind the door. Kaguya growls annoyed.

"I just need to talk to Simmons about something important!" Kaguya shouts.

"Kaguya?" Asks a familiar voice. Kaguya looks to the left and finds Maia alone.

"Maia, what are you doing?"

"No. What are you doing?" Maia said crossing her arms. "You were supposed to go to sleep in your room ... a strange attention came to me before I left with my group and I saw you running in search of a certain * Simmons *." Maia looks at the door where the reds are " What important topic are you going to talk about? "

in the office.

"Why are we all together?" Asks Grif annoyed.

"It's an emergency meeting!" Sarge yells "We are in a big fix!"

"Sarge, what's the problem?"Simmons said and worried that Kaguya was going to say something but Sarge closed it from the door.

"It's Blue!" Sarge shouts, referring to Caboose. "He's in a higher rank than our current ranks!"

"What rank are you talking about?"Donut said confused.

"Idiot. The Idiot is in the highest class position; he is a damn King of Feoh!" Sarge shouts referring to Caboose "The Blues have more advantages and now he will be able to do it!"

"Do what?" Simmons said.

"Does he seem to have loosened his nuts and is he very scary?" Grif said jokingly.

"Do you think I'm funny?" Sarge said angrily.

"Obvious ..." Grif said.

"Ah look what we have here ... we have a know-it-all, you have won an award!"Sarge yells sarcastically.

"Uh really?"


Sarge slapped the three idiots in a single hard slap at Simmons, Grir and Donut.


"Why me ?!" Simmons yells, rubbing his pained cheek.

"That hurt. I hope there are no marks on my face! "Donut yells also rubbing his cheek.

"You all must wake up!" Sarge shouts angrily "I have seen the future of this world!"

the red fours get confused "Did Tex hit you in the head?" Grif said shaking his head from one side.

"I'M NOT CRAZY!" Sarge yells and begins to clear his voice "I have seen the future ..."

Sarge's Future.

"We were the allies of the blues. back in time when Caboose became King. Until Caboose decided to recruit the Feoh villagers in blues ..." We see an army in blue armor. "After the recruitment of the Feoh ... he decided to do more ... "We see another army more." And many more ... ""When they grew up incessantly they decided to kill the reds ..." Sarge said suspensefully. "I saw my soldiers being massacred by those damn blues ... Simmons ... Donut ... Lopez ... and in the end ... Locus ..."

"Eh what about me ..." Grif said little offended.

"You want to see what happened to you in the future" Sarge said laughing and starts to inhale and "YOU WERE FLYED IN BITS BOOM!, CRUSHED BY A TANK SPLAT !RIBBILLED RATATATATATTATATA, GUNNED, BUTCHERED, BURIAL ALIVE, ELECTROCUTED, AND FINALLY SCREAMS OF PAIN AHHHHHHH ! "Sarge shouts exposing macabre illusion." And The End... "

"Sarge ..." Grif said stunned.


"I really hate you so much ..."Grif said.

"Me too..."

"Ehh Sarge, I think you're going a little overboard ..." Simmons said trying to calm Sarge down.

"Dont let your guard down at any time this blue will stab us in the back .."Sarge warns "Guys the only thing we can do is war ..." Sarge looks at the window looking at the sky that the moon is "Our time has come. It is time to make the reds grow ..."Sarge closes her eyes for a moment and slowly turns "Tell me ..." he finds that the four of them were going through the door leaving the office. "What do you all do?"

"We are going to sleep..."Donut said tired "We are tired all night that we did in those things of bringing prisoners and also stopping the dragon ..."

"I'm going to drink one beer..."Grif said opening the door and finds Maia laughing and Kaguya had a little angry expression.

"Kaguya?" Said Simmons. Kaguya grasps the hand.

"Come with me ..." Kaguya said in a serious tone.

"Where to ..."

"To the room..."Kaguya said and looked Simmons in the eyes "I need you ..."

That phrase flushed Simmons heavily. He obediently followed Kaguya, leaving the Reds and Maia shocked.

"Wow ... the situation got daring ..." Maia said laughing.

"Hey Maia ..." Grif said dryly.

"Ah ... well what were we doing?" Maia said in a slightly hostile tone.

"Do you want a drink?" Grif said offering "I have good beers on the ship ..."

"Eh?" Maia said confused "are you not going to do anything?"

"I don't have things to do ..." Grif said going to where the pelican. Maia was suspicious but since she had a bad meeting and apart yesterday they were friends at the bar and today they were enemies. So she shrugs her shoulders and follows Grif.

Sarge growls angrily and looks at the office "THAT WILL BE MY OFFICE!" yells Sarge sitting on the couch "I hope tomorrow is another day ..."

As soon as Kaguya and Simmons goes to the room that was prepared by the castle's servants.

"Kaguya?"Simmons said embarrassed.

"It is the task ... it is forcing us to do this ..." she said what she closes the door and locks it from the inside "You will have to ..." she said before lowering the red cloak, dropping it to the ground.

Simmons's eyes snap open 'TONIGHT I'LL BE A MAN!' he screams mentally. Simmons sits up in bed and takes off his helmet. 'WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING ?!' he yells realizing that his body moved on its own.

"Simmons change ..."

"Yes..."he said obediently. Simmons takes out his full armor part by part leaving in military pants and a dark red shirt. His armor is on the table.

"Lie down on the bed ..." Kaguya said shyly. "And cover yourself up ..."

Simmons nervously takes off his shoes and lies down on the bed and covers his face.

Every beat was beating fast, Simmons was very nervous and scared. When he feels the bed is sinking it means that Kaguya went to bed.

"Kaguya ... are you sure about this ..."

"Yes. It's for my life ..." Kaguya said in a serious tone. Simmons clenches his teeth.

"I will make you feel good and I will treat you gently ..." he said embarrassingly and got out of bed.

"You really are kind ... good night ..." Kaguya said closing his eyes.

"Well here I go ..." Simmons said, bringing his face close to Kaguya's face to start the kiss but she screams

"Kyaaa!" she yells before slapping him.


"What are you doing!?"Kaguya yells angrily and backs away from Simmons.

"It's what I'm doing..."

"Do what?"

"To do that!"

"That?"Kaguya said confused until she suddenly opens her eyes to realize that it was related to having sex "Not that. It was the task!" she screams with a tomato face. "It was you sleeping with me !"

"Eh..wasn't it doing that?"

"No ... I am a priestess, my body belongs to god ... "Kaguya said in a serious tone and disappointed that Simmons thought lewd things.

Simmons realized the mistake and gets out of bed and kneels on his knees "Sorry Kaguya I thought so badly!".

