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Darkness Falls

Chapter 2

Naruto, Age 8

The young blonde sighed heavily as he made his way through the village. Once again, his teacher decided that he was responsible for the mess that happened in this classroom that afternoon, despite the mess in question was all the way on the other side of the room from him. Either way, it didn't matter to him. If anything it allowed him to avoid the group of kids that had planned to jump him as soon as he left school.

Unfortunately for the group of bullies, Naruto was no longer an easy target. With his heightened senses thanks to being a hanyou, he could easily hear the whispers shared between the group that conspired to bring him more physical pain. Thus, he was able to plan around it and avoid them all together. The wrongfully delivered detention just made it easier for him.

He did find it amusing that the group of kids actually waited outside for him for the full two hours he served his detention, only to discover that Naruto never walked out the doors. In fact the moment he left the class room, he ducked into a corner full of shadows and disappeared. Reappearing a few blocks down the street in an ally way. Using one of his favorite new abilities from the black scroll he had gotten on his sixth birthday, the (Shadousuteppu) Shadow Step.

A handy ability that allowed him to literally walk into shadows and travel elsewhere in a split second. In theory, he surmised he could use this ability to travel anywhere, whether he had visited that place before or not. However, in practice he only traveled to places he had already been. No need to take unnecessary chances and get lost in the darkness.

"Seriously, with how strong you are with your hanyou body, you could have easily floored those twerps." Ahri commented in anger in Naruto's mind. She had become even more fiercely protective over her blonde container over the past two years since they officially met.

'Maybe, but you have to remember half the kids in the class have parents or family members on the Civilian Council.' Naruto replied mentally. 'All the perks I have for being a half demon would be moot if I am locked away in a prison cell. And the old man can only do so much until I become a Genin at least.'

"I understand where you are coming from." Ahri frowned, not that the blonde could see it. "I just hate that you have all this power and have to hide it. Speaking of which, why didn't you just use your Shadousuteppu to just return to your apartment. Why come out in the alley?"

'I know Ahri-chan, I know. But my bastard of a father was right about one thing. Deception is a very powerful tool to employ.' Naruto stated, a scowl on his face at the mention of his father. 'As for not returning directly home, mostly the same reason. If I am never seen wandering around the village, people will begin to get suspicious and that would put more scrutiny on us. Also, I want some ramen.'

Ahri could only chuckle in response.

Casually, the blonde jinchuriki made his way towards his favorite ramen stand, ignoring the various glares and sneers that were cast his way. As long as they didn't try anything, he didn't care, and so he continued on his way. As he continued on, his pace slowed as he walked past the now mostly empty Uchiha compound as a frown formed on his face, though he didn't linger long.

Only a few months after the attack on his sixth birthday, Uchiha Itachi had killed his entire clan save for his younger brother and left the village. The official story was that Itachi had betrayed the village and slaughtered his clan in the quest for more power. Though that didn't sit right with the young blonde. He knew there was more to it then that. There just had to be, but he knew the old man wouldn't tell him anything, even if his theory was correct.

Passing the Uchiha compound, Naruto turned right down a small side street that lead to the villages main road, where Ichiraku's was located. The young boy could already smell the tantalizing scent from where he was. With renewed urgency, Naruto quickly made his way to the stand.

"Hey old man." Naruto greeted the man behind the counter as he entered the stand, taking a seat near the far side of the counter.

"How was school, Naruto?" Teuchi asked before shouting in the back of the shop for his daughter.

"The usual, get in trouble for stuff I had nothing to do with." The blonde shrugged as a young girl around the age of ten skipped out from the back of the shop. Flour on her face, as well as some in her brown hair.

"You need something pop?" The girl asked before noticing her favorite customer was here. "Oh, hi Naruto-kun!"

"Good afternoon Ayame-chan, working hard?" Naruto smiled as the girl embraced him in a friend hug, rubbing some of the flour on him as well.

"Yup!" The girl exclaimed. "Someone has to keep this place running."

Naruto chuckled at the girls response and the girls father could only snicker at her antics.

"So what I can get ya Naruto?" Teuchi asked. "The usual?"

"Actually, I was told to request something a little different." The blonde smiled. "The Kushina Special."

