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On with the story

-time skip two weeks later-

-place Shigure Sohma's house time 11:12am-

-No one's pov-

Shigure is reading a book at the table, Kyo is in the backyard practicing his martial arts, Hatori is giving Yuki his monthly check up and Tohru is making lunch when a very load crunch sounds from outside following by a panic load knock at the door.

She puts the stew on simmer and heads to open the door, only to blink a few times in shock and surprise at the site of the heavily panting panicked 28 year old woman, long dark purple hair in a messy tangled bed head kind of state, black eyes with a glowing purple ring, purple tear drop marking underneath her left eye Wearing only a man's long sleeve green pajama shirt and a pair of black cotton panties.

Tohru is worried about the other woman because she seems to be in a horrible state right now, so gently as not to make her guest afraid or run away Tohru carefully guides the woman into the house.

Shigure is actually the first to notice their guest tone concerned "Tohru? is your friend alright maybe Ha'ri should take a quick look at her?".

For some reason at the mention of Ha'ri, the woman's head snaps up eyes searching the room before landing on Hatori who has just returned from Yuki's room.

And before anyone can do as much as blink an eye, she is gone from view only returning once she is standing in front of the doctor, who allows himself to be pulled onto the floor when she grabs onto his coat.

Her forehead is pressed against his chest as she shakes heavily her tone broken, confused and pained "Hatori..., I woke up and you were gone, then the stabbing pain started then the blood, there's no wound... but there's still blood... why...? make it go away Hatori..".

Sighing softly at her words Hatori rests his forehead gently onto her shoulder tone soothing yet calm "it's only your menstrual cycle now follow my breathing pattern Skull".

The woman Skull does as ordered and soon enough she is listless in a kinda sleepy state of being, Shigure watches in true shock and amazement as his cousin holds the woman close to his chest as he carries her unmoving form to the back porch, gently laying her down onto the wooden surface and laying down beside her pulling her close.

And the dog could have sworn he saw green lightning move across their bodies, but the only thought that he even knows about at the moment is the fact that his cousin is holding a woman and not transforming into his zodiac form.

Five minutes later she wakes up to find herself in his arms, and doesn't even hesitate to draw closer burying her face into his chest to which Hatori chuckles fondly rubbing circles into her back, her tone is slightly muted by his chest but everyone still hears her load and clear.

"Remind me again for what reason, as to why I haven't simply gotten fixed to end this monthly hell" he smirks slightly knowing that Skull hates her period with a flaming passion "because you said that you wanted to give me children of our own blood instead of simply adopting".

Skull groans softly at his words "damm your good DNA and my instincts, how many did you want again... six? Seven?" Hatori gives a warm laugh eye shining with joy "five but if you want ten I have no problems helping you".

This little tease of his gains him a small hit on the chest as she growls lightly "I knew it you said ten!, you told me that was a drunken dream bastard!, I'm not gonna sleep with you at all, in fact I'm gonna go to stay with Viper".

Hatori sits up easily bringing Skull with him as he looks into her eyes shining brightly with future pranks "your going to stay with your brother or within my arms reach until your period ends, then you corrupt Kyoya by introducing him to Viper".

Skull grins evilly as she stands up before offering her hand to him and they begin walking to the very confused Shigure and Tohru, looking at the man beside her out of the corner of her eye she smiles warmly "of course..., this is only between us, Anubis knows what Haruhi well do to me when she finds out".

Hatori snorts back a laugh at the thought of what his sky well do to Skull when she finds out the woman's plans for one of her boys, taking her hand firmly into his own.

"maybe invite both of them to the wedding?" Skull laughs happily "viper was already coming to take blackmail pictures of us and the other happy couple, so just have to smuggle Haruhi's boys onto a jet and we're home free for about a week until she realizes that it was planned".

They don't have to say anything else about the wedding or Skull's evil plans, Hatori tightens his hold on Skulls hand as he looks at his cousin calmly "Shigure, Tohru, this is Skull the woman I am marrying in ...two weeks?" Skull snickers at the fact her doctor is still unsure of the wedding date, so she takes pity on him "three weeks dear, Tsuna still has to fly Nana to Italy and Von still has to lock that blonde idiot in a cell".

Hatori's smirk is almost pure evil at thought of what awaits Tsuna's idiot father "wonderful your brother really knows what gift to give someone on their wedding day" Skull grins warmly before smiling sheepishly at Tohru "sorry you had to see me like that kiddo, thanks for opening up the door or else I would have had broken it down...".

Tohru blinks a few times at the older woman's words tilting her head to the side in confusion her tone worried "what was wrong? and are you gonna be alright now?".

The cloud looks at the doctor with a raised eyebrow "is this sweet kiddo always like this? and did you do a blood test to see if she and Nana are related?" Hatori openly laughs at the questions his tone amused "yes to both, they're not related and Tohru is just very similar to Nana".

And Skull can't help it anymore and Hatori gives a small smile when Tohru soon finds herself in the older woman's arms being cuddled with Skull cooing about her cuteness.

It seems that Hatori can't help himself ether because he doesn't hesitate to speak seriously yet calmly "we could stay here for the rest of the day and you could teach Tohru a few skills" these words have Skull acting like a extremely happy person as she spins the poor teenage girl around in her arms like one would a child.

