Authors Notes: I know, I know. Why am I starting another story when I haven't even finished my current stories? Well, answer is simple. I have been on a massive Naruto kick lately and the plot bunnies just breed like, well bunnies.

Now, this story is going to be a mash up of some of my favorite themes. So expect to see Naruto/Harem, however I am unsure of all who will be in it. The list below will be what I have currently. There will be some gender bending for some characters. Also, expect to see Naruto be out of character and over powered in some cases. Also, Hanyou!Naruto (half demon) is also in the forcast. There will also be Council, Sasuke, and Kakashi bashing.

Harem - Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Anko, Hana, Yugao, Kurenai, Fem!Haku, Fem!Jashin, Fem!Hidan, Fu, Yugi, Tsume, and Fem!Kyuubi

Honestly, I don't think it's too big, compared to some of the harems I have seen. More may be added in the future. I am open to suggestions, so feel free to offer a suggestion and a scenario you would like to see them meet in.

There will be some yuri moments. It will not be the focused upon, unless requested by a moderate number of readers, but it will be eluded to.

This story is strongly inspired by Reaper7's Shadow Of The Fox, which is a very good read. The author has given me their permission to use elements from their story for this one. So feel free to check them out!




Darkness Falls

Chapter 1

October 10th, 6 Years After the Kyuubi Attack

Frigid rain fell heavily as lightening flashed, briefly illuminating the form of a young six year old blonde before thunder ripped through the skies above. Between the flashes of lightening, it could be seen that the young boys shirt was full of holes of various sizes, exposing his malnourished body to the bitter elements. His pants in even worse condition as one of the pant legs was missing from the knee down, revealing his skinny leg. The boy continued to make his way down the empty street, as his bare feet splashed through the gathering puddles.

A question any sensible person would have asked themselves upon seeing the boy would simple be, 'Why was this child out in weather like this at this hour?'

The answer? Immediately at the stroke of midnight, the matron of the orphanage he resided in had kicked him out. Just as he turned six years old.

With no where else to go, the child merely wandered the streets looking for some kind of shelter to get out of the cold. Stopping in front of a small alleyway, he peered down just as another flash of lightening lit up the village once more. Seeing a small pile of cardboard boxes and some plastic wrap used for shipments, he tentatively made his way towards them. It wasn't the most ideal of shelters, but it would do for the night until he could visit the old man and tell him what happened.

Shuffling over to the pile of debris, the young child began to set to work on his home for the duration of the early morning hours. Just as he finished placing the plastic over the box to ward off the rain, he heard a group of foot steps behind him. Turning around he saw a group of men and women gathering in the ally, blocking his only exit.

"Looks like the Matron was right, the little demon brat is all alone with no one to watch over him." The man at the front stated with a sinister grin.

"My daughter would have been ten years old this month if it wasn't for you!" A woman shouted from the middle of the mob, prompting others to express their agreement.

"Bu-but I didn't do anything." Naruto could only stammer as he backed away from the crowd that slowly began to descend on him with malicious intent.

"Don't even try to lie, you demon brat." Another man replied as he raised his hand that held a lead pipe and brought it down harshly on the young boys shoulder.

A resounding crack could be heard and a cry of pain from the young child as his right arm hung limp from where his clavicle was broken. After the initial strike, everyone else joined in, throwing rocks, bottles and even some kunai's at the poor child. Ignoring his cries of pain and pleas to stop. These only seemed to inspire the mob more.

After a few minutes, Naruto collapsed to the ground, blood pooling around his body as darkness began to claim his vision. Bloodied, with kunai's sticking out of his chest, belly and legs. As the mob stopped, the leader of the group came forward and took out another blade.

"This is for my family you demon sack of filth!" He stated as he brought the blade down on the child's arm and slashing it down. Opening the flesh up to expose muscle and tendons. The man repeated the process with Naruto's left leg and started to move towards the stomach when a kunai struck him in the forehead.

Alarmed the mob looked up to the roof to see a squad of ANBU. The leader of the group with a weasel mask, his sharingan spinning furiously at the sight before him.

"Hawk, Boar. Take these people to Ibiki for his special treatment." Weasel smiled under his mask as he saw the mob's color drain from their collective faces. A few even tried to run before being struck down by the other surrounding ANBU that quickly incapacitated the rest.

Having issued his orders, he jumped down to the alley way as the sun began to rise over the horizon, giving light to the grisly scene before him. Kneeling next to the boy is another ANBU member, doing a medical scan to account for the damages done to the poor child.

"Report." Weasel stated.

