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Disclaimers: This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Xiaolin Showdown. I do not own any of these amazing series. The anime Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. The cartoon Xiaolin Showdown is written by Christy Hui and aired as a series by Kids' WB.

AN: I came up with another crossover fanfic with the anime show Sailor Moon and the cartoon show Xiaolin Showdown! ㅋㅋ I think that crossovers are easier to write for me than coming up with a same show fanfic. ^^; Maybe one day I'll try, but for now… Let's get on with this fanfic! 8D

Everyone knows the story. There are monks and Xiaolin warriors that train to become a grand master and protect magical, mystical artifacts called Shen Gong Wu. There was a great grand master named Dashi who created the Shen Gong Wu and fought the evil force called the Heylin side. There was also a great Xiaolin showdown between Grand Master Dashi and the evil sorceress named Wuya, and that Dashi won the showdown and hid all of his created Shen Gong Wu. However, what people didn't know was that before defeating Wuya, Dashi had a visitor from a magical kingdom that LIVED on the Moon and fell in love with said visitor. And that's where the story starts…

- NIGHT: Xiaolin Monk's Temple –

"Dashi," cried out a small green dragon.

"Dojo," said a male voice, "What's wrong?"

"S-Something's happening at the temple's ground," said Dojo as he slithered into the room.

"Is it Wuya and the Heylin side," asked the now-named Dashi.

"I'm not sure," said Dojo.

"Then, let's go see, but cautiously," said Dashi.

With Dojo on his shoulders, Dashi ran out to the temple's ground to see something mystical. He knew that it wasn't the work of any of his Shen Gong Wu, which was safely locked in the vault underneath the temple, but he couldn't explain what was happening. In the middle of the temple's ground, there was a silvery light that appeared to be coming from the moon? of all things as Dashi and Dojo watched on. Sure, Dashi SHOULD have called in the other monks, but since he's a grand master, Dashi believed that he could handle whatever or whoever came out. What he did not expect though was a woman emerging from the silvery light who had silver hair that were up in twin balls on her head and cascaded down as pigtails. The downside to watching from behind a wall was that Dashi couldn't see her face. "Who is she," whispered Dojo.

"I'm not too sure," whispered Dashi, "But, shall we greet her?"

"W-What if she's a witch like that ugly Wuya," whispered back Dojo.

"Don't be silly," whispered Dashi as he walked slowly towards the woman.

Dashi never saw anyone like this on Earth and was curious as to whom this mysterious woman was. As he made his presence known, the woman turned to see who was creeping up on her, something in her hand at the ready. Dashi's breath was taken away when he saw silvery lavender eyes looking him with defiant and at-the-ready battle confidences that he only saw in the monks that were and still are training to protect the Shen Gong Wu from the Heylin side. What was peculiar about her though was the golden upturn crescent moon on her forehead. "Who are you," asked the female softly, but weary.

"I should be asking you that," said Dashi, "But, I am Dashi from this Xiaolin temple. And you are?"

"My name is Princess Serenity IV," said the now-known Serenity.

"The Fourth," asked Dashi.

"Yes," said Serenity, "My name has been passed down from my family for generations. May I know where I am?"

"You are in Chi-," started Dashi before being interrupted.

"Dashi," cried out Dojo, "You can't tell her where we actually live! What if she's from the Heylin side?!"

"Heylin," asked Serenity with a tilt of her head.

"The Heylin side is a force of evil that has been trying to take over the world," explained Dashi, "But with the Shen Gong Wu that I created, the balance of good and evil prevails as the Xiaolin warriors, such as me, guard the Wu."

"Evil," exclaimed Serenity, "Does this mean that this Heylin side is the Negaverse?"

"Negaverse," echoed Dojo and Dashi.

"Never heard this so-called Negaverse," said Dashi.

Serenity sighed as she sat on the ground. Looking at Dashi and Dojo, Serenity told the two all about the Negaverse, a name for something called the Dark Kingdom, and Queen Metaria, a malignant woman who wanted to conquer the universe. She then explained that the Negaverse resided somewhere on this planet… on Earth. Dashi, not knowing what to say, was thankful that Dojo was with him. Dojo freaked and asked why Serenity was even in so-called enemy territory. "My mother, Queen Serenity III, sent me down to try to find someone to help me train," said Serenity with a small blush, "I need to train my body and soul before I can help my mother and take on the mantel as Queen of the Moon Kingdom."

"It must be fate then," said Dashi, "That you would land here. We monks can help you train in the Xiaolin warrior way to help you in body and soul. What do you think Dojo?"

"Fine," said Dojo, "But she better not snack on my egg rolls!"

"Then, Serenity," said Dashi, "Welcome to the Xiaolin Temple!"