"It's a wonderful idea, only..." he doesn't like the sound of the pause and soon his thoughts are right on the money as he watches Skull grin sheepishly at him "we need to take a rain check on that plan, because I might have called Haru ...and gave the address of this house in my panic".

It seems luck isn't on his side today, because there is a knock at the front door and Shigure goes to open the door, then soon enough following his cousin in mostly all her pissed off glory is his sky.

And Hatori is out the back door speeding off into the woods in less then five seconds of seeing Haruhi.

It takes three full seconds of her standing in the living room beside Shigure, before Haruhi realizes that her lightning is gone with the wind, and she snaps brown eyes turning amber with her sky flames as she cracks her knuckles threateningly, her voice is enough to make death himself run away.

"HATORI...!, you'd better run faster because your going to ya'r wedding in a fucking body cast, Skull's gonna have to kill me to get me away from ya" the pissed off sky ignores everyone else in the house as she speeds off to capture her lightning.

Leaving Skull behind with Hatori's very confused blood family, Shigure Isn't as carefree or nice as he appears when it comes to his family so he drops the nice guy act just long enough to give Skull a too kind smile with his eyes closed "Skull care to tell me why my cousin is running away from that young man?".

The stuntwoman snorts back a harsh remark because the man in front of her isn't a threat in the least he is only a innocent outsider to her family, so she treats him as such giving a warm welcoming smile that throws Shigure off balance.

"That young woman is very protective of what's her's and Ha'ri forgot about the fact that we both belong to her, so when Haruhi got a call from a very panicked me about an hour before I got here, let's just say she wasn't going to let him off the hook for forgetting to call her himself".

For some reason unknown to him the fight leaves him just as quickly as it appeared and he gives a true smile "Ha'ri does tend to forget about social common sense like calling doesn't he?" skull grins softly at the man as she pulls Tohru into another hug for cuddling "yes he does but that's one of the many reasons why I love that silly serious man".

Yuki comes down the stairs just in time to see Tohru being cuddled by an older woman and he looks to Shigure for the answer as to why to which the older grins happily "I have no clue why Skull likes Tohru so much but it's not cute, in fact it's adorable to watch".

Yuki face palms at his cousins idiocy when his attention is drawn away from the the girls to see Hatori with a bright red hand print marking on his cheek, while calmly carrying an unconscious boy in his arms, the older man's tone is icy cold "better watch your step Shigure the ice is dangerously thin for you".

The doctor gives a cruel smirk eye flashing emerald with his lightning flames tone a dark purr "and besides cousin, you wouldn't be able to survive Skull you'd die for certain" Kyo spits out the orange juice he was drinking when Skull says happily "Hatori is correct about the fact you'd die, because he knows from experience just how deadly I am in our bed".

The cat's patience snaps as he yells "Just what kind of freaky sex are you two having?!" Yuki looks impressed with the fact that stupid cat could even ask that question, and Tohru is blushing madly like a cherry, Shigure's brain seems to have taken a lunch break.

While both Hatori and Skull are chuckling at the teenagers question, Skull is actually the first to recover her tone filled with amusement "such a cute kitten to ask such an adult question, but no kitten Ha'ri wasn't talking about the wonderful wild sex we have from time to time".

This makes the three teenagers blush even harder then before, Skull let's Tohru go as she walks over to Hatori, then she uses her hand to gently brush away a stray tear that was falling down Haruhi's unconscious cheek, Skulls tone is accepting yet calm.

"No Hatori was referring to my post traumatic stress syndrome or rather PTSD, if he wasn't strong enough to pin me down completely, during one of my flashbacks then I'd would have killed him due to not recognizing who he was at that very moment, and then I wake up to see i had accidentally killed the love of my life, Hatori wasn't joking around when he stated that Shigure wouldn't be able to handle me he was telling him the cold hard truth".

Hatori gives her a sad yet knowing smile to which she returns with her own, and none of his blood family say a word to shocked to say anything really, sweet Tohru battles though the shock to show her worry and concern about yet another person whom she doesn't actually know personally.

"Is that person going to be alright, they seem cold I can get a few blankets for them" both mafia adults blink a few times at the girls kindness and it's Hatori who answers this time tone calm yet somewhat soothing "body heat works best but I'm sure she would love a blanket also if you have one to spare".

The two mafia members are surprised by the fact that the girl noticed Haruhi's shaking at all, hell the child was so over joyed by the request of a blanket.

That Tohru doesn't notice the fact Hatori never said the other woman was going to be okay or not, but Kyo does notice and doesn't bother beating around the bush, being rather rude and blunt even as he waits until after his friend has left the room before he speaks.

"That woman isn't alright is she" Skull finds the kittens bluntness refreshing as she doesn't miss a beat "no Haruhi isn't alright and Isn't going to be okay ever" she looks at her beloved holding his sky close in a possessive manner and sighs in a pained manner her tone grave "so I wasn't mistaken yesterday then?" Hatori shakes his head slowly.

And Shigure flinches at the emotionless tone from his cousin "no you weren't, and we both know what they have wanted since forever, the only question is how their going to react to the news"

Skull pulls two cigarettes out of his coat pocket lighting both with her cloud flames uncaring of their innocent watchers and gives one to him while she begins to smoke the other one.

