A/N:this can also be read as a reylo zombie acapolyse AU.

If you haven't read Reboot by Amy Tintera,dont worry, bc here ive listed the things you should know before reading this:

KDH: a wide-spread virus that kills the old and weak but make the young and healthy come alive after death. The process of coming back from death is called Rebooting. The people who reboot are called the Reboots.

Reboot: stronger, faster, able to heal, and less emotional. The longer Reboots are dead, the less human they are when they return. The length of time of their deaths is decided by how harsh the life before they die has been.

There is a bar code printed at each Reboot's wrist, showing their names and how long they've been dead before Rebooting. You can refer to Reboots by their names+how long they were example, Rey ninety-seven.

HARC:short for Human Advancement and Population gather teenage reboots(under 20)in different facilities and use them to arrest human criminals.

Hope yall enjoy my story!

Rey screamed.

After she woke up from death.

She had been dead for 97 minutes, according to the bar code printed at her wrist.

"Rey Jakku, "said the code, "97. "

Rey had lived in an orphanage run by Unkar Plutt. Then,when Rey was ten, the man died of KDH. She had to feed herself by collecting scraps of metals and selling them on black markets. Not too different from when Unkar was alive.

She had lived a harsh life as a human. She used to be starved. Almost frozen to death once or twice. Faded scars covered her body, some still hurt. It had been 5 years since she was utterly alone, having nobody to depend on.

But after 97 minutes of being surrounded by entirely lifeless darkness and opened her eyes to the lights shining above, she couldn't help but let out a scream.

She was no longer a human now.

She was a Reboot.

Rey covered her wrist using the other hand, bit her bottom lip to suppress another cry.

They told her that in HARC, if you showed weakness to others, you would be dead.

And from then on she had been quiet.

They said that most Reboots would spend the first few days of their new lives in panic. Rey was no different, as she later found out. She hated to be restrained. Hated to be sheltered over. The last person who had sheltered over her ordered the seven-year-old her to collect metal scraps for him on the dirty and dangerous streets in Rosa. It led her to believe that HARC would treat her the same way.

She was not wrong.

Rey closed her eyes. She was on a shuttle, her first time using this transport. Safety belt tied her to the seat, although due to her thinness she almost slipped out of the restrains.

She felt scared. She hated to feel so. She wasn't afraid when her parents dropped her at the orphanage at six, when they guaranteed to come back. She wasn't afraid when Unkar Plutt forced her to work out of the orphanage, when she was totally exposed to all the dangers in Rosa. She wasn't afraid when she was left alone after Unkar's death. She was not afraid when KDH slowly ate her up and gave her great pain.

But now, the tight knot in her stomach and the loud pounding of her heart told her that she was afraid. Scared. Terrified.

She wasn't sure why she was so afraid when she was given a chance to start over. When she was granted with a new life, where she was stronger and more indifferent.

Maybe it was because of the changing. Grown-ups often worried about the changes in life. Her parents would argue when another vaccine for KDH they couldn't afford came out, when they were kicked out of their flat and had nowhere to go, when the drug dealers raised a higher price on what they were addicted to.

Rey was 15. Maybe she did grow up. It made no difference, though. After KDH broke out, the only rule in the world was to survive on your own. It didn't matter how old you were.

She opened her eyes and looked around. The human guard was apparently too sleepy to watch over the situation. Her brain was instinctively forming an escape plan, but she suppressed it. She was not jumping out of a shuttle just to return to the slums of Rosa and got herself killed.

The Reboots they brought on this shuttle were all teenagers over 12, as she had learnt. They said the children under 12 would be raised in another organization until they were old enough to be useful.

HARC said a lot of things.

Rey believed every single one of them.

It was night when they arrived at Austin facility. The chilly night air brought a shiver down her spine. She noticed that her clothes had been changed.

It was such a luxury to wear new clothes. Not with dirt and holes. Actually, it was the first time in her life to wear such things.

She began to think that maybe HARC would treat her better like they already were.

They ran tests on her. A lot of tests. She was asked to run as fast as she could on a treadmill carrying many devices she had never seen before.

They told her that she was strong. But to be stronger, she had to train.

The Newbies were trained by Reboots that were over 120, which meant to be a trainer you must be dead for 120 minutes or longer.

Rey was a little disappointed that she didn't have the chance to become a trainer.

She was also secretly glad because she wasn't as emotionless and cold as the trainers.

She sat among other Newbies as they had breakfast at the cafeteria. She would never admit it, but she had wanted to make some friends at this new place. There were no friends in human world, not even in the orphanage. However, now they didn't have to fight each other for the chance to survive. She assumed that this would give them a choice to be friendly. Rey allowed her mind to wander further as she dug her fork into the steak.

"Hello, "she jumped a little when someone suddenly patted her elbow. "I'm Finn fifty-four. This is my friend, Poe seventy-three. What about you?"

