A few months later, the Louds and Casagrandes were back in Royal Woods. They were currently all gathered in the town's only church, where a double wedding was about to start. Bobby looked his absolute best, as did Lincoln. Clyde had to be strapped to his seat with Lisa's unbreakable steel straps to keep him from interfering. "We are gathered here today to join Lori Marie Loud and Roberto Santiago Jr in holy matrimony, and to do the same with Lincoln Loud and Ronalda Anne Santiago. If anyone has any reason why these four should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace." the minister said.

Clyde struggled against his restraints. "Speak and I'll knock you into next week." Lynn said.

After about 8 minutes, Lori and Bobby sealed their eternal love with a kiss, as did Lincoln and Ronnie Anne. Lisa released Clyde from his restraints, and the dark-skinned boy promptly ran off wailing. "I did what I had to do." she said.

At the reception, Lincoln was surprised when the ghosts of Luan and the twins appeared. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

Luan's ghost smiled. "You didn't really think we'd miss the wedding of our only brother, did you? And to Ronnie Anne of all people. I knew you two had a special connection." she said.

Lana's ghost smiled, before Lori noticed the three. "So nice to see you again." the oldest sister said.

Lola's ghost smiled. "I must say, you look exactly how I always pictured you would on your wedding day." she said.

Lori smiled and blushed. "Thanks, Lola. How's Great Grandma Harriet?" she asked.

Luan's ghost smiled. "She looks just like Lucy, except you can see her eyes. I still get shudders just thinking about it." she said.

Lori smiled. "Gotta go. Ronnie Anne and I are doing a joint bouquet toss. See you whenever!" she said.

Ronnie Anne and Lori tossed the bouquet together. To everyone's surprise, Sid caught the bouquet just before crashing into Benny. "Here, let me help you up." Sid said, before she caught herself staring dreamily into his eyes. Lori laughed.

Luan's ghost appeared. "Hi, Benny." she said.

Benny smiled. "Hi, Luan. It's nice to see you again." he said.

Luan's ghost smiled. "I see you've found a lovely girl. I knew you would. If you ever hurt him, Sid, I'll unleash the ultimate prank on you." she said.

Sid shuddered. "Don't worry, Luan. I'll take good care of your man." she said.