"It's not good. I am detecting a broken clavicle, three broke ribs, a punctured lung, part of his heart is collapsed on itself and that's not counting the lacerations on his arm and leg." The female ANBU reported, holding back her sickness and anger at the sight before her.

"I'll take him to the hospital." Weasel stated as he carefully picked up the boys prone body. "Go and report to the Hokage immediately."

"Yes sir!" The medic ANBU replied and shunshined off in a swirl of leaves.

Weasel immediately did the same, hoping to get him to the hospital in time. For if he didn't, Kami have mercy on those involved.

Naruto's Mindscape

"Hang in there kit!" yelled the giant fox frantically as it smashed it's body into the giant cage. Desperately trying to pump more of it's chakra into the child, only for it to be strangled through the seal, allowing only a trickle of it to reach the dying boy. "Damn seal!"

The boy in question slowly began to stir from his position in the water filled room. Taking in the room around him, he began to question where he was.

"Did they dump my body in a sewer?" he asked out loud, not expecting an answer. The next thing he noticed as that his body no longer hurt. Looking down he couldn't find any traces of the attack he had just endured.

"Thank Yami you're awake." a voice behind Naruto boomed, causing the boy to spin around and come face to face with a giant fox head behind a gate, with a tag across the center that read 'Seal' in kanji.

"Wh-who are you?" Naruto stammered, taking a cautious step back.

"It seems this form frightens you." The fox answered with a large smile before it's body was surrounded with a red smoke, obscuring the massive body from view. A few seconds later the smoke clears, revealing a young looking woman dressed in a red battle kimono with black hair, red eyes and nine white tails flowing behind her. Three red whisker marks adorn her cheeks, similar to his only more pronounced.

"To answer your question, I am the reason you were attacked." The newly formed girl stated, remorse evident in her voice.

"How are you the cause of it?" Naruto asked, clearly confused.

"Because I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune." She clarified, waiting for the boy to lash out at her. However nothing came, he only stared at her in bewilderment.

"Six years ago, I was manipulated into attacking this village." She continued. "I am not sure who it was. The only thing I remember is being ripped out of my former host and tossed out into the world before a man in an orange mask put me under his control and had me attack the village. Then I was sealed into you."

"Wait, if I am talking to you now; does that mean we are inside me?" The young blonde tried to wrap his brain around this bit of information.

"Yes, we are inside you. More precisely, you mindscape." The kyuubi answered, before turning serious. "But we are low on time. Right now, your body is dying and I can't give you enough of my chakra to heal your wounds."

"What!? You're saying I am dying?" Naruto exclaimed in a voice of panic.

"Yes, I can only delay it." The girl behind the cage explained, hanging her head in sorrow. "I'm sorry. That damn seal is preventing me for giving you more of my chakra."

"Is there anything I can do?" Naruto asked as he gazed up at the gate with a frown. He may hate how the villagers treated him, but he wasn't ready to die just yet.

"If you could weaken the seal, more of my chakra would be open to you." She explained.

"What if I just take the seal off?"

"NO!" The girl exclaimed. "That would only kill you! Just tear a piece of the corner off, no bigger then your thumb."

Nodding, Naruto moved towards the seal. As he reached up to tear off a piece, a flash of light appeared before a sharp kick threw the boy to the other end of the room, causing him to spit up some blood, slipping into unconsciousness. In front of the cage stood a man that looked like an older version of Naruto.

"I didn't sacrifice myself so you can ruin it, brat." The man sneered.

"You bastard!" The girl screamed at the man. "Your son is about to die!"

"He will survive this." Minato grinned as he turned his attention to the girl. "This experience will only harden him further to make him a powerful weapon for the village. And you're going to help him."

"You're a heartless bastard." she snarled, "If Kushina knew what kind of asshole you were, she never would have fallen for you."

"And that is a ninja's greatest weapon." The blonde man grinned. "Deception. I deceived her into falling for me to secure Uzushiogakure's secrets for Konohagakure and secure it's place as the most powerful hidden village. Positioning it to conquer the Elemental Nations with my son leading the conquest, the power of the Kyuubi at his disposal to level all opposition."

"You truly are a vile and corrupt man." A distored voice echoed through the chambers, causing both Minata and the Kyuubi girl to look around for it's source.

A crimson orb descended into the center of the room before bursting, raining what appeared to be blood all over the middle of the room. Where the center of the orb once was, stood a tall, slender woman with silver hair tied back into a high pony tail. Resting along her shoulder is a large triple bladed scythe, made of a black material of some kind. Giving it a wispy like appearance. Her blood red crimson eyes focused on the former Hokage, causing the man to shudder under her gaze.