Yuki, Kyo and Shigure watch in silence at the two adults lightning up in their house and Tohru doesn't seem to notice them smoking as she covers Haruhi with a warm blanket a fond warm smile on her kind face "I guess yakuza boss vs mafia boss aren't so different, you seem exhausted".

Skull try's not to laugh and Hatori just continues smoking his cigarette calmly not freaked out about the change in Tohru's personality.

Tohru doesn't even flinch at Skulls blunt question "Was your mother yakuza kiddo?" the smile is kinda heartbreaking "yes she was the right hand for the head of the kasanoda clan for a good few years and she left not long before she married my father".

Everyone in the room flinches when blurry brown eyes open slowly staring at the teenage girl before her, her raspy kind yet hoarse voice "Kyoko's little girl?..., your ma is still his second favorite girl...hell Ryuho still sends flowers and cigarettes to her grave did ya know?".

Hatori gently sits Haruhi onto her feet yet doesn't let her leave his arms knowing she won't be able to stand up right now let alone walk, a shaky yet soft hand cups Tohru's cheek and she leans into the hand knowing the slightly older woman doesn't mean any harm to herself or her own.

The three Sohma males want to stop want ever is happening in front of them and yet... they cannot seem to find the strength to do so, as Tohru smiles warmly "ya I knew, uncle Ryuho even offered me a place in his family at moms funeral, how's Ritsu doing these days?".

Haruhi gives a weak chuckle "going to the same school that I do, not ready to take his father's place he still needs to finish school and have a strong woman standing beside him".

Tohru blushes faintly "don't even think about playing matchmaker, I have no intention of being a boss wife" Haruhi smiles sheepishly "good choice the wedding's are a pain".

A familiar chuckle sounds from the backyard "well if weddings are such a pain then I guess I'd better start making calls to tell the family ours is off" everyone turns around to see Bermuda standing there in his vindice uniform.

He may be hidden by bandages but she can still feel his emotions though their bond, so she isn't actually worried about him being serious regarding his words, from her place in Hatori's hold wordlessly she reaches out to him.

And like always her heart flutters when he pulls her into his arms, his flames just below the skin making him so warm so Haruhi is basically listless in his hold, if he were to let go she would drop like a rock a low knowing chuckle leaves him.

"Guess I'll need to lock Hatori in one of my cells and throw away the key for the crime of not keeping you unfrozen, your like hugging a block of ice" Hatuhi says nothing as she closes her eyes leaning against his strong flames even more, even though she should be leaving for home soon.

However... she... can't... seem... to... keep... up... the... fight... anymore... so... warm...

And soon enough he is actually very worried when she doesn't playfully slap his chest like usual or even respond to his false threat to her own lightning.

Kneeling gently yet quickly to the ground he places Haruhi onto the ground and his blood runs cold when he sees she isn't waking up "Hatori" at his name being said so harshly by an old friend as well a member of the family, the doctor doesn't hesitate to go to them while Skull runs to the kitchen to grab his medical bag.

The Sohma's and Tohru watch helplessly from the sidelines as Hatori does a quick check up, three minutes later he gives a animalistic hiss lightning bolts traveling though out his stone still form.

"Fuck her illness has gotten worse, going from extreme cold to warm put her into comatose like state as her body try's to keep both her and the baby alive, it's instinctive on her body's behalf so I cannot wake her up, I'm sorry I wish there was something that I could do".

The vindice leader shakes his head slowly very slowly "don't be it would've happened sooner or later, ...wait Hatori did you say b-baby!?" both mafia adults flinch violently at the broken sorrowful tone from Rin, placing a firm hand onto his shoulder Hatori sighs tiredly "she doesn't even know yet, but you know her best do you know what Haruhi wants to do going forward?".

Gentle hands gather his comatose beloved into his arms as Rin holds her ice cold form close "keep it she always stated that if she ended up pregnant during the time she had left, that she was going to try to live long enough to give birth, and I would never forgive myself if I betrayed her wish by asking you too rid of our child just for a slim chance of Haruhi living a little longer, so going forward please help us keep our child Hatori".

Skull doesn't say anything as she hugs her brother from behind letting him know that she is going to help as well, Hatori nods his head firmly "as your doctor I'm ordering you to stay with Haruhi, have jaeger watch over things for the time being" the older man doesn't argue with the doctor of the family.

Tohru being the kind soul she is brings back the blanket making sure her new friend stays warm, Rin looks at the girl who brought his sky a blanket and blinks a few times when he recalls who she is.

"Tohru?, why are you here?" the girl looks more amused then anything at the question "I live here night geezer" Rin grins slightly at the old nickname Kyoko use to call him whenever they traded information "your poor father would've had a heart attack hearing you call me out on my age, Kyoko would've egg you on telling you how to win and your grandfather would've tried yet again to kill me, good times glad to see you still alive and well after Kyoko's death".

Tohru smiles happily "the Sohma's are kind enough to allow me to live here, I miss the old days but I am still looking forward to seeing the future without the mafia at every turn".

