So as I'm writing this I have already finished the first part of Stardust Crusaders and it is fucking LIT. Jesus I didn't think that it would be that good but I'm really digging it. So I'm gonna do a reader insert for the first time and let's see how it goes. This first chapter will be fast paced so the reader can meet the Crusaders immediately.

Pairing: Kujo Jotaro/Reader (Female)

Rating: T

Y/N - Your name

Last name will be given, Ramsey is the last name i chose

H/C - hair color

S/C - Skin Color

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure belongs to Hirohiko Araki.

It all started as most things do, with parents.

Your parents were employed by some kind of flight company, and really that was all you could remember about their jobs. Your mother was a kind woman, short but stern and she had been a flight attendant when she was alive and your father was a pilot. Most of your childhood and early teen years were spent flying from country to country with your mom and dad, and you were taught by them. Homeschooling was the only option for them seeing as they were both only children and your grandparents had been dead for many years. There would have been no one to take of you if they left you in America while they traveled around the world.

At least, no family to watch over you.

However, it meant nothing to a young introverted girl. It was a blessing in disguise really, and you were too shy to ever really make friends at normal public schools. So the entire arrangement worked out perfectly for the small Ramsey family. Until it didn't.

Sometime when you were fifteen, your parents brought you along to Cairo for a small two week vacation that your mom and dad had been planning for a couple of months. You remembered how excited you were to spend the days roaming around the city of Cairo and maybe going on a few trips to see old Egyptian ruins. Both your mom and dad had left the hotel room in the middle of the night to go get some takeout containers that they had ordered and you were more than happy to stay behind in the air conditioned room.

"Man, I hope they get some burgers this time, I don't want to eat rice or anything like that."

You were happy to lay on the bed and kick your feet in the air idly as you watched some of the Egyptian tv channels available.

But five minutes turned to ten, then ten to twenty and eventually you were putting on your shoes when an hour passed without your parents coming back into the room. You pulled your h/c hair into a bun and walked out into the Egyptian night.

"Mom! Dad!" you called out as you walked down streets looking for any sign of them. There wasn't big crowds but still enough people walking that it would be hard to find them. "Where are you guys! Helllllooooo?" but the hustle and bustle of night life made it hard to head much. The worst possible scenario was running through your head at the thought of not being able to find them.

What if they got into an accident or what if they were mugged?

You pulled at the bottom of your shirt nervously as you bumped into people. Tonight something in your gut was telling you to go through a back alley, and when you decided to your heart dropped. Eyes wide with horror you fell to your knees and it seemed like the whole world had gone red in that moment. A terrifying scream echoed through the alley, you turned to see who did it but when met with the the panicked gazes of the crowd behind you, you knew that it came from you.

A woman pulled you away from the alley kicking and screaming, "No, NO! MOMMY! DADDY!" You would never know where she got her strength from, but that one woman had yanked you away from the last sight of your parents. Your dad was posed over your mom's body, both extremely pale and with large puncture wounds on their neck. The food from the containers they had been carrying was covered in red and it looked like someone had taken a huge bite out of them. In the shadows, a man moved out of the way, but that didn't matter because all you would really remember from that point on in the night was how your parents looked when they died. Still in their uniforms.

"Mommy! Mommy! No put me down! Mommy-!"

You couldn't breathe properly, you were struggling for just one good breath. But the world went dark around you and before the darkness at the edges of your vision consumed you, you saw a ghostly white silhouette looking at you with tears streaming down the face.

Your story would not end in Cairo that night, and there was no one to return to. Your life had been taken away, your family stolen from you.

It was a couple weeks after their deaths that you were booted from the hotel they paid for, with only the possessions that you carried in the two backpacks your carted around. You would not leave Cairo, where else would you go? Who would care for you? There was no way in hell you would ever become a prostitute and sell yourself on the streets, but you had to live on those same streets.

