An overdue Ingrid chapter.


She couldn't sleep. And she knew why.

It was their anniversary tomorrow.

Or at least...It was supposed to be...

Glenn was everything to her. She admired him. His strength, his conviction, his drive. She fell in love with him the moment she laid eyes upon him. And her love only grew the more time they spent together.

But it was all taken from her. The Tragedy of Duscur was a horrific incident. Dimitri and the other tried to spare her the details. But she dug further, and found out more then she should know.

Every year, as their anniversary approached she dreaded it. She knew Glenn wouldn't want her to mourn him like this, but sometimes it was just too hard. But she had to keep training. She had to become a knight, just like he was.

Deciding a late-night walk might clear her head, she got out of bed. Throwing on her student uniform and opening the door into the cool night. Lanterns lit up corners of the monastery and crickets chirped rhythmically around her.

As she walked past the training grounds, she noticed the door was slightly ajar. curiosity got the better of her and she squeezed through the slight gap.

Inside she found the Professor. Simply standing in front of a training dummy and staring at it.

The Professor was certainly a strange man. His mannerisms and way of speaking threw her off guard more times then could count. Its as if he didn't know the first thing about social interaction. He didn't even know the difference between a noble and a commoner. He would talk to them the same way. Which, she had to admit, she admired that.

Everyone was taught growing up to be highly respective of nobles. But the Professor looked past status, instead seeing only the person. Maybe that's why everyone found it so easy to confide in him.

Maybe that's why she had begun to develop a crush on him.

She tried to reject it at first, afraid to betray the memories she has of Glenn. But Mercedes would always tell her that Glenn would want her to move on.

And she hated to admit it, but Mercedes was right. Still, it wasn't easy. She was afraid her crush on the Professor may be a result of how similar he and Glenn were. Not in their personality, no. The Professor's personality was something entirely new to everyone at the Monastery. But his leadership is what she found alike between the two. She couldn't help but find herself safe around him. Willing to tell him anything, fully confident that he'd protect her no matter what.

The Professor finally took notice of her, and gave her a slight smile. The kind that would always cause her face to burn. He approached her.

"Ingrid? What are you doing up?" His smile had faded. The same look upon his face.

"Professor...Sorry I couldn't sleep..." She gave him a reassuring smile, hoping to not make him worry.

It didn't work.

"Is something bothering you?"

Ingrid shook her head. "Nothing really...Just got a lot on my mind right now. More importantly, what are you doing up so late? Shouldn't you get some sleep?"

The Professor looked behind him towards the training dummy, then back to Ingrid. "You would be correct. But I wanted to make sure I was in top shape for tomorrow's battle."

Ingrid giggled. "I doubt you have to worry about slacking. You've beaten Felix more times then I can count."

The Professor smiled. "I'm glad you think so highly of me, but still. I must make sure to not neglect my training."

"Seems like you gotta a lot on your mind too, Professor."

Byleth nodded. "Will you tell me whats on yours?"

Ingrid blushed slightly, looking down. "I-Its nothing...I swear...It won't affect tomorrow's battle."

The Professor's smiled once again faded, a stern looked replacing it.


The blonde-haired knight turned her head. The Professor could be really pushy sometimes. But that was one of his admirable traits.

"I'm sorry Professor. But I'm not ready to talk about it..." She dared a glance at her Professor. Expecting an angry look on his face. But instead it was one of understanding. He nodded.

"I understand." He let out a yawn.

"We should probably get some sleep." He walked past her. "Try not to stay up too late. I'm always here if you need me." He gave her another smile.

Ingrid watched him leave. Holding her hands to her chest.

"Where's Ingrid?"

The Blue Lion students froze in place as they were prepping their gear for today's battle. They all looked at each other, afraid to say anything. Finally Mercedes, being the caretaker for everyone, spoke up.

"She wasn't feel well...She said it was nothing worry about."

Byleth stared at Mercedes. Who glanced away from the Professor, hoping he would accept the half-lie.

Byleth nodded. "Very well. We will continue without her."

The battle went smoothly. Although the loss of Ingrid did hinder them.

When they returned he dismissed everyone and went to the classroom to finish up on some paperwork. During his work he heard a knock on the door, he looked up. "Come in"

The door opened and in walked Ingrid, her held low and a solemn look on her face. Byleth stood up, walking around the desk to the front. "Ingrid, are you feeling any better?"

Ingrid looked up and gave him a weak smile. "Professor...Yeah..."

Her smile faded and she looked back to the ground. "I'm sorry, Professor...I lied to you..."

"Something is bothering you after all?"

Ingrid nodded. "Today...Was supposed to be the anniversary for me and Glenn."

Byleth frowned, he was aware of her fiance's fate. And the Tragedy of Duscur. Felix had filled him in with all the brutal details.

"I'm...Sorry Ingrid. I can see why you didn't want to tell me."

Ingrid moved closer to the Professor, now standing right in front of him. "I'm sorry if I made you worry...It's just..." Ingrid was clutching her hands to her chest, clenching them tighter as she tried to hold back tears.

"I miss him so much...I know he wouldn't want me to mourn him like this...But its just so hard."

Byleth wasn't sure what to say. He had never really lost anyone. He barely knew his mother and although his father told her about him all the time he couldn't find a way to really miss her.

Ingrid's gentle sobs filled the class room as Byleth stared at her, unsure of what to do.

Ingrid stepped closer to him, pressing her head against his chest.

"...ld me..."

The Professor tilted his head. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't hear you"

Ingrid tilted her head upward and look at the Professor.

"Hold me..."


"Hold me, Professor...tell me everything is gonna be okay..."

The Professor was hesitant at first. Before gently wrapping his arms around her. Ingrid jumped at first, but settled into his arms. Sobbing into his chest. Byleth wasn't sure what else to do other then hold her. He rubbed her back, but that caused her to cry harder, clutching him tighter.

When she finally calmed down she pulled away, yet still not rejecting his embrace. She gave him a slight smile. "Thank you, Professor...I'm feeling a bit better...Y-You can let go of me now."

Byleth released her from his embrace and she took a step back.

"Would you...Like to have some tea?" The Professor offered. Ingrid smiled. "Sure, I'd like that..."

As they walked to the Professor's room, Ingrid noticed her crush on the Professor had only grown stronger now.

Daresay, she loved him now...

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This felt good to write, I think my weakness is dialogue. Thoughts and narration I seem to have a decent hold of but once it comes to making characters talk I start getting repetitive and bland. Ah well, something to work on.

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