Welcome to Little Angel! The basic premise? The Angels become shoulder angels that help our favourite messed up in the head pilots as they progress in the series. This story will follow the Anime primarily, but I will include elements from Rebuild, and possibly the Manga (I've still yet to read it).

Because of Shinji's impressive record, Asuka gets Gahiel, half of Israfel, Sandalphon and Sahaquiel. Rei gets Arael and Armisael. And the Bridge Crew at NERV gets Ireul. However, the shoulder Angels CAN be seen by anyone, as such, more hilarity ensues. (This is different to the original version, in which only the pilots, and anyone else who defeated them could see them.)

Music: Will be displayed using Italics displaying the Soundtrack and Track number throughout the chapters. If more than one track exists, pick one.

Quick 2020 Update: Shifted the Angel Personalities to the end of the Chapter, it's a lot for the start of Chapter AN.

July 16th, 2015.

The body of a large, human like creature moved quickly across the water.

Coming to attack you! This is gonna be easy! Just gotta get into the heart of this city-place-thing and consummate with that giant mother thing! Easy! Peasy!

The attack battleships off the U.N. fleet stood situated across the water.

Gotta get their attention! Blam!

The water in the distance shot into the air, leaving a lone bird on the neck of the tank to fly into the air.

"As of 12:30PM today, a special state of emergency has been declared for the Kanto and Chubu regions surrounding the Tokai district." A loudspeaker declared over many areas around the city. The landscape was completely barren, Trains were stopped and not moving. Not a single person was in sight. "All residents must evacuate to their designated shelters immediately." The loudspeakers continued to repeat the evacuation order as a single car drove through the streets. The woman inside, a Misato Katsuragi, was busy driving throughout the non-crowded streets.

Inside the car there wasn't much. A GPS showed a brief route, and on the passengers seat was a variety of things: the most notable being a case showing a photo of a young boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes. "Dammit!" The woman driving the car said. "Why'd I have to lose him now? Really, at a time like this!"

"Due to the special emergency, all lines are currently unavailable." The boy glanced at the phone, and put it down on the receiver.

"No good. Why'd I even come here?" This boy's name was Shinji Ikari, and he had recently been called from his sensei's house in Matsushiro to come to Tokyo-3. Who had called him? His father, Gendo Ikari. Shinji had been abandoned by his father at the age of 4 after an accident. He didn't really know his mother that much, but Shinji missed her immensely.

Shinji glanced at the photo in his hand. It was of a rather shapely woman with purple hair by the name of Misato Katsuragi. 'Why would she send a picture like this to a 14 year old boy?' Shinji thought to himself as he continued looking at the photo. Misato had leaned forward, giving of a rather impressive view of her cleavage, with an arrow pointing to it telling him to look here. 'Must be dad's secretary or something. Why can't he just get me himself?'

Shinji glanced up quickly and took in the surrounding landscape, this was the world that was inhabited by half the human population following the Second Impact, that wiped out half of human life on Earth. Tokyo-3 was the third version of the capital of Japan, after the original had been wiped out by a nuclear strike. The world was permanently in summer, even during what was meant to be winter.

What really struck Shinji though, was a girl in the distance with pale blue hair and red eyes, staring straight at him. 'Who is that?' Shinji thought, before a clutter of birds caught his attention, turning his sight away from the mysterious girl. Upon looking back, she was gone. 'Wait. Wasn't there...?' Shinji stood in thought for a moment, before a large rumbling broke his concentration. In the distance, VTOL's were coming around the mountain, and advancing on Tokyo-3 at a fast pace was the giant black creature from the lake.

Sachiel had arrived.

Central Dogma of NERV HQ was in chaos as the main screens showcased the approaching angel. "The unidentified mobile object is still advancing on our position."

"We have confirmation visual, putting it up on the main screen."

Sitting to the side was NERV Commander Gendo Ikari, and standing not far behind, was Sub-Commander Kozo Fuyutski. "Fifteen Years since the Second Impact." Fuyutski said.

"Yes." Gendo replied. "We now have complete confirmation. The Angel's have retuned."

- Neon Genesis Evangelion OST I - Track 3 - Angel Attack -
- Music from Evangelion 1.0 - Track 1 - L'Attaque des Anges -

The wind picked up dramatically as Shinji ducked to avoid getting knocked over. Missiles were being fired overhead as they impacted the Angel. They didn't do much, but slowed Sachiel a little bit.

You guys are adorable!

The Missiles exploded on contact, taking out nearby train stations, rendering them useless.