"You disappointed me ..." Kaguya said looking the other way with a disappointed expression "All men think about women's breasts and Ass ..."

"I'm not that kind of person like Tucker's idiot ..."

In the room where Tucker is.

"I feel like someone insulted me ..." Tucker said looking back upon hearing his name.

Back with Simmons and Kaguya.

"Then prove to me that you are to be trusted ..."

"Yes. You can test me" Simmons said with a determined and nervous tone.

"All right. let's make the rules; Don't touch me. Don't think lewd things about me. "Kaguya points to Simmons." When we finish all the tasks. We will be completely unknown and forget all that we have done in those embarrassed tasks. so go to sleep ... "Kaguya said lying down and turned his back. Simmons sits on the edge of the bed and lies down.

"Kaguya I'm really sorry ..." Simmons said quietly.

"Simmons, sleep ..." Kaguya said quietly.

Simmons stares at the ceiling and couldn't fall asleep "hmmm Kaguya ... can you explain a little about your religion ..."

"Why?" Kaguya asks in an annoyed tone.

"Well, I can't sleep ... it's the first time I've slept with a girl, what I know from a day ..." Simmons said nervously "maybe talking to us could help us get to know each other better and also so that I could stay quiet..."Kaguya sighs and turns back and looks at Simmons.

"I was chosen by Empress Kohaku from my homeland ..."Kaguya said in a calm voice "Every 30 years they choose young women over 20 ... I started five years ago and they sent me to Thorne to take care of the great sanctuary of Eostia to praise God and Cellestine-sama, the rule of the high priestess is: keep me pure to receive the blessing of god and purify the curses of my people. That's why I don't want to stain my body ... "

"No wonder you got mad ... wait means I stole your first kiss ..."

"Don't make me remember!" Kaguya yells a little embarrassed and angry. "That wasn't me ... so that doesn't count ..."

"Ah ... I see ... it means that you stole my first kiss ..."Simmons said sadly "I'm sorry I can't get out of my head from that scene ..." He said gibbering nervously.

"Don't worry, let's pretend that never happened ... that kiss doesn't mean anything ... it's just a physical contact ..."Kaguya said seriously and looks askance at Simmons who had a sad look and sighs.

"You're right, well let's get the job done ..." Simmons said turning his back on Kaguya "Good night ..."

Kaguya wanted to speak to Simmons but stops when she realizes that she said a word that hurt her feeling. "Good night ..." Kaguya said also turning his back. They both close their eyes to sleep.

We see someone who is from a distance that there is a person in a black robe and has the Aqua visor. And it turns back.

"Here Wolf. which suggests we do ..." Said named Wolf.

[Let's wait ... when they start the coup ... we'll get in ...]

Date: 11/08Hours: 15: 32.Somewhere in Nigramstia.

We see a forest where there are five riders riding on the horses. they all had different clothes. The one who is ahead of everything is a man in black armor with red cloth tied around his waist. Dyrek is commander of the black dogs, the second person is a dark elf, her costume is revealing and she has short black hair and her eyes are amber. Luca is Dyrek's right hand man. As for the rest, there are two people of different armor, one is of Argus armor of light blue color and aqua rim, He is Jax Jonez ex-director and ex-cameraman. Another person is a Shagelian and it is Tucker Junior. the last person next to Luca is a person in Hunter armor with black color. He is called Victor.

"Stop!" Dyrek shouts, stopping the horse. The four stops. "We are going to set up camp".Dyrek said before lowering the horse.

Victor's group get off the horse. T.J looks around and sniffs for the essence of any nearby hostile animals. Jax tapes around the forest and points to Dyrek who is stretching.

"Hey Dyrek?"Jax asks. "What artifact are we looking for?"

"A sphere ..." Dyrek said lowering the bag.

"What kind of sphere is it?" Asks Victor, lowering the bag.

"A special sphere ..."Dyrek said smiling and takes out a sheet and shows a poorly drawn drawing that shows the circle with badly curved lines and has small holes.

"Is it a Basketball?"Jax asks looking at the ugly drawing "All we're looking for is a sports ball ..." Jax said grabbing the drawing "Interesting that Dyrek wants to be like Michael Jordan!" he yells grabbing the deduction.

"Michael Jordan?"Dyrek said confused upon hearing the name.

"No idiot. It is the Eldonia sphere, that is located in the high temple ..." Luca said snatching the paper that Jax had "That is the artifact we have to steal .." she said before returning Dyrek.

"What's special about that Sphere?" Victor said looking at Dyrek.

"I don't know how to explain. But within that sphere there is something that balances power and has a certain strange power ..."

"What are they going to use it for ..."asks Victor, who opens the bag and takes out a tent.

"It is for our Empress Radomira who wants the sphere to do strange experiments ..." said Dyrek who takes out the ax.

"Strange experiments?"Victor asks looking suspicious at Dyrek, Jax noticed and grabs Victor and whispers something to him.

"Hey you don't think it's very suspicious ..." Jax said looking at Dyrek.

"Like what?" Asks Victor.

"Human experiments ..." Jax mentions.

"Maybe ... but let me talk to him and be on your guard ..." says Victor.

"Roger ..." He said in a whisper. Victor approaches Dyrek.

"That sphere will help us get back to our home ..." Victor asks, crossing his arm.

"Yes As I told you before, Radomira is going to help you take you home but she needs that Sphere. There is a great element that will amplify magic and also create a portal ... "Dyrek explained, Victor was going to say something but a hawk shriek caught Dyrek's attention, Victor looks up and finds a hawk and lands on Dyrek's shoulder, he grabs a small leaf that was tied to his leg and when he reads the leaf , the Dyrek's expression drastically changes that he is upset and angry when reading something. "Luca something came up .. "Dyrek said grabbing the bag" I'll go back to Nigramstia ... "

"What happened?" Luca asks.

"They won the war. The Witches and the Halflings stopped our offensive army, I will have to return so you are going to lead the mission and you are going to take Victor and the others to Eldonia. So I'll leave you in charge ... "Get on the horse and look at Victor and the other two who had confused expressions." Good luck! "he yells before riding the horse back to the direction.

"What happened?" Asks Victor confused.

"Something urgent happened ..." Luca said breaking the message "Well I suppose we are going to continue the mission ..."

Victor chooses his shoulders and sets up his tent for 5 minutes and goes in and leaves the bag inside.

"Victor ..." Maria appears next to Victor's shoulder "I Detect something ..."

"Hmmm ...?" Said Victor.

"Listens..."Maria said, holding up her small hand with a hologram.

[Master Chief?] It was a woman's voice.