A week on the streets made you realize that you needed some friends or life for a fifteen year old would end quickly and without notice. Though you still had no luck making connections with the other urchins and gang members that roamed Cairo. You thought that it was over for you, until you saw the white thing again.

It looked more like a ghost than anything, and upon closer inspection the ghost was a lady. White skin covered in a long flowing dress, her nails were long and sharp looking and she loomed over you. Her blue hair floated in a phantom wind and her vacant eyes were crying; but she held out a small container for you to take. "Is this for me?" you asked dumbly, and she nodded. You took the container and looked down at her feet, they weren't even touching the ground!

"What are you?" you questioned her.

The lady didn't answer.

"What's your name?" and it was met with silence.

You bit your lip and looked back at her face, "You won't leave me right?"

She shook her head and melded into your body, causing you to squeak out in shock. But you understood, she wasn't really leaving you anytime soon. She was yours and yours alone. She helped you when you needed it most, and popping open the Styrofoam container she gave you, you smiled.

"Dad always got me burgers," you whispered to yourself as you cried silently, "I guess you need a name, right?" The lady materialized in front of you once more, her flowing dress surrounded you like your mother's hug. "Crying Lady?", and she bopped you in the head with a dainty hand. She didn't stop crying but you could tell she was not please with that night.

"Uhhh, Lady in White? OW! Okay, okay!" you took a bite of your burger and the name came to you before you could take another.

She hummed softly when you addressed her again, pleased with the name given and she floated around to sit next to you so she could run her fingers through your hair. Just like you mom did when she sat on the couch with her.

The Mourning Lady would keep you alive in Cairo for the next to years.


As time passed you came to understand that The Mourning Lady was something called a Stand, and that you were her Stand user. It was a little confusing at first, but by herself the Mourning Lady was weak. Her only tool to fight with was her nails, or so you thought. But through many fights with other Stand users that you came across in Cairo, you found that the Mourning Lady could turn herself into a person that your enemy knew. Many times it was someone who was dead, but sometimes she could transform into the worst case scenario for that specific person. Her domain was in the weakness of others.

There were few times that she would not be able to defend herself when she was transformed, and would revert back only to fight with her hands. Your Stand was protective of you and would ensure that you were not harmed at all. Going as far as to pick you up and run away with you if she felt like it. You called that tactic Mother's Embrace, and her observation and transformation into other people was called Reflection.

Your Stand had become your only friend, and it was absolutely fine that she didn't really talk to you. Hell, you weren't even sure if she could. But when she used her Reflection, she was able to take on the voices of other people. Just once, after the first year that you had spent without your parents, you used her Reflection on yourself. And your mom stood in front of you, but she wasn't really your mom.

Seeing the perfect imitation of someone you loved made you ill, sick with grief because you knew that the Mourning Lady could never compare to your mom.

It had been a long time before you called for the Mourning Lady again.

It had been necessary to have the Mourning Lady with you at all times for she could watch your back and over your possessions. You could travel about one kilometer away from her before she would be forced to return to your side. So you made the most of it, and worked your way up among the homeless of Cairo. You were certain that without the help of the Mourning Lady you would have died before your sixteenth birthday.

By your seventeenth birthday you lived cozy in your own part of alleyways, you chose to live near the richer parts of Cairo because you found early on that if you could stake claim to a piece of good land then you could reap impressive benefits. Sometimes you had Mourning Lady follow some Speedwagon workers to take their company credit cards to buy some feminine products and other necessities for a young girl. For some odd reason there were many SPW Foundation workers in this part of Cairo, but you didn't think anything of it at the time. You merely saw more opportunities that provide for yourself. And one day proved juicier than others.

There had been an influx of SPW workers in a single week and they all seemed to be scoping out one particular mansion for something, and you figured that if it was worth their time then it was worth your time. So you followed them, with the Mourning Lady looming over you. The Mourning Lady went unseen by the workers as you and her snuck into an old mansion one day. Her fingers pinching wallets from pockets and you sticking to the corners of rooms to stay in the shadows. At first it got a little boring, waiting for something to happen but you hid as one member with binoculars suddenly jerked backwards.

