Chapter 1 A normal day on Pirate Island

Jake Two's POV

It was just a normal day on Neverland the sky was blues the waves of water were well wavey, and Captain Jake and his crew were just getting ready for another adventure. Until, I was watching my first dimension self full of excitement, and adventure.

"I hate adventure and excitement." I said to myself

That's when his boss Captain Hook, was calling him. He is ruler of this dimension.

"Jake, can you come here this instant?" He said calling me.

Jake Two: "Yes sir! What's up?" He asked him.

"I can't remember where our lair is." Hook said to me.

Jake Two; "You mean that one. I said to him while I was pointing at our lair.

"Yeah thanks! Hook said to me while sailing towards our lair.

Author's Note: Alright I guess second dimension Jake and Captain Hook are going to plan something evil. Plus I am going to rewrite this story back to it's original story. but instead of leaving in the way it was I'm going to add more chapters to this story. so stay tuned and I will see you guys next chapter bye!