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-place Unknown -time Unknown-

-No ones pov-

A small pack of three hooded figures wearing white traveling at high speeds across the rooftop's fleeing from the scene of their lasted job, they only stop once they are far away in a safe location, the rain is coming down hard but none of the figures pay any mind to the falling water.

Even as two of the figures kneel before the first one heads bowed in respect to their mission leader, who regards them with level yet calm glowing amber eyes from under their hood before speaking calmly in Italian "take this mission report and these two letters to the Mentor, and inform her that should she need my skills again, then she only needs to word, you did very well on your third mission although you still need to improve find another who can help you train, cause i am going home".

They salute their mission leader before going to Italy base for the Order to inform the Mentor that the extra help she had needed has returned home, looking up at the night sky filed with storm clouds 'guess i had better get going before the planes are grounded due to the storm' with those thoughts in mind the hooded figure heads towards the airport.

Due to a well learn survival instinct the airport security, all to happily ignores the fact they just allowed a heavily armed and deadly assassin, onto a plane with defenseless normal people.

-place japan time 3:33am-

The house is silent besides for the sound of steady breathing of her Father and Aleu while they sleep, so Haruhi is silent while she walks to her room intent on removing her robes as well as the blank porcelain wolf mask that hides her face while she is doing any jobs for the Order.

To tired from the long plane ride home, Haruhi doesn't bother taking a hot shower or drying her wet hair off from the rain, she just goes to sleep after putting on a shirt and shorts, knowing she well need to get up in a few hours to get for school.

Upon waking up three and a half hours later she regrets deciding to go to high school, instead of just skipping it and heading right to law school, her whole body hurts, her head is pounding painfully Haruhi wants so badly to stay in bed and sleep off her fever, but she has already missed to many days of school due to her illness.

And if she miss's anymore days she would has to repeat the year, and she doesn't have time to waste on repeating years of school, so painfully yet slowly she gets out of bed to get ready for the day, taking a shower, getting dressed, eating some breakfast then taking her medicine and some cold medicine.

Haruhi waves goodbye to her still half asleep father and somewhat awake Aleu on her way out the door, she goes about her school day as she always does ignoring the annoying rich brats, eating left over dinner under a tree, and after school is used for continuing her search for the perfect studying place.

But like always the library, is still to fucking irritating due to no actually studying instead of gossiping like rich old maids, staring at the door to music room year three she wonders if it well be worth the trouble that her instincts are informing her of, using eagle vision her brown eyes turn gold as she views six figures standing near each other and another figure in another room nearby possibly another club or something.

That lone figure is the shining blue of an ally, two of the six figures are also allies, three of them are white so ether an undecided or harmless, while the final one is a blazing red an enemy, letting eagle vision fade away Haruhi takes a breath before opening the door, a gale of rose petals fly past her as she walks into the room.

The scent of heavy perfume is the first thing she smells as six male say unison "welcome princess to the Host Club" the door shuts behind her back, and Haruhi starts wondering what kind of high has a host club is the headmaster out of his mind?, she is pulled away from the door by a blonde that's WAY to close to her face for Haruhi's liking.

As he starts to talk a mile a minute to her about well herself and how she so poor, awesome and a lot of other bullshit she could care less for etc etc.

Haruhi counts to 100 in her head so she doesn't kill the annoying blonde pervert still infront of her face, who has yet to stop talking once "your a hero! to all poor people Fujioka, long live the poor" then when she try's to leave once more.

Only to be pulled back by a small blonde child!? holding a pink stuffed bunny in his arms, while he is saying in a very happy tone of voice "wow Haru-Chan! you're like a super-hero or something".

She cough's a few times before staring at the small blonde with worry her tone gentle "bambino why are you here with male courtesan's?, not even the red light district's or the brothels where courtesan's make their money allow children to help, in fact the lady's of the night and their Madame's would kill any who try's to introduce a child into their line of work, that goes double for the brothels all over Italy".

Haruhi lifts the small blondes chin making him look into her glowing amber eyes "tell me bambino which of the men here is leader?, shall i burn your contract to this high school brothel on your behalf? free you?" he steps back calmly out of her reach as he smiles slightly "Haruhi i am 17 and we don't have sex with our guests..., we entertain them and treat them like ladies, but thank you for your concern about my well being".

Tilting her head to the side curiousily "i see... well the offer still stands for me to burn your contract, what is your name?" the blonde grins at her happily "my name is Mitsukuni Haninozuka you can call me honey, and this is my cousin his name is Takashi Morinozuka, you can call him Mori" Honey walks over to a tall young man with short spiky black hair and a calming aura.

The annoying blonde from earlier appears in front of Haruhi taking her hand into his own as he leans his face Way to close to her own again as he says way to happily "So which type of guy are you into?, the cool type?, the little devil type?, the wild type?, boy Lolita type?, or you into a guy like me?".

He takes her chin into his hand, and gets even closer to her face then the last time, their noses almost touching "I was just looking for a quiet place to study!, i have no interest in any type of courtesan!" she states hoarsely as Haruhi starts to back away from him.

As she try's and fails to open the door again Haruhi starts coughing harshly into her hand, then soon enough the room around her starts to spin wildly, gravity takes over, a load crash sounds, pain and the scent of blood, the feeling of a pair of strong arms lifting a barely awake Haruhi into a bridal style carry, as the familiar aura of canine youkai and a sense of safety fills her sense's as she finally black's out from her fever.

A pained groan leaves Haruhi as she wakes up, but when she try's to sit up right, only to be stopped by a strong yet gentle hands on her shoulder's and a serious yet soothing voice saying "don't Haru-chan, you have a high fever and you hurt your self, when you crashed into the vase and passed out" slowly opening her eyes to look at the one who stopped her and Haruhi finds Honey and Mori looking at her with worry.