[What's up South?] Answer newly appointed Master Chief.

[We have a news]

[About what?]

[It's about UNCS]

[UNCS. Why are they here?]

[We do not know but identify two high command ..]

[I see that they found the army of witches and halfing ...] Said the other voice.

[Noble Six. What do you see?]

[I see the six soldiers who are guarding the pelican ... and apart they are] There was a short silence [They are playing rock paper and scissors?]

[You can replay it] Master Chief said.

[They are playing paper rocks and scissors ...]

Victor had an incredulous expression "Maria can you tell me what team they are?"

"Let me hack into the agents' camera ..."


"Hack and find the location ... in the meantime I will help set up the small camp ..."Victor said coming out of the tent.

In the place where the spies are.

We see a two people of different armor, one is a man of two meters height and has a spartan II model and has an optical camouflage. the other person is that he has an orchid and line armor with light green and his model is Spartan. They are Noble Six and South.

"Are they playing rock paper and scissors?" South said in disbelief. Noble Six had no expression in shock but they were confused that they are looking at the magic mirror.

"Hmmm ... what the hell are those soldiers who take care of the pelican without worrying what is around it ..."Six said looking at the mirror that the Pelican sees along with six UNCS soldiers. The magic mirror is linked to the common falcon but its eyes are special.

"Do I think I ever saw them ..." South said looking at the soldiers.

"Do you know them?"

South began to remember about the freelancers she was bored, she looked at the cameras that were filming the test soldiers called the Blood Gutchers led by two teams of immature and incompetent: the reds and blues.

the Red team led by Sarge the most obsessive man in killing the blues and also killing an orange armored soldier named Grif, the laziest and laziest soldier in the entire team. A soldier who has high loyalty and is a kisser to his sergeant's butt, he is Simmons in Garnet Armor. The fourth person is a Robot and has a language that only speaks in Spanish, his name is Lopez of armor brown. the last person is a young man who has an effeminate voice and has pink armor that he always says is light red, he is called Donut in pink armor.

They were facing the other team.

The Blue team. led by Agent Flower but it turns out that he died of cardiac arrest due to allergic reaction and was taken by another Soldier named Church knowing he is Epsilon, there are two other soldiers, one is an Aqua armor soldier and his name is Tucker who is a jerk and especially a pervert that he did doing masturbation things behind the rock that she blushes and screams *what there are cameras recording the activities*. Another soldier who is Caboose the most idiotic and stupid of the Blue team. Although she does not complain about the abnormal strength of this subnormal, but her intelligence is below 0.1 and her strength is 80%.

South sometimes laughed at what the reds and blues did, such as Tex being killed by a pink soldier. That if she laughed out loud. Because she didn't like Tex.

Returning to the present. south sharpens the view looking at where the four OSDT armor soldiers with sand color and different edge colors. The first person he sees is a person who is lying on the ground doing nothing and carefree, is lazy and is similar to the same behavior as Grif.

another soldier who has a dark blue border and is doing arm flexes quickly. He is an athletic and energetic, he is similar to Caboose. But unlike him. It is like a definitive soldier since 30 minutes ago, the military salute and the three companions did not greet one soldier in gray armor with an ice-colored visor and the other soldier who is in black armor with edgesdark red with gray knew it would be the top two.

The other two people who are playing rock paper and scissors. One is an edge with a maroon color and the other is an edge with an Aqua color. They both play that childish game.

"I bet he's going to win and he's going to do something vulgar ..." South said.

"What ...?" Asks Noble Six confused.

"The one with Aqua ..."

The one with Aqua begins to dance and moves the waists with his arms up.

"As I supposed ..."South said in a slightly annoyed tone.

"How do you know?" Six said looking at South.

"I've seen these guys who were testing men for the agents I worked with on the Freelancers project ..." South explains to Six about the event.

Are you wondering why South and why Noble Six are here ...?, We see the Flashback a week ago.


One week before.Aurelium Imperium

After the two known legends from another world that were summoned by a strange elf woman who is completely naked, both were confused and stunned to see the unknown place.

"Where I am?"said one person who has advanced armor who is the dark green Mark VI Mjolnir model. .It is Master Chief looking around the unknown place and looking on the right side that he meets an acquaintance who has the MJOLNIR Mark V variant B armor in gray but everywhere there were bloods "Noble Six?"

"Sir..."Noble Six said and falls to the ground.

"Noble Six!" Master Chief shouts and kneels down to the unconscious Noble Six "hold on ..."

"Warriors ..." The Elf said. Chief looks at the elf. "Let me help your ally ..."The Elf raises her hand emitting a light blue glow and slowly descends it, launching the shiny particles that fly towards the body of Noble Six. arriving on the light and deadly wounds that he was fighting against the Shagelians battalion. He begins to breathe lightly.

"Who you are?"Chief said in a serious tone and when he looks at the body that is voluptuous and saw all the private parts where he had some golden chains hanging "can you cover yourself in something ..." He said looking the other way not to look at the parts.

"I am Serafina Lenatus, The Oracle of Serelus. You do not need to feel ashamed ..."

"Really put something on ..." Chief said in a serious tone "It's very awkward to talk to someone who shows a lot of skin and also private parts ..."

"Okay warrior ..." Serafina said calmly, raising her left hand and turning into a large crystal that ends up flying. "Now if it's better ..."

"You are a crystal after all ..." Chief said with slight surprise.

"I am an elf ... but I am also a Crystal of the Xexima of the Elves and Humans. I see your name is John ..." Serafina said turned into a crystal.

"How do you know my name?"

"I've seen a lot since I saw your eyes ..." Serafina said"liberator of the earth, your world was at war with the monstrous species and you are a great example of soldiers ... "

"You flatter me ... but why did you drag me to this place ... I was on a mission to ..."

"Acknowledgment about a strange light ... well, i was looking for warriors because the world is in danger ..." Serafina said with a worried tone.

"Of what?" Chief said confused. The Crystal emits a shine and a mirage comes out where Master Chief stands still and looks around the place that is a cleared land with many green grasses and birds flying. "What is this place?"

"This is Serelus ..."Serafina said calmly. "The home for humans and other peaceful species who want eternal peace ..."

Master Chief looks up at the sky where a white dove lands on the open palm. "It is a quiet place and nice views ..."suddenly the dove begins to convulse and turns into a crow.

"Gaaaaah!" The Crow flies, Master Chief looks ahead and the place drastically changed. Before it was a beautiful and peaceful land. it became a war zone with many medieval corpses.

"What the hell happened?" Said Master Chief looking around.

