I'm gonna finish this shit if its the last thing I do.

Pairing: Kujo Jotaro/Reader

Rating: T

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure belongs to Hirohiko Araki.

Kujo Y/N held her daughter Kujo Jolyne in her lap as she wheeled herself down the busy streets of Morioh looking for the tell tale sight of her husband's white hat. The little six year old girl was pouting as she tried to convince her mother to let them go eat at a cafe, and complained that she was hungry. To which you responded that when you found Jotaro, then you all would go eat.

A nineteen hour flight from Florida to Japan was taxing on the mother/daughter duo, with Jolyne having a hard time settling on a flight filled with turbulence. Then having to go and check into a hotel to stash all the luggage you brought with you, before dashing off to find your husband just seemed to frustrate both you ad Jolyne more. All while you were having issues with your old injuries flaring up again. Despite being able to secure first class seats for both you and your daughter, you weren't able to try and stretch out as often as you could in the privacy of your home in Florida.

But being in the bright and sunny atmosphere of Morioh, you could feel some of the tension of the long flight fade away slowly. Though you were still a little pissed off about the fact that Jotaro didn't just bring you and Jolyne with him in the first place. It was annoying seeing as there was no one that you could trust Jolyne with for a long period of time in Florida, and was forced to endure a flight as a wheelchair bound woman with a young child.

Hell, the closest person you could ask to watch over Jolyne was Joseph and Suzie, but Joseph was in Morioh as well. And you would have felt bad for just dumping Jolyne on her aging great-grandmother.

"Mama? When is Daddy gonna show up?" your daughter asked in frustration.

You smiled lovingly and ruffled her blonde bangs, "Soon JoJo, but when we do we can go eat and go to sleep okay?"

"Okay," Jolyne grumbled as she tucked her head into your shoulder.

You smiled at your daughter and went back to the task at hand.

But you were hopelessly lost in Morioh and didn't really have a clue as to where Jotaro would be. Maybe you could ask one of the locals in you shitty Japanese, but the chances of anyone knowing who your husband was was low. And the chances of knowing where he was was even lower.

Why didn't you just ask the SPW Foundation about where he was?

Out of the corner of your eye you saw a group of high school students with...very weird fashion make their way across the street and you grinned. Maybe they could be able to help you. "Ano! Excuse me!" you called out and the tall one with a pompadour turned to look at you as you wheeled yourself closer to them. He did look a little annoyed at being called out, but his eyes softened when he saw you and Jolyne approach.

"Sorry to bother you," you began in an accented Japanese, "I just flew into town and have been trying to find my husband, so I was wondering if you knew a man that looks like this." At the end of your request you pulled a photo of Jotaro and Jolyne out of your purse and showed the teens.

The pompadoured teen let out a gasp, "That's Jotaro-san!" And he grabbed the picture to study it further with his friend with a similar hair cut and lines on his face, the other teen stared at you and the picture many times. "I didn't know Jotaro-san had a wife" the first teen exclaimed.

"I didn't know she was hot!" the other one said.

The shortest one of the group elbowed the teen with the lined face, "Hey! She's right there!"

You grimaced a bit before holding out your hand awkwardly and used the other to shift Jolyne closer to you as the young girl finally crashed into a deep sleep. "I'm Kujo Y/N, and this is Jolyne. Can you all please help me find him?"

The pompadoured teen nodded with a huge grin as he handed you back the picture, "Sure! I'm Josuke by the way! This guy is Okuyasu, and this is Koichi!" Josuke pointed first at the line faced teen before going to the short one and you nodded. Josuke seemed to vibrate in excitement as he grabbed the handles of your wheelchair and pushed you before you could say anything.

"So what are you doing in Morioh?" Koichi asked you as you all started to make your way to a nice cafe.

Humming for a second you mulled over your response, you didn't know if any of them were Stand Users or how they knew Jotaro. You smiled, "He called and asked for me to come over and help with a situation that I had some expertise on." Josuke and the others nodded in understanding and while you hoped that they wouldn't keep pushing the matter, Koichi just kept asking questions.

"What kind of situation does he need help with?"

You playfully grinned and flicked Koichi's forehead, "Adults only."