"Every single missile hit the target! What went wrong- AHHHHHHHH!" The VTOL pilot was cut off as Sachiel brought his arm up and took out the target with his laser.

Take that! You guys are gonna need more than that to defeat me! I'm unstoppable!

The VTOL crashed nearby, slamming into a nearby building, feet from where Shinji was currently standing. "AHH!" Shinji screamed as the VTOL blew up, sending debris everywhere.

Oooooooohhhhh! Jumping time!

Sachiel lept into the air, bringing his foot down near the remains of the VTOL, smashing it to oblivion. Shinji covered his face as he felt death come near, closing his eyes and waiting for it to come quickly.

It didn't come, a car had drifted into place, the door opened, and Shinji glanced up into the face of Misato Katsuragi. "Hey! Sorry I'm late! Get in, hurry!" She said quickly as Shinji got up and into the car in record time. Above, the VTOL's continued their missile assault on Sachiel.

You guys are still adorable!

Screaming ensued from inside the car as the missiles exploded right near them. Misato quickly shifted the car into reverse, and got out of there, Sachiel's foot making it slightly more difficult.

Inside Central Dogma, chaos still reigned. "The target is still moving, it is still heading towards Tokyo-3."

"Air Defence doesn't have the fire power to stop it!"

"I'll take it from here!" A JSSDF leader said sitting above, with two other JSSDF leaders. "Fire everything we've got. Mobilise Atsugi and Iruma as well."

"Don't hold anything back! We must destroy the target at all costs!"

Larger missiles fired on Sachiel.

3... 2... 1... The missiles exploded in Sachiel's face, as he simply looked at them. Glancing across the lake, he saw jets coming across with massive missiles. Sachiel smirked to himself as it was dropped and started towards him. Just before it hit, he caught it with his hand.

Wow! I'm so strong! Wait...

The missile exploded after contact with Sachiel, blowing up in his face. The smoke was thick, but once it cleared, Sachiel was still standing.

- End -

"What! How is that possible!? It was a direct hit!"

"The tank battalion has been annihilated! The guided missiles and artillery fire had no effect at all!"

"Dammit! We'll never get anywhere with the firepower we have!"

"An AT-Field?" Fuyutski supplied as Gendo smirked.

"Correct. Yui's research was correct after all. No conventional weapons can even touch an Angel."

Near the military leaders, the phone started ringing. "Understood sir. We'll activate the mine as planned." Sachiel continued his approach, coming near the currently stopped car.

"Wait a minute..." Misato said as she leaned over the top of Shinji (inadvertently giving him a face full of her breasts) "They're using an N2 mine! Dammit! Shinji, get down!" The N2 mine exploded in the background, Sachiel right in the middle of the explosion. The resulting aftermath was magnificent, the dust cloud rising into the air, the sweep of the wind as it brushed across the landscape, the car didn't have a fun ride however, being toppled over as Shinji and Misato screamed at the various impacts, the car was basically dead, but the Angel was destroyed...

"Yeah!" A cheer went through Central Dogma as the Angel was taken in by the N2 mines explosion. One of the leaders turned to Gendo Ikari, giving him a massive smirk. "Well, Ikari, looks like you won't get a shot at the thing after all!" Fuyutski and Gendo smirked as the operations continued down below.

"Shock wave approaching." The screen cut to static, as the camera feeds got cut off by the aftermath of the explosion.

"Are you alright?" Misato asked as Shinji continued to cough up dirt.

"Sure, but my mouth is full of dirt!"

"You'll be alright, you're a boy aren't you?" Shinji gave Misato a look as she giggled. "Okay, on three. One... two... three... Push!" It took a couple of tries, but Shinji and Misato managed to push the car back onto its wheels. Misato brushed her hands as she turned to Shinji. "Thanks Shinji! I really appreciate it!"

"It's fine, Miss Katsuragi. But I should really be thanking you."

"Oh, please. Misato is fine. So, glad to meet you, Shinji Ikari."

Shinji chuckled a bit, he was started to like this women more and more by the minute.

"Status of the target?"

"We're unable to confirm due to all the EMP interference."

"It must be dead. You saw that explosion, nothing could survive that!"

"External sensors restored." The main screen came back on, showing an object in the centre of the blast.

"High output energy reading coming from the explosion's epicentre!"

"What the fuck!"

"External cameras restored." The visual came back, showing Sachiel alive and well, standing in the centre of the explosion.

"That was it. Our last resort."

"It did nothing, nothing at all."

"Fucking monster!"

Back outside, Sachiel was slowly healing itself after the explosion. It didn't kill him, but...