"It is war ... where all this happened ... a thousand years ago, a being was born within an obsidian colored fragment. Before he is born, the sorcerers found him in the realm of the underworld and when they wanted to do an experiment, the obsidian rock was broken, releasing and affecting all 9 sorcerers who were consumed and infected the darkness. when the nine sorcerers fell and became servants to the new dark lord named Balkazer ... "

the place changes drastically causing Master Chief to get a little shaken and he looks around it is a war field where there is a kingdom on fire and armies of demons and dragons flying.

"That is where Serelus is going to suffer ..."Serafina said with a worried tone. Master Chief looks around that there are many kinds of horrible monsters.

"It is where a coveted man has an infamous army ... but there is a warning that shows me ..."Serafina said and changes the place where there is a cave "If Balkazer wakes up again he will wake up along with his army of monsters ..."

Master Chief is petrified when he sees the large number of creatures with skeleton bones and their gray meats and black fangs and he begins to come out with aggressive growls with strong voices.


Master Chief raises the gun and suddenly returns to where he was and looks at the glass again. "What was that?"

"It was the vision from where got .."Serafina said and emits a glow" I have looked for a solution where there is a hope to save Serelus ... "

Master Chief looks up where the stars form the five figures that a group of people were seen and has weapons that he could not identify. Master Chief recognized the figures as those of a group of UNCS Soldiers. "Don't tell me I'm the only hope ...?"

"No ... you are the only people ... but I couldn't find more people. I only found seven souls who are from another universe."Serafina said opening the door that is the six people in different clothes and with different colors that have the same SPARTAN armor models. first person has light purple armor with green line the second person is dark purple with dark green lines. the third person is in white armor, the fourth person is light brown armor, the fifth person is in dark brown armor with a respiratory mask. The sixth person is in dark blue armor with black lines.

"What about these people?Chief said looking at the six people.

"They are your allies ... but they are sleeping in their dreams ... I brought them where they were in the world of souls and I saw the memories of the others. they worked for the project called Freelancers, They are all, York, Wyoming, South, North, Flowers and they have an enemy who betrayed them and her name is Connie. but when I wanted to look further everything was alive and while they wandered in the world of souls..when I went to another universe that is yours I was able to bring two living souls that would be you and that of Noble Six. You are going to lead the group of people to prevent the castrastofe that awaits Serelus. I need your skills so that you can defeat the servants of Balzakar ... "

"And what I win ..."Master Chief asks in a serious tone "I work for UNCS. But you said you can revive or bring the non-souls ..." Chief said in a serious tone looking at the glass.

"Do you want to bring Coartana?"Serafina said looking through the viewfinder looking deep into the heart and sees Coartana in the Master Chief's mind.

"You read my mind ..." Chief said in a serious tone "Are you going to bring her ...?" He asks, approaching the glass.

"We have a deal ... you are going to help protect Serelus and prevent the arrival of Balkazer ... and then I will call to bring your friend Coartana .." Serafina transforms into an elf again and raises her hand to close the treatment."We will make a contract. Defend Serelus and prevent Balkazer's arrival ... "Serafina said smiling.

"Deal done ..." said Master Chief squeezing his hand to the oracula.

"Well everyone wake up ...cSerafina said waking up the six people they wake up panting and get up.

3 seconds later.

As one would probably expect given the situation, there was immediate chaos, which meant there was a lot of screaming. York took a look at Wyoming respectively and fell into combat positions. North was surprised to see the South, and even more surprised when she ran to him and hugged him tightly as he cried. Wyoming had also put themselves in a fighting position after seeing York. As for Connie and Flowers, they were just trying to figure out how they weren't dead. Well, in Flowers' case, it would actually be more correct to say that he was trying to find out if he was really dead this time.

Flowers notices the three people in the present. one is a Spartan in old armor, the other is a spartan with a gray color and is lying on the ground. What he call the most attention is an elf with a crown of leaves and some gold decorations and she is completely NAKED !?

flowers scrubs the visor again and looks at the woman. "Is it me or am I in Eden?" Flowers said looking at the elf. His nose is bleeding behind his helmet. "Hello miss angel" Flowers said in a friendly tone.

Twins Dakota and C.T look at the three unknown people. North looked the other way and had a slight blush. South and C.T had an incredulous look when they saw the naked elf.

"What the fuck is this ... a stripper club?South said breaking the silence.

The only ones unaffected are York and Wyoming who looked at each other with hostile looks and active defenses.

"I don't know why you're still alive ... but I will gladly kill you back ..." Wyoming said in a challenging tone.

"Come get my damn Freench!" York yells as they both pounce to strike the first blow. suddenly both hands stop at both fists. One in York and one in Wyoming. They both look at the person in charge; He is a Master Chief.

"guys don't fight T-

"DON'T GET IN!" York and Wyoming yell at the same time, hitting Mastet Chief directly in the face.


Master Chief stood still and didn't flinch. "You guys hit me ..." Master Chief said in an annoyed tone. "You want us to do it the good way or the bad way"

"Enough ..." Serafina said putting an end to the hostility "Excuse York and Wyoming. I know that you have enmities between yourselves and especially your Connie ..."refers to the two traitors (York and Connie) and the others involved.

"How do you know my name?" York asks surprised and looks into the eyes of the Oracula.

"I have seen the eyes of all of you looking at it for a second ... I can see the memories ... it's the Freelancers ... "Serafina said in a serious tone." I want you to- "She was interrupted by South.

"PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON!"South shouts annoyed and covers his brother's eyes "You're going to be stupid to my brother like this pervert Flowers!"

"I'm not a pervert!" Flowers yells offended "I'm ashamed to see that naked lady!" He yells and looks back at the goddess.



It was the noise of cameras taking photos. South recognizes the sound of the cameras and threatens his fingers threateningly. "You really haven't changed anything idiotic you want me to give you a morphine so that you die quickly so that your allergy reacts ... "

"How did you know!" Flowers yells in shock.

"Enough!" Chief shouts in an angry tone.

Everyone looks at Master Chief. "Do you want to know why you are here?"ask everyone. "We are here that the world is in danger of a being called Balkazer ..."Master Chief explains to the six ex-freelancers about Serafina's reason and also about the vision where he showed the Army of the Dark ones that it was going to eradicate the entire Serelus continent.

He finishes explaining it, but they said in different answers.

"I'm not getting into ..." Wyoming said in a serious tone.

"Me neither ..." York said in a serious tone.

"Why?" Chief said, crossing his arm.

"I'm not going to work with this fucking French ..." York said pointing to Wyoming.

"Tell me ... come tell me in the face ..." He threatens York.

"I don't want to work ..." South said denying. "I don't want to work with this unknown exhibitionist ..." she said pointing to Serafina who put on a confused expression.

