Author's notes: I rewatched one of the trailers of Final Fantasy Versus XIII in high quality resolution. It allowed me to study finer details of each scene, especially the facial expressions of Stella and Noctis when they encounter each other and seem unwilling to initiate a combat.

Observing details which once passed unnoticed, inspired me to write this piece about them & their introspective thoughts, based on that particular scene. Certain paragraphs reflect the point of view of Noctis while others, those of Stella. Decided not to mark which of these are referred to either of the 2 characters, allowing the reader to experience my writing however they enjoy. The last paragraph though, is a reflection of both.

Under the Night Sky

How do I confront my heart? How can I face the pain within myself? I need to answer these questions, reach out to you, hold your hands. An inescapable truth requires a battle between you and me. It is the cruelty of a fate that we must oppose. Searching for another way shouldn't look like an impossibility. Our stars cannot keep us separated; they're not to dictate our choices.

Remember the night we met. I recognised the real you. Won't relinquish the words we've spoken to each other, or all these moments between us. Yet, the desire of my heart is silenced by inquiry and fear. Trapped in a predestined rivalry— one that shouldn't define our existence. The anguish in your serene eyes feels like a stab to my heart. I need to scream, call out your name, but my lips remain sealed, determined. A quiet, unspoken despair is slowly surrounding my soul. Why can't I be with you?

Our bond is subject to the shackles of our curse. I long to embrace you, not stop you from keeping me close. You're near me right now, but it's our reality that causes me to miss you. I wrestle with the most profound sorrow as I summon my blade. Will my tears show? Or will they be forgotten? I make an effort not to blink as I feel your gaze meeting mine. This resolve is fragile, but somehow, it must be preserved.

There's no time for weakness. So, I won't allow my lip to tremble as I feel a sharp sob climbing my throat. The will to strengthen my perseverance, shall hide the traces of sadness... No matter where we find ourselves, you are with me and I with you. Even in this fight, I refuse to let our souls part ways.

Keep the emotions we shared within the core of your being. My love won't be erased by ache or doom; no matter where our stars take us or how many walls they raise as we unfold this future. For all eternity, I will stand by you. That's the promise I'll keep.