Some say that if you cannot find love or true joy here upon the earth, there's a good chance of finding it in the hereafter…or in another life.

Four different women, four deaths that lead up to an unusual predicament.

One who took her life, unable to bear the truth of her origins. Another perished wanting to correct the wrongs she'd unknowingly caused for a pair of seemingly star-crossed lovers.

The third, a brooding vigilante was murdered in an attempt to detain a greedy killer. She passed on appreciating the familial love of her brother.

And the fourth met her end via assassination after many years of standing up for the rights of women.

However, these four tales do not end there. No, fate had other plans for them yet. Their souls were suddenly pulled from the realm of humans to another world entirely.

Here in the realm of Thra, a few short hours before dawn, an extraordinary event was occurring, for the full moon was steadily climbing high up…a lunar conjunction was about to take place.

The souls wander about, lost and confused then start to fall…the moon reaches its highest peak, the moonbeams shoot out and the four human souls are caught in them. Frozen then start to writhe, contort, almost changing shape…


And with a blinding flash of light, something extraordinary happened.

Upon the ground, eight beings lay. One group looked similar to the gentle UrRu but somewhat different. Their hair was longer, fall down their shoulder blades reaching the small of their backs. Their hands slightly smaller and the markings were less notable on the faces which weren't as elongated.

The second group resembled the skeksis yet with their own visible differences as well. They had longer manes and much more colorful feathers on their backs, reminiscent of hummingbirds or peacocks. Furthermore the position of their bosom was inverted with the rib-cage located above the belly/waist just below the mammaries.

Behold the first few females of two prominent species.

Not long after they began to stir. Eyes fluttering open and shakily standing up, examining their surroundings and at each other. The female skeksis regarded their peaceful counterparts with confusion and mild alarm. Not knowing what to make of them.

Then something instinctive and dawned on them. Something wasn't completely right.

"I feel so strange… Naked!" A female skeksis said abruptly, covering her bosom with her arms in shame.

"So do I…" The she-mystic near her said softly, before self-consciously pulling her hair to hide herself also.

Soon the groups turn away from one another and start to leave. The she-mystics depart for the southeast, feeling themselves drawn there.

While the skeksis group headed to the forest… not knowing what the future held for them.

To be continued...

Author's note: Go easy on me this is just the very first chapter. I can always go back and revise it.