Okuyasu and Josuke both turned red and started to stutter out different questions, and you shook your head. Sometimes boys needed to get their heads out of the gutters, but you smiled brighter than earlier when they wheeled you to an outdoor eating space and you saw the tall form of your husband hunkered over a table full of files. Across from him was Joseph with ... an invisible baby?

You assumed it was an invisible baby because of the fact that there was hovering baby clothes in the outline of where a baby's body would be. Before you could call out to your husband, Josuke already did it for you.

"Oi! Jotaro-san! We found your wife!" you shook your head, it was more like you found them.

Jotaro looked up from the table and twisted in his seat to get a look at who called out to him, and while he didn't smile initially when he saw you and Jolyne you could tell he was happy to see the two of you safe and sound. "Yo Josuke," he greeted before he stood up to greet you. The tall white clad man bent down to receive a small kiss from you, and it was sort of comical to see such a giant bend over so far.

"Y/N, how was the flight?" Jotaro asked as he pushed you over to sit next to him before reaching to take Jolyne from you. You finally let your arms relax from holding her for so long and smiled at him with a glint in your eyes.

"Good, for the most part, but your daughter is a nightmare to handle on a plane. So while I rest up, I trust that you can watch over her for me, she mentioned wanting to go to the beach with you many times," you saw him gulp a bit. He could tell that you were tense and that you were more than happy to throw the care of your daughter on top of his growing mountain of responsibilities he already balanced.

Jotaro merely nodded as he leaned Jolyne into his shoulder as she snoozed.

You grinned at Joseph, "Hey Mr. Joestar, whatcha got there?" The elder man gave you a kind smile as he explained the entire situation with the baby, his new adopted daughter Shizuka. The teens sat themselves at the table with you all and started chatting in whirlwind Japanese that you and Joseph struggled to follow. After so many years of living in the U.S and not speaking Japanese on a regular basis, you were rusty but managed to keep up.

The Mourning Lady materialized next to you and poked around at the files on the table, capturing you attention at the different photos of men there. You picked up a picture or two with Jotaro's notes on the back and looked at your husband in question. As if to say 'do these kids know about what is going on here'? And he nodded in response, you grimaced and took a photo from the pile and stared hard at it.

Something wasn't right at all, the way that Jotaro explained the situation in Morioh was that the killer he was following got his face changed by another Stand User against her will before blowing up all evidence. This was all after the death of a young middle school aged boy, and he needed you there in case he came face to face with the murderer.

After Cairo, Jotaro wasn't willing to let you use the Mourning Lady's reflection on him and you understood that whatever happened between him and Dio was enough to make him fearful of the vampire, even in death. Though, since he was out of practice using Star Platinum's The World, it was good to have you near by so that the Mourning Lady can use what powers Dio possessed against this killer. He hypothesized that The Mourning Lady could access Dio's Stand through a reflection of Dio made from his own fear, but the two of you never got around to testing it.

Your husband never wanted you in a situation that could be dangerous to you ever again.

So you knew that this time, something was wrong with the entire situation to ever think about putting you in harm's way.

From a corner of your eye you saw Jolyne shift as the smells of food woke her, and she squealed happily when she saw Jotaro was the one holding her. The young girl started to ask him many questions about going to the beach, visiting Grandma Holly, and who the people at the table were. And you saw Koichi gawking at your blatant use of the Mourning Lady, with her gaunt and crying face staring back at him.

"Don't worry Koichi-kun, she won't hurt you," you promised and he jumped in surprise.

He stuttered, "What can she do?"

"The Mourning Lady can reflect your biggest fear or the person you miss the most to be used as a weapon against you, so it makes sense that you feel a little uneasy around her," you commented as your Stand pushed Jotaro's coffee cup closer to you. You ignored your husband's grumbling about how he wasn't finished with his coffee as you drank it, and smiled brightly at the teens. "And she helps me get around sometimes if I'm alone or if I need extra assistance. She's a really useful Stand," you mentioned and flagged down a waiter to order some more drinks and food.

You could hear how Josuke and Okuyasu thought she was so cool as asking if she could transform for them. You sighed, but obliged and had the Mourning Lady focus on Okuyasu, and watched as she changed; her refection of Okuyasu's grief was a young man with blonde hair and a uniform that was similar to Okuyasu's. His face on the Mourning Lady was one of strictness as he cried openly.

"Did this person possess a Stand?" you asked kindly as Okuyasu got quiet.

