It was nighttime in the town of Royal Woods, Michigan. Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters were soundly sleeping, unaware that their lives were about to be turned upside down. Around 10 pm, their mother Rita woke up each of the siblings. "I've been watching the weather. There's a strong tornado on the way, possibly an F5. We need to get to the shelter." she said.

All the siblings rushed to the exterior shelter, except Luan, Lana and Lola. They huddled together as the wind howled above them. "Oh no! The door's loose!" Leni cried.

Lisa sighed. "Huddle in the back. We'll be safer there." she said.

Luan woke up to see the house being torn apart by the violent winds. "Ok. Don't panic. Just stay where you are." she told herself, just before she was flattened by Luna's bunk collapsing on her.

Soon the wind quieted. "Ok, it's safe now. Let's go see how the house fared." Luna said.

All the siblings gasped. "Our house is gone!" Lynn cried.

Lincoln did a head count. "Everyone's here, except Luan and the twins. They must still have been sleeping soundly. Who knows what happened to them?" he said.

Lori sighed, just as Clyde rode up on his bike. "Whoa. Your house is gone. I'm so sorry." the dark-skinned boy said, before noticing Lori and fainting.

Lincoln sighed. "I guess I'll call up Ronnie Anne. Looks like we'll be staying in the city for a while." he said.

The rest of the family gathered around their former house. "Everything's gone. Lori's room, Luna's musical equipment, Bun Bun, Lisa's chemicals. I just can't imagine how we'll recover from this." Lynn said.

Leni took charge. "Never forget that we're Louds. And Louds never quit!" she said.

Rita nodded. "Tonight we sleep in Lisa's bunker. Tomorrow we leave for the city. I'm sure the Casagrandes have room enough for us." she said.

Lori stepped forward. "But we have friends here, and school, and everything. We can't just leave it all behind." she said.

Rita sighed. "You're right, Lori. But our house is gone. We will rebuild, but it just doesn't happen overnight. We'll be in the city for a few months, then we'll be back." she said.

Leni sighed. "I guess we'll have to cancel our plans for the next 4 months or so. And we have to call our friends." she said.

Lincoln stepped forward. "I vote we delay leaving for the city. Luan and the twins might be gone, but they're still family. I say we give them a proper funeral." he said.

Leni's eyes started tearing up. "Lincoln's right. Family is family." she said.

3 days later, the whole family watched sadly as Luan and the twins were laid to rest forever. Lori started crying. "Why? Why did they have to be taken from us at such a young age? They'll never grow up and experience the joys of starting a family of their own!" the oldest Loud child cried.