The leader of the vindice looks behind the girl towards the three sohma males who are also Hatori's blood relatives, tone harsh cold "Hatori's newest job is to make certain that Tohru is being cared for and treated with respect while she lives with you humans..., if I hear anything about her being harmed or mistreated then you'll all find out what I am".

And without another word or threat Rin disappears with Haruhi leaving only the blanket behind, Hatori pinches the bridge of his nose in irritation while Skull cackles knowingly at his misfortune, she closes the short distance between them kissing him gently only to smile warmly, when he grabs her hand squeezing it firmly before releasing her and she steps away a few steps.

"See you at home, I need to take care of a few things" Shigure watches his cousin shake his head while he closes the distance between skull and himself, once more grabbing a hold of her hand "no I said I wasn't going to let you out my arms reach and I meant it, let's go home I've finished my work here for now".

Shigure sees the pair out, then watches them leave on a slightly banged up motorcycle, Tohru joins him outside standing beside him for a little while until he breaks the silence "never once did I ever see any of what happened today actually ever happening, Hatori's getting married soon and you have more going on in your past then you let show, anything else that we should know about you Tohru?".

The girl simply gives him a smile and winks teasingly before heading back inside to check on the stew, leaving poor Shigure with no answers and even more questions as to what the hell his family and friends are involved in.

-line break-

Kirimi is finally back at her house in the loving care of her parents, hikaru and kaoru are watching over Ageha for the day.

Thus free of children for the day Ryoji finds himself walking down the familiar hallways of his true home as he search's for Iori.

Finding the kitsune relaxing underneath the cherry tree in the back courtyard, duel eyes open staring at his child for a few seconds before he opens his arms in a calm manner "come here my child".

Even though he is a adult with children and four grandchildren of his own, Ryoji doesn't hesitate to go rushing into his own father's waiting embrace, the older man's steadfast heartbeat is soothing as is the chuckle of fondness from his father.

"Ryoji what has happened to make you feel the need for my Aid?" Ryoji doesn't answer the question about why he is here, but he doesn't wait to speak his tone emotional "Skull told me that Haruhi is planning to gamble with Death, what does he want that he doesn't already have?".

Iori's tails move up and down in thought as he try's to figure out how to explain it to a mortal, to a child, to his son.

His tone is final, level yet expecting "this Death isn't much younger then I am, he has been death for a long time, he made the mistake of thinking Skull wouldn't win their game".

"if Haruhi really intends to gamble her afterlife away then he won't let his final opportunity go, it no longer matters who wins the gamble, because he won't let her leave without agreeing to his souls deepest wish, she'll tell you all what Death wanted when she gets back".

Ryoji scowls at the rather complex answer that doesn't answer the question of what Death actually wants from his daughter when she dies.

"Why Haruhi? why does it have to be my little girl?" Iori watches the charry blossoms fluttering around the area dancing in the air "she is strong, she is broken, she is kind, she is cruel, she is a mortal, she is dying and she is so much more".

"because Haruhi fits the few rules that are needed for his wish just like Skull did so long ago, their famiglia connections to me don't help their cases, Death knows anyone related to me is bound to be exactly who he needs, I'm so sorry Ryoji".

The retired assassin doesn't speak for awhile his mind thinking over the honest words of his father, because Iori doesn't lie he physically cannot lie so Ryoji knows everything that was said is the honest truth, but that doesn't mean that it hurts any less then a lie would've.

Ryoji wishes Iori could've lied to him about the truth maybe then he would still have some hope about his oldest daughter coming home to him like nothing ever happened like she isn't going to die, oh how entirely completely he wished that the words were a lie.

"I wish it was me and not Haruhi she would've been a wonderful mother when she and Rin had children, don't suppose you'd be able to change what's going to happen?".

Iori is actually kinda amused by the fact his son even had the brass balls that it takes to ask, him to change fate to take from death what belongs to death.

A good natured smile appears on his lips "no dice brat you know I can't help ether side of the tracks, nice gamble though my wild child" Ryoji laughs bitter, emotionless and tiredly, Iori ignores the tears that began staining his kimono tightening his arms around his adult child.

Completely silent as Iori allows the mourning parent to let all his emotions out in the safety of their home where Ryoji belongs.

He can almost hear them... the bells their going to ring soon... but which bells ring first in the end... Iori cannot say although he wished he could...

-line break-

A warm study like room, with a fireplace, built in bookshelves into the walls filled with books, a chair a writing desk and a raven, as well a sofa with a coffee table.

It's such a normal everyday thing a normal every day space, and it's where Haruhi wakes up on the sofa to stare at a unfamiliar ceiling with unfamiliar surroundings, but it's warm and she doesn't even feel cold.

She quickly pretends to be asleep still when the door opens, listening to the footsteps of the one who just returned, she knows that they're stopped in front of her location and she is only proven right when she hears a male chuckle followed quickly by his amused yet calm voice.

"I know your awake Haruhi, so there's no use in continuing to make me wait, I brought tea after all" she slowly opens her eyes to see a man around 25 untamed black hair, stunning emerald eyes, a lightning bolt scar on his forehead, wearing a long sleeve light gray shirt and dress pants, no shoes.

A normal every day looking human, but every instinct in her body is screaming at her that he isn't actually a normal every day human that he isn't human.