He nodded once and you waved your hand at the Mourning Lady, who called out "Bad Company!" and little toy soldiers and toy planes surrounded the table. Before you could use any of them you made the Mourning Lady drop her reflection, not wanting to cause Okuyasu any sort of unnecessary pain.

"I don't like to use her against people I know or trust, I don't want them to be sad. So please, unless it is an emergency don't ask me to use her on you again," you warned.

From next to you your daughter perked up as food was placed in front of you and her, Jolyne was a messy eater but you didn't take her back from Jotaro as she ate. Instead letting him hold her, even though he was wearing a mostly white outfit. Her grubby little fingers were smeared in ketchup and grease as she began to make conversation with the teenagers at the table.

You sighed, hoping that nothing too serious would happen while in Japan.

"After this I'm getting a manicure, I deserve it after all the stress from coming here," you mentioned to Jotaro who grunted in response. And you did deserve it, and it would go a long way in helping you relax before diving into work. You rubbed your temples trying to smooth away a headache that was forming and groaned

But for now you were happy to have your family all together with you, and you would worry about this killer later.


You stared blankly at the man in front of you as you sat next to Jotaro and Jolyne at another cafe, mere days after arriving in Morioh. He was holding a sketchbook and asking for you to let him use his Stand on you for inspiration for his manga, Pink Dark Boy. The Mourning Lady hovered behind you, ready to scoop you and Jolyne up at a moments notice in her Mother's Embrace to escape if need be.

But Jotaro was calm around the green haired mangaka, so you were fine.

Though it was off putting how many Stand Users there were in Morioh; many of the people that you met in your short stay in the town had possessed a Stand of some kind or another. Hell, in one of Jotaro's reports that you read, apparently a fucking rat had a Stand at one point before it was killed.

"No," you said to the man, Kishibe Rohan, and he kept on pushing but one stern look from Jotaro got him to quit it.

"I'll ask you again later! No one can say no to the great Kishibe Rohan!" he exclaimed before taking a seat at the table before anyone could invite him to do so. While you and Jotaro were a little peeved at the man taking such liberties, Jolyne seemed starstruck and you smacked your forehead. That's where you heard his name before, Jolyne actively read Pink Dark Boy back whenever you would take her to go to the bookstore with you in Florida.

Rohan seemed pleased that at least one person at the table was happy that he was there and asked Jolyne for permission to read her life with his Stand, Heaven's Door. You would allow it if she consented to such a thing, and to no one's surprise she did. As Rohan read your daughter like a book, you talked quietly with Jotaro.

"How come Noriaki isn't here? Or Avdol or Polnareff?" you asked as you poured over some notes that were compiled from the SPW Foundation.

The killer's last known alias was Kira Yoshikage, no living relatives, and no close personal connections. This was something that was up Noriaki's avenue, using Hierophant Green to be able to sneak along the shadows without being seen. Or attacking from a long distance, like Avdol was more apt to do. Hell, Polnareff's Silver Chariot was damn fast and could outpace the killer.

Jotaro grimaced, "Avdol and Polnareff are in Italy gather intel on a gang there that might be gathering Stand Users, and Kakyoin is currently knee deep in South Africa doing research on the Arrow there. The old man is too old to be of real help to us in a fight and other than you there wasn't a lot of people I trust to have my back."

"You know that I'm just as good in a fight as Joseph is nowadays; hell I still have some complications to work through from when I was pregnant with Jolyne," you pointed out, "So there is something going on here that is serious enough to bring me into the folds. What is it?"

Your husband merely tapped the picture of an arrowhead and you narrowed your eyes, "There's one of those here!"

"Yeah," Jotaro agreed, "And the killer has access to it."

Damn, no wonder he needed you around with the Mourning Lady. Anything could happen with this guy having the ability to create more and more Stand Users to do help him. And while the SPW Foundation kept a good list of people with Stands and those with connections to Dio, there was nothing on anyone in Morioh before this tragedy began. Even now, two friendlies were killed by this Kira, and more casualties could happen.

You shook your head, "What a damn mess JoJo, why do you always get roped into these kinda situations?"

