Dom and Brian are headed home when they are injured in an accident.

"Glad that's behind us now," Dominic tightened his grip on the steering wheel of his Charger, "I hated being in Rollo's debt. Carting stuff around for him can get you in trouble with people likeā€¦ well people like you." he shot a wry glance at the passenger seat.

"You still not gonna tell me about the history between you two?"

Dominic kept his eyes on the setting horizon and avoided the gaze of his passenger.

"Nice of you to join me. You didn't have to come you know."

"Figured someone ought to keep an eye on you," said Brian. "Rollo has dirt on you, doesn't he?"

"Ask me that again and I'll turn this car around and leave you at that old shack we just passed." Dom meant it as a joke, but the words came out harshly.

"Well maybe I'd just catch a ride with that truck," Brian gestured at the darkening horizon where a large, red vehicle, the lone spot of color against a gray sky, approached. A chilly silence filled the interior of Dom's car as both occupants came to the same realization. The truck was barrelling towards them on the wrong side of the road.

Dominic swerved, but the collision couldn't be avoided.

The crunch and screech of metal was overly familiar to them both. Their world turned about, swirled around, and exploded in a blast of plastic and earth.

Afterwards, shards of glass littered the ground and reflected the moon like a constellation of shattered stars. The Charger came to rest on its side. There was no movement within.

The truck driver exited his intact vehicle and strode to the broken one with a crowbar in hand.

The noise of the search startled the driver of the Charger out of stupor. Nothing felt right. Even the vision before him made no sense. The rocky ground swirled with the shattered car parts and darkening sky. His head throbbed as blood rushed to his head. The noise continued. Someone was - what were they doing? Then it came to him and Dominic Torretto wanted a weapon. This must have been deliberate.

Whatever happened next Dominic did not want to face it while restrained in the car. The man outside banged his metal tool on the remains of the Charger and cursed. Dom struggled against his seatbelt, battled the steering wheel, and wondered if the man outside would hear him and come swinging. Instead, the profanities grew fainter as the truck driver stomped away, kicking rocks as he left. Shortly after, tires squealed and a motor rumbled away.

The man's banging must have muffled his own noises, thought Dominic.

Finally, he succeeded in releasing himself. He slid to rest against the driver-side window and the ceiling of the car. His sore body protested as he pulled himself into a crouch and turned his attention to the passenger seat.

A chill slithered along Dom's spine as he looked at Brian's twisted, still body. His face was gone, a bloody mess left in its place. For endless seconds Dominic refused to believe his eyes. He stretched his hands towards the body as tears watered his vision. Sharp pain blossomed in his right shoulder and took his breath away. He reached across his own body with his left hand and shook the one beside him.

Bubbles appeared where Brian's mouth should have been. He coughed and brought a hand to the bubbles, wiped them and the blood away so he could pant freely.

As Dominic's heart returned to a normal rhythm, as he realized he could hear more than just his pulse beating in his ear, and he released a breath he didn't know he'd been holding, Dom noticed that Brian had a deep gash in his scalp which had bled profusely onto his face causing the mistake.

He gritted his teeth and set himself to the painful task of freeing his friend.

Brian landed on Dom's lap and moaned as he rolled his head from side to side. The sharp tang of blood filled Dom's nostrils.

Dominic reached for his cell phone then winced at the pain. His right hand worked, but the shoulder didn't. They would have to get out of the car so he would have room to pull his phone out with his opposite hand. If they could get through the windshield they could just step outside. He pushed his palm against the glass. The windshield had suffered three long cracks during the collision, but it did not budge for Dominic.

He sighed as he thought about the glass breaker that his sister had insisted on giving him, just in case. But he had dumped it in the trunk along with the other supplies she always packed for him.

He wrapped both hands around Brian's torso and maneuvered him as he prepared to try to kick out the windshield. The steady heartbeat underneath warm skin and firm ribs reassured Dominic. They both survived the crash. He would get them out of this and they would be fine.

He drew in a breath and aimed his foot toward the windshield.

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