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Ranma had had an easy enough time over the last few weeks, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, keeping enough to feed himself and Shampoo of course, all while keeping an eye out for the Assassins from Night Raid as well as stopping a bit of brutality here and there, little things that wouldn't cause even more brutality from the guards. He had seen the girl, Seryu walking around every now and then, doing normal guard patrol duty, except now she was accompanied by a little dog that set off his danger sense, which was strange since not much set that off here, most of the people, hell, even the danger beasts he sometimes ran into outside of the were no great threat. Tonight wasn't really any different from any other night, he had changed into his female self to go cat burgling, the term still gave him flashbacks to gnashing teeth and razor claws but he managed, when he noticed Seryu nearby, normally a guard wouldn't cause Ranma pause but that dog was looking right at him.. Well, her that is. She looked at the dog for a moment before she finally noticed what had Seryu's attention. Two people stood facing the woman, both seemed defensive and Ranma did a double-take at this, one was carrying a giant Pair of scissors.

"What the.." Ranma moved closer, silent as a thief to listen to what was being said.

"So, you know who we are. Why are you here? I don't think you came here just to die…" Mine said, she could already feel the adrenaline pumping as Pumpkin itched in her hand.

The woman facing them raised her hand, pointing to the air for a second before leveling her finger at Mine and Sheele, "No matter what happens I will deliver Justice! For my father who fell in the line of duty to villains like you and my beloved teacher who was murdered by you and your friends! You will never be forgiven!" The force of will behind her words told Mine immediately that this woman was intent on fighting them, despite knowing they were members of Night Raid.

Keeping her demeanor calm and collected, as someone of Mine's station is expected to, she tightened her grip on Pumpkin, "She's really intent on doing this huh?" Okay then." Mine whips the barrel of Pumpkin up aiming at the woman and firing a quick scattershot, "The first strike has the advantage!"

As the bullet neared the woman's dog, in a futile attempt to save its master, jumped in front of the shot and a cloud of smoke arose, "Did I get her?" Mine said, a tinge of hope leaking into her voice, but as the smoke cleared she, and her companion, were greeted by a sight that made Mine's heart sink, the dog was a Teigu.

Ranma watched this, as soon as the woman had leveled her gun at Seryu she had begun to move, the sight of the dog moving almost as quickly to block the bullets caused the Cat Burglar to pause just long enough for the scene to play out. Ranma stopped in a nearby tree, reassessing the situation.

"Mine, that thing's a teigu!" the purple-haired woman said, Ranma thought she looked familiar, it only took the Ginger a moment to realize she had seen the purple-haired woman on a wanted poster, one of Night Raid's assassins, Sheele. The pink-haired woman, now identified as Mine responded quickly, "Seems like it, but that's a biological type right?" Ranma had no idea what any of those words meant, she had been under the assumption that Teigu was some sort of poison, but she doubted that a dog could be a poison. It took just enough time for all of this to register before Seryu's Tonfa were leveled and fired like guns to Ranma's surprise, both of the Assassin's dodged the bullets without any problems, and Ranma heard the Guardswoman shout before the two Night Raiders could finish their dodge, "Koro! Prey!"

The transformation was sudden, the Teigu that their enemy was using enlarged and sprung at Sheele as Mine watched leveling her Teigu at the dog, before she could fire Sheele's scissors cut through the beast like they always cut through everything else and the sniper heard her friend say, in her dead tone, "I'm sorry" and the Scissor Wielding assassin strode forward, she didn't notice the dog standing up, healing from the damage that was inflicted upon it, luckily Mine had her eyes on the situation, she let loose with a blast from Pumpkin knocking the monster back to its master.

"Don't you remember what was written in the book Sheele? It has a core you have to destroy or it will regenerate," Mine says rolling her shoulder, "It doesn't even have a heart so Akame's Murasame couldn't kill it."

Sheele nods, "It would seem we have a troublesome opponent"

Ranma watches a moment longer, the dog had given him the creeps before but now? It was absolutely disgusting. "Gotta jump in and try and stop em from killing each other.." she says to herself, she looked up at the standoff just in time to see the "dog" sprout massive arms and charge the woman with the gun before she sprung into action. "That thing has some incredible swinging speed, it's obvious she doesn't know where to go!" Ranma thought to herself as she planted her foot firmly into the dog's side, sending it flying into the nearby fountain, the size of the dog caused it to demolish the fountain and some topiary.

"Damn, thought it'd be stouter." Ranma chuckles as she lands, she can see that these three hadn't expected any interference. "Yo."

Seryu was awestruck, this slip of a girl had just punted her sweet precious Koro, this demanded justice, this demanded repentance. "HOW DARE YOU!" She shouted as she brought her whistle to her mouth, blowing into it to call for backup. "You.. you and the rest of the Night Raid Scum will pay for what you've done, JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!"