- A Few Years Later –

True to Dashi's word, he, along with his Xiaolin allies, Chase Young and Monk Guan, trained Serenity to be ready for anything the Negaverse would throw at her when she returned to her kingdom. The three taught her everything they knew, such as using a spear and going within her soul to call upon an element like they have. Serenity was a great asset when they were off fighting the Heylin side and protecting the Shen Gong Wu. But, in those training years and helping to defeat Wuya's minions, Serenity and Dashi grew closer together and fell in love. Chase and Guan would often find the two sitting underneath a tree, Dashi's head on Serenity's lap, and would tease them about it. Yet, it was one night that everything changed…

"Dashi," said Serenity sadly.

"Yes, 'Renity," asked Dashi.

"My mother has called me back to the Moon to finally end Queen Metaria's rein," said Serenity.

"When would you be going," asked Dashi sadly.

"Soon," said Serenity.

"I wish you good luck, my love," said Dashi, "And… I have something for you."

Serenity watched as Dashi grabbed a box and held it out to her. Curious, Serenity opened the box to find a large Silver crystal that glowed in all the rainbow colors. Serenity, surprised to see something so beautiful, looked at Dashi. Dashi sheepishly told her that he made it… a Shen Gong Wu… that would help her in the defeat of Queen Metaria. Dashi also told Serenity that this particular Shen Gong Wu will NOT be in the scrolls for future generations to guard and protect because he knew that it would be safe in her hands… on the Moon. Teary eyed, Serenity hugged Dashi in thanks, along with a quick kiss to the lips. "T-This is," said Serenity, "The BEST gift that you ever gave me, love."

"What," said Dashi jokingly, "A bouquet of your favorite flowers and dates to the village isn't enough?"

"Oh, you know what I mean," said a blushing Serenity.

"Is it time," asked Dojo who popped out from behind the wall.

"I gave her the Shen Gong Wu, Dojo," said Dashi as Serenity let Dojo see it.

"Wow," said Dojo, "Your best yet!"

"Hardy har har," said Dashi.

"But," said Dojo who ignored Dashi's deadpanned look, "I wasn't talking about that!"

Serenity was about to ask Dojo what he meant when she saw Dashi get on one knee. Serenity, who after years of finally getting familiar with Earth's customs, looked at Dashi in shock. She thought that the Shen Gong Wu would be enough, but apparently, Dashi had something ELSE planned. With Dojo looking on to preserve the memory, Dashi proposed to Serenity with a simple gold band, the same gold color that was her crescent mark. Serenity smiled with tears streaming down her face and nodded her head in acceptance. "Yes," cheered Dojo, "I'm going to be the BEST babysitter ever!"

"Dojo," warned Dashi.

"What," said Dojo, "I am an excellent care giver."

"Thank you," said Serenity who winked at Dashi, "We'll call on you, Dojo, if we ever have children."

"That's all I'm asking," said Dojo who smiled as Dashi kissed his now fiancée.

- Another Few Years Later –

"Why did I say that I would watch over their kid," groaned Dojo.

Yes, Dojo was groaning. When Serenity left, something was missing from Dashi's heart, but his hope never faltered in seeing his love again. It was just another night that Serenity came back with an entourage called the Senshi. It was the same as how Serenity first landed at the Xiaolin temple and the Senshi were ready to help get their wedding together. Another year passed after Dashi and Serenity's wedding, with his two allies/friends as best men, and in this year, Serenity gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who had hair like spun gold, named Princess Serenity V. For now, Serenity IV and Serenity V were visiting Dashi at the Xiaolin temple due to the fact that Dashi still had a duty to protect the Shen Gong Wu from the Heylin side. But right now, Dojo was watching over Serenity V while her parents were out on a date. "You just had to spit up the food," said Dojo while Serenity giggled in delight.

"Who spit up food," asked Dashi as he and 'Renity came in.

"Your baby, that's who," said Dojo, "Now, I can never eat peas ever again. Oh, the travesty!"

"Peas isn't your favorite vegetable though," said 'Renity.

"Yeah," said Dojo, "But I…"

Suddenly, tremors could be felt all over the Xiaolin temple as Serenity V started to cry. 'Renity grabbed onto her baby girl as she looked at Dashi worriedly. Dashi, meanwhile, looked out the window to see Wuya and her minions just outside the Xiaolin temple. 'Renity looked as well, but because one of them had to protect the baby, Dashi kissed Serenity on the lips and kissed his daughter on the forehead before heading out to finally confront Wuya. 'Renity watched helplessly as Dojo protected her and their daughter. It wasn't long until Wuya was trapped in a wooden puzzle box by Dashi. Seeing the defeat, all three rushed out to congratulate Dashi only to realize that he had too many wounds that not even 'Renity's Shen Gong Wu could cure unless she too died instead. "Dashi," cried Serenity.

"Sorry, dear," said a wincing Dashi, "But, I guess this is it for me…"

"No," moaned a sad Serenity.