Your husband merely shrugged as your daughter's skin reverted back to actual skin instead of book pages. Rohan was writing things down in his note pad and scurrying away once he got what he wanted and you sighed. "I'm going to Kame-Yu and buying me and Jolyne more clothes, it seems like we'll be here for much longer than I thought," and before Jolyne could beg to go with you you said, "Take her to the beach with you when you go to look for a dissertation material to write about. I'll go back to the hotel when I'm done shopping." Your daughter perked up at the opportunity to spend time with her dad and go to the beach at the same time.

Jotaro hesitated, "Are you sure you want to go alone?"

"Yeah, and besides, beaches aren't really handicap accessible," you smiled and reached out to Jolyne to give her a hug and kiss before doing the same to Jotaro. "I'll be fine JoJo, you gave me Josuke's phone number in case I need help and the Mourning Lady can get me out of a bad situation in a pinch."

He nodded and returned you affections before grabbing Jolyne's hand and guiding her away from the cafe. You sighed and fished money from your purse while thinking over the conversion rates hesitantly. But in the end threw down a good amount and deciding to use your card when at the store.

The Mourning Lady appeared behind you and began to push your wheelchair for you, and you paused in thought as your Stand made its way down the street. Maybe using your Stand so blatantly in public could be dangerous but you were used to there being a small population of Stand Users in Florida to ever really challenge you or Jotaro. So you never really thought about not having the Mourning Lady out in public.

Reluctantly you withdrew your Stand and wheeled yourself to the store, people making their way on the sidewalk for the lady in the wheelchair and you grimaced in envy. You could still feel pain when you did your morning stretches with Jotaro, you were completely dependent on Jotaro for most everything, and your daughter would ask you why you were the only Mommy she knew that had to sit in a chair all the time. You missed being able to walk side by side with Jotaro like you did on the way to Cairo, you missed jumping in whenever Noriaki and Polnareff were rough housing.

You never got the chance to be truly engaged during sex, and most of the time you felt like a burden to your family. To Jolyne for not being able to do normal things with her like teach her to ride a bike, to Holly for making the woman fret over you and your declining health, and mostly to Jotaro because he was shackled down to Florida because he didn't want to risk too many trips far away from you in case you needed help.

You resented the people that could walk without a problem, and how they would look at you with pity because you couldn't. You resented a world that wasn't made for people that were wheelchair bound, and couldn't recall the amount of times Jotaro would have to carry both you and your wheelchair up steps to a building that didn't have a ramp. You hated how the curbs on sidewalks didn't have a small slope so you could wheel yourself onto it.

Your eyes had been opened since your injury, and you understood how much you didn't appreciate what you had until it was gone.

And you had been so caught up in your thoughts that while on the way out of Kame-Yu, loaded down with shopping bags, that you didn't see the tall and dark haired man you bumped into until you had accidentally rolled into him. The man had been bumped down to the ground because he wasn't expecting to be hit from behind, and you had tumbled out of your chair.

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going!" you cried out in Japanese as you pushed yourself up into a sitting position.

The man was dressed in a white suit that was now all dirty all because you had rammed into him due to you not paying attention to your surroundings. Even worse was he had a bag of food that was now all squished too!

You propped yourself up on one hand and used the other to try and gather all the bags that fell; silently fuming at how most people merely stepped around you two. Didn't they care at all to help? Just as your hand reached out to grab at a bag handle, the man's own hand caught yours. He seemed to stare at your manicured fingernails for a second, but hastily dropped it to gather your bag for you. "Again, I am so sorry! I can pay for the suit to be dry cleaned!" you rambled on as he gathered more and more bags.

The Mourning Lady appeared behind you and helped you right your wheelchair and push yourself up into it before you reached forward to grab at the bags the man held out for you awkwardly. "It's not necessary, I was standing in the way," he said as he relinquished your bags to you. You smiled in relief and left before anything else can happen, not noticing the way the man stared after you with a look in his dead eyes.

You felt embarrassed when you found your way back to the hotel to see an exasperated Jotaro hold onto a red faced and upset Jolyne's hand. Your somewhat dirty clothes drew attention from your husband but you shook your head, "I see your day went about as well as mine did."

Jotaro pulled his hat down over his eyes and muttered, "Good grief woman."

The smallest Kujo rushed forward to scramble into your lap and pressed her face into the crook of your neck. You sighed, "What happened?" Neither your daughter or your husband would immediately answer and you rubbed Jolyne's back with a free hand as the Mourning Lady pushed you forwards. "Tell me now, one of you, what happened on the beach?"