At hearing the dish's name, the elder man froze in shock, nearly dropping the bowl he was drying off.

"Naruto, who told you to ask for this dish?" The ramen chef inquired, clearly thinking someone was playing a cruel prank on the boy. This was a dish only one person. One woman in all of the elemental nations could handle and no one has had the courage to order it in eight years.

"I over heard two shinobi's making a bet with each other. Loser had to order a large bowl of that particular dish." Naruto began to explain. "When I heard that your shop made it, I asked them about it."

"I suppose they didn't warn you about why no one orders this dish?" He elder man frowned.

"Actually, they did. I know what to expect and I still want to try it." The blonde smiled. "You can still make it, right Teuchi-oji-san?"

"Of course!" Teuchi exclaimed, feeling his pride as a chef was questioned. "Ayame, let's get to work. It's time you learned how to make this dish."

"Okay pops!" Ayame enthusiastically replied, still unsure as to why this dish was so special to her father.

As the father and daughter duo disappeared into the back of the shop, Naruto felt a little guilty about lying to them. Of course, how was he going to tell them that his very own mother was the one that suggested he try it out.

Flashback no Jutsu

As soon as Naruto's head hit the hospital pillow, the young boy had passed out. Immediately returning to his own, now more lush mindscape to spend some more time with his new found friend and partner, and to also look over the scroll that Jashin had left behind for him.

"Welcome back, Naruto-kun!" Ahri greeted happily as she bound over to where the young blonde and materialized.

"Thanks Ahri-chan." Naruto smiled as he was engulfed in a hug from the vixen girl.

"Here is the scroll that Jashin-sama left." The kyuubi girl stated as she handed her container the black scroll the goddess had left for her new champion. "She said that this will give you an introduction to some of your new powers."

"Awesome!" the young blonde stated, clearly excited and the concept of learning not only something new, but something only he would be able to do. Eagerly, he unrolled the scroll and gazed upon the blood red letters that emitted an odd shine to them, making them really stand out against the black background of the scroll. The young boy had to admit that there was something entrancing about the way the letters glowed.

Just as the two were about to delve into the knowledge the scroll held, a sudden bright flash of white light caught their attention. Alarmed, they stood up with Ahri standing in front of Naruto in a defensive stance, determined to protect the young boy. As the light died down, a lone feminine figure stood in the center of the field, clearly upset about something.


Maybe upset wasn't the exact word to describe the strange woman's current mood. The two remained quiet as the woman continued to rant and yell of the graphic things she was going to do to Naruto's father. As the two silently observed the woman, Ahri's eyes widened in realization.

"Ku-Kushina-chan!?" The kyuubi girl asked, a little unsure.

Hearing her name, the woman suddenly turned her attention to the other two in the area. Immediately, her eyes began to soften.

"Ahri-chan? Is that you?" The red haired woman asked as she slowly approached the two. Earning a nod from the fox girl, she then turned her attention to the blonde haired boy next to the kyuubi. "Then that must mean..."

Without hesitation she immediately burst forward and engulfed Naruto into a firm, but loving hug. Afraid to let this moment go as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"I'm so sorry sochi." She whispered as she kissed his cheek.

Naruto for his part didn't know what to say or do as the woman continued to say she was sorry over and over again and begged for his forgiveness that he had to shoulder such a burden. A few seconds ticked by before it all clicked into place. Gently, he embraced the woman back. Giving his mother a firm hug.

"It's okay Kaa-san, I don't blame you." He whispered, tears now starting to form in his eyes.

"I swear to kami, if I ever get my hands on that bastard of a husband of mine…."

"We know, you were very vocal and um, descriptive of what you were going to do kaa-chan."

Kushina blushed at the comment.

"Also, you don't have to worry about him anymore." Naruto continued, earning a confused look from his mother.

"Jashin-chan took his soul earlier today." The blonde boy explained.

Upon hearing the name Jashin, Kushina's eyes widened in fear. Also the fact that her son had added the -chan suffix at the end of the brutal goddesses name only elevated her worries. She knew that the life of a jinchuriki was hard and full of suffering, but did her child really suffer so much as to become a Jashinist?

"So-sochi, are you a..." She couldn't finish her question, but Naruto understood what she wanted to ask.