"D-Dojo," said Dashi as he winced, "P-Please hide all of the Shen G-Gong Wu around the w-world. W-We need to keep t-the balance of the good and e-evil."

"Y-You got it, Dashi," said a teary Dojo.

"A-And 'R-Renity," said Dashi as he looked at his wife, "K-Keep that S-Shen Gong Wu safe. A-Also tell R-Rena all about m-me."

Serenity only nodded as Dashi smiled. He couldn't be with his family, but he knew that he would see them again. Serenity, meanwhile, was cursing in her head. If she just mastered the so-called Shen Gong Wu, Dashi wouldn't be here in front of them, dying. Serenity gave one final kiss on Dashi's lips before disappearing with their daughter, never to be seen again.

- Sixteen Years After Dashi's Fateful Death –

"No," cried Serenity IV, "Serenity!"

True to her words, Serenity always told amazing stories about Dashi and Dojo to her daughter, but always forbade her to go down to Earth. She couldn't bear it if her daughter died the same way as her father if she went. Serenity never really got over her first love as she reigned over the Silver Millennium with something lost in her eyes. Though, it wasn't long that she FINALLY mastered the Wu that Dashi had given her on the same night he proposed and imbedded the Wu with Moon magic. But, tragedy had to strike once more. Serenity IV, in her foolishness to gain some sort of peace with Earth, engaged her daughter to the Prince of Earth from the other side of the Xiaolin temple. With this engagement came the face of the evil Queen Beryl due to her jealousy in not having the Earth Prince for herself. Looking around, Serenity IV saw her home ruined and her daughter struck down by black lightning. "This is all my fault," cried Serenity IV.

"Your majesty," called out two voices, one female and one male.

"Artemis," said Serenity sadly as she saw two talking cats running up to her, "Luna."

"My queen," said Artemis as he looked in Serenity's hand, "What are you doing?"

"Using the Silver Imperium Crystal," said Serenity who finally said the Wu's name.

"Queen Serenity, don't," cried Luna, "If you use the full power of the Silver Crystal, you'll die!"

"If only I had this to help you, Dashi," murmured Serenity before calling out, "Moon Healing Escalation!"

A bright light shone brightly at Queen Beryl and her army. Gasping in surprise, the evil that destroyed Serenity's home was imprisoned. Falling onto a broken pillar, Serenity winced as she felt all her energy giving out. She knew that her time has come and that she would now be reunited with her Dashi. Looking at Artemis and Luna, Serenity started to tell them of her plan. "Luna, Artemis," said Serenity softly, "The Silver Crystal was given to me by my dear beloved Dashi. With it, it can bring peace into the world when used by someone with a pure heart. But, when it is used by someone with an evil heart, it immediately becomes a frightening weapon."

"Queen Serenity," said Luna, "Please don't talk anymore."

"With the power of the Silver Crystal, I was able to seal away Metaria," said Queen Serenity, "Just like my dear Dashi did with Wuya. However, there's no telling when she'll return once again. Yet, by imbedding Moon magic, I was able to use the Wu with the Moon Wand. And… only those with the Moon royal blood are able to use it. So, in the future, if Metaria is able to break free from her imprisonment, please, you two, entrust this stick to my daughter so that she can protect this piece of the world."

"Yes, Queen Serenity," said Artemis and Luna.

"Daughter," said Serenity to herself, "May your new life on Earth be filled with love, kindness, and hope with your Sailor Guardians."

With the last of her energy, she made the Wu rise up into the air and separated into seven rainbow crystals so that when the seven combined together, it will revert back into a Shen Gong Wu. But, before separating, Serenity encased Serenity V and the Sailor Guardians in bubbles that also floated them all fifteen hundred years into the future. With the last of her breath, Serenity smiled as she saw Dashi welcoming her with open arms as both watched their daughter and her protectors begin anew.

- 1500 Years Later –

"Well," said Dojo as he looked at a long forgotten scroll that he found hidden within Dashi's statue, "This just got interesting."

AN: And THAT is the prologue! 8D I hope that I did it justice in combining Xiaolin Showdown and Sailor Moon. This will be my first ever Xiaolin Showdown fanfic! Whee~! And for the Silver Imperium Crystal? If good uses it, good things happen. If bad people use it, destruction and mayhem. Just like with the Shen Gong Wu. ㅋㅋ So! I made it into a Wu that Serenity used Moon magic to control it. XD The Wu will act like the Silver Crystal in the Sailor Moon series. :3 As for the name Metaria, that's how you sound it out in Japanese for Metalia, since... you know... there is no L sound in the Japanese language. ^^ I hope you like this prologue and hopefully, the plot is interesting to you all. See you whenever I have time to update this fanfic due to a second part-time job (in a school) starting up again. XP Peace out!

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