Jolyne mumbled about how her dad wasn't being fair at the same time that Jotaro grumbled about not letting her have ice cream before dinner and how she can throw a tantrum of epic proportions. You held your hand up to silence both of them and shook your head, of course neither would admit to being the cause of an issue but you could tell that their attitudes weren't helping any situation.

"C'mon you two, we all need to get cleaned up before we go get some dinner. And after we need to pick up groceries because eating out all the time isn't healthy," and you poked Jotaro in the stomach when he came to relieve the Mourning Lady of pushing your wheelchair. He swatted at your hand as Star Platinum came out to float beside you and you giggled when he leaned over to kiss Jolyne on the cheek before giving yourself a kiss on the cheek as well. You snickered when you tilted your head back to see the violent red blush on your husband's cheeks and let the Mourning Lady out to return the favor.

Your Stand appeared behind Jotaro and wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled the side of his face; you could feel the phantom sensation of skin against your cheek and smiled. Jotaro merely turned his head to give a small peck to the Mourning Lady and let her hang off him as the Kujo family went to clean up. Jolyne sprinting to the bathroom first and no doubt heading to use up all the hot water before her parents can.

"What do you want for dinner JoJo?" you asked Jotaro, "I heard from Josuke and Okuyasu that there was a really good Italian restaurant around here."

Jotaro threw his hat off his head as he settled against the couch and kicked his feet up on the coffee table, the Mourning Lady picked you up in her Embrace and settled you on Jotaro's lap. He wrapped an arm around your waist lazily and you just melted into his chest, "Sounds good to me Y/N." You smiled when his hand carded through your hair, and the degrading thoughts you had earlier flushed out of your mind.

You loved him and he loved you, that was all that mattered really. If Kujo Jotaro still thought the world of you ten years into a relationship and eight years into a marriage even with your disabled state, then there was nothing that could ever break the two of you up. He stayed with you through the worst of your health, and you adored him in turn.

"After dinner maybe we could send Jolyne over to spend the night with Joseph?" you asked.

Your husband's head had been tipped back resting against the back of the couch but at your suggestion Jotaro's head raised up quickly. You smirked as his eyes darkened and his hand ran down the length of your back to rest above your ass. When he gripped lightly at your body you tapped his chest teasingly, "Ah ah ah, you got onto Jolyne earlier for wanting desert before dinner, it would be hypocritical of you to do the same."

You yelped when Jotaro smacked at your ass and glared at him, though before you could get onto him for smacking at you he leaned down and kissed you. It was rough and with biting teeth, leaving your lips a bit swollen. You sighed into the kiss as it turned softer, before Jotaro ended it and then he trailed his lips on your ear and nipped at it. "I'll get you for that later," he picked you up in his arms as he stood up before dropping you back onto the couch.

Laughing as you bounced a bit, you used your arms to prop yourself up on the edge of the couch and grinned, "Only if you're paying for dinner JoJo."

"Good grief, like I always do," and you stuck your tongue at him at that remark and he growled out, "And you'll have a better use for that later."

You threw a small pillow at him and rested your head on your arms, smiling as the door to the bathroom swung open and your daughter came running out in a cape made of towels. "And you better go get that wild thing and dress it up, be careful though I heard it bites when angered," you taunted as Jotaro sighed before chasing after Jolyne to wrangle her into an outfit.

It took time for you to get cleaned and dressed, but you all of you managed to find your way to Tonio's Italian restaurant before it got to dark to bring Jolyne out into the city. The Italian chef was smiling at you all when Jotaro pushed you, with Jolyne on your lap, into the small dining area and rushed to have you all seated with glasses of mineral water. If you didn't read up on Tonio's file from the SPW Foundation, then you would have freaked out at the sight of both Jotaro and Jolyne crying uncontrollably. When Jolyne sobbed you took the time to explain to her that Tonio had a Stand, like Mommy and Daddy, and his food that he made can make people feel better.

She had been afraid until when the tears stopped and she felt better than she had in the morning.

"Ah, you haven't been getting much sleep at all have you little Miss," Tonio asked as he came to refill both Jotaro and Jolyne's water glasses.