Taking a step back away from his mother, the young blonde let out a sigh before he turned his attention back to his mother. He could see the fear in her eyes about what his answer was going to be.

"Am I a Jashinist?" He asked for her, before shaking his head. "I am not sure if a simple name like that would apply to me really. I suppose I should begin with how my birthday started."

With a frown, Ahri sat down next to her container; not really excited to relive the morning's events again. But, the boys mother needed to know about the life her son has lead so far.

"Today was my birthday," Naruto began. "You would think a kid my age would be excited for it. But for me, this day always brought pain as it's also the day my bastard of a father defeated the kyuubi. Every year on my birthday, the matron of the orphanage would ensure I was locked or kicked out for some reason or another just so the mobs can organize their so called 'Fox Hunts'. It usually ends about how your imagining it."

For her part, Kushina was becoming more and more livid at the actions of the villagers. The same villagers that her ever so loving dear of a husband had promised would take care of their son in their absence should the worst come to happen. Her eyes suddenly widened. This is what that bastard meant by 'taking care' of their son.

"This year was the worst, and the best at the same time, ironically." Naruto smiled, breaking his mother out of her chain of thoughts. "This time, they actually almost succeeded in killing me. Ahri-chan did her best to try and heal me. But the damage I had taken was too much, especially with the way that bastard had to seal done. It also didn't help that the bastard made his appearance to make sure I didn't tamper with the seal. Bastard even attacked me, to ensure I couldn't get to the seal. Saying he wasn't about to let me undo his sacrifice."

"Naruto-kun fell unconscious again after being struck." Ahri started, filling in for when Naruto was knocked out. Though, in theory he could have remembered it either way since they were within his mind when it happened. "I argued with the bastard as he gloated about deceiving you with his lies. Acting all proud and how Naruto-kun would become colder after he survived his experience and become the villages weapon to bring the other nations under Konohagakure's rule."

"And then, Jashin-sama came." Ahri continued with a smile. "She took Minato-teme's soul to torture for eternity."

"But, his soul was given to the Shinigami." Kushina stated, confused at the events as well as worried that even the Kyuubi spoke about Jashin with respect.

"Shinigami-sama is her brother, and he gifted her his soul." Ahri smiled again. "After she took the teme's soul, she altered my seal to allow me to feed Naruto-kun more of my chakra to ensure he would live."

"It was shortly after that that I awoke to find both Ahri-chan and Jashin-chan talking." Naruto spoke again, bringing the attention back to him.

"Sochi, why do you keep using chan when talking about Jashin?" Kushina asked.

"Well, she kind of asked me to." The blonde chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. "Anyways, we talked a great deal and she offered to give me power, but at a cost."

Cautiously, he looked at his mother and could see that she was afraid of what he was going to sigh. However, he was also concerned with how she would react when he tells her that he is now a half demon and Jashin-chan's champion.

"To help me avoid future 'Fox Hunts' and the hatred from the villagers, she gave me a special power. A blood line if you will. However, the price is I am now a half demon. A hanyou."

"Why!?" Kushina exclaimed. "Why would you agree to such a thing?"

"Because I was tired of fearing for my life." Naruto bluntly stated, snapping his mother out of her hysteria. "And I know what you're thinking, and no. Jashin-chan didn't manipulate me into agreeing to accept her gift. We talked in detail about the pros and cons of it. In the end, I saw that the pros greatly out weighed the negatives"

"It's true Kushina-chan." The kyuubi girl spoke up again. "Jashin-sama spoke the truth about what changes would happen and Naruto-kun desperately needed a way to escape the hunts. Besides, I think he looks cuter now."

"Ahri-chan, are you flirting with your godson?" The red headed woman asked in a teasing tone.

"Godson?" Naruto inquired, confused by this new development.

"Yeah um, Kushina-chan kind of made me one of your Godmothers before you were born." Ahri rubbed her left arm in embarrassment.

"Anyways," The blonde hanyou began. "After giving me her gift of power, she made me her champion. When I am ready in terms of skill and strength, I am tasked with restoring Jashin-chans name to the world and wiping out the cults that have defiled her name."

"Cults?" Kushina asked. "I was under the impression that these cults did as Jashin commanded."

