Kassandra Potter-Agiad

Queen of the Spartan Empire


City of Sparta

The year 1994

Its amazing how one moment in history can change the fate of entire civilisations, one such moment happened in 1981 when Voldemort attacked the Potter family. That attack changed the fate of the warrior society known as the Spartans from that single city-state that was eventually conquered by Rome to the military superpower that today still rules over the lives of 300 million subjects and an empire that spans across 3 continents.

But what has this to do with Kassandra potter. Well, she is that moment in time she might have been born Kassandra potter but she was found blood adopted and raised as Kassandra Agiad daughter of King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo of Sparta. It was she that would Change the fate of Sparta after all Spartans were masters of there own destiny. I am Kassandra Agiad and this is my story.

Godrics hollow

October 1981

Voldemort laughed and the two bound and struggling potters as they tried with there might to stop him and save there spawn who was standing up in her crib glaring at him.

"You are quiet brave little one to bad you have to die you would have made a fine concubine when you grew up" raising his wand he yelled out the words that would end Kassandra potters life well that was the plan, as the green light of the death curse left his wand he saw the curse strike her head but he did not expect it to rebound and hit him tearing his soul from his body.

The amount of magical energy released was so great it blew the bedroom roof of causing little Kassandra to vanish in a flash of light just as her parents got free of there bonds. Lily ran to the crib only to breakdown in tears. "James she's gone! He's killed her, he's killed my baby!

James held his wife in his arms as she hugged her daughter's blanket they had no idea how long they were there only for Sirius Remus albus and McGonagall to turn up with some order members and see the young couple in tears.

Sirius saw nothing but red, "he killed by goddaughter damn you Pettigrew I'll kill you myself,"

He stormed off with Kingsley and Remus t find the traitor. As Minerva tried to help the grieving parents Albus sent word to the ministry that the dark lord had fallen and the sacrifice of little Kassandra Potter unaware that an ancient god of a near dead religion had stepped in to save the child and restore his strength this being was Zeus and he knew exactly where to send this young child.


Laconia Peloponnese peninsula


498 BCE

Prince Leonidas was in the main plaza with some of his fellow soldiers and his wife when the weather started to turn violent Zeus was very angry as a single lightning bolt struck the centre of the plaza near him leaving a small crater. The next sound they heard however was not thunder or lightning but the cry's of an infant as the smoke cleared Gorgo gasped in shock a baby lay in the crater crying both she and her husband moved I to the crater under the watchful eye of his father the King.

Husband look she is marked by Zeus Gorgo spoke in aww as she picked up the now quiet infant who cooed at her. Leonidas smiled removing his red cloak he gave it to his wife to wrap the little girl up. Who upon seeing the man's spear tried to grab it in her tiny but strong hands.

Leonidas stood next to his wife and smiled "people of Sparta my daughter sent by the gods themselves my daughter Kassandra of the Agiad."

The people of Sparta cheered unaware that one day this girl would forge an empire that would last long after there great grand children's children had made the journey across the Styx.

Little Kassandra was taken to the peak of mount Taygete to be examined the elder who was checking her lifted up her leg just as a cold breeze came by.

To the shock of everyone little Kassandra kicked her leg as hard as she could into the elders face breaking his nose,

The elder to people's surprise laughed "she's a spartan alright with the strength of the god that marked her" handing her back to Gorgo he nodded. "A true Spartan the Gods have big plans for her"

Time skip

Back at the royal residence Gorgo held her new daughter in her arms both she and her husband had spoken with the Mages and had blood adopted little Kassandra as there own her hair was still black and her green eyes had changed slightly she was perfect.

Laying her down to sleep she kissed her forehead and smiled, "you will be a great Spartan my daughter maybe even a warrior".

Meanwhile back in her original timeline

Lily and James were grieving over the loss of there daughter with there close family and friends the dark lord was gone true, but there baby girl was gone lily herself was broken her little princess was gone forever killed by a madman's ambitions of being immortal bringing a new era of darkness to both the magical and mundane worlds. The group was to busy grieving to notice the history book lily had bought began to glow only to stop just as quickly, for that night the history of the world had been changed borders had changed once long dead religions were now still alive and powerful. The world had a new superpower an Empire that outlasted or crushed all its rivals Rome, Persia, even the modern empires could not outlast her.

To the muggles it was an old Empire that had been successfully ruled by a long and distinguished family of kings and queens, the magical world knew the truth that the Empire had been ruled for over 2000 years by the same queen who founded it the Immortal Queen