"Eh ... South, she was the one who brought us back to life .."North tries to convince South" Since Mr. Chief explained the situation to us, I say we work with the Oracle.. "

"Don't tell me you fell in love with this blonde ..." South teases causing North to become slightly nervous.

"How you dared -" He was going to say but South interrupts him.

"It's N-O ..." South said denying.

"I get into work ... I must pay the debt to the person who brought me alive ..." Flowers said offering. "I am a fan of fantasy things and I will gladly enter ..." He said giving Serafina a thumb.

"I don't want to put up with the moment ... What did I win when the mission ended? ..." Connie said in a serious tone.

"You lover. .." Serafina said surprising Connie. "Thomas .."mention the true one of a leader of the Charon insurrectionists. Connie's eyes snap open.

"She's the one who sees deep in your heart ..." Chief said. "Are you inside?"

Connie nods. South is puzzled and surprised that there were two people in agreement.

"And you Dakotas brothers ...you want peace, I will reward you when your mission ends ..." Serafina said looking into North's eyes.

North was going to say but South stops him "You are able to gain confidence so fast ..." she said with a serious tone and zero confidence to the oracula. "I had heard that word before ..."South said remembering where the Director promised to give the agents a benefit.

"You can trust me ... but I beg you I need your skills. York and Wyoming forget your enmities ..." Serafina said.

"Sorry miss ... I'm leaving ..."Wyoming said moving towards the door and Chief stops him interrupting the door. "Move on..."


"Move or I'll break your jaw ..." Wyoming said threateningly. Chief frowns annoyed.

"Serafina ... you have a ring ..." asks Chief.

"It is outside my temple and there are my allies who are interested in meeting them ..." Serafina answers and snaps her fingers opening the door showing the large room and there are five people. four women in revealing clothing and one man in king's clothing.

"That they are the warriors what the Oracle summoned ..." Said the woman with fox ears and has four tails and a Japanese suit.

"They are Golems in armor created by the gods. Interesting ..." Said the pink long-haired woman dressed as a witch with a long dark black cape.

"I thought it would be bigger and sturdier and they would cast magic ... but they are human and Elf-sized ..." Said the little Halfing who has the dark green cape and white rough with huge breasts.

"Silence. the Oracle was right to summon the warriors of the gods. Serafina-sama could you explain to us who they are ... "said the young woman with reddish hair who has a knight's outfit but her armor is not complete, she only has forearms on both arms and a small skirt and she has a gold-handled sword with an emerald edge.

"They are warriors where the prophecy said, my dear allies ..." Serafina said calmly. "They are from the UNCS and the Freelancers. They are the professionals ... Iris could you lend them to the battlefield ..."

"For what?"Iris said of the reddish hair.

"Master Chief is going to demonstrate his abilities ..." Serafina said pointing to Chief.

15 minutes later.

Iris led the soldiers toward the arena. "Well Sir Chief, who are you going to fight ..."

"I'll fight all three ..."Chief said pointing to South, York and Wyoming. "If you lose you will work for me and if you win you can go quietly ..." Chief said in a serious tone.

"Good!" South shouts laughing. "I would like to fight later, don't complain that I seriously hurt you ..."

"Well ... it's time to break your jaw Master Chof ..." Wyoming taunts the name to Master Chief.

"It's Chief ... you are underestimating quite a bit ..." Chief said they enter the ring. York had a bad feeling about Chief.

Where the women of the Oracle alliance along with Flowers, Connie, North and Noble Six who got up a while ago.

"Is he really a suicide?" Asks Connie looking at Chief.

"He will definitely win ..." Noble Six said.

"Why do you say so?" Asks Flowers.

"It's a legend ..." Noble Six said looking at Chief who stretches his neck and arm.

"Aren't he going to use the sword?" Asks the witch.

"They are going to fight by hand ..."Serafina said. "Their fights are not vulgar like bar fights, they are different ..." South, York and Wyoming enter the arena and go on the defensive. "But Noble Six is right ... he is ...

Both three pounce towards Master Chief.


All three raise their fists towards Master Chief.


Master Chief looks up.


Master Chief dodges down and grabs South's leg, York raises the kick towards him but Chief stretches out his leg and uses South as a human shield that York accidentally hits South's abdomen. Wyoming wanted to grab the neck but Chief turns his kick to the face. And then he uses South as a stab at the two ex-freelancers.

the three were shocked and look again at Chief who is in fighting position "Come for my, Freelancers ..." He said gesturing.


Hours: 3:11 AM

In the Ken. in the Castle Garden.

Maia followed Grif toward the Pelican. "Hey Vic!" Grif shouts where is the young man who comes out of the pelican.

"Hey man!" He yells cheerfullyVic greets and looks at Maia "Hello, young lady, I'm the pilot Vic ... my marital status is Single ..."

"Yeah ... yeah... hey you have cold beers in Pelican ..." Grif said.

"Sorry. I didn't bring cold beers ... I forgot them at Pelican. But I brought this ...Vic said pulling out a six-pack of coke.

"Great ..." Grif said grabbing the package. "And what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to sleep in the pelican ..." Vick said and yawned. "Today was hectic ... enjoy today .." Enter the pelican.

Grif pulls out the can and hands it to Maia. "Take a drink.."

Maia looks at the strange can and was confused. "What is it?"

"It's a Coca-Cola ..." Grif said opening a can and taking a sip.

"Hmmm ..."Maia looks everywhere on the can and starts to force from the wrong side.

"Not like that ... let me show you ..." Grif said and grabs the can and begins to open, letting out the gas from the soda that she surprised by the noise and passes it to him. "Drink without fear ..."

Maia takes a sip and her eyes widen as the cold soda touches the palate. "What's that taste?" Maia said surprised by the strange sweet taste and drinks back. the drink passes through the throat refreshing and removing the heat. "Waaaah" Maia sighs refreshed. "It's delicious..."

"Welcome to the club ..." Grif said and takes off his helmet revealing his face.

"I am surprised that you have rich drinks in the pelican ..."Maia said enjoying the coke.

"I always do behind Sarge's back. He mostly doesn't realize that I hide snacks in my hidden pocket ..." Grif pulls out the package of the family-sized sweet oreos cookies.

"What is it?"Maia asks who finished drinking the first can.

"It's the Oreo cookie with chocolates and cream ..." Grif opens the package and takes out a cylinder of cookies and passes it to Maia. "Try it ..."

"Hmmm ..."maia opens the oreo bag and eats a she eats his eyes are wide and he smiles happily "delicious ... it would be better with beers ..."

