Akira/Joker POV

It's been about a month since we successfully took down our first target the lustful bastard Kamoshida, the first target of the newly declared Phantom Theives

Akira Kurusu goes downstairs and look to see who the hell would visit Leblanc in the early morning, if it ain't Sojiro then it could be either a desperate Coffee addict, or even strangly a polite robber, but that's ridiculous there's hardly any such thing as polite' Theivery.

So just in case' Akira eyes an old but durable baseball bat in case. I'd rather not use real violence to solve this matter if it's the case. Could always call Boss himself but what if it's too late by the time whoever at the door gets in? For now it's best to get a peek what I am dealing with" Akira thinks as he reasons with himself.

Morgana opened an eye to see Akira up and about. " Joker, you know school isn't for a few hours, and Hey what's with the bat?

"Might be someone at the door, but it sure ain't Sojiro, might be an actual robber or just a neighbor but it's hard to know if it's just a neighbor or not, you mind looking out the window to see who it is?" Joker asked him.

Alright then should be quick" Morgana follow through after climbing the upstairs window to look down from above to see who's constantly knocking at the closed cafe door.


The cover underneath made it hard to see so he jumped down on the cover and peered down to witness Ann continued knocking at the door.

Oh my...Lady Ann? You're here so early?

Takamaki doesn't respond to Morgana's call and keeps knocking .

"Hmm...Joker-kun" Takamaki murmurs as she continues knocking the door, slowly annoying any nearby neighbors.

Morgana calls out to Joker still close to the window " Hey Joker, it's all clear! It's only the lovely Takamaki-San at the door.

"Takamaki-San, here at 2 in the morning?" Joker went downstairs to look at the glass door to see that Morgana is right, his friend and 2nd comrade Ann Takamaki or "Panther" was actually knocking at the retro cafe door, for reasons other than an after school meeting but we have the rooftop for that so what's her motive?

Getting the news that it's a false alarm albeit still strange one. Nothing will be done in this world if he just thinks without taking action.

So Akira puts the bat away and makes his way downstairs to the cafe entrance and opens the door to greet his beautiful friend and loyal comrade. Morgana already coming back inside.

Joker, Lady Ann doesn't seems to be acting her normal self, plus she's barefoot, why is that?

Hello there...Takamaki-San, you could have...just...called?" Joker hesitates on saying more when he notice Panther's attire being a sleeveless black tank top, worn Blue mini shorts with no shoes and her hair is undone, completely loose, her eyes half open

Ann finally stops knocking and looks at Joker's face and puts on a frown and points a finger at him "You're... late" she points out as though he was being strange. Umm, excuse me? Takamaki looks at him in the eye, she looks more she's looking past him, small tears started forming in her eyes. "You promised...me that you would remember to come to the candy buffet with me, the Eclairs were selling so fast." I Takamaki -Chan, are you sleepwalking? Joker says before waving his hand in her face to get a response. "Hmm... but lucky you... The Princess Bubblegum has decided to...gift me with another appointment... chance to come back..with my boyfriend next time...

Yep you're definitely a sleepwalker in every case then" Joker concludes after he failed to get a real response from the sleepyhead teen model.

"So...can we make up for..it? Joker soon makes his mind about letting his sleepy friend into Leblanc after hours. It didn't take long though he'd have to face the consequences should Sojiro finds out.

"Sure, come right in" he gestured politely and Ann sluggishly comes inside.

I might try to fluctuate different POV between Joker and Anne from time to time.