Author's Note!: Hey Everyone, remember you asked how did 2nd dimension Skully died? Well, I decided to give you guys your answer. So with out farther Ado, I give you this next Chapter Enjoy!

Chapter 8 How did Skully Two die

Jake's POVAfter we said our goodbyes to our 2nd dimension selves, I was wondering in my head about their 2nd dimension Skully for some odd reason.

"Hey, Jake, be happy our 2nd dimension selves are back in there own dimension, and everything is back to normal!" Izzy said to me.

" I am happy, but has it ever occurred to you that and then never told us about Skully?" I asked her.

" you know now that you mentioned it, they never told us about what happened to Skully." Izzy said to me.

that's what all of a sudden, I saw a newspaper coming out of the portal.

"Hey look newspaper!" I said to my crew as I picked it up.

"Oh no, guys this is about Skully!" I sent to them as I had a frown on my face.

"Well don't just look at that with sad eyes Jake, read it!" Cubby said to me as I started to read the newspaper..

2nd dimension Skully, died on December 4th 2019...It was just a normal day in pirate island, ever since our leader Jake had left us we were suffered with sad news from Skully's wife, Winger."Guys, my husband, and your friend Skully from epilepsy which means he died in his sleep last night.." Winger said to us as my little brother and I started to cry in tearsRest in peace Skully!