"Hehehe ..." Grif laugh with a small laugh.

"What are you laughing at?" Maia said confused.

"you looks like a little girl to you ..."

"Hey, I'm 24 years old ..." Maia said annoyed, hitting the shoulder.

"Hey I'm 32 years old so you must wake me up little girl ..." Grif said with mockery.

"Hmmp ..." Maia pouts and continues eating oreo. Grif hands him another can of coke and Maia grabs it and opens it with a drink. "You guys are strangers ..."

"Well ..." Grif said looking at the moon, "I haven't relaxed in a long time ..."

"Remember this crazy maniac in red armor that left you alone from the moment i was furious and wanted to kill you ..." Maia said remembering hours ago where Maia hanged Grif. "I want to apologize for attacking you without reason ..."

"Apologies accepted ..." Grif said smiling, surprising Maia.

"Hey, you're not angry ... you're not going to hit me ... or you're going to do things ... don't tell me that you're going to ask me to do those lewd things ..." Maia said pulling back.

"Nope ... not at all to apologize is to have no more enmities. Since tomorrow we will possibly be allies and we will all be happy ... "Grif said looking at the moon,Maia was confused and since she met Grif who is peaceful and relaxed, he is ready to rest. Maia smiles and looks at the moon.

"Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow ~" A familiar voice caught Grif's attention and he looks back to meet the dark haired man with curls and wearing a white coat "Tonight Kakaiana will be my wife tonight ~ ..."sing happily and dance michael jackson "Oh my wife oh Yeah ~ ..."

Maia laughed "That dance is so stupid ..." she laughs and looks at Grif who gets up and takes out his rifle. "Hey, what are you going to do?"

"I am going to commit murder ..."he said in a serious tone.

Maia was confused and noticed one. "Wait wait wait wait!" Maia grabs Grif's arm so he doesn't kill the dark man. "Can you explain who this person is!"

"It's Tucker ..."

"Tucker?"Maia said confused.

"The pervert in the Aqua armor ..."

"Ah ..." Maia said, remembering where Tucker wanted to hook Claudia that she upset. "It makes sense to kill him ... but why are you going to kill him?"

"She is going to fuck my sister.I don't want to he touch a single hair to my sister ... "Grif said angrily." Damn bets. Let me go and I want to kill him ... "

"Hey you want revenge ..." Maia asks and whispers into Grif's ear. "* whispers *" Grif puts on an evil face and smile like the Grinch.

"We'd better make a move ..." Grif said smiling.

In the castle hallway.

tucker is walking around in a white coat and had a bottle of wine "Yeah ... finally ... today it will be you and me my dear Kakaina ..." Tucker was going to knock on the door but his cell phone rings in his pocket. "Who will it be?"

[KAIKAINA]: Hello! :3

[TUCKER] Hey what's up. i'm in front of the door

[KAIKAINA: I am in the bathroom where there is a thermal room ... I am alone ...7w7

[TUCKER] Well, get out of the bath and I'll wait for you

Kaikaina is sending you a photo ...


Tucker froze and his nose bled when he saw that Kaikaina sent a photo of a sexy bikini. He quickly wrote the message.

[TUCKER: In 30 seconds I will arrive.3

Tucker starts running excitedly. Behind the door where Tucker was going to open is the real Sister sitting and wearing a bored expression, "Where the hell is he?"

Tucker enters the bathroom quickly "Where are you!"

"Here ~ ..." said a voice coming from the sauna room. Tucker laughs pervertedly and lowers the robe that he is naked.

"Hehehe ... here I go this time I will make you hit the wall while I will crush you Bow-Chicka-Bo-" He said before seeing that the room is empty. "Hey, that's strange ..."tucker realizes there is an audio device.

"Come to me..."

"Come to me..."

Tucker realized it was a trap and he looks back where the door closes. "Hey Hey!"

Behind the door, those responsible were Maia and Grif who had the burlesque expression. Maia turns off the light in the bathroom inside and sticks something inside the door.

"It's dark!" Tucker yells. "I can't find the switch ..".He said trying to look for the switch in the middle of the darkness, "Hey, I stepped on something ... Oh, I bit something!" Tucker felt something prick him. "Aja I found the switch!" Scream and turn on the light and see where the bathroom is already infected with bees.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !" Tucker yells and starts banging on the door.





"Well ... ready ..." Grif said and opens the door where Tucker comes out naked being chased by the angry bees.

"GET AWAY FROM ME !Tucker yells being pecked by the bees and goes out the window "AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Grif and Maia look at the destroyed window and they both look at each other and give them hive five in the hand. "Well done!" They scream at the same time.

"Wow, I didn't know you could cheat on him with your cell phone ..." Maia said looking at Grif's cell phone posing as his sister.

"Yes. That happens to make an indecent bet ..." Grif said laughing. "How long will it last .."

"Red bees are not poisonous. I was saving it for the fat mandeville but I did not imagine where he ran naked in the middle of Garden..."Maia said looking at Tucker naked screaming and running in the middle of the garden running away from the angry bees.

"That was the best night I had ..." Grif said smiling and watching Tucker suffer. Maia and Grif laugh together and it is the first time where they had something in common and there the friendship between the lazy and the ex-mercenary was born.

The next morning.

In Simmons and Kaguya's room

11:30 AM.

Simmons wakes up opening his eyes and yawns, he wanted to get up but he felt something heavy on the right side. Look to the right side that Kaguya is asleep and was hugging Simmons's torso. He blushes flushed and gets a little nervous. He wanted to wake her up but seeing the sleeping face. Simmons stood still and stared at the beautiful face. "You are beautiful ..." He said quietly as he was hypnotized looking at the face. her lips are pink and her fre

He felt a small temptation, he approaches Kaguya's face and closes his eyes to kiss her lips.

"SIMMONS!" A familiar voice yells. Simmons stands up suddenly and with a strong blush on his face and he looked all red as a tomato.





"Wake up Simmons it's breakfast time!" It's Sarge coming in and he sees Simmons putting on his boot. "Hey, why aren't you wearing your armor!"

"Sarge I just got up ..." Simmons said putting on the military boots. Sarge looks at Kaguya who is lying on the bed and wakes up.

"Good morning Sarge ..." Kaguya said saying good morning to Sarge.

"Simmons don't tell me what you had making babies?" Sarge said. Kaguya and Simmons blush upon hearing of Sarge.

"NO, WE DID NOTHING!" They scream at the same time.

"Ah..I thought Simmons is already a hairy breasted macho man ..."

"Stop Sarge... "Simmons said taking his Maroon armor." See you at breakfast ... "He said before leaving the room leaving Kaguya alone.