"The jet lag has been rough on her," you commented as Tonio fished out a napkin for Jolyne to wipe her face on, "but Jotaro, have you not been sleeping well?" Jotaro grunted as he wiped his face clean and sighed in relief as he felt more awake than he had before. You sipped at your water, now prepared for the tears, and dabbed at your eyes as Tonio assessed what he would make for you three.

He decided to get a bruschetta for Jotaro and a small caesar salad for you, while he also brought out a small plate of caprese salad for Jolyne. Despite her dislike of salads, Jolyne enjoyed the salad that she got from Tonio and you were just happy that she was eating her vegetables.

"WOW! It'sh sho tashty Mommy!" Jolyne cried out as she chewed loudly.

"Don't talk with your mouth full baby," you chastised as you cleaned her face of the light balsamic salad dressing that was smeared on her cheeks as she eagerly dug into the circles of tomato and mozzarella. Who knew how she accomplished that feat in such little time. Her face started to get a bright red and the skin drew in on itself before drying out and peeling off in big patches. She picked them all off and put it on the table next to her plate and kept eating, now understanding that what was happening was good.

Jotaro on the other hand wasn't so lucky to get such a mild reaction to the food.

He coughed loudly and thumped his chest a bit when he struggled to breathe well; you looked worried as he scratched at his throat, clawing for breath as he coughed up black gunk. Tonio came rushing back at the sound of Jotaro's coughing a presented a cloth for Jotaro to cough into. Your husband quite literally ended up hacking up a lung, and nearly pulled out a glob and dark gray and black gunk from his mouth.

The chef tsked at your husband, "Smoking is a bad habit, though I am relieved that you seemed to get it all out of your system." As he bustled around the table, picking up the flecks of skin that Jolyne was shedding from her sunburn, you excitedly dug into your own food wondering what the food will fix. When you ate your caesar salad, you grimaced a bit when your abdomen began to cramp horribly.

It was nothing in comparison to the contractions you felt when you had been in labor with Jolyne, but it hurt all the same. You lifted up the hem of your shirt to see that the scar from Jolyne's c-section was pushing from your frame, and when it hurt so bad that you nearly cried out from the pain. Jotaro abandoned his food and Jolyne stopped eating to watch you with worried eyes.

"Mommy? Are you okay?" your daughter asked.

"Y-Yeah baby, don't worry," you reassured her and you pulled at the scar sized chunk of graying skin. Grimacing when the skin, muscle, and even parts of your womb were all grayed out and decaying as it was pushed out of your body in exchange for new, healthy flesh to knit with preexisting flesh. Jotaro rubbed at your stomach idly as you dumped the rotting flesh into your napkin and tied it all up. "Don't worry JoJo, I'm okay now," you smiled as your fingers ran along where the scar from labor used to be.

He didn't seem comfortable with the situation hurting you, even if Tonio's Stand was helping you out in the long run. "If it hurts too much we can eat somewhere else," he mentioned as he polished off the rest of his plate. Jolyne nodding along with her dad, she didn't like seeing you upset or hurt and would do anything to help avoid that.

"Ahh, I'm sorry! I should have been there when you ate to take everything away for you!" Tonio cried out as he bustled around, scooping all the plates and by products of his Stand up from the table. "Don't worry the main course is almost done! And the worst should be over!"

"It's okay! Please don't rush on our behalf," you smiled at Tonio but he had already returned to the kitchen.

Jotaro and Jolyne still looked a bit iffy but you waved off their concerns stating, "Sometimes things that are good for us can hurt a bit."

You engaged your family in a light conversation, smiling at how Jolyne begged to go to the beach again tomorrow and promising that she would be good. Jotaro pretended to not hear what she was saying to make her say that she was sorry for how she had acted today when you weren't around. Then you asked Jotaro about Josuke and the entire situation going on with him.

"He's a good kid, it's not his fault that Jiji got him mom pregnant. He was all ready to deny any help or claim to the Joestar fortune, but then a Stand User targeted his grandfather and then he got roped into all of this mess. Jolyne seems to like him, maybe we can pawn her off to Josuke and Okuyasu for a day," he murmured as he drank his water.

"Not a bad idea, what do you think baby?" you asked Jolyne.

"Yeah! Wanna hang out with Josuke-nii and see Rohan-sensei!" she cheered.

You grinned happily and winked at your husband who flushed red before pulling his hat down to cover his face. He knew what the two of you were gonna do while Jolyne went to hang out with her grand-uncle?