His name falls from her lips so easily "Death" he looks amused by the fact she knows who he is or rather that she recalls what he looks like from his first encounter with his opponent.

Placing the tray of tea onto the coffee table he helps her sit up, and then begins serving the tea making sure to put a few nutritional and helpful potions into Haruhi's own, before handing over the cup which she takes without a word.

Sitting side by side on his study sofa they drink their tea in silence until he breaks it his tone soft "I thought I told you to call me Harry" she rolls her eyes and finishes her tea before replying "I was three, do you really expect a three year old to remember that Death's name is Harry?, you should be happy with the fact I remember you are death at all".

He chuckles fondly at the woman's words, he knows he picked the right one just like he did with Skull so long ago "your right I am happy so how's Skull been?" Haruhi glares at him coldly "sends her hate and says go fuck yourself, now why the hell am I here, I haven't died yet or there would be a card table and chairs in here instead".

Harry looks at her fully his gaze serious and tone regretful "your in a comatose state right now, your husband has brought you to the safety of your home in Italy until you wake up, do you know why your in such a troublesome state?".

Watching as curiosity begins to fill those brown eyes, followed quickly by shock, hope, pain, sadness and love, a shaky hand finds itself holding her flat stomach as she uses her free hand to cover her mouth from the reality of her situation "I'm pregnant aren't I..., that's why you brought me here".

Harry has to give it to the woman she is very cunning and very smart to catch up so quickly with only the barely hinted information, but he isn't a monster that would be so cruel as to take her away for their game before the time is at least fair to both of them.

So slowly very carefully as not to make her afraid of him Harry pulls his companion into his arms holding her close petting her hair soothingly, in a manner he hasn't been able to do anyone in a very very long time.

"Today is October first, all the time I can allow for is a single year, October first of next year is the day you die it's also date of our gamble, that should give you three months to spend with your husband and children, I would give you more time but I've run out of patience and I haven't much time left for this opportunity to still be effective".

He pulls away from her and stands up, he places a feather light kiss on her forehead his tone serious "October first Haruhi" she disappears from his view and he begins cleaning up the tea items.

And as he heads to the kitchen he stops mid step wondering if he forgot to tell Haruhi something important, but shakes it off as joy for the young woman's pregnancy, he loved all his children and his wife wanted more but after eleven children, Harry thought it was time for a change in their lives.

-line break-

The sound of a loud crash, crying, screaming and yelling are the first things she hears, slowly sitting up noticing that she is actually in her and Rin's room at the mansion.

Aleu is laying on the foot of the large bed alongside a large black Wolf with a single golden eye and a scarred over left eye.

Her voice is hoarse yet raspy "Aleu, Blackfell where is Rin?" the parents of her husband are beside her in a second, making sure she is alright and Blackfell opens a portal to the living room of the mansion while Aleu lets her get onto her back, and carries her though the portal.

What Haruhi sees upon entering the living room pisses her off to new levels, Jake is laying down on the floor in the glass of a broken table bleeding, Hatori's hand looks like it's broken so Skull looks murderous and Rin has both Honey and Mori in chains, as the rest of her boys yell or scream at him, with her twin brother's crying in their mother Touya's arms.


Everyone and everything stops for just a few seconds before Rin releases the two hosts from his chains and is standing beside his father with Haruhi now in his arms holding her like she is going to vanish.

She smiles softly at his actions glaring at everyone else in the room as she speaks sharply "explain what the fuck is going on now" it is Tamaki who speaks first surprisingly "you've been comatose for a whole week now, you didn't come to school, Skull-sensei wouldn't tell us anything so we searched everywhere for you, we found out from your grandfather yesterday that this is where your house is, so we came to see how you were doing, but no one would let any of us besides the twins near you, and today... Mori and Honey had had enough of not being able to make sure you were really okay so...".

He trails off looking uncomfortable and pale, she connects the dots together and sighs gently into Rin's shoulder "honestly did you have to make such a big deal over the fact my family was doing what their meant to when one of their two sky's aren't able to defend themselves?, you need to understand that this world is different from the one you left behind".

She gazes at both dog demons coldly "I would've never thought that you two would be so reckless and foolish, given what you are as well as the fact you know what happens when clans close ranks during times of emergency, a famiglia is no different from your family when shit hits the fan, so I'll forgive you for the lack judgement on your parts Mori, Honey, but you need to act like this is a yokai clan you do not get into our affairs nor do you cause trouble, you are guests not members of the family".

Both of them look truly ashamed of their actions and bow deeply to their hosts "we apologize for the damage and trouble we caused, we'll return to Japan immediately for..." Tsuna rolls into the room with Reborn, Nana and Ryoji beside him "what are you two talking about, why would you leave?, aren't you staying for the bachelorette and bachelor parties? and for the wedding in two weeks?".

The mafia members start laughing at the fact that both of the dog demons thought they had to leave, because Haruhi is cranky from waking up from her week long nap, Hatori lets Reborn heal his hand before helping Jake up and Nana calms Skull down with the promise of more cake.