Ranma immediately regretted getting mixed up in all of this, now Seryu thought that Ranma was a part of Night Raid, she didn't have time to think on this as she came under attack by Koro once more, barely managing to block the attack that the monster had aimed at her, she crossed her arms in front of her and was lifted off her feet as she was flung back several hundred yards. "You know, I used to like dogs, now not so much…" She said to herself as she rotated midair to land on her feet, she looked back to the dog and saw that Sheele and Mine had engaged it, Sheele was having to keep it from attacking the sniper it seemed, Ranma rushed back, only to stop running as an insanely strong beam of Chi exited the end of Pumpkin nearly vaporizing the dog, Ranma then redoubled her efforts to get back into the fight as she saw Cheele rush Seryu, "Not on my watch" Ranma thought to herself as she blurred reappearing just in time to kick the scissors into the air, Cheele, however, had a death grip on the weapon so she went with them.

Seryu's mania faltered for a split second as she was saved by an enemy, "You! You're not with Night Raid?" Before Ranma could answer however she was forced to dodge out of the way of an attack from Sheele, the scissors almost cutting Ranma's trademarked pigtail off, "Hey! Watch the hair lady, I'm not trying to kill either of you, just stop you from killing each other!"

Sheele's tone was emotionless, her eyes dead to the killing she had to do "Teigu are just weapons, kill the user and it becomes inert." She says as attacks over the dodging Ranma trying to cut Seryu in half, Seryu not having much wiggle room could only block with her arms, this ended very messily as the blades sliced clean through Seryu's biceps, the woman howled in pain. Ranma felt herself boil for a second, he'd never seen anyone so brutal before in her life, she scowled and swept the woman's legs, Cheele, however, wasn't so easily defeated she planted her hand and disengaged, landing just in time for Seryu to point the stumps of her arms at the woman and fire point-blank.

Ranma gasped as she watched a woman die, it took her brain a second to process it, and when it did all she could do was be impressed as the woman with the giant scissors had blocked the bullets, that second was all it took for Cheele to cut the guns implanted in the stumps off. Seryu cussed and seemed to be thinking something over.

Mine fired another round into Koro, she couldn't let it get in Sheele's way with the possibility of a two on one scenario she had faith in Sheele however. She stood facing the teigu of this no-name Guard and knew what she had to do, buy Sheele time, at least that was before it transformed with a night rending shout, grabbing her quicker than her eyes could follow. "Koro Crush!" Was the last thing Mine expected to hear, luckily it wasn't the last thing she heard as Sheele disarmed the beast, literally. She smiled at her friend who was facing her, having just been saved when suddenly time slowed down for her as a report broke the silence once more, not from Pumpkin but from the guard, she saw it but couldn't do anything a bullet traveling for Sheele's exposed back, she opened her mouth to warn her friend, knowing full well it would be too late suddenly there was a blur, Sheele was pushed out of the way and the red-head who had been interfering in the fight took the bullet, for a total stranger. She was amazed by the sacrifice and she stood rushing to Mine's side the two looked at each other as the woman who had just given her life for Scheele's crouched, "Ouch that stung worse than I expected, never been hit by a bullet before jeez…" Everyone blinked, and looked at the red-haired woman.

Ranma shook her head and stood, "I said I was going to stop you from killing each other didn't I?"

She then turned to Seryu who was being joined by several other guards, "I'm not a member of Night Raid, I am a protector of the people, I won't stand by while people are murdered, not by the Guard or by Nightraid." She said her voice ringing out and her battle aura growing, a menacing shadowy version of herself appeared surrounding her and growing larger than even the regenerating Koro, "All of you leave now or deal with me." Ranma looked at each of them for a moment longer, turning to glare at the two Assassins from Night Raid, both of whom were more than eager to escape. "Is that going to be a problem?" She then turned back to the guard, there was a muttering, some of the guards were afraid, some obviously wanted to fight and Seryu, the look she was giving Ranma reminded Ranma too much of Kodachi Kuno.

"I'm telling you, this woman could become a member of the Revolutionary Army." Mine said to Boss after the debriefing, "She saved mine, kicked a Biological Teigu like it was a normal puppy, and said she stood for the people if we could get her to understand what Night Raid was all about she would probably join!"

Najenda shook her head, "I hear you, I'll consult command but don't get your hopes up."

"I'm telling you! This woman would make a great addition to the guard, she knocked Kuro aside like he wasn't even there and took a bullet, and the best part is she stands for justice!" Seryu said to her commanding officer, the man did not seem interested in the slightest "Seryu, get out of my office and walk the beat, I'll see about sending a message up to the folks in charge okay?"

Atop a flying Danger Beast, a woman sat. Her icy heart radiated a sick glee upon seeing the Capital."I'm Home" Esdeath said, visions of slaughtering revolutionaries flashing in her mind.