Caution: Falling

By Kay

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There was something disturbing about the Vogue catalog laying so innocently on Jalil Sherman's kitchen counter.

Eyeing it with trepidation, he took another sip of his soda. He knew it hadn't been there this morning- he would have thrown it away if he'd seen it then, knowing what it's ultimate fate would become. All the catalogs eventually ended up the same way. It was always best to put them in the garbage before it ended in that manner.

Besides, it was a better fate than leaving them to his roommate.

Jalil frowned at it again, and leaned back against the kitchen counter.

It had been a good day, actually. He'd woken up with plenty of time to get to his college classes for the day, despite the fact that his alarm clock was still in a state of disrepair. (Not his fault. Really.) He'd managed to talk one of his professors into giving him a part-time job as a lab assistant for the department. As of ten o'clock this morning, Jalil was finally off of the unemployment factor, and spent the rest of the day with a superior smile lodged on his features.

Yes, it'd been a decent day. Lunch at a small Indian café near downtown's center, followed by a comforting, steaming cup of chai. A few warm chats with nearby friends in between the school courses. And last, but not least, being able to come home to an empty and quiet apartment- devoid of his active and annoying roommate. It had been a while since he was able to relax in comfort in his own kitchen, and Jalil was taking total advantage of his roommate's absence.

He wasn't even in a hurry to throw away the Vogue catalog, despite the danger of leaving it there.

Jalil reached out a hand and flipped absently through the catalog, his eyebrow raising at some of the outfits inside the pages. Trust his roommate to start going from merely being flamboyantly gay to purchasing catalogs designed for woman's clothing. If he started wearing dresses, Jalil was going to put his foot down. Not that it was bad- just distracting, and dresses always needed ironing, and Jalil always did the ironing.

Besides, it was bad enough he had to deal with the other habits. Oh sure, Jalil could ignore the small things. He could deal with the dirty clothes piled up around their living room. The way his roommate never went grocery shopping when he was supposed to, and almost made Jalil drink expired milk once. He could ignore the habit of walking around in nothing but bunny slippers and Tasmanian Devil boxer shorts.

Heck, Jalil only had to pay half of the rent. He'd even ignore the cut-out magazine pictures of Brad Pitt on the toaster. (Even though he'd rather not see any sex appeal ads when trying to cook an English muffin.)

But really. He wasn't going to iron anything else. And ever since he caught Ganymede necking in the hall closet with- whatever his name was- Jalil hadn't been as patient as usual.

'Of course,' Jalil thought ruefully, taking another sip, 'That's what I get for agreeing to room with the campus slut.'

Speaking of which.

"JALIL!" came a gleeful shout, followed by a door slamming shut in the outside hallway.

Jalil groaned and took another deep, gulping swig of his Sprite, while at the same time wondering if it was too late to hide the Vogue catalog.

"Jalil, you won't believe who I just met!" A blonde, curly blur dashed into the room and skittered to a halt moments away from knocking into Jalil. Dark emerald eyes blinked down at him excitedly- down quite a bit, as Ganymede was quite, quite unnaturally tall. "It was the greatest thing ever!"

Jalil looked up at him with an arched eyebrow. "Well, nice to see you, too."

Ganymede Ryle grinned wildly at him, charmingly white teeth gleaming. There was something everyone loved about Gany's smile- it had knocked boy and girl alike off their feet, only to have the blonde Casanova sweet them up from the ground. So to speak. His talents in love and style were unmatched by anyone on the college grounds, according to the love-struck crowd of groupies he attracted. They thought he was a dashing, undecided young stud.

Jalil just thought he was a player.

"Hello," Ganymede echoed cheerfully. He plopped down on the stool next to Jalil, tapping long and elegant fingers against the countertop. "How was your day?"

"Actually, it was great." Jalil sipped his soda again and smiled softly. It wasn't an expression he used often, and his blonde roommate beamed when he saw it. "Thanks for asking."

"Well, you told me to. Now- the important thing. Guess who I just met?"

Jalil peered at him, lips curving up more in amusement. "Hmm… some gorgeous, incredible creature whom you just have to woo, and need my help with?"

"That was last Thursday." Ganymede pouted.

"Oh, sorry. So who?"

The blonde opened his mouth, then paused. He wrinkled his nose. "Actually… no, you had it right. It is the most gorgeous, incredible creature ever, and you do have to help me woo him."