Rin feels Haruhi smiles into his shoulder and he chuckles fondly " takashi, mitsukuni, we aren't letting you leave until after the wedding, so stop beating yourselves up about causing a little bit of trouble for a good reason, anyone of us would have done the same thing, had Haruhi been at your family's home hell we probably would've killed you all just to get to her, so stop forget about what Haruhi said, she is just crazy after waking up from her comatose state plus the pregnancy hormones, ...shit".

He looks at the woman in his arms and sees nothing but pure love shining brightly in her eyes, as she kisses his lips softly before laying her head back onto his shoulder "I had to find out at some point didn't I?, besides now we can start planing the baby shower after our honeymoon". The news that Haruhi is pregnant has everyone in a frenzy of hope, joy, tears and drinking.

Yes all in all not a bad day to wake up, chaos and her family go hand in hand, now if only Rin would let her have a slice of Nana's cake before his sister and her brother eat it all, Tsuna and Skull really love cake...

-line break-

The twins watch as their older brother glares at Hatori and Reborn his tone reflects his what to leave "why am I here instead of working or something else, anywhere else but at your double bachelor party?" the other male hosts can almost see the irritation rolling off the vindice leader in waves.

Reborn smirks evilly "your wife and you aren't officially married Rin, so this is just as much for you as it is for us, now stop bitching about not being able to cuddle with Haruhi and take the damm shot already".

Growling at being found out for his true plans, he really doesn't want to drink he wants to cuddle with what's his Damnit!, but she is busy and he is trapped here so irritated yet defeated he takes the shot of whiskey like a pro.

Curiosity gets the best of them, so kaoru and hikaru tug on his coat getting their big brother's attention, as they say together hopefully "Rin-Onii-Sama can we try some too?" the adults and the older teenagers in the backyard all start blinking in confusion, curiosity or realization.

Rin really try's not to laugh at the boys innocent question, even while he pets their hair gently "no dice kiddo's your only 12 and Ryōji would murder me if he finds out I gave you anything alcoholic, why don't you ask Jaeger over there for some of what he likes to drink it's nonalcoholic, the trick with most clouds is to appear as small, cute and defenseless as possible".

The twins share a look between themselves and soon leave to ask Jaeger for something to drink, Rin and the older adults all try so hard not laugh, when the vindice cloud blinks sleepily at the twin 12 year olds in front of him "can we try some too?".

Jaeger is very tired from working three times more then his normal amount being Bermuda for a whole week sucked horribly, he didn't get any sleep at all.

So seeing two small defenseless little red haired fox like children asking for his drink, he snaps his fingers using his night flames to bring two more glasses, and begins pouring some of the clear liquid into the glasses before sitting down the half empty bottle no longer holding a label because it's so old.

And carefully gathers the boys into his arms placing them onto his lap so they can reach the glasses and keeps an eye on them so they don't fall out of his loose hold.

Hikaru takes a drink of the clear liquid and the second it's down his throat he quickly shares a look with Kaoru who has the same look of confusion on his face, so Hikaru turns to the man holding onto them protectively "what is this stuff?".

The sleepy cloud blinks slowly at the question gold eyes flickering to his sky who looks amused by the fact he is sharing with two little foxes "liquified melatonin mixed with water" well... that explains the water taste at least, not minding the drink they help Jaeger finish off the homemade brew.

And soon enough Rin is taking Blackmail pictures along with Viper of his cloud cuddling on the porch swing with the twins safely in his arms as the three of them are knocked out cold and sleeping peacefully.

It is actually kinda cute and he wonders how the rest of the family is going to react to the cute site when Rin puts the pictures every where later tonight for them to find tomorrow morning, there are going to be so many pictures that not even Jaeger can burn them all before at least half the family sees them.

Hatori and Reborn turn to look at the very confused host club as to why the twins are sleeping in that man's arms and why no one seems to care.

"don't worry about the twins their safe just taking a nap with Rin's cloud Jaeger who like Tsuna's cloud Kyoya, also holds a protectiveness towards small defenseless creatures children included and Skull has the same instinct as well, but the two couldn't be anymore safe then they are right now, even asleep Jaeger could kill any threat before they even get within ten feet of the twins".

Reborn smirks evilly "Hatori's right about them being safest with Jaeger, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't want them to leave Italy after their little bonding time, Ryōji better be careful because Jaeger may just end up being the twins new favorite person, that cloud should really settle down and start a family already with how good he is with children...".

The sun trails off thinking of the woman who could possibly handle the vindice cloud as a husband, and soon enough Hatori is giving the desired phone number to the hitman, the two old friends sharing cold yet interested smirks at their plan to get the cloud hitched.

-Bachelorette party-

Haruhi glares at all the empty bottles and the unconscious women, muttering underneath her breath about alcohol and drunks.

Her father's lover Touya brings her a piece of cake and some tea, silver eyes shining brightly with joy "it is hard to think that I'll be a grandmother of more little one's, I thought four was enough between Ryōji and i's children, how's the morning sickness?".

Growling underneath her breath again she doesn't answer to busy eating to feed the life growing inside her, Touya doesn't seem to mind though her gray hair swaying as she laughs good natured "that bad hmm.., well hopefully Rin is being good and helping you as best as he can, your cravings should start in another week or so I bet that'll be fun for you, your husband can basically teleport to get you the oddest things that you are craving that hour".