When Tonio came out of the kitchen with three plates piled high with food, you were in awe at the smell of it all. Your stomach rumbled and you rubbed your hands eagerly together as he place a pesto tagliatelle with chicken in front of you. Jolyne clapped when he put a spaghetti pomodoro in front of her, before grating some cheese on the top of it for her. Before serving Jotaro a plate of tilapia scaloppine, and topping off all of the water glasses at the table before standing by the entrance to the kitchen with a couple of hand towels just in case.

The first couple of bites of your pasta didn't change anything immediately, well nothing that you could feel anyways, but as you dug into the chicken breast happily you could feel something at the base of your spine tingle. It didn't hurt, nothing did, until you swallowed the chicken piece you cut off and something in you snapped violently back into place.

Your eyesight blackened around the edges and you whimpered when your feet began to tingle for the first time in years. It felt like pins, needles, and knives were all stabbing into your skin and you dropped your fork to the floor and spasmed with pain, falling out of your wheelchair in the process. Both Tonio and Jotaro sprinted to your side and you curled in on yourself, crying as your spine shifted in and out of place and as nerves began to fire off in pain.

Jotaro summoned up Star Platinum and used his Stand to keep you from thrashing and hurting yourself even further.

When you finally lost conscious you wondered why your feet and legs were hurting so much.


Waking up in the mornings had always been hard for you, as a child you slept in and didn't want to wake when your parents woke you up. As a teen in Cairo, you slept with the Mourning Lady out, keeping you safe to the point that you could sleep the day away and wake when night came. After your injury, you simply didn't want to get up anymore.

You couldn't stand up anymore, so getting up seemed pointless at times.

No matter what you had to look forward to, you just wanted to hide under the sheets and sleep forever. Even after you married you felt like this, and it got worse after giving birth to Jolyne. Postpartum depression had hit hard, but you forced yourself to get through the days for the sake of your husband and eventually your daughter.

So when you next awoke, you were surprised to see that you were able to stay awake and also that you managed to be awake before your husband who was notorious for going to bed late and waking up early. Jotaro was still wearing the clothes he had on when you all went out to dinner, as he slept upright in a chair and Jolyne was curled up on the bed next to you. The little girl was snoring softly and wrapped herself around your arm like a little octopus, not wanting to let go of you even in her sleep.

You turned you head to the wall and nearly groaned at the sight of the clock reading that it was just a bit after midnight. Reaching out with a hand you shook Jotaro awake, not wanting him to get a crick in his neck from how he was sleeping. Almost immediately he jumped up with Star Platinum at the ready, but paused when he saw you awake.

"Y/N!" you smiled at him.

"Hey JoJo," and he scoffed at you.

"Don't 'hey' me. You passed out at dinner-" before Jotaro could finish you interrupted him by patting the spot on the other side of Jolyne.

"Go change and get in bed, I'm still sleepy."

Jotaro glared but his eyes softened as you merely shifted to draw Jolyne up closer to you. He didn't reply but let Star Platinum dissolve and went to do as you asked, too tired himself to argue against you and too worried for your health to merely say no. But you smiled anyways as he just stripped off down to his boxers and climbed in next to you and his daughter, scooping the two of you up in his arms. The only place you wanted to be at the moment and you nuzzled into his neck and slid an arm under Jolyne to bring her up to your chest.

You felt completely safe and murmured how much you loved Jotaro before you fell back asleep.

Waking up was easy the next morning for you, you awoke to see the sheets twisted around Jolyne's feet and the young girl holding onto a pillow at your and Jotaro's feet. The trademark Joestar star was peeking from the hemline of her shirt and you turned onto your side to see Jotaro flopped onto his stomach with his face turned towards you as he cradled his own head in his arms. His own Joestar star was on display, as well as his ass.

Though now wasn't the time to be oogling your husband's pert ass, even though you were sure you could bounce a dime on it. You reached out and pried the sheets away from Jolyne's feet and covered up your family. Feeling safe once more you snuggled into your husband's side, not even thinking about how the lower half of your body moved to your command sluggishly.

So you merely closed your eyes once more and allowed sleep to reclaim you.

Any problems that you had could be solved later. Anything that you would have to talk with Jotaro about could wait till later, for now you would sleep knowing that your family was right next to you, where they would always be.

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