"Who the hell are you?" Minato asked, regaining his composure.

"Who I am is of no concern of yours mortal." The woman replied coldly as she griped her weapon and pointed it at Minato. "Just know that I have come for your soul."

"Then it's a shame my soul already belongs to the Shinigami." He smirked.

"I am aware of this." The woman gave a sinister grin, causing a cold shiver to travel down Minato's spine. "Unfortunately for you, Shinigami-nii-san is my brother and has given me your soul for punishment of your vile actions."

Not giving the blonde man any chance to retort, the silver haired woman drove her scythe forward. Impaling the chest of Minato, causing him to elicit an earth shattering scream of pain as his soul was absorbed into the woman's scythe.

"I shall enjoy feasting on your corrupt soul, Minato Namikaze." She grinned as the last traces of the Fourth Hokage dissipated.

With the task done, the silver haired woman turned her crimson eyes towards the Kyuubi girl, causing the young girl to shrink back in fear. Unsure of what this woman could do to her.

"Now that that bastard is taken care of, let us see about saving young Naruto-kun." The woman replied as she walked over towards the seal and examined it. "I can't remove the seal, but I can alter it so that you can aid him more efficiently."

"Do you intend on making him a weapon with my power as well?" The girl asked cautiously.

"A weapon? No, I intend to make him my champion." The woman smiled as she began to move various symbols around the seal. Almost immediately, the Kyuubi girl could feel her chakra pouring into the young boy.

Real World

The ANBU known as Weasel stood over young Naruto's hospital bed as the heart monitor steadily beeped. He was still infuriated as to what had just happened. He literally had to threaten one of the doctors to get the boy taken care of, and because he didn't trust the hospital staff to do their jobs without bias, he stood over them as they worked to stabilize the boy.

Soon, he was joined by the Hokage himself. Weasel quickly gave him a full report of what he encountered. The elder man was even more upset that the ANBU was and had ordered the rest to investigate the matron at the orphanage. Insisting that they bring her to Ibiki for questioning of her negligence, as Naruto was to be under her car until he was at least old enough to attend to academy.

In silence, they stood by the boys side when they noticed Naruto's body being surrounded by red chakra, causing some fear from the village leader that the Kyuubi may be attempting to escape. However, his fears were quickly dispelled when he saw the grievous wounds healing themselves.

"Hokage-sama, what just happened?" Weasel inquired as the red chakra began to seep back into the boy, having healed all of his wounds and mended all of Naruto's broken bones. It was almost as if the attack never happened.

"I am unsure, but I can only surmise that young Naruto's tenant doesn't want to die and is healing Naruto to keep itself from dying." The elder man explained as best it could.

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto groaned as he slowly came to, half expecting to find himself in a completely new area. Looking around, he was some what relieved that he was still within his mindscape. Although, instead of the blonde man that had attacked him, there was a silver haired woman conversing with the girl behind the cage.

"Ah, you're awake." The silver haired woman stated, making her way over to the young blonde.

"Are you okay Naruto-kun?" Kyuubi asked in concern.

"I'm okay." He grunted as he stood up, looking at the newly arrived woman. "Um, who are you?"

"I am Jashin. The Goddess of Blood and Carnage." The woman replied with a smile that strangely enough, was kind and gentle considering her title. "Now, first things first. How about we do something about this sewer."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked, a bit confused.

"This is your mind Naruto-kun." Jashin explained. "You can change it to how you see fit. It is only like this because all you have known is loneliness and pain. Instead imagine being in an open meadow, surrounded by a lush forest. Imagine a peaceful stream flowing through the meadow."

Naruto closed his eyes, and began to imagine what the goddess described. Slowly the sewer like setting began to dissolve as birds could be heard chirping. A cool breeze blowing against his skin as the sound of honey bees going from flower to flower. Opening his eyes, he could only marvel at the sight before him. An open lush meadow, with a stream flowing through the center surrounded by the lush forest Jashin had described.

Sitting in the center of the meadow was the kitsune girl, her tails stretched out, enjoying the cool breeze. No longer confined behind the cage like prison. Instead, a silver necklace was around her neck with the kanji for 'Seal' dangling from the silver chain. Jumping up, she quickly ran towards the blonde boy and tackled him in a hug, giving him kisses along his cheeks.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she repeated, tears of joy streaming down her face.

"You're welcome, Kyuubi." Naruto said, hugging the kitsune back.

"Ahri." She replied. "My name is Ahri, Kyuubi is only a title."