Rey turned to her left to see a dark skinned boy smiling brightly to her. Behind the boy was a good-looking guy who clearly was much older than her , also smiling. Usually Reboots would look paler than humans, but these boys looked almost didn't change at all.

Rey tried to radiate the same kindness when she turned the corner of her mouth to form a smile.

"I'm Rey ninety-seven. "She said as gently as she could. It was not easy after a decade of leading a harsh life on the streets of Rosa. "Nice to meet you. "

The two gasped when they heard her number. "Wow, that's pretty cool!"said Poe, who didn't even try to hide his shock. Rey didn't know if it was a compliment or a sarcastic comment, but judging from Poe's earnest expression, the first guess might be correct.

"Can we be friends?"Finn said, "You know, it's gonna be wonderful to havea friend who can kick people's ass. "

Warmth filled Rey's heart as she suppressed the urge to laugh. "Of course." She shaked hands with the two. "I would like to. "

They finished their meals and stood up from their seats, followed the crowd to exit the cafeteria. Rey got distracted when a noise came from behind. Someone was screaming.

Screaming were never good signs. Rey wanted to cover her ears and hide soemwhere, but she forced herself to turn to the familiar voice.

It was Finn. Rey moved closer, her heart pounding fast. Finn was lying on the ground, blood dripped from his nose. A red-haired boy stood beside him, laughing and kicking his side. Reboots gathered beside the two, some were wearing a smug look on their faces, others were evidently horrified.

"Fifty-four, isn't it? "yelled the red-haired boy, raising his wrist, "I doubled your number, coward! You don't even dare tofight back!"

Rage filled Rey's heart as she ran forward. Poe was helping Finn up as the red-haired boy kept insulting the two.

"Only cowards would be proud of bullying people."She called out to the boy, clenching her fist.

Red hair turned to her, visibly astonished by her statement. Rey enjoyed a moment of victory when he flushed over her words.

"Who do you think you are to insult me, street brat?"Red hair spit at her."So fragile and weak. HARC wouldn't like that."

"I'm Rey ninety-seven, coward. I'm not afraid of a bully. "She straightened her back, looked into his eyes.

"Is that a challenge?"Red hair scoffed.

"Yes. "Her tone was calm and determined. She hoped she felt like what she showed on the exterior.

There was no time to regret the decision. She quickly ducked to dodge a blow from the bully, then raised her elbow to strike his chest. She had been in a lot of fights back when she was still human, but she used to be accompanied by her quarterstaff.

I cannot be weak. Thought Rey. HARC won't like that.

She replayed the scene of Finn bleeding on the ground in her mind. Fury flamed the blood her veins, driving her to attack.

"Told you it would be awesome to have a friend who's an ass kicker." Finn said to Poe. Rey smirked at the comment, taking her chance to punch the boy's jaw.

The boy's expression distorted from pain.

It seemed to infuriate Red hair more than anything, that he would probably lose to a newbie whose number was under 100. Rey raised her arm to neglect a blow. The bump was so powerful that it caused Rey to stumble backwards. She bent her knees to prevent her head from being hit.

The only way of killing a Reboot was to destroy their head.

Rey was getting exhausted. She had never met such a strong fighter before. To be honest, she had mostly encountered with half-starved, inexperienced scavengers like her. But Red hair was a well-trained and well-fed Reboot, who had got a higher number and more strength. It was clear that Rey was the disadvantaged one, not the bully. She felt much more passive as she dodged another blow. Why haven't the guards intervened yet?

She stole a glance at the guards at the windows.

It seemed that they were enjoying this fight just like the red hair did.

Rey gritted her teeth, gathering all her strength and concentrated them at her fists. She tried to end this fight by throwing her fists forward.

Suddenly, the world went black. The red hair gave her an uppercut that sent her flying backwards. She blinked. Everything was spinning so fast…

"Bullying newbies again, Hux? Really, don't you have better activities to keep you occupied?"A low voice approached her. Rey groaned on the ground, struggling to keep herself concious. In her blurry view, she could see a tall dark figure look at her from above.

So the red hair was Hux. She thought, the figure must have a number high enough to shut Hux's mouth.

"That's Kylo one-eighty-three. "Finn whispered as he pulled Rey up. Rey's legs felt weak, her teeth clattered from pain. "The highest number here."

Rey snapped back into reality. So her rescuer was the infamous Kylo Ren, known to humans as a merciless killer. She stepped backwards, unsure what to do.

She glanced at Kylo, only to gaze into his observing eyes. Hux, though still looking at Rey with hatred, didn't dare standing against Kylo. Rey stared at those dark . They were somehow mesmerizing, with amber flickering at the edge of his pupils. She exhaled as he walked in her direction.

"You fight good. "she jumped at Kylo's voice. The air in the cafeteria seemed to be stilled as his intimidating figure towered over her.

"Well, thank you? "she stammered, blushing in embarrassment. He casted her another glance before exiting the cafeteria.