Haruhi finish's her cake and drinks the tea before speaking "I wonder how he'll react to my cravings at two in the morning in the rain? Rin hates the rain so it'll be fun to see his reaction to his soon to be new job".

Tsuna returns to their table with Nana and Ryōji, Kyoya sleeping nearby just in case, although the cloud doesn't seem to mind the fact Blackfell and Aleu are curled around him also sleeping.

The wheelchair bound sky smiles softly at his sister knowing that she has no idea about what the family has planed, her boys are also helping out with the plan they need all hands on deck for this secret mission.

He is brought back to reality when Touya grins at him warmly from her new place in Ryōji's arms "so Tsu when are you and Reborn planing to have little one's?".

Nana laughs at the cherry red blush on her sons face as he smiles sheepishly "we've talked about adoption a few times in the past but for now we don't have any plans for children, maybe in a year or two when things calm down in the mafia world, we've been so busy this year between forming alliances and defending our territory, that we hasn't been able to make time for much else, and children need a lot of attention and care so it's best we wait for a little while longer".

Nana is kinda disappointed with the fact she won't be spoiling any grandchildren any time soon, but she is still happy for her son Nana was worried with his recent injuries that Reborn would not want to stay beside him, even though they've been together for two years.

However she is very much glad that the hitman asked for Tsuna's hand in marriage instead of leaving her son due to him being wheelchair bound for life.

Although she thinks that Tsuna's request for her to give him away instead of his father is an odd one, but her husband is apparently missing in action and no one can find him so she doesn't mind doing his job for their son, she raised him by herself after all and took all the gossip from the neighborhood about her absent or imaginary husband never being home.

So when Tsuna asked her to give him away she didn't hesitate to say yes.

-line break-

The graveyard is decorated with a fresh bouquet on each grave, a whole bunch of candles though out the whole of the cemetery with the different flame types burning instead of normal flames, and the wedding aisle outlined with glass jars filled with fireflies.

Tamaki is playing a wedding song on the piano that is outside the cemetery fence, on eye on his work the other on the wedding.

Kirimi is the flower girl, Lambo is the ring barer and Rin is in his full uniform without the bandages acting as the priest.

Hatori and Reborn are standing at the altar wearing matching black suits only difference being their flame respective undershirts, they are standing opposite of each other waiting for the brides.

Tsuna is wearing a white pin striped suit, orange roses weaves into his wheelchair with Nana rolling him slowly down aisle keeping up Skull who is wearing a dark purple silk dress with her hair down holding a bouquet of purple lilies.

Haruhi is actually Hatori's best man while Fon is Reborn's, Viper is Skulls bridesmaid and Chrome is Tsuna's.

Viper and Haruhi thought it would be funny to switch their roles for the wedding, and it is very interesting indeed to see the reactions of a male bridesmaid and female best man who ear actually dressed up for their parts, Haruhi wearing a tieless black suit and Viper wearing a hooded black dress.

The vindice leader smiles at the two couples standing before him at the altar on their happy, his tone is silky yet serious as he begins to speak.

"We are gathered in our cemetery today both living and dead members here, to witness four of our dear family members as they exchange rings and vows of love in holy matrimony, if anyone wants to ruin the wedding today say something or else shut up and hold your issues forever".

No one dares to speak up after all, who here would be stupid enough to ruin the wedding?, Rin is about to get on with the ceremony when a wild dirt covered blonde idiot appears in front of the crowd "I object...!".

Silence there is only utter silence until Rin speaks his tone emotionless "to which union?" iemitsu growls at the question because it should be clear which he is not alright with!, the not so young lion basically yells at the top of his lungs.

"I object to the union of my son Tsuna and Reborn!, Vongola needs blood heirs not adopted bastards!" Tsuna takes ahold of Reborns hand tightly stopping the hitman from doing something stupid like wasting bullets on a dead man.

Soon the whole wedding reciprocation watches with baited breath as the wheelchair bound sky's eyes begin to close and he smiles much to kindly "then divorce my mother and go have more children iemitsu, if your so worried about vongola's future regarding blood relations, I said it before I took up the mantel and I'll say it clearly again for the whole family and all our allies to hear this time".

Kyoya, Chrome and Lambo all draw slightly closer to their sky instinctively, as Tsuna states though the illusion of a kind smile "I don't care about blood relations and I'll burn Vongola to the ground before I start caring, leave iemitsu because today I am going to marry the Man I love and you were never invited to the wedding to begin with".

iemitsu leaves oh does he leave and doesn't look back, not at his crying wife and not at his bastard gay of a son nor the sadistic bastard who corrupted him.

Rin shakes his head slowly very irritated at the interruption, looking at both Tsuna and Reborn waiting for the go ahead before continuing the ceremony.

"Alright lets get back to the matter at hand, do you vow to love your chosen partner, to cherish, protect hold them in both sickness and health, do you take this person as your lawfully wedded spouse in this life and the next".

In unison the four people the two happy couples nod their heads as they stated whole heartedly "I do" Rin smiles warmly at the four of them "then with the power vested in me, I pronounce you married under mafia law, you may now kiss your spouse".

Tsuna lets Reborn lift him out of his wheelchair as they share their first married kiss, while Skull grabs Hatori's tie pulling the Doctor into a slow yet gentle kiss.