"And there in lies the problem." Naruto sighed. "You see, these cults work in their own self interest and will sacrifice anyone, regardless. Does Jashin-chan want souls? Yes, but only corrupt souls. These cults defile her name. So you see kaa-chan, you don't have to be afraid of Jashin-chan. Okay?"

"I see." Was all the elder Uzumaki said. Wrapping her mind around the information she had just been given.

"But I do have a question, Ahri-chan said she was one of my godmothers, who are the others?"

"Tsunade Senju, one of the three legendary sannin." His mother replied with a smile. "Your father though, named Jiraiya your godfather though."

"Then I know who not to trust." Naruto frowned. After his first impression of his father, he didn't trust anyone associated with the man; and with what he learned from Ahri-chan, he would wager that his godfather would also seek to manipulate him to further his fathers plan. Too bad Jashin-chan put a wrench in their plans.

Kushina for her part could only nod in agreement. She never liked the perverted old man to begin with and after her sons experience with his father, she couldn't blame him for not trusting anyone connected to the bastard.

"Finding who to trust is always a gamble." His mother remarked.

However, the seriousness of the moment was disrupted at the sound of the young blondes stomach rumbling in hunger, causing the two women to chuckle a little and the poor blonde boy to rub the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Soon as I get out of this hospital, I am getting me some ramen! Dattebayo!" The blonde proudly exclaimed, not noticing the verbal tick he had.

"No better ramen then Ichiraku's." Kushina smirked. "Teuchi is the chef of Kami himself!"

"I know! Where do you think I get my ramen?" The blonde replied. "Sure those instant ones are good to hold you over, but they taste bland. Though, Jashin-chan says I need to eat more then just ramen to get stronger."

"She's right dattebane!" The red head stated, for once agreeing with the goddess of blood and carnage. "You need to eat balanced so you can grow faster and become stronger. Girls aren't going to want a skinny hanyou."

Naruto could only smile at his mothers words. Especially the last part, since to him it symbolized that she had accepted his choice and had trust in him. However, the feeling of joy soon began to disappear as his mothers body began to fade.

"Looks like my time is up, sochi." She smiled as she knelt down, bringing her son into one last hug. Also dragging Ahri into it as well. Knowing full well this would be the last time she would see them.

"I love you kaa-chan, and I am going to miss you." Naruto wept, fully letting his tears fall.

"Tell you what sochi, the next time you go to Ichiraku's, ask the old man about The Kushina Special." Kushina commented with a warm smile. "I warn you, it is hot. It has to be to live up to my nick name, The Red Hot-Blooded Habanero!"

"I will kaa-chan, I will." he smiled.

Slowly, while still embracing the two. Kushina faded away one final time. Leaving two grieving individuals.

Flashback no Jutsu Dispelled

Naruto couldn't prevent a few tears from falling at the memory of his late mother. It was a bitter sweet moment for him. To finally be able to connect with her, only for it to be so short. Either way, he treasured it. Every second with her was priceless and he would cherish it. His train of thought was soon interrupted as the father and daughter duo returned, carefully holding a large bowl of ramen. Teuchi's face looked like if any drop of it spilled, that it would set fire to anything it touched.

Gently, the old man set the bowl down in front of Naruto with a concerned look. Almost as if silently praying that the young boy would survive this experience. For Naruto's part, he could smell the amount of spices and chilies wafting up into his nostrils, causing the boy's mouth to water in anticipation. Grabbing his chopsticks, took a cautious bite of the noodles. Almost immediately his eyes widened and began to water before he began to attack the bowl with gusto, much to the shock of the ramen chef. He had only ever seen one person in his life, eat this particular dish in such a way.

"That was great Teuchi-oji-san!" Naruto exclaimed once he finished the bowl. "I think I found my new favorite dish."

Teuchi could only look on, completely gobsmacked. He was half expecting the boy to start breathing fire with the amount of heat that was in that bowl. However, the boys reaction clearly told him that he was going to have to restock all of his chilies and spices in the very near future. Speaking of which, the elder man was surprised that the young boy had only ordered one bowl so far. Usually the young blonde would be on his tenth bowl by now.

"I'll be sure to keep the ingredients stocked then." Teuchi smiled.