She lies on the bed and covers her face with her pillow. "Ahhhhhhh!" she screams quietly, choking on the pillow. "Why did I let him do that. If I was awake but he wanted to kiss me ... but why didn't I do anything ..."Kaguya woke up before Simmons said so.

'You're beautiful..You're beautiful...'

"Ahhhh!" Kaguya screams embarrassed as she remembers what Simmons said and ends up throwing the pillow to the wall. "It must be the effect of the curse. Damn it… "Kaguya said getting up and starting to change and look at his arm where the tattoo is and see that there is a shameful task." It must be a joke! "Kaguya shouts angrily as she read the fifth task.

In the dining room.


Simmons and Sarge made their way to the dining room following the castle maid. "Sarge how did you sleep?" Asks Simmons

"I slept sitting in the office ..." Sarge said with a tired and numb tone in his back"since I was rejuvenated yesterday ... I feel much better ... "

"We're already here ..." Said the maid who opens the door and finds the room spacious.

Sarge and Simmons find their friends who are sitting in different places. Caboose is taking tea and eating cookies from Prim's side who had a friendly expression and also has a cup of tea. Alicia had an annoyed look and was staring at Caboose. Tucker takes a cup and had an annoyed grimace and it was difficult to move his arm.

"Hey Tucker, are you okay?" Asks Sister who is sitting next to him.

"yes I'm fine ... I only have itching all over my body due to many mosquitoes ..."Tucker said complaining.

The only two culprits is Maia and Grif who is having breakfast and eating as if nothing had happened. But inside of them they are laughing out loud. Tex and Church are sitting next to Sister.

"It's been a long time since I've eaten ..." Church said taking a cup.

"That is a gourmet ..." Tex said admiring the elegant place.

Carolina is sitting next to Wash talking to Locus and Meta about the Cellestine meeting. Vick is with Ruu-Ruu explaining about the Pelican and the technologies that she started to listen to and had an excited look. Lopez is sitting with Donut who had a complete set of tea.

"Hey Sarge and Simmons. i save the place for you"!Donut yells in greeting. Sarge and Simmons were going to sit next to Donut but Kaguya grabs Simmons' hand in the back.

"Simmons let's sit together ..."

"Eh?" Simmons said confused and looked at Sarge "Sir?"

"Sit down with your girlfriend .."reply dry.

Simmons sits next to Kaguya. They were all present. Cellestine arrives opening the door. "Good morning everyone ..."

"Good morning Cellestine-sama ..." The six allies greet their goddess.

"I see that everyone slept well ..."

everyone nods. Cellestine sits in the middle of the table. "Well let's start talking about the new alliance ..." He said out loud. "Wash and Carolina I want to introduce someone ..."

Open the door, three men enter. they are Vault who has annoyed look and has bandage on his right arm. There is Hick who had the expression in Shock when seeing Grif sitting with Maia. Kin adjusts his glasses and looks at the 15 strangers at the table. "Interesting ..." .he said quietly and remembering where they fought with the dragon Nemesis. The only thing that caught his attention is Caboose, who is chosen from the sword of the late thousand-year-old Hero.

."Hello Vault and thank you for sheltering civilians away from the city ..."

"No need to ..." Vault said seriously and looked at Tex "what he fuck is that bitch?"

The victims of Tex gasped "Hey, I'd better retract ..." .Sarge said trying to save Vault.

"With that you have balls to speak that word to me, you want me to teach you ..." Tex stands up and snaps his fingers, "this time it will be your face .."

"Tex control yourself ..." Church said trying to calm his girlfriend. .Vault backs away and maintains his composure but inside him, he's a little scared.

"Enough. Vault you will be the ally of the reds and blues ..." Cellestine said pointing to Wash. "He is Wash and Carolina is the leader."

."Don't tell me I have to work with these good guys for nothing ..." Vault said.

"Hey, how dare you!" Sarge yells angrily. "I am Sarge the strongest of all the shotguns. If you had armor I would definitely shoot you!" Vault recognized Sarge.

."One moment I recognize you ..." Vault said angrily.

"Me.. who are you?" Sarge said without remembering anything.

"I'M VAULT THE DUDE WHO HIT ME!" Vault yells. Sarge began to remember.



."If Dyrek manages to conquer Nigramstia and I need many allies, I have plans under my sleeve and I assure you that Eostia will be for me" Vault said giving a triumphant smile until he heard music. "What the hell is this music?"

.Kin looks at the glass of water that is shaking "something is wrong ..."


in slow motion. Vault watches an unknown car slam in, smashing through the door of the tavern.

"A car ?!" Vault yells in shock.

."OUT OF MY WAY !" a male voice yells.

The Warthog runs over Vault and is hung on the bumper and his face is stuck in the front glass. "What the fuck are you? !"

"Ehh is there an annoying fly ?" .yells the man in red armor, it's Sarge driving and presses the button to activate the wiper and passes by pouring water on Vault's face and passes two wipers on his face growling annoyed. "Hey get out of my sight !"

."You're dead!" Yells angry Vault.

"Vault!" A familiar voice yells. Vault looks back at Sarge who is Maia hanging another man but in the same armor as Sarge but unlike orange.

"Maia !?" .Vault yells in surprise.

"YOU'RE HANGING ME BITCH !" he yells holding his breath that is Grif.

"Savage !" Sarge yells and turns around and Vault grabs the windshield. "Move. I don't see anything. Donkey meat is not transparent !"

."Well stop the car !" Vault yells impatiently. Grif grabs the seat belt and puts it on

"You better get out of the car and scream like a girl," Grif said mockingly.

"WHAT?!" Maia yells.

"OK!".Sarge yells before stepping on the brake and causing Maia and Vault to fly through the air.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !" they both yell and they fall towards the water source.



"Ah you're the fly guy ..." .Sarge said recognizing Vault as a fly. Vault frowns angrily.

"Cellestine-sama. You want me to work for a group of idiots ..." Vault said pointing to the group. "And have me work with this tormentor ..." Vault said pointing to Sarge.

."Vault ... I know you see at first glance that they are idiots ... but they are professionals and especially Wash, Carolina, Meta, Locus and Tex. They are capable of entering the fortress ..." Cellestine said.

"Vault, the goddess is right ..so it is better to work with them. Since the one in blue armor defeated the dragon and saved Ken. So it's better to have them as allies .. "Kin said studying the group and also the armor he never saw.

."I object to working with this fat orange." Hick said. Grif looks up.

"Come on my friend. We will be inseparable ..." Grif said with a friendly tone but inside he is threatening him.