Ow! Ow! Ow! Holy mother of Adam! It hurts! It hurts so much!

Sachiel simply stood healing, as he did, another face came out of the skin, sitting in position.

The banged up car was somehow driving along the road after the explosion to had been hit by. Being held together by duct tape, Misato continued along as if nothing happened. At this moment, Shinji glanced out the window as Misato continued to speak on the phone. "Yes, I know, his safety is our top priority, I have it all worked out. Can you get a car train ready for us? Express of course!" A pause. "Well, I did volunteer to pick him up. Don't worry, I'll make sure he get there. See ya!" Misato put the phone down as she started to think about the events that transpired in the past couple hours.

- Neon Genesis Evangelion OST I - Track 6 - Barefoot in the Park -

'This stinks! I just had this car restored and repaired and it's already a total wreck! Thirty three total payments and the cost of repairs! And, my dress! It's ruined, my favourite dress is ruined!'

"Uh... Misato?"

'And... And I looked so good in it!'

"Excuse me, Misato?"

"Hmm?" Misato replied as she turned to Shinji, worries about her dress gone.

"Those batteries, in the back. Are you sure we can just, take them? Pretty sure it's called, theft."

"Don't worry about that! As it's an emergency, and we need a working car right now. I'm sure it's perfectly fine! I am a government offical, after all. Okay? Okay!"

"Misato. I really don't think anybody will buy that."

"You're no fun at all. You look cute, but you're like a cold fish."

"Is that so?"

"Oh, are you angry? Did I upset you?" Misato teased, as Shinji glanced back at her, a frown on his face. "Sorry about that! You are a boy after all."

"And you're quite childish for your age." Shinji bit back as Misato frowned. Turning back to the road, and swerving left and right. "Hey, drive in a staight line! Keep your eyes on the road!"

- End -

A VTOL flew around the area of the explosion, Sachiel wasn't doing anything, but he definitely knew it was there.

I can see you! I'm just not doing anything because everything hurts!

"As predicted, the Angel is currently regenerating itself."

"If it couldn't, it wouldn't be operating without any support." Gendo stated as Sachiel destroyed the camera viewing it with his eye.

"Quite Impressive." Fuyutski said. "It can even upgrade its own functions."

"It's also getting smarter." Gendo replied.

"It will resume its attack any minute now." The camera feed returned with a new camera, looking at the Angel as he prepared to continue his attack.

"The gates are now closing. Please stand clear." A voice above stated as the wrecked car entered the car train. "Now departing."

"Special organisation, NERV?"

"Yep. A secret organisation under control of the United Nations."

"And this is where my father works, right?"

"Yeah! You do know what he does, right?"

"All my aunt and uncle told me was that his work was vital to survival of the human race."

Gendo stared up at the JSSDF leaders as they contemplated the situation. "Well, it seems from this point forward, command of this operation has been entrusted to you. Don't betray that trust."

"Ikari! We will admit that our weapons had no effect on the target. That's why we have given you control of the operation."

"Can you ensure that you can beat this thing?" Gendo pushed his glasses up his face.

"Of course. That is what NERV was created for."

"Let us hope that you are correct." The platform went into the ground, and the JSSDF leaders left Central Dogma.

"The target is still stationary."

"The intercept system is currently 7.5% operational."

"So," Fuyutsuki started, "Even the UN forces have retired. What are you going to do?"

"Activate Unit-01." Gendo replied.

"Unit-01? Activation? But we have no pilot."

"That will not be a problem. The Third Child is coming to us as we speak."

"Misato. Are we going to see my father?" Shinji asked as Misato sat in wait.

"Of course!" Shinji glanced at the hood as memories flooded him, memories of being left behind and abandoned by his father at the age of 4.

"Father..." The train continued on its path as Shinji's thoughts haunted him.

"Oh yeah, did you happen to get an ID card from your father?" Shinji glanced at Misato and gulped.

"Yeah..." Shinji reached around in his bag for the crumpled piece of paper. Finding it, he gave it to Misato. "Sorry if it's a bit..."

"Oh that's alright." Misato grabbed a green book from the side pocket of her car, and handed it to Shinji. "Here, start reading this."

"NERV... My father's agency." Shinji glanced over at Misato. "Am I going to be working for him?" Misato didn't answer as she glanced at the ceiling. "Who am I kidding. He wouldn't have sent for me if he didn't need me for something."

"So, you don't get along with your father?" Shinji eyed Misato as she continued to relax. "Sounds just like me."

- Neon Genesis Evangelion OST I - Track 