Honey hands her a piece of closed paper "here Haru-chan Kyoya the clubs vice president, wanted you to read this when you woke up, its what you have to pay for the vase you crashed into earlier, there are instructions in there too" he smile's sadly as he says the last part.

Opening the note reading calmly a few times to make sure she doesn't miss any hidden threats or possible loopholes, Haruhi groans in a pained manner upon finding that she now has to pay the host club $8.000.000 dollars.

And to pay off her new found debt, she has to become the host clubs DOG!, and oh joy she starts tomorrow!, Mori and Honey look amused when she try's to burn the note with her eye's instead of using her sky flames, then soon enough Honey says firmly "Haru-chan me and Takashi will give you a ride home, and help explain this to your father right Takashi?".

Mori nods his head and says "yeah" and no sooner have the two of them decided that their helping her, does Haruhi find herself safely in Mori's arms again, as she is kinda unwillingly taken to their car before she can even say no, and all she can think is 'FUCK DAD'S GONNA KILL ME!' as she carried out of the building.

Unknown to the pair of amused glowing indigo eyes watching these events take place from the safety of the shadows.

Upon arriving home the front door, it opens by it's own accord, and Haruhi is forced to reach out her hand to catch the poisoned knife hurtling towards Mori's jugular.

Something large rush's past Haruhi and then she hears a load thump and growling, sighing tiredly while pinching the bridge of her nose in annoyance, as she say firmly "DAD!, ALEU!, these two nice inu warriors are a part of my new club, they are here because I past out after school so they were kind enough to bring me home, and we need to talk NOW, so Dad put your knife's away now and Aleu get OFF of Honey now" her father looks at Haruhi strangely but he does as he was told, and so does her soul partner Aleu Haruhi motions for the now nervous Honey and Mori to follow her inside.

She leaves to go make some tea and while Dad, Aleu were sitting at one end of the table, with Mori and Honey were sitting at the other end "ok I'm back with the tea" calmly sitting down between Dad and Mori while giving them each a tea.

After dad has finished his tea only then does Haruhi give him the note she got from Kyoya, Ryoji jumps to his feet the note in his hand burs into nothing due to his storm flames, as an enraged hiss leaves the older man "i will kill them all for making my daughter into a DOG just for a mere 8.000.000 dollars!".

Taking note of his inu youkai guests he adds quickly "and I mean no offence to ether of you Mori-kun Honey-kun, ~~now then Haruhi be a good girl, while your father goes hunting for that human trash~~, please Honey-kun Mori-kun look after her awhile I am gone" all Mori and Honey can do is sweat drop at the older man's actions, and however before Ryoji can make out of the front door.

Haruhi grabs him from under his shoulder's and locks her hands against the back of his neck, thus keeping him in place her tone is serious "NO you well NOT kill those damn human boys, just because they made me their lap dog they don't even know that i am a female they think that I'm a male".

Noting that Ryoji looks ready to say something stupid Haruhi cuts him off first "and before you even ask me, there IS NO WAY I am asking HIM for the money, this is MY debt and my problem, so i'll fix it myself, so don't make it harder for me by getting yourself hurt or worse getting yourself killed".

The fight leaves Ryoji as he sighs, nodding his head at her in defeat while he states calmly "fine.. ok I will let you do it your way, BUT if you don't pay off your debt by the end of your first year at school, then... let's just say we do things my way, and you have to inform HIM of this new debt of yours before your 16th birthday in February, and that's the only deal you'll get from me Haruhi" she smile's brightly at him then lets Ryoji go, they head back to the table to talk more with Mori and Honey.

Haruhi is in the kitchen making dinner while the others are still in the living room talking, Honey and Mori share a look before the small blonde looks at the odd man who is Haruhi's father, as the inu states calmly yet curiously "you know for humans you and Haru-Chan are really strange, how come you both knew Takashi and i were inu youkai?".

Ryoji smirks at the curious young dog, rolling up his long left sleeve thus revealing a crimson moon marking on his shoulder "i have been a member of the Crimson Clan since i was seven years old, and even though i was the first human to become the personal assassin to our king, after i got fatally injured saving my teams lives during a job our king gave me two choices".

He looks pained as he continues "be turned into a youkai of my choice without my wife following suit due to her not wanting to be one even to save her own life, or leave both the Order as well as my Clan behind to live among normal humans with my human wife..." he trails off gazing at his late wife's picture.

"I am still a member of my clan i just wish things had been different..., Kotoko died when Haruhi was very young around five or so, Iori found me trying not to cry while i was signing paperwork to cremate Kotoko's body Haruhi can tell you herself where she was during this eventful time, but after i was finished with the paperwork our king brought me to another room and simply held me close while i broke down, said i wasn't allowed back at the order unless i was turned, but he allowed both Haruhi and i to return to the clan that action alone gave the strength to raise my daughter to be better then i ever was".

Ryoji grins brightly "she is all i could have hoped for, even without Kotoko to help raise her, i didn't have to raise Haruhi completely alone well... at least not after she turned seven, i fall in love with the woman whom Haruhi calls mother, whom is with the rest of the family in Italy at the moment, so yes boys Haruhi and i know all to well that your not human and that doesn't matter or bother us at all, in fact we prefer none-humans over most of the human race, so don't worry so much about playing human while around us".

Both the dog demons are shocked by Ryoji's speech as well as the fact he was raised in their kings own clan, although they do start to wonder what Haruhi was up to that day, who this HIM is to Haruhi, as well as what the rest of her family is like, but the young woman in question returns to the living room with dinner so they let such matters go for now.

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