Then not long afterwards Tsuna and Skull share slightly evil looks between themselves as the plan is set into motion.

Many blush when Tsuna allows his new husband to roll his left pant leg up to his upper thigh revealing a orange and black wedding garter, which the hitman skillfully pulls off with nothing but his teeth.

Then together as one with no luck needed, Reborn tosses the garter at the same time Skull throws her wedding bouquet which was hidden underneath an illusion the whole time, and is actually a bouquet of black roses and orange lilies.

Haruhi blinks a few times when she somehow ends up catching the bouquet even though she wasn't even trying too, Rin looks amused at the fact that the garter landed on his hat.

The pair gives the two grinning couples blank stares "you planned for this to happen didn't you" she followes up with "why else would both of us catch the wedding traditions instead of anyone else here".

They don't even look remotely sorry for what their doing, in fact it gets worse as Iori appears from thin air standing behind the altar wearing traditional buddhist priest robes complete with a khakkhara war staff.

The kitsune grins happily at the bears in the cemetery "quiet the great place for a wedding, now would the groom be so kind as to come to the altar while the bride is being given away?".

Rin just rolls with it tossing a shocked wife eyed Haruhi the garter as he does as requested, Haruhi is brought out of her stupor by Tamaki's piano playing to a funeral song like wedding march, Ryoji smiles warmly at his oldest daughter holding her arm while she hurries to put on the garter while not dropping the bouquet.

After the suit wearing bride is finally finished, Ryoji has the honor of walking his daughter down the aisle and giving her away to the only man he trusts with her heart, shaking hands with his soon to be officially son in law and returning to his lovers side where they watch their oldest daughter get married by her grandfather himself.

Iori smirks softly tone teasing "would the bridesmaid and best man please take their places beside their respective person" Jaeger takes his place as his sky's best man with his two little fox kits standing in as their sisters twin bridesmaids.

Haruhi almost laughs at the site of her twin brothers wearing matching mini versions of Jaeger's uniform, she is going to need to have a talk with the vindice cloud later on about the fact he cannot keep Kaoru or hikaru and that they need to go home at some point.

Seeing as all the pieces are gathered he gets on with the ceremony "of there are any objections to this union speak now and die or stay silent and live".

No a single person speaks hell not a single living creature makes a sound, so happily Iori continues foreword "bermuda von veckenschtein, Haruhi Fujioka, do you two promise to love each other, to hold, cherish, protect, kill, fight, live, die, and survive for no one else besides each other, do you vow to hold each other close in sickness, death and health so long as the universe lives?".

It was never really about vows, promises or words with them but they speak them honestly anyways "we do now and always" Iori begins to disappear from view as he speaks his final lines for the wedding ceremony to be official "then by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife forever, little granddaughter mine you may kiss the groom now"

Haruhi doesn't need to be told by her own grandfather, she simply pulls her official husband down into a loving kiss as their gathered family erupted into massive chaos and happiness at not one wedding not two but three weddings in a single night.

-line break-

With all three of the happy couples sharing the same lovely Italian cream cake for the respective traditional bites, and the after wedding party is utterly fantastic chaos, and due to the fact she isn't allowed to drink alcohol, Haruhi decides to play a rather cruel prank on her father with Rin's help of course.

Rin tosses the garter towards a unsuspecting Ryoji while Haurhi runs by Touya basically throwing the bouquet into the older woman's arms.

And many members of the family look at the two veterans as they lock eyes then look at the item in the others hold and then turn away blushing brightly with the reality of the next wedding is probably going to be their own.

Touya heads for the back porch batting her eyes slightly and Ryoji is already to far into his relationship with the woman to deny her silent request.

Kaoru and Hikaru snicker softly to each other at the fact their father is so deeply love whipped by their mother that it's really fun to watch.

Haruhi pulls her brothers into a tight hug happy they liked her prank, and soon enough Rin comes back to steal her away from the party for some alone time on top of the mansion roof.

Laying down in each other's arms they watch the stars in silence for a good while, after a little while longer she smiles warmly at the bandage free face of the man who is her cloud and now officially her lawful husband.

He has a hand resting protectively on her stomach with his coat acting as a blanket shielding them both from the wind "we should be mad at all of them for pulling out the rug on us, but...".

Gently rubbing her stomach being mindful of his claws as not to hurt her or their unborn child, he chuckles fondly "but... it was past time we made it official, plus it saved us from Planning the wedding ourselves, now we can spend the time helping your with their own wedding plans".

She laughs happily at his words cuddling farther into his side, as she notices Rin's gaze as he looks at her with emotion filled molten gold eyes, she is almost able to see how he views her though his own eyes, just from the pure loyalty and love in his gaze.

Haruhi Saya nothing about that though, instead she looks away looking up at the stars "our baby should we start thinking of names now or later?".

For a few minutes he is silent not saying anything about his wife's question, until he speaks curiously "what about Kenshin? or Yuki?".

Thinking about the two names she smiles warmly "I'll add them to the list" from the shadows unnoticed by the youngsters Iori smiles at their baby naming antics and disappears from the area completely, although his ears are still burning with the sound of ringing bells he may need to get that checked out soon...

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