Familiar looking puncture wounds gushed from her neck.

It had been so long since you had seen such a sight but you never forgot the corpses of your parents.

The other SPW member yelled out for help only for a damn quick moving force ran into him, and blood splattered everywhere when that worker fell to the ground as well. You were terrified and called the Mourning Lady back to you; you had to leave that instant. But before she could scoop you up with Mother's Embrace a blond man stepped out from the shadows. The Mourning Lady and yourself noticed how he locked eyes with your Stand before he noticed yourself, and you cursed your shitty luck. Of course this guy was a Stand User. You had to leave, and it looked like the Mourning Lady had the same idea.

"Oh? What do we have here? A Stand User?" he tsked as he moved forward. The man wasn't normal, and the entire way he carried himself suggested that he would be more dangerous than the other Stand Users that you had faced in Cairo.

You lurched back away from him; there was something about him that was off. He had a scar around his entire neck and a weird star shaped thing on his left shoulder. "Mourning Lady! We need to go!" you called out, finally finding your voice. The Mourning Lady grabbed you violently and moved as fast as she could for the window. He smiled and suddenly you were yanked back.

"Hold up, I, Dio, may have some use of you after all-" he began when Mourning Lady sprung into action.

Her Reflection of Dio turned her into a large, buff guy with blue hair; he breathed evenly and had silent tears streaming down his face as he faced Dio. From where Dio was holding you it seemed that he had yellow lightning running up his arms from his hands. "Jonathan!" Dio roared out, "How?" Then Dio looked at you and a grin stretched across his face.

"Yes you will be very useful after all," he murmured to himself.

The Mourning Lady ran forward with all her might and with the power that this 'Jonathan' had she tried to strike at Dio in an effort to get him to let you go. "OVERDRIVE!" the Mourning Lady called out but was knocked away before she could even get close to Dio. "Hmmm, hamon doesn't work all that much against me, Dio! You will be a good distraction for the Joestars, a good adversary to slow them down!" he called out to the Mourning Lady.

Then, without you noticing, something embedded itself into your s/c skin right in your hair line. The Mourning Lady fell limp and dropped her Reflection of Jonathan before returning to you. "What is your name? And what card does your Stand suggest?" Dio asked you, and despite not wanting to comply with his questioning you answered him anyways.

"Y/N, Y/N Ramsey, my Stand doesn't suggest a card."

Dio hummed as he began to exit the room, "Interesting, your Mourning Lady seems to be strong if used in the right situation. Perhaps you can go in place of the Emperor, after the whole situation with Enya I believe you might be able to hit the Joestar group where it hurts." He was mainly talking to himself, but you still listened to every word that he said.

Joestars? Like the rich people?

You could feel the Mourning Lady rest in your mind, and no matter what you tried you couldn't rouse her to defend you like you normally did. You stayed in his grip no matter how hard your mind tried to fight it, but it seemed that his will was stronger than yours. Dio smirked, "Strong girl, aren't you? Just like your parents, but they were nothing when it came to me, Dio!"

Both you and the Mourning Lady froze for a second, your body finally meeting your demands.

But that second came and went, "No matter, go, delay the Joestars. For I am not back up to my perfect form yet. The Lovers will be waiting for you, young lady. And if you do a good job, then I might reward you."

He let go, and then for the first time since your parents died you left Cairo.


You weren't sure of where you were going, but you bought plane tickets to Pakistan and managed your way across towns to meet with the Lovers. Without being under Dio's will, you were able to let the Mourning Lady come out now. She draped her arms around you and floated her body behind you as you looked for the Stand. You were hungry, dirty, and thirsty, but that didn't matter to you. You knew Dio killed your parents, but why couldn't you fight back? Why were you so useless?