"Thanks old man!" The blonde beamed as he pulled out his wallet to pay for the meal, only to be stopped by the ramen chef.

"Tonight is on the house my boy. For being the first person in eight years to order and finish such a dish." The old man stated, earning an agreeing nod from his daughter.

"Thanks again old man." Naruto said as he looked up a the darkening sky with a slight frown. "It's starting to get dark, so I am going to head home."

"Ayame, be a dear and walk Naruto home." Teuchi said, knowing full well his daughter had a crush on the boy.

"Of course pops." She smiled as she made her move to join the young boy, only to be stopped.

"Ayame-chan, I can't allow you to do that." He smiled sadly. "You know how the villagers feel about me, and I can not allow you to put yourself in harms way for me."

"I just don't want you to get hurt either." Ayame frowned, not knowing of all the times Naruto had been hospitalized from previous attacks before his sixth birthday.

"I'll be fine." He reassured her with a gentle hug. "Besides, the darkness is the ally to a shinobi. And I am going to be the best shinobi the world has ever seen. Dattebayo!"

Ayame and Teuchi could only chuckle in response at the confidence the boy exuded. They believed that he would make a fine shinobi. Especially with his selfless attitude. The fact that he didn't want to put Ayame in any sort of danger only increased the mans respect for the boy, and fed the crush the young girl had on him.

Without saying anything else, Naruto had left the ramen stand and made his way towards the apartment that the Hokage had managed to secure for him. Of course, like everything else when it pertained to the boy, the village leader was met with some resistance about the course of action. In the end, a compromise had to be made, so instead of the nice apartment that Hiruzen had intended for the boy, Naruto was given a run down apartment in the Red Light District of the village.

To be honest, Naruto didn't mind in the slightest. A more run down place was perfect in his eyes as it attracted less attention. Not to mention, he really didn't want to have a nice apartment ruined for the inevitable graffiti and such that were bound to happen. And it did. No sooner had the blonde moved into the apartment, did the walls begin to get covered in various forms of graffiti. While the vandalism riled up the kyuubi girl to no end, Naruto merely ignored it. Knowing full well that until he became a shinobi, there was little he could do to retaliate in any form.

"Thherere heeh ish." Slurred a drunken man, as he stumbled out of Shushu-ya, one of the villages more popular pubs. Due to it's close proximity of the villages more perverted and carnal secrets. "Lesht's gaht hihm!"

Despite the incoherence of the man, other patrons who were less intoxicated were quick to jump to the mans call. Grabbing bottles and other items that could be used as weapons to attack the eight year old, the group of a dozen or so began to chase after the boy. Paying no mind to the young girl crouched on the roof over looking the street. A scowl dug in deeply on her face.

'Here we go again.' Naruto sighed mentally as he took off down the street at speeds faster then a normal eight year old. Much to the anger of the mob behind him. 'Get enough distance between me and them, duck into the alley and disappear into the shadows and watch as they rage yet another failure to corner me.'

Ahri could only giggle in response. While she wasn't to fond of running, she couldn't help but admit how hilarious the end result would be. Even she learned a few new profane words from the mobs that failed in their assignment.

As planned, Naruto quickly ducked into the ally way and was running to the end where the darkest shadows were. However, he didn't expect some shinobi to be in the mob as a kunai whizzed by his cheek, catching the blondes attention.

"You're pretty fast for a demon brat." The nameless shinobi stated with a grin as he pulled out another kunai.

"Yeah well, when you have morons constantly trying to kill you, you learn to move fast." Naruto shrugged, not showing any signs of worry. Though he was a bit disappointed that his initial plan had fallen through leaving him no choice but to show off some of his powers in front of witnesses.

By now the rest of the mob had caught up, some of them winded from the distance they had to run to catch up to the demon brat. Clearly not happy about having to run just to catch up with the brat.

"Well, you won't have to worry about that any more." The shinobi grinned maliciously. "Because you won't survive after tonight."

Without waiting for a reply, the shinobi of the group quickly threw the kunai he had in his hand a the blonde boy. However, to both parties surprise, it never made it as a second kunai came from above and knocked the first out of the air.

A few seconds later a lone feminine figure jumped down from the roof. Naruto noted that she had purplish hair, tied up into a pineapple like fashion. Her burgundy tee shirt hiding her figure as a pair of khaki shorts rounded out her outfit.