"Yes. With Grif and you they would be good friends ..." .Maia said smiling. Hick had an annoyed grin already remembering that Grif threatened him with death.

"Okay. But my arm must recover for three days ..." Vault said and looked at Tex. "Since she is responsible for injuring my arm ..."

.'"I'm sorry, Mr. Machist" Teases Tex.

"You guys are agree?" Cellestine asks everyone.

"Yes. But we have the greed ..." Carolina said. "We are not going to kill dark elves ..."

"WHAT?!" Everyone shouts in the present.

."You're crazy!" Alicia yells. "They are assassins who killed our people!" She screams angrily.

"We spoke to Olga yesterday." .everyone gasped upon hearing the name "she had reason to declare war on all of you, because the high-class humans enslaved the dark elves. That must cut ..we are not the genocides killing the species with intelligences. We can kill monsters. But not the dark elves ... "Wash said in a serious tone.

"If we are to kidnap Olga and end the war ..Make a peace treaty and a meeting with you. We will bring her in unscathed and intact." Carolina said in a serious tone.

"She deserves to die for all the acts she has done!" Claudia yells, hitting the table.

."And besides how are we going to do it without killing anyone ..." Vault said with an annoyed tone and against which they are willing not to kill the dark elves.

"We are going to use our tactical weapons as we did with the people of Alicia and Claudia ..we are going to guard the army in our frigate ship ... "Locus said entering the conversation.

"But Olga's army has two thousand dark elves and there are like thousands of civilians and children ..but you are going to spare those dirty dark elves' lives "Kin said with a disgusted tone.

"If you want to end the war. Make a peace treaty. Thus we will win without the blood of humans and elves. We will only kill the ogres and goblins." .Carolina said in a serious tone. "If we kill the dark elves and kidnap Olga. She will not agree to surrender, we will not work to exterminate dark elves ..." she said crossing his arm. .Cellestine thought well where remembering the death toll from a hundred years of war. It should end the war without massive casualties.

"Okay. I allow you to guard the dark elves at their headquarters ..I will send the knights to help tidy up their headquarters ... "Cellestine said looking at Carolina." I will send the knights to raid the properties and also the slave black market. .In five days Vault and you will start going to Garan to defeat Olga ... "

"Good. So that day will be the beginning of our alliance. We left ..." Carolina said getting up.

"Wait ..." Alicia said, getting up. ."I want to take Caboose to my kingdom ..." He said in a serious tone.

"For what?" Asks Wash.

"I need to take him to my church ..." Alicia said.

"I mean they are getting married now!" Sister yells in surprise.

"Not yet. .I need proof ... the church illuminates the chosen one. Caboose's blood must be analyzed by the source if he is worthy ... I want to make sure .. "Alice said annoyed and drags Caboose." Come with me ... come on Prim ... "

"Wait Onne-sama ..You shouldn't treat him if your husband saved your life! "She scolds her cousin a bit.

"That is not my husband!" Alice answers angrily. Wash was going to contradict.

"Leave him. We'll give him five days," Carolina said. .Simmons gets up and Kaguya grabs his hand.

"I want Simmons to go with me to my kingdom and stay for a week .." Kaguya said in a serious tone and grabbed Simmons by the hand.

"Sarge are you ..." Simmons was going to ask Sarge.

."Approved. A week with your wife ..." Sarge said cheerfully. Kaguya gestures to his warriors to go.

"Kaguya why .." Simmons said.

"I will explain it to you in the carriage ..." Kaguya said going to the door that leaves the dining room.

."I am envious that those two are on vacation for a week. And worst of all they got girlfriends on a damn day!" Shouts Tucker envying Caboose and Simmons.

"Well we'll be leaving ..." .Carolina said and looks at Vick "Vick prepares the ship ..."

"Okay Madam ..." Vick said cheerfully. Everyone goes to the garden that the Pelican is landed on.

They all separate and go towards their respective destinations but Vault was angry.

."No deaths for the dark elves ..." Vault growls and hits the wall. "Damn idiots ..."

Not far from the Frigate near the Garan border.

Chloe sneaks around and hides in the bush and peeks from afar at the large crashed ship. "Well..I need to kidnap an idiot and decapitate him to show who gets in ..." Chloe said pulling out her sword. "Well what would be the first idiot ..." .Chloe watches from afar until she notices the noise of branches and hides in the bush.

"Man ... I don't like this ..." The annoyed voice said. "We are looking for ammunition and also for those idiots ..."

"We need to talk calmly ..they may be confused ... "Another voice said.

Chloe leans out and looks at two people who have the strange armor.

Chloe looks out and finds that there are two people in different armor. .one is light blue with light blue edges and three eyes. Another is a person in black armor.

"Jax finds firewood and I'll look for a deer ..."

Jax separates from the man in black armor. Chloe knew it would be one of the reds and blues. ."I found the first idiot ..." Chloe sneaks up on the man's back. "You're going to die ..." Chloe said, sheath drawn the sword.

"Victor behind you!" A female voice screams.

the Man turns back and grabs Chloe by the hand, stopping the sword. "What are you doing with that sword?"

Chloe was going to hit him towards the helmet but he grabs her hand. "Who are you, who sent you?" He ask his questions. ."Are you one of Radomira's or black dogs or spies?"

"No. I'm not what you're asking me," Chloe yells hostilely.

"What are you doing here?" The man said hostilely and took out the Magnum Tactical. "Who are you?".he said and took out the safety of the weapon "I'll have to shoot you if you don't tell me your name and who you work for ..."

Somewhere else.

We see a person in a black robe who is in the carriage of a farmer. ."Wow, thanks for protecting me from the lizardmen ..."

"You're welcome. It was always duty as a UNCS soldier ..." The man said with a kind tone, "I get off here ..."

"Okay. Good luck what you're looking for ..." The old man said. ."Goodbye David ..."

"Bye ..." David said and walks towards the village.



[I found them...]

"To whom?"

[The Reds and Blues ... but there are three people alive ... Tex, Church and Maine ...]

"They too ... what did you look for?"

.[i Listen to the conversation. They will initiate the invasion within five days ...]

"Five days ... 120 hours ..." David said, syncing his digital watch. "When they initiate the invasion ... there we will enter ..."

[What about the others ...]

."That depends on them. We do not want to alarm them and spread panic ... because they do not know if they are black dogs, they are followers of Radomira ..." David said and looks at the poster. "See you at town Monts ..." David walks past the sign he said.

Monts town. Close to Ken.

The Monts village is where the village near the Ken kingdom is. "Five days ... 120 hours ... I will not disappoint you Vlascovich ..." He said in a serious tone as he walked.

120: 00: 00 to Invasion.

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