Chapter 96

The Reunion

Hogwarts School


British Empire

January 1st 1994

James Lily and Nick and Erica Potter were in the great Hall with Dorea and Albus they had planned to take Sirius and Remus however they believed Sirius would cause trouble or what the Empire's stance on Remus's Furry Problem was.

"This is it Lils we are going to meet our Baby Girl". Lily smiled at him as they took hold of the Portkey vanishing from the school with Albus wondering how did a Portkey work inside Hogwarts.

International Portkey Station

Province of Cypress

Spartan Empire

The group landed in a very nicely decorated room with one door guarded by what they believed to be a Spartan Battle-Mage. "Welcome to the Spartan Province of Cypress please present your papers". The Battle-Mages requested not moving from his attention stance.

Lily took her documents from her pocket only to have them fly out of her hands and towards the guard floating in-front of him. "Ah you're from Britain here to see the Queen, unfortunately for you your travel pass does not grant you permission to use your magic within the Empire".

With that the group of magic users felt their wands fly out of their pockets joining their travel documents only to see them flash purple before flying back to them. "Your wands have been given a trace Mark the Council and the Monarch will be able to track what magic you use so I suggest you don't do anything stupid, now head through the door down to the docks the Imperial frigate is waiting to take you to Egypt".

2 hours later

Kassandria Egypt

Spartan Empire

The potters were on the front Deck watching as the Pharos Lighthouse came closer and closer just in front of it was a statue depicting the God Poseidon watching over all ships coming in and out of the city.

"Excuse me Professor Dumbledore, the Captain has instructed me to inform you that we will be docking in 5 mins there is 4 agents from the Medjay waiting to escort you all to the Palace". The young sailor informed them before turning to head back to the bridge or to his other duties.

With the ship docked The Potters were met by the Medjay who walked them through the city James looked towards his wife who was holding little Erica while showing her the different buildings. "Look sweetie this is Kassandria, oh look the Great Library".

"Lily Flower, come on we're almost there I can see the palace Entrance". James called to her as they all stopped before the entrance to the palace where a woman dressed in fine Egyptian silks was waiting for them.

"Greetings honoured guests to the Imperial Palace, if you will follow me, I shall escort you to the Throne Room to meet with her Majesty, I am Lady Helena of the house Ptolemy of Memphis, and Grand Vizier of Egypt".

"Greetings Lady Helena may I ask why they palace looks quite empty today?" Albus asked generally Interested after all this was the Royal residence it was usually busy with politicians, Nobles and military officials.

"Hmmm oh yes her Majesty decided it was better to close the Palace for today specifically for your visit". Lady Helena informed him while giving him a knowing look it was now that James asked the million Drachma question.

"Will our Daughter be here to Lady Helena we are very anxious to see her again after all these years, will we be able to talk to her adoptive family about possibly having some personal time together".

The Grand Vizier said nothing as she stopped before a set of golden doors guarded by two fully armoured Spartan warriors who looked ready to kill at a moment's notice. "There will be no talking from this point onwards unless spoken too, when you get before the Imperial family you are to kneel until told to rise by the Immortal Queen address her as your Majesty unless given the privilege of being told not to understand".

With that the group walked in as the doors opened revealing the Throne room flanked by Royal Guards along the walls leading up to 4 Golden Thrones all of them occupied by the Goddess of the Agiad Family the main one donned in full Armour holding a spear in her right hand and the legendary Ikaros on her left shoulder.

"My Sovereign, May I present Professor Albus Dumbledore and his companions Lady Dorea Potter-Black, Lord James Potter, Lady Lily Evans-Potter, Heir Nicholas Potter and their youngest Miss Erica Potter". Lady Helena spoke from her kneeled position.

"Well done Helena, if you would please wait outside along with the guards please". Kassandra informed them waiting until they had left and closed the door before looking at the still kneeling group. "You May rise, Albus good to see you again my Young Friend".

That comment made Albus chuckle despite looking as he did now Kassandra and her family were the only people that called him young. "I thank you my Queen it is good to see you my I present James and Lily Potter". He said moving to the side allowing the two to step forward.

"Ah yess you both have traveled a long way and waited over a decade for this moment I can picture how painful that must have been for you".

"Yes, your Majesty please will my Little Girl be here soon". Lily asked only to watch the Immortal Queen shake her head slowly.

"Despite everything you have seen everything you have read from history books to the Journals of the Potter Family who have met me, and even now you haven't figured it out have you". Kassandra stood from her Throne and Removed her Helm handing it to her Wife.

Seeing the Queens face must have been a huge wake up call as Lily stood back in shock falling to her knees. "It's, it's you my little girl how is this possible I, NO! I won't believe it this is some sick Joke you cannot be my Daughter".

"Well then looks like I will have to show you." With that Kassandra snapped her fingers casing the torches to go out and the other members of the royal family to vanish leaving Albus the Potters and Kassandra, the Room started to dissolve until they stood in a large void.

"Where are we." James asked holding his son close while dorea and Albus stood awed at this display of Divine Magic.

"You are in my own personal Realm time has no meaning here". Kassandra told them as she appeared in her divine form. "Now allow me to show you my memories of what happened that night".

The group watched as around them the memories of what little Kassandra saw that night appeared showing Voldemort failing to kill her as she was saved by the King of Mount Olympus being sent back in time to Sparta being adopted by Leonidas and Gorgo, it showed the Battle of Thermopylae where Kassandra sacrificed herself unlocking her Divine powers killing Xerxes.

The Potters watched in shock as it went on and on showing the war against Athens to the conquest of Persia meeting Hippolyta and the birth of her Children. "Please no more I can't see no more". Lily begged only to be temporarily blinded by a white flash.

When that cleared, she stood back in the Throne room the torches were still lit and Kassandra still stood there once again back in her normal form, Lily fell to her knees next to James who was wide eyed this Divine being was his little princess well Queen now he supposed.

To both groups shock Dorea walked forward pulling a slightly shocked Kassandra into a hug holding her tightly. "I am so Proud of you Kassandra you have been through so much and come out on top".

Smiling at her Grandmother she turned to look at her Parents and Siblings, the two children looked slightly confused that was understandable however her parents still stood there shocked, and to be honest who could blame them they had just found out that their Daughter was the Immortal Queen of Sparta.

"Lily, James, I understand this might be very hard for you and who could blame you but I must know how you feel about this". Kassandra's voice pulled them out of there shocked stupor they not looked at her slightly confused. "What do you mean Kassandra, I mean your Majesty". James asked her.

"we can never be the family you both want after all I am over two thousand years old a wife and mother to my own family, if you can accept that we can still have some sort of relationship however if you believe you cannot accept this fact then please tell me I will alter your memories to believe you thought it best to leave me with my new family".

James and Lily nodded turning to look at each other, what could they do they had finally found their Daughter who turned out to be the Immortal Queen of the Spartan Empire, could they live with that or could they not.

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