Chapter 87

Cold War IV

Current SRU Members, Allies or Neutral members as of 1944

Spartan Empire- Member

Gupta-Indian Empire- Member

Chinese Empire- Member

Japanese Empire- Member

Russian Empire- affiliate-Member

Swedish Empire- Ally

German Empire- Ally

Norwegian Empire- Ally

Italian Empire- Ally

Austrian Empire- Ally

Mexican Empire- Neutral

British Empire- Government Neutral

British Empire- Royalty-Ally (however must remain Neutral to keep the Empire stable

Venezuelan Empire- Neutral

US Ally's or Neutral partners

United States of America

Cuba- Ally

France- neutral (due to the fact the government would face rebellion by its own troops of they supported the USA)

Argentina- Ally

Belgium- Ally

Luxembourg- Ally

Netherlands- Ally

Spain- Neutral

Portugal- Ally

Brazil- Neutral

Soviet Union- Neutral

Kingdom of Arabia- Ally

Enclave East-Coast Command Centre

Iron Mountain Complex


July 10th 1950

The Enclave Leadership watched the procession in Sparta, Queen Gorgo 2nd had died at the age of 80 after 45 years on the Imperial Throne, the Enclave leadership despite being against the Spartans admitted to each other that even in her old age Gorgo was a tough old bitch.

The entire world watched the Funeral procession as it proceeded towards the royal tombs the coffin flanked by the Palace Guard while 100 soldiers from every Spartan Regiment marched behind it the streets were flooded were mourners as well as foreign Leaders of the SRU.

To the outside world it was an Empire Mourning the passing of a beloved leader, however to those who knew the truth it was very good acting on the behalf of the citizens of the Empire,

Enclave and US President Truman told he fellow Enclave commanders that this was a change in the fortunes of the United States and the Enclave.

He believed that the new Spartan Queen Hippolyta 2nd would not carry one her Mother's pro Monarchy stance and was willing to embrace more Democratic values, he was deeply disappointed when Hippolyta gave a speech pledging before her subjects and the gods to carry on her mothers dream.

The past few years had been a strange time for the world the United States formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1947 with the United States, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg with Argentina and Portugal joining in 49.

In July 5th of 49 the world was greeted with the French Governments announcement the night before of joining NATO only for the French Military to openly rebel against the Government and march on Paris the following day.

The US government believing that as France was going to join NATO prepared to send a task force only to hear that a Spartan Fleet sailed to France on a peacekeeping mission, by July 12th Spartan troops had arrived in Paris and acted as a Neutral force between the Government and the French army.

NATO claimed Sparta was there illegally however both Factions in France agreed that Sparta was there as a Peacekeeping force, well the French Government agreed only because they had no real option there were after all trapped in the capital with 2 Army's between them and freedom.

On July 20th the French Government declared a snap Election believing the people still supported them by this time a US Task force of 20,000 men had arrived and was forced to assist Sparta in Ensuring the Elections went smoothly.

On July 30th the world watched as the results showed the French population voted in Majority for General Delacour who won 86% of the vote he declared that France would not Join NATO but would remain a Neutral Party in the world and focus on copying Britain in the Federalisation of its Empire.

Before that in 1947 the Young Princess Elizabeth Tudor-Windsor Married the Young Greek Noble Philip Ptolemy-Mountbatten, while the Royal Family wished to Invite Kassandra Parliament were not in support of it, they were already annoyed at the future Queen of England marrying a Greek.

Elisabeth wrote to the Queen apologising for what was going on she did not receive word back until after she was married in Buckingham Palace lay and envelope for her and Philip with the Spartan Royal seal, it officially declared her and Philip and Imperial Citizens and gifted them a villa in kephallonia the same villa that the Kaiser had stayed in during his exile the final gift was to grant them a noble Title of Count and Countess of Kephallonia.

A title they would be able to sit back on should anything ever happen to the monarchy in Britain what parliament didn't realise until much later was this gift was also a Trojan Horse for the Empire, should the Monarchy of Britain ever face a threat from domestic or foreign factions the future Queen of England being a citizen of Sparta gave them license to directly intervene.

It was later discovered that in 1948 that the USA was still building Nuclear Bombs albeit Slowly that by 1950 the United States was rumoured to posses 400 Nuclear Bombs many of them funded directly by then Enclave, also the Us President ordered the creation of a Shadow Government that would take command of the Defence of the United States in the case of another Global Conflict or if the Government was unable to continue to Govern the Nation.

It was a convenient that the Enclave was officially recognised as the US Shadow Government Truman didn't know it but this would lead to the formation of another faction within the US military.

Kassandria Egypt

July 21st 1950

Kassandra walked through the busy markets of the Capital of Egypt flanked by 2 Medjay she smiled at her people as they greeted her a group of children ran up to her smiling and laughing she smiled as she opened her coin purse giving them 4 silver Eagles each much to there shock, but it also made them love there Queen more after all 4 silver Eagles were a lot for children.

Carrying on down the street towards the Great library of Kassandria to store a book within its walls, as she walked inside the building, she was quickly greeted by the Head Archivist an Egyptian man from Memphis, Aetes was a man of study but he had served in the Imperial Navy reaching the Rank of commander before he was injured in an accident making him unfit for Duty.

"My Beloved Sovereign it's an Honour to have you within these halls to what do we owe the Pleasure of your visit." Kassandra smiled at him before handing over the tome she had written he looked at the title.

"Story of the Immortal Queen Volume 2, most marvellous your Majesty I will have it copied and the original sent back to you as soon as possible."

Thanking him she left the Library and carried on towards the western gate of the City still flanked by her guards, she decided she would ride south to Giza and pay her respects at the Pyramids feeling the familiar claws of Ikaros landing on her shoulder she got on her horse and rode off.

Athenian Line Italian Side of the Border

Province of New Judaea

Italian Empire

Enclave Agent Peterson cursed to himself seeing the demilitarised zone that separated the Italian Empire from the mountain Borders of the Spartan Empire, why had he been given this mission he could not understand but he had no choice he was here on a mission and he would complete it or die trying.

He would wait until nightfall before he sunk past the Italian Border guards and into the Athenian Line, he had no idea why Italy still agreed to this the land was officially part of the Italian Empire and yet they still adhere to the ancient Treaty that forbid any Military forces from being posted and allowed into the region.

It wasn't a place of lawlessness it had a local militia forces to keep order however they were not part of the Italian Army, they were just local residents that were tasked by the Governor of New Judaea to ensure Italian law was enforced in the region.

Peterson would make in into the Athenian Line and cross towards the Spartan side of the line where he bribed a Local to sneak him across the border in his cart with a bar of silver completely unaware that the so-called local was an undercover Medjay Mage who followed his orders when it came to Enclave agents.

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