Chapter 1

Ranma Saotome glared across the table at his father, "What's that got to do with me Pop?!" He shifted his gaze to Soun Tendo, Patriarch of the Tendo Household, Father of Akane Tendo his Fiance, "And why the Hell do I care that Akane went missing last time I saw her she hit me with a lamp post for Kami's sake!"

"Boy!" His father responded, "She's your Fiance and if you're not man enough to rescue her when she's in danger, then maybe we'll ask someone who will."

Ranma narrowed his eyes, "Oh yeah, Who exactly is "man enough" to rescue that tomboy?" He already knew who his Pop would say, "I'm gonna play along because if I don't Pop might wisen up to how much I matured since I've stopped being under his thumb. "You know what Pop, you don't even have to bring Ryoga into this, he's probably lost in his own delusions anyway, I'll go find her." He promptly opened the door into the yard and leapt over the wall surrounding the property.

Ranma jumped quickly from one roof to another, "Stupid Pop, if Akane'd stop being so stupid all the time and focused on her training more I wouldn't have to save her ever time someone decided that she was the way to get to me!" He stopped suddenly, "I wouldn't mind so much if she wasn't always accusing me of stuff, at least Shampoo and Ukyo will take a minute to listen to what I have to say sometimes." He turned towards the cat cafe, "Speaking of, maybe she's seen Akane."

As he neared the Ramen Shop he noticed his mother walking in the direction of the Dojo speaking with Nabiki, "Oh this'll be good," He slowed down and landed in front of them a little ways, "Hey Mom! Hey Nabiki! Have either of you seen Akane?" He stopped in front of his mother, putting up a fake smile.

"Here are two more of the major problems in my life, my mom, who's gonna make me commit seppuku if I don't do everything she says, and Nabiki… Just Nabiki."

Ranma's mom shook her head, "I'm afraid not sweetie," She narrowed her eyes, "But losing track of your Fiance isn't very manly of you."

Ranma gulped before jumping away, "GONNAFINDAKANENOWOKBYE!"

Xian Pu smiled to herself as she carried a tray with several Bowls of Ramen to a table, "Today I will visit my love," she thought to herself before she looked up at the ding of a bell only to see the person she'd been thinking about.

"Oh! Airen visit Shampoo instead, make Shampoo too too happy." She said after she sat the Ramen down at her customers table, "Airen come to take Shampoo on date?" She asked enthusiastically as she enveloped Ranma in a hug.

"Ahh, no actually, I'm looking for Akane have you seen her?" The pig-tailed martial artist stuttered as he felt his Shampoo pressing against him, "Why does she always have to get so close?"

"Why Airen want find Violent Girl, Shampoo remember she say 'Stupid Pervert leave me alone' last time Airen visit!" Xian Pu smiled to herself as she looked over at Ranma, who had a thoughtful expression on his face. "Ever since Grandmother has begun training him, Ranma has begun to think for himself more and more, that's good for me, and bad for that stupid Panda and his forced fiance," she thought to herself.

Ranma sniffed the air, "Well, Pop's was gonna try and make it into a matter of me being "manly" and I don't want him to think I'm wisening up to his tricks, "never reveal to your enemies that you know their tricks!" something the fat Panda always said."

Xian Pu smiled, "Too too true, Airen want food?" she hefted a bowl of Ramen that her Grandmother had handed her while Ranma was lost in thought.

Ranma smiled, "Yeah actually I didn't get ta eat lunch because pop sent me out to find Akane so…"

Several minutes later Ranma had gotten through his third bowl of Ramen when suddenly through the door burst a diminutive figure, "Cologne my dear I need to discuss an aspect of Ranma's training with you!" Happosai stopped suddenly and blinked as he noticed Ranma sitting in the Cafe, "Ahh, Ranma you're here too."

Ranma blinked, "I can't believe it, a year ago I wouldn't have wanted anything to do with the little gremlin, now here I am about to listen to what he thinks I should do for the next step of my training." After the failed shotgun wedding where Happosai had drinken all of the Nannichuan Ranma had decided to never forgive the old man, that was before Happosai explained it to him.

"Ranma, if you had taken a dunk in that water your current curse would have fused with the new curse," The Grandmaster had explained, "Look at Panythose, he's dunked himself in three seperate springs by this point and he's just an amalgamation of the three."

Ranma sighed to himself as he nodded, "It'll have to wait old man," he turned to Shampoo, "We were just about to go look for Akane weren't we Shampoo."

Xian Pu almost teared up, "Airen want Shampoo help to find violent girl?" Ranma nodded before getting up, "Oh! Shampoo too too happy!"

Ranma smiled, "I mean if you could track me across all of China then all the way to Nerima, and even through that side trip through India then you should be able to track down old Loudmouth easily enough."

Ranma and Shampoo leaped up onto the roof of the Cat Cafe heading towards Furinkan High, "If there's anywhere to start it'll be there, then to Doc Tofu's." Ranma said loud enough so that Shampoo could hear him from where she was trailing behind the braided martial-artist.

Upon arriving at the Highschool Ranma spotted Gosunkugi playing around in a circle he had drawn on the ground, "Magic Circle bring to me, A weapon whose power I can use to even the odds between me and these crazy martial artist! I offer you as exchange-"

Ranma tapped the spiritualist on the shoulder, "Hey Gos have you seen Akane?" He looked finally noticing the wisps of smoke coming from the ground."

Gosunkugi turned around, "Ranma and Shampoo?!" he yelled before he gasp , Oh.. oh no." Suddenly the wisps wrapped around Ranma and Shampoo before a bright flash of light enveloped the area. When Gosunkugi opened his eyes he was alone save for a pair of pants and a note. Gosunkugi picked up the note, "These pants will increase your strength, enjoy!" Gosunkugi fell to his knees, "Finally Akane will be mine!"

Ranma Saotome felt air blowing past his face, he quickly rolled turning towards the ground, "Woah, I'm pretty high up right now," He saw the trees as tiny dots on the ground, "Wait wasn't I with Shampoo?" He looked around and spotted her, "It's a good thing I'm good at moving around in the air." He quickly floated towards the girl who was flailing her arms around trying to take control of her fall. "I've got ya shampoo don't worry." And they fell together.

Kasumi looked worriedly at her father, "Father, I'm sure I saw Akane taking a nap upstairs." At that moment the short-haired girl came down the stairs, "Hey Guys, I just had one of the best naps of my life!"