The fleshbud in your hairline was a permanent reminder of your weaknesses, both yours and your Stand's.

Your h/c hair was bunched into a loose bun to keep the back of your neck cool, and you itched at your arm fruitlessly. You managed to fit into some of your old clothes that you remembered your mother getting for you before she died. The once bright purple dress was dingy now, but it was clean. You huffed when the Mourning Lady pointed your head in a particular direction. For some reason, there was a horse drawn carriage, the occupants were all watching the interactions between an older gentleman and a kebab seller.

But the old lady in the back seat was staring at you and the Mourning Lady.

"OI! What are you looking at old lady!" a man with white hair grumbled at her when he noticed her staring.

You tched and sent the Mourning Lady away, not before tentacles burst from her head. Everyone in the carriage was startled and you could see the name Dio printed all over it. But, you hid in the shadows waiting for the perfect time to strike. The kebab seller threw off his garbs and revealed his Stand was the Lovers, the same one that you had been looking for all over the damn city.

"Great, of course, he's an ass."

You stalked closer to the group and observed, the Mourning Lady coming out to do so as well, it wasn't long before you saw one of the Stands of the men. You began to catalog the Stand's abilities, finding it wiser than just rushing in with the Lady at your side. You wrote down all that was necessary to know, the names that you heard. Descriptions that was filed under each name, and you smirked.

So these were the Joestars that you were meant to take care of. You were supposed to meet up and help the Lovers but decided against it; if the man died because of his foolishness then so be it. But you needed to live. You needed you autonomy back, because you needed to kill Dio for what he did.

Following the Lovers' User, you noticed the callous way he was acting to the tall guy that was trailing him. You watched as the brooding man, Jotaro, became even more strung up with every little demand that he had to follow. "Be a bridge for me Jo-ta-ro. Or else who knows what could happen? I could get hurt!" Steely Dan, the Lovers' User, grinned maliciously as Jotaro became a human bridge for him to walk over.

You winced at the sight of that dark glare that Jotaro had; if you cared enough, you would have felt bad for Steely Dan. Though you knew the type of guy that he was, and knew that he would get it all back and then some. The Mourning Lady cried into your hair when you and her witnessed Jotaro be thrown out of a jewelry store, only to get beat by some intimidating men. You looked away, not paying attention for a while and letting the Mourning Lady guide you along as the scene began to escalate.

Somewhere during that time you heard more and more fighting, but this time followed by a distinct "ORAORAORAORA!". Somehow the tables turned and it was Jotaro standing in front of Steely Dan, his Stand holding a small bug like thing between it's fingers. When it released you thought that this could be your time to intervene when Dan revealed that he sent his Stand to kill a little girl that had passed them holding a ball. You tugged at your dress and nearly exposed yourself when Dan also revealed he was going to stab Jotaro.

The idiot was going to get himself killed! You needed to do something quick, as Steely Dan taunted Jotaro with his knife. "Now, now. There isn't a need for that right Dan?" you called out as you entered the light. Walking towards Steely Dan you put a hand on his shoulder, "Call the Lovers back dumbass. Now." You gripped his shoulder tight and Dan reluctantly called his Stand back to him.

You watched the kids run further down the street and sighed in relief, before turning back to Dan. From his position on the ground, you could see that he thought he was going to be saved as he took in the sight of you and the Mourning Lady. He smirked cruelly as he leered at you before going to taunt at Jotaro, and you weren't going to have any of that shit.

Facing him you planted you hands on both shoulders and swiftly brought a s/c colored knee up; he resounding hit felt good to hear. His crying returned in full force and Steely Dan howled in pain as you scowled at him. "Using children as pawns is fucking weak! You piece of shit! You're lucky I was sent to help you!" you turned back to Jotaro and sighed. Forgetting the now useless Steely Dan, you came face to face with Jotaro's Stand.

Star Platinum.

How frustrating.

