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King Arthur was the legendary true king and a true hero among the history of England.

But he died in fateful Battle of Camlann, according to the history and Merlin's tale.

However, King Arthur didn't die in battlefield...Because he is a secretly a nation of England/Camelot and meant to be Albion, but part of him faded away because there is no land or people or king for Albion. At the moment when he was 'killed' by Mordred.

He knew that he must fake his death, otherwise his peoples will be suspicious about him being not growing old or not getting fatal injuries. So he faked his death and his death was shocking and cause mourning to his peoples and his wife, Guinevere, and his best friend...Merlin.

Not even Merlin knows that he is an nation, even his 'father'.

The reason is very simple. He was bored of being an nation, so he decided to reincarnate himself and that's how he become Prince Arthur and soon to be King Arthur.

Unfortunately to him, he was only King for at least three years until his 'death'.

However, he was a true king that is loved by his peoples. Unfortunately, he didn't 'lived' enough to unleash the gate of peace and the new Golden Age of King Arthur. He 'died' before he accompanied that.

According to the Prophecy and Merlin, he is known as the Once and the Future King.

But many years have passed since the 'death' of King Arthur and Merlin is immortal until returning of King Arthur. However poor Merlin, he never knew that his king never return again or is standing by his side for many years.

But it's now the 21st century now. He goes by: Arthur Kirkland, AKA England. Not King Arthur or Arthur Pendragon...

No one knows about him being King Arthur, but heard of King Arthur. He kept it a secret from the nations for centuries.

This is his story, not America's or that bloody frog!

Remember this is only prologue! :) So it may be short...However please review about this exciting beginning! :D