Persona 5: A Glass of warm Panther

One shot

Summary: Anne Takamaki (The "Lovers" Arcana) sleepily wanders around Shibuya to eat sweets.

Shibuya 8/22- Summer Vacation

Hot Night

The country of Japan certainly can be a lovely sight to look upon at night, the neon lights glowing all manner of different colors, the adult shops in Shinjuku are open for business, even Jhogen-Jaya has a different atmosphere to it under the moonlight. Though it's somewhat difficult to enjoy it with the scorching heat even during the summer nights in Japan. Thank god for air conditioning, though even that may not be enough to endure the heat like everyone else.

Ann Takamaki was sleeping soundly in bed without a care in the world, she's always been a heavy sleeper, aside from Shiho, no one else knows about her snoring issue. Summer vacation certainly turned into mayhem In her new double life as a Phantom Thief, especially after saving Futaba "Alibaba" from her distorted heart of guilt from her Mother's "suicide". Now after resolving that madness, she definitely felt she deserves to sleep like a baby for the rest of her summer vacation.

Takamaki's Apartment

- Bedroom: 2:25 AM

Dream Episode

Ann was in Heaven, if heaven was a luxurious all you could eat buffet, she'll gladly accept the concept. Hanging out with her new friends and comrades, spending a bunch of mone they made off selling Kamoshida's gold medal (well the fake version anyway, but no difference to the pawn shop keeper's eyes). She was just enjoying herself, eating luxurious sweets she could stuff her mouth can, from sweet dumplings, cherry cheesecakes, and her personal favorite, Fudge filled Devil's food cake.

Dream End

She suddenly felt a sudden fall during her dream, when in reality, Ann fell out of her bed, she groaned about this as she leans up to look around her room, rubbing her right eye.

"Hey, where's all the food? Chocolate eclairs? Hello? Akira? *Yawns*"

Ann starts to stand up, albeit rather dozily and starts walking towards her exit door. "Where is everyone? I want my chocolate cake back. And soon the madness began.

To Be Continued...

Hello Just deciding to let out a little sample of what I plan to someday expand into a Full story soon.

So Yeah Ann Takamaki aka Panther having a Sleepwalking problem. What hilarious situations will ensue? And her friends and Phantom Thieves find out about this? Especially Morgana. Only time (and probably myself will tell.