The Mourning Lady tilted her head as the group from earlier came running up to meet with Jotaro, you wanted to get this over with quick. So you let the Mourning Lady look around for something to use her Reflection on, and she zoomed past Jotaro and Star Platinum to stop in front of the man, Mr. Joestar. She cried as she transformed, her body changing in grotesque ways to accommodate her new form. Her blue hair receding back into her head and changing colors and she stretched and ballooned up to become buff. Kind greenish eyes replaced her normally white, vacant eyes and a daring smirk crossed the Reflection's face. But despite the new clothing and appearance the Mourning Lady still cried in her new Reflection, and she opened her mouth to talk to Mr. Joestar.

"Long time no see, JoJo. Miss me?"

The Mourning Lady jumped back to you, her new form a spry young blonde. A signature headband around his forehead and his weird clothing was a stark contrast to your drab appearance. The blonde jumped in place as the Mourning Lady finished her transformation, and the man, Joestar, was pale and shocked into place.


The Reflection of this... Caesar stared at the group of men before anyone dared to make a move. The Mourning Lady kept the breathing even and you bemoaned your luck, this Reflection used that...that weird energy too! Maybe it could do something big to hurt or kill the others. "Go! Lady!" and upon command the Mourning Lady launched the Reflection at Jotaro first. The Reflection pressing its hands together and creating a bubble like sheen that stretched as the hands got further apart.

"Bubble Launcher!"

The energy catapulted the sheen to bubble up and fire at rapid rates, cutting sides of the buildings that stray bubbles hit. YES! Not so shitty now huh! you cheered silently before Jotaro's Star Platinum fazed in front of him. The flurry of punches that it sent out destroyed the remaining bubbles without even hurting any of them and you despaired in that moment. "Oh fuck me! Why is this hamon thingy so shitty!" you complained as you pulled on your hair in frustration. Across from you, Jotaro smirked as the others finally rallied around him. You looked over to Steely Dan and cursed, the little bitch was still crying at his mangled up body. "I don't see how you could have fucking stopped them on your own! Dammit all!"

When the Mourning Lady saw how little good it did, she dropped her Reflection and cried silently as Star Platinum returned to Jotaro's side. "Lady!" you called out, "New plan! Let's go!" She nodded and swept you up in her Mother's Embrace, her hair and dress wrapped around you tightly to protect you from anything that could harm you. One of her feet lowered to touch the ground before pushing off, leaving the group and Steely Dan in the dust with a cry from the beat up Stand User of "HEY WHAT ABOUT ME!"

You and the Mourning Lady didn't get far when she was pulled down into the ground by a green tentacle wrapped around her foot. You screamed when she hit the ground, but The Mourning Lady curled around you and flipped around so she could use her claws if need be. The Joestar group approached you slowly, one of them dragging a now unconscious Steely Dan with him.

You gulped at the murderous look in the elder Joestar's eyes as he approached the two of you. You were scared off dying, you wanted to be with your parents but you were scared because you didn't know what came after a person died. "Mourning Lady," you whispered as the group began to close in around you, she looked at you and nodded, "Reflection."

For a second no one said anything as the Reflection of your mom came to be, a s/c hand smoothed your hair down. The Mourning Lady stared at Jotaro as she smoothed your hair back from your face, your Stand being really aggressive when it came to pushing your hair at the hairline. The wiggling fleshbud appearing for a second, but the keen eyes of the group saw it.

"Mommy, don't leave again," you whimpered as the Mourning Lady cried while using your mother's Reflection.

"Good grief," Jotaro grumbled as he summoned Star Platinum, "These Stand Users are more trouble than their worth." Using Star Platinum while The Mourning Lady kept your hair parted to show the fleshbud, he grabbed the fleshbud and pulled.

You blacked out staring into the face of your crying mother, and you felt more safe than you did since your parents died.

So I hope people like this, I don't plan to have a fic longer than five chapters.

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