Jalil rolled his eyes. "Why am I not surprised? I should be used to hearing it by now."

Ganymede had an unfortunate habit of involving Jalil in everything he did- not that it wasn't appreciated. Jalil felt somewhat touched, if not exasperated, that his roommate liked to have him involved in all his strange plots and seduction ideas. It was just… well, Jalil didn't like strange plots and seduction ideas. So really, he was already getting a sinking feeling. But it was nearly impossible to deny Ganymede's wide green eyes anything, and Jalil felt himself nodding in agreement to help the man.

Besides, it wasn't like he had anything else to do.

"Great! I knew you'd help me," his friend gushed. "This guy is absolutely-fucking-beautiful, Jalil. You'll love him."

Jalil hardly believed that. He sighed softly to himself and finished off the soda, idly listening to Ganymede chatter on excitedly about his newest conquest.

"I was just walking out of the science building- you know, the one they had renovated last year?- when out of no where, this sinfully gorgeous guy comes up right behind me and taps me on the shoulder! I turned. And you should have seen him, Jalil, he was fantastic, I've never seen a face that interesting before. Dark eyes, an adorable slope to his nose… mahogany hair with just a little curl around the face…" Ganymede trailed off dreamily, staring into the air somewhere past Jalil's shoulder.

When he didn't continue, Jalil blinked. "… and?"


"Well, what did he want?"

Ganymede flushed darkly and looked up. "Well… I'm not… exactly sure."

"What?" Jalil blinked again, confused. "Didn't he tap your shoulder? Did he ask you something?"

"Well… I think he did. Probably. I was, uh, a little busy staring and gaping at his perfect mouth to think…" The blonde groaned in embarrassment and buried his face in his hands. The golden curls bounced slightly as he shook his head rapidly, as if to get rid of the flaming red tint to his cheeks. "I made an idiot of myself. I just kind of… gaped at him."

"And then?" Despite himself, Jalil felt intrigued and not just a little bit amused by his roommate's shame.

Ganymede peeked through his fingers, face stricken. "I-I just… nothing! And then he gave me this weird look and walked away."

Jalil laughed at his friend, shoving the empty soda bottle he held under the counter and into the trash. "Well, it shouldn't be too hard to find him again. I'm sure you'll win him over the next time around, Cupid-Boy."

"Oh shut up." Scowling, the blonde caught Jalil's eye and pleaded once again. "Look, please help me? I saw him go into the mechanics shop class. You know someone from there, right? Can you get me a name? An age and grade? A dorm room number so I can stalk him appropriately?"

Jalil bit his lip thoughtfully. "Well… yeah, I do know someone. April's been taking it- she's trying to show up that guy she broke up with. He said a girl couldn't work with cars, and she's been trying to prove him wrong by getting a better grade ever since."

"See?! Ask her, I'm sure she'll know!"

"He might not even be in that class," Jalil warned. "He might just know someone in there. There's no proof that just because he went into the room, he's a part of the course."

Ganymede stuck out his bottom lip and sniffled.

Jalil rolled his eyes at him. "… oh fine."

"YES!" Cheering, Ganymede jumped out of his chair and hugged his roommate savagely. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! If we weren't such great friends, I'd kiss you right now!"

Jalil laughed at him, a tinge of blush in his mocha skin. "That's nice- and you're welcome. Now let go of me and go clean up the mess you left in the living room."

"Awww. Stick-in-the-mud."

"You know it." Jalil pushed him gently, but firmly, towards the living room. "Now get going. I'll call April in a little bit."

"Yes! Thank you, thank you… Mr. Gorgeous-As-Sin, here I come!" Ganymede made as if to run out of the room, before he paused. His emerald eyes fell onto the kitchen counter, and with another happy squeak, the blonde snatched up a thick volume of papers near Jalil's elbow.

"YES! My Vogue catalog! I've been waiting for this one for ages. For some reason, they all keep disappearing…"

Jalil groaned to himself, and put his face in his hands.

'Goddamn it.'

To Be Continued: (Soon, too!) Next up: Jalil calls April, we find out Mr. Gorgeous-As-Sin's name, and Ganymede plots out the best way to capture him. ^_^

Don't worry. The Christopher/Jalil slash WILL come.