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Disclaimers: This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Xiaolin Showdown. I do not own any of these amazing series. The anime Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. The cartoon Xiaolin Showdown is written by Christy Hui and aired as a series by Kids' WB.

"Crystal Healing Power," called Usagi.

A bright blinding silver light shone throughout a dark abyss that was hidden within Ail and Ann's apartment. The Xiaolin warriors and the Senshi shielded their eyes as the light shone and hit a tree in the center of the abyss. Ail and Ann were in awe at feeling the hope and love within that silver light. As the light died down, everyone saw that a tree sapling that was enveloped in a shining white bubble took place where the huge tree stood. "Ail," said Ann.

"I see it, Ann," said Ail.

"Thank you, Sailor Moon," said Ann.

"Yes," said Ail, "Thank you for giving us a second chance."

Raimundo quickly went over to Usagi to support her, just like last time. He knew that using the Wu was going to drain her energy just slightly. However, he smiled when he heard the thankful voices of the two aliens. Usagi smiled up at Raimundo when he caught her again. She knew that using the Wu would drain her energy, but she really wanted to help Ail and Ann. They weren't really bad people. They just wanted to survive. "I am so glad that Mamoru isn't here to see this," said Makoto.

"He's getting jealous very easily," pondered Ami.

"Well, wouldn't you get jealous when you regain your memories of your past, too," asked Minako.

"I'm just happy that Usagi finally found happiness," said Rei.

"Me too," said Ami.

- The Next Day: The Tsukino Household –

"So, you see," said Chase, "I shall be bringing Usagi-mei (niece) with me back to China to hone on more of her martial arts skills."

"But, what about her studies, ani (brother)," asked Mrs. Tsukino.

"She'll be homeschooled," said Chase.

That's right. Chase, with his returned reality warping powers from Usagi's healing, warped reality just a tad bit to make it so that Chase was really a part of Usagi's present family. Thus, the ani from Mrs. Tsukino when Chase came over to the household to explain what Usagi was going to become. The Xiaolin warriors and Usagi looked on as Chase explained Usagi's new role as the Xiaolin Warrior of Light and needed martial arts training to reach HER full potential. Mr. and Mrs. Tsukino looked at each other before looking at Usagi. "Usagi-chan," said Mr. Tsukino, "Do you WANT to go?"

"I-It's up to me," asked Usagi.

"Yes," said Mrs. Tsukino, "No matter what decision you decide, we'll support you."

"I…," started Usagi as she had a thoughtful look on her face and smiled, "I want to go with Uncle Chase to China."

"Does this mean I can have her room," asked Shingo who popped up from behind a wall.

Usagi growled as she jumped up to chase Shingo around the room. Hey, it would be the last time that she would be able to chase Shingo around for spying on her. Shingo, on his part, laughed bitter sweetly. He'll really miss his ane (older sister) when she leaves. Stopping, Shingo hugged Usagi just as she was about to hit him over his head. "I'll really miss you though, ane," said Shingo.

"I'll miss you too, twerp," said Usagi as she returned the hug.

"Now, then," said Mr. Tsukino before turning to glare at Raimundo, "Who gave you permission to date my daughter?"

Raimundo just gulped while his friends laughed at his expense. Hopefully, he won't be hurt TOO bad before going back to the temple.

- At Hikawa Shrine –

"Usako is doing what," exclaimed Mamoru.

"Exactly what we said," said Luna, "Usagi-hime is going to China to complete her training as a Xiaolin Warrior."

The Senshi, the Lunar cats, and Mamoru were all gathered together at Hikawa Shrine. There, Artemis broke the news that Sailor Moon will be no more. The Senshi and Mamoru looked at Artemis in confusion. It was Ami who asked the two cats to elaborate. Luna and Artemis looked at each other before turning back to the Inners and Mamoru. They, with much hesitation, finally told them all what Usagi was planning to do. The Lunar cats told them that Usagi, as the Xiaolin Warrior of Light, was going to China with the other Xiaolin warriors to continue her training. The Inners, though sad, understood that it was Usagi's decision and respected it. Mamoru, on the other hand, was clenching his fist in anger. He still believed that Usagi would wake up from her delusions and come back to him. "So, when is she leaving," asked Makoto.