"You're welcome Ahri-chan." The blonde smiled. Ahri blushed at the suffix, but smiled none the less.

"Well done, this is a massive improvement over that sewer." Jashin commented as she scanned her surroundings, bringing the attention back to her.

"Thank you for your help, Jashin-sama." Naruto expressed, turning towards the woman.

"Please, call me Jashin-chan, or just Ja-chan for short." She smiled, causing the poor boy to blush. "Now that you are out of danger, let us get to the real reason for my visit to you Naruto-kun."

Naruto nodded, curious as to what the goddess would want with him. He didn't think himself anything special when compared to other kids his age.

"The real reason I am here, is to offer you a deal." Jashin began. "I have watched you for sometime now, from the day of your birth up until now and you have interested me greatly. Despite your constant mistreatment and neglect, you preserver through it all and push forward. That is why I want to make you my champion."

"Your champion?" asked Naruto, a bit uncertain what was being asked of him.

"Yes. Should you accept, I will grant you a gift of power to help you through your conflicts. However, while I will grant you this gift, it will be up to you to learn how to use it to it's fullest extent." the goddess answered.

"What power would you give him?" Ahri asked, a little curious.

"The power over shadow and darkness." The goddess grinned. "Normally I would grant my champion immortality, but Naruto-kun is special and deserves something more unique."

"What would be required of me in being your champion?" Naruto asked.

"Simple." Jashin started. "You would be tasked with two missions. One, restoring my name in the Elemental Nations that has been desecrated by the cults that have sprung forth, claiming to do vile things in my name. Second, you will be asked to reap corrupt souls for me. However, you will not be tasked with these in the near future."

"Before I accept, I have one question." The blonde stated. "Power doesn't come without cost. What would be the price of accepting this gift?"

Despite his young age, Naruto had been forced to grow mentally early on to avoid traps and other things during his young age. This question, earned him a smile from the goddess before him.

"Very wise, and you are correct this power will come at a cost." Jashin stated. "In order for your body to accept this power, I will have to change you to a hanyou. A half demon."

"So I would become what the villagers accuse me of?" Naruto asked, a little frightened at the idea. He was already hated as is, if he were to become a demon it would only increase their hatred of him and no doubt more mobs would chase after him.

"Honestly, I doubt it would make any difference to the villagers, if that is your concern Naruto-kun." The goddess answered truthfully. "They already see you as a demon through their ignorance. The only difference would be that you would have the power to protect yourself from the angry mobs or even avoid such conflicts all together."

"And what would be the benefits of becoming a half demon?" The boy asked, trying to cover all of his bases before making such a big decision.

"Aside from the powers I am granting you?" She quirked an eye brow, earning a nod from the young boy. "Your body will be more durable and mature slightly faster then those of your age. Aside from that, your strength, speed, senses and stamina will be inhuman. Allowing you to accomplish feats others would deem impossible for your age. Your eyes will also gain the ability of what I call Shadow Sight, though the name doesn't do it justice. Lastly, you will heal even faster if you attain any injury. Added that Ahri-chan can make it almost instant."

"And how will I change physically?" Naruto inquired. While so far this offer sounded good, it wouldn't do him much good if he had to stay hidden because he sprouted horns and a tail. "And how does this Shadow Sight work?"

"You are worried how others will see you?" Jashin smirked. "Fear not, your physical changes will be minor. Apart from more defined muscles, your hair may take some dark highlights. Though if you are enraged, other features will become more prominent. Such as elongated canines, sharp claw like finger nails, and your cute little whisker marks becoming more defined."

"As for your Shadow Sight, as I said the name doesn't do it justice." She continued, her voice glowing with a sense of pride as she began to describe the ability. "When activated, you will be able to see perfectly in the darkness. Furthermore, instead of looking for chakra like other sight based abilities, this eye sight will pick up life energy. Meaning if it is alive, you will be able to see who, where, and what it is. I pride this at being my ultimate creation."

"It really doesn't sound like that are any draw backs, Jashin-sama." Ahri commented as she watched her vessel mull over the possibilities. However, one question did rise in the kitsune's mind. "Ano, if he accepts what will happen to me?"

"Nothing." Came Jashin's reply. "The seal will still be in place, so you would continue to exist albeit in a naturally stronger vessel."

After a few minutes, Naruto sighed and looked to the goddess in front of him before smiling.

"Very well Ja-chan, I accept your gift." He replied, earning a gentle smile from the silver haired goddess.

"I am glad, Naruto-kun." She smiled as she slowly walked towards him. Kneeling down so she was face to face with him. Causing the poor boy to blush at the close proximity between the two of them. "I will not lie to you, you will feel some pain when you wake up."

Naruto merely nodded in acceptance. After this attack, he doubted he could feel a worse kind of pain. Gently, the goddess cupped both of his cheeks and brought him closer to her. Before he could react, she kissed him on the lips, once again causing the poor boy to blush deeply having never done anything like this before. As she did so, dark energies began to flow from her body into his. This process lasted only a few minutes, before the young began faded from his mindscape, leaving behind a smiling goddess and a blushing kitsune.

"Wa-was that really necessary?" Ahri asked, slightly pouting that the goddess had just stolen the boys first kiss.

"No, but it was entertaining. And he is cute." Jashin smiled turning to the fox girl, reaching into her kimono and withdrawing a black looking scroll, handing it to Ahri. "I must leave now. I trust you to help teach young Naruto-kun his abilities and general training to prepare him for the world. This scroll contains information on some of the shadow abilities. Once he has mastered these, I will give him another scroll."

"It will be done Jashin-sama." Ahri bowed in respect, only to blush as the goddess came in close, her lips just an inch away from the kitsune's ear.

"And do not fret, after all; Naruto-kun will need to take multiple mates." Jashin smiled before disappearing into a blood red orb and vanishing, leaving a furiously blushing kitsune at the implications the goddess left.

Real World

The first thing Naruto was made aware of as he regained consciousness was that his body felt like it was on fire. It was as if someone had tossed him into an oven and left him their to bake. Granted, he wouldn't put it past the villagers to attempt something like that. Gritting his teeth, he forced his body to move, despite his muscles protest to do even the most basic of movements.

'Well, Jashin-chan did warn me that I would be sore.' He thought to himself. 'I wonder if the physical changes already happened?'

"Naruto-kun, you're awake!" The old man beside his bed exclaimed, catching the attention of the boy and the ANBU in the weasel mask.

"Hey Ji-ji." Naruto replied in a weak, almost silent voice, shocking himself.

"Try not to talk too much Naruto-kun." Weasel stated as he approached the bedside. "The doctors said your vocal cords were severely damaged during last nights attack."

Naruto frowned, but nodded as he remembered what happened. If he focused on the memories, he could still feel each hit that fell on him. However, his frown was replaced with a small smile as he remembered what happened afterwards. Unconsciously bringing his fingers to his lips as the realization just hit him. He had kissed an actual goddess!

"Are you okay Naruto-kun?" The Hokage asked in concern.

"I'm fine Ji-ji." The boy replied, his voice sounding a bit stronger now, earning a quirked eye brow from the ANBU, unaware of how the boy was healing so fast. Though he assumed it was due to his tenant.

"As I understand it, the matron of the orphanage kicked you out this morning before the attack. Currently she is being detained and a replacement for her is being reviewed so that we can get you situated back with the other kids."

At this Naruto only his shook his head.

"Is there any way I can get my own place?" Naruto asked. "You know the villagers hate me, so no matter who is in charge, it will just happen all over again later."

Hiruzen could only sadly nod. He knew the boy had a valid point. The old man swore to Kami, if he ever discovered who let it slip of the boys jinchuuriki status to the common public, he would rake that poor soul over hell fire and then some.

"I will see what I can do, rest up Naruto-kun." The old man smiled sadly. "Weasel, watch over him. Lethal force is authorized to any threats."

The ANBU gave a short nod and followed the village leader out of the room to stand guard by the door to allow the boy to peacefully rest.

'Despite how this day started, I would have to say this has been the best birthday I have had so far.' He smiled to himself.

'Happy Birthday Naruto-kun.' Ahri's voice echoed in his mind, causing the boy to smile even more. 'Jashin-sama left you a scroll for your new abilities.'

'Thank you Ahri-chan.' He replied back to her with their mental link before he leaned back into his pillow and fell asleep once more. Slipping back into his mindscape once more.

Additional Authors Notes: Alright that is the first chapter.

First off, yes the Kyuubi's human form is based off of Ahri from League of Legends as I figured it would be a fitting human form for a female kyuubi. I know this concept has been used in other stories prior, so I am not claiming any originality in using it.

Secondly, if you noticed. I had the Kyuubi that Yami. In this stories universe, the Bijuu's were created by Yami. So they will refer to Yami rather then other gods.

Lastly, I decided to have Minato be a bit more of a jerk and a minor villain for the story. Minor only because he is already dead. The true villains of this story will be those he was allied with. I am sure some of you can already guess a few names.

That being said, I hope everyone enjoyed this story. Feel free to let me know what you think in the reviews!