"You lot are pretty brave when teaming up against a kid." She replied as she twirled a kunai in her fingers as she stared down the mob.

'Figures, now that I can look out for myself someone decides to interfere.' Naruto frowned to himself. Not that he didn't appreciate the help, but with the girl now defending him, he couldn't in good conscious abandon her here.

"No surprise the snake whore would defend the demon brat." The male shinobi taunted, earning a glare from the girl in question. However, her glare turned into a sinister grin as a snake she had summoned previously closed in on her opponents leg.

Without warning, the snake struck, sinking it's fangs deep into the shinobi's flesh. Injecting a massive amount of venom as it did so. Yelling out in pain, the man kicked the snake away before turning back to the woman before him. In a last ditch effort in killing not only the snake whore, but the demon brat as well, he tossed a final kunai with an explosive tag attached to it.

Seeing this, the purple haired woman cursed and turned and lunged towards the blonde haired boy, covering him as the explosion went off, sending massive amounts of shrapnel and other debris all over the alley way. A fair amount hit the girl along her back, ripping her shirt and skin as blood began to pool around her.

Two two pariah's didn't have much time to consider their position as the wall fell over, burying the two in a pile of dust and debris. Luck as on their side as it had left a big enough pocket for them to not be crushed. However, that didn't raise Naruto's hopes any. The girl who had risked her own safety was in serious condition, and he knew that by the time anyone took the time to investigate, she would be long dead, and no doubt he would be blamed for it.

'Ahri-chan, is there anything I can do?' The blonde mentally asked, as he could feel the girls body growing cold from the blood loss she was suffering from her wounds.

'There is one thing, but I don't know how the girl will react when she wakes up.' The kyuubi girl responded, though already not liking how things were turning out.

'What do I need to do Ahri-chan?'

'You need to mark her as your mate.' Was the Kyuubi girls simple reply. A simple reply that seemed to hit the blonde like a ton of bricks, no pun intended due to the situation they were in currently.

'Wait. What?'

'It's the only way. You have to inject your hanyou chakra into her so that she can heal.' Ahri quickly explained, knowing that they didn't have much time and if her container wanted to save this girls life, this was the only way to succeed. 'You need to do it now. Just bite her on her shoulder and inject your chakra into her.'

Not arguing, Naruto gently turned the unconscious girl around so that she was facing him. He couldn't help but note that she was cute. With some encouragement from Ahri, he leaned down and bit into the girls left shoulder and began to pump his chakra into her.

Slowly, he could feel warmth coming back to her skin as his chakra began to heal her wounds she had sustained from the explosion. Suddenly, off to the left side of his face, an audible pop sound was heard as smoke rose up from the base of her neck.

'She must have had another mark, not a mate mark but a servant mark. It felt, tainted.' Ahri concluded. 'At any rate, your mark over powered it and destroyed whatever was in it. I just hope that mark wasn't special to her.'

After a handful of seconds had passed, Naruto released his jaws from the girls shoulder and saw as a black sun like design appeared on her shoulder with a black fox looking head with red eyes in the center of it. The suns flames took the form of tails. Nine of them, sprouting out from behind the fox head.

'So this is what my mark looks like?' He questioned mentally. Liking the design of it. Even Ahri was in awe of how it looked, secretly hoping she would get one too. A blush appearing across her face at the thought.

The blonde boy and his tenant were taking out of their thoughts as the girl before them began to groan, signaling that she was waking up. Slowly stirring, she sat up and groggily rubbed her neck where her former curse mark use to be.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked, even though she was. Physically at least. His chakra saw to that. Mentally and emotionally though, that was a different question.

"The hell happened?" The girl asked, still a little disoriented from the events.

"You saved me from the mob that was trying to kill me." The blonde answered, catching the attention of the girl finally. "Why did you risk yourself to save me?"

"Because you needed help." She simply answered with a shrug. In truth she didn't know why she got involved. All she knew was that she just hated the idea of a mob of cowards would gang up on a kid and even threaten to kill him.

Another thing that was making it's rounds within her mind was how she was feeling. She remembered the kunai being thrown, the explosive tag going off, her jumping to cover the boy and then, blackness. Now however, she felt like she was more in tune with her surroundings. Not to mention, despite the blast, she felt no pain anywhere on her body.

"What happened to me?" She asked, looking in the direction the boys voice came from. Only able to make out his silhouette as various clouds covered the moon that filtered into the cracks of the debris pile.

"You were badly hurt." Naruto sighed, preparing himself to be lashed out on. "In order to save you, I had to do something, and I hope you won't be too upset."

Being greeted with only silence, the boy continued.

"Your injuries were life threatening." He began. "In order to save your life I had to mark you."

"Mark me?" her tone was clearly displeased.

"Yes." Naruto sighed as he prepared for the worse. "Truth is, the villagers are right. I am a demon. Or at least a half demon thanks to their attack on me two years ago. So in order to save your life, I had to mark you as a mate."

'A potential mate.' Ahri chimed in as she began to remember smaller details about the marking ritual. 'In order for you two to become mates, she must accept and mark you back.'

"Sorry, potential mate. This stuff is still pretty new to me." He nervously chuckled.

"Great." The girl sighed. "Another mark. I may as well just start collecting them since I seem to attract them."

"You only have one." Naruto commented.

"What do you mean only one? I got marked by that snake bastard six years ago!" She exclaimed.

"My mark over powered his and destroyed it." The hanyou explained as the moon light lit up the inside, fully exposing both of their faces to each other for the first time.

For her part, she was taken back by how handsome the boy was, despite being a good six years younger then her. His blue ways seemed to glow in the darkness, giving off a sense of intimidation to an enemy, and comfort to an ally. Even more so, she was shocked that she had been freed from the snake bastard by this boy. Reaching up, she trailed her fingers across where it once was only to find nothing. No lumps or anything to show it was there. She did though, feel the slight rise in her skin where her new mark was. Though she couldn't see it, she traced around it's design, making a mental note to take a look at it in a mirror as soon as she good.

"Don't worry, it should disappear in a week or so." Naruto explained. "The only way it would stay is if you were to mark me to accept it and thus, agreeing to be my mate for life."

"And just how would I mark you?" She asked with a slight grin as the clouds covered the moon once more, delving the two into darkness once more.

"Same way I marked you." He shrugged, not knowing just how close to danger he was as he continued to recite what Ahri was telling him. "You would have to bite my shoulder and inject your chakra into me so that they mix and form a bond. However doing this will also change you into a hanyou as well."

Without warning, the girl moved forward and grabbed the young boy, sinking her teeth into his left shoulder as well, drawing some blood to the poor boys dismay as he felt her chakra start to enter his body. Out of instinct, he clamped down on her shoulder as well. Almost as if sealing the ritual and mating the two for life.

Once she was down, the girl sat back and wiped the blood from her mouth. Giving it a timid lick as she noted it's flavor.

"So um, what's your name?" The girl asked in an embarrassed tone.

"Shouldn't we have established that before we mated for life?" Naruto quirked a brow. Though he couldn't help but chuckle. "Anyways, I am Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, resident demon brat."

"The sexy and no longer single Anko Mitarashi." The girl now identified as Anko introduced herself. Earning another chuckle from the boy in front of her.

"Nice to meet you." He smiled.

Additional Authors Notes: And that is chapter two! Hope everyone enjoyed it.

So for some references, the 'General Studies' school is behind the Uchiha compound and across the Naka River. At least from the map I am using as reference for how the village is laid out. Also, I decided to put the Shushu-ya pub just at the outskirts of the Red Light District, which is close to where Naruto's apartment is, hence why he had to pass by the pub. Also, I needed a reason for our favorite Snake Mistress to enter the fray and become Naruto's first mate.

I know a few are asking why Naruto didn't just disappear into the shadows when Anko showed up. The answer, same reason he told to Ayame. He doesn't want any one to get hurt for him if he can help it. Also the fact he wasn't expecting a ninja to be in the crowd this time around, nor was he expecting another ninja in the form of Anko to actually come to his defense as very few have in the past.

Also implied is that our little Ahri-chan is crushing hard on Naruto. And for those who may be confused, her physical appearance in her human form is that of a girl around Naruto's age, so he wouldn't feel too uncomfortable around her.

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