"At the end of this week," said Artemis.

"Then, we're going to throw her a going-away party," said Minako.

"I'll provide the food," said Makoto.

"We should also invite Naru," said Ami, "She helped us out so much, especially getting Usagi back."

"I'll call her," said Rei.

As the Inners started to plan the going-away party, Mamoru was planning one final way to try to convince Usagi to stay with him.

- The Day Before Usagi's Departure –

"Surprise," shouted everyone, including the Inners and Naru.

"W-What is all of this," asked Kimiko.

"We heard that you five were going to leave Tokyo," said Umino.

"So, what better way to spend the last day IN Tokyo than with friends," said a smiling Motoki.

"And this was planned by yours truly," said Minako with a wink.

Usagi teared up when she heard that. She didn't know HOW people that she was close to knew that they were leaving, but she was grateful for the gesture. She probably figured that Luna and Artemis also had a hand in this too. Too bad that the others, besides Naru, never will find out that she was Sailor Moon and her other friends were the Inners. Too bad that also Ail and Ann left to another galaxy WAY before the party was planned. It would have been fun to have the two at the party as well. Hugging the Inners, Usagi smiled brightly. "Don't tear up, girl," said Makoto.

"And let's party," shouted Minako.

"Yeah," shouted Usagi.

Everyone laughed as music started where Rei's new crush, Yūichirō, was. She gave up on Mamoru when Mamoru's devious side and his secret of regaining his memories came out. Besides, in her perspective, Yūichirō was kind of cute. Raimundo was led through the party with Usagi as she hugged each and every one that came. He also got a big brother lecture from Motoki about hurting Usagi's heart. The others laughed at his expense once more when they came over to Usagi and Raimundo. They, however, were sad that they didn't have time to get to know everyone here before departing. But, Shen Gong Wu collecting and world saving as a Xiaolin warrior didn't wait for anyone. As Usagi introduced her Xiaolin warriors to Motoki's real imōto (little sister), Unazuki, and Motoki's girlfriend, Reika, Mamoru came up to Usagi and pulled her aside, not really asking her if she would talk to him and away from everyone else. "Let me go," said Usagi as she finally yanked her arm away from Mamoru's grip.

"Usako," started Mamoru.

"No," said Usagi, "No Usako. I'm not yours."

"What about your mother's wish for an alliance," asked Mamoru.

"That died when the Silver Millennium did," said Usagi.

"Your mother sent us into the future for a second chance," said Mamoru.

"And that too died when we died a SECOND time to Queen Beryl," said Usagi back.

"What about giving us another chance to live," asked Mamoru.

"That was before I met Raimundo and was GIVEN a choice," said Usagi.

Mamoru growled at what Usagi was saying back to him. He was so sure that she still felt something for him. Trying to desperately change Usagi's mind, Mamoru did the most idiotic thing ever, especially in front of the Xiaolin warriors and Senshi who were still protecting Usagi. Mamoru pulled Usagi into him and kissed her on the lips. Usagi's eyes widened in surprise before the shock wore off and she started to struggle. Mamoru, however, held Usagi tighter, trying to pour all of his love into that one kiss. The kiss was short-lived though as someone knocked Mamoru with a punch to the side. Yelping in shock, Mamoru turned to see Chase Young, of all people, with an angry glare. "Meu amor," said Raimundo as he ran to Usagi.

"I'm fine, koibito," said Usagi as Raimundo pulled her close to him.

"Dude," said Raimundo angrily, "What is your problem?"

"Usako is supposed to be with me," growled Mamoru, "Her mother sent us into the future to have a chance together. But, then, YOU had to show up and ruin everything!"

"My past mother sent us into the future so that I would be happy," said Usagi.

"I believe you should leave before something ugly does happen," said Chase as he cracked his knuckles.

Mamoru looked at the Inners, who arrived just as Chase punched Mamoru at his side, for support. He, however, have gotten glares from the Inners. The Inners, on their part, couldn't believe that Mamoru was that stupid to do something like that to Usagi WHILE protection from the Xiaolin warriors AND them were here. Mamoru could see that he seriously messed up and saw no support from the Inners like before. He turned to the Xiaolin warriors as his thoughts revolved around that it was their fault that this had happened. Glaring down at the floor, Mamoru walked down the temple steps for the final time, only to be seen by the Inners when they hang out at Crown Arcade or on the streets of Jūban. "I'm sorry that I wasn't quick enough to protect you," said Raimundo.

"Do not worry yourself over this, koibito," said Usagi.

"Indeed," said Chase, "Do not worry. I am always here to protect my mei."

"Hey," said Naru, "Is everything alright?"

"It is now," said Usagi, smiling to Naru as to not worry her either.

"Well, everyone is ready for the guests of honors to cut the cake," said Naru.

"Cake," perked up Usagi as she pulled from Raimundo and ran into the temple.

"Well, looks like food is the only way to pull that lil lady away from you, eh Rai," teased Clay.

However, just as Clay teased Raimundo, everyone sweat-dropped as they saw Raimundo run after Usagi and calling her to NOT eat all of the cake. Hey, Raimundo likes to eat cake too!

- The Next Day: Japan's Xiaolin Temple –

"I'll miss you all," said teary Usagi.

"We'll miss you too," said a teary Naru.

"Group hug," said a teary Minako.

It was the day that Usagi would not be in Tokyo and protecting the citizens as Sailor Moon. It was the day that Usagi as Sailor Moon ended and Usagi as the Xiaolin Warrior of Light began. The Inners and Naru were all at the Xiaolin temple to say goodbye one more time to Usagi. Grabbing all the girls together, the Inners and Naru group hugged Usagi. Kimiko, who was to the side, was pulled into the hug by Rei's sneaky hand. The guys, however, were just thankful that they were spared. All of their belongings were packed and was already tied to Dojo's end. Raimundo was leaning against a suitcase as Omi and Clay were near Dojo's head. When the hug was concluded, Kimiko and Usagi jumped onto Dojo, Usagi being wrapped firmly around Raimundo's arms, and off the Xiaolin warriors went, leaving the Inners and Naru. "Nagh," twitched Dojo while they were flying.

"Woah, Dojo," said Kimiko.

"Yeah, partner," said Clay, "What's going on?"

"A new Shen Gong Wu just activated," said Dojo.

"Well, guess we're making a pit stop," said Kimiko.

"Ready for a new adventure," asked Raimundo quietly.

"With you," asked Usagi gently, "Definitely."

Raimundo smiled and without the others watching, since they pulled out the Shen Gong Wu scroll to see what the new one was, leaned in and kissed Usagi on the lips. 'I really do love that girl/guy,' thought Raimundo and Usagi respectively as they broke the kiss and smiled to each other before turning to the others to hear what the new Wu was.

AN: And that's the end! I hope I made the ending alright. Chase Young left earlier with Master Monk Guan and Master Fung as the Xiaolin warriors were packing last few things of theirs, if you guys are wondering about him. ^^; Anyways! I had fun and a hard time writing this fanfic, but not as hard as when I was combining the TMNT universe with my two TMNT fanfic stories to make a third one! XD Thank you to all the reviewers, the favorites, and the followers for this fanfic! m(_)m I feel happy that people like this story and stayed till the end. Here are cookies for you all! 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪 Happy reading and I'll see you all in my other fanfic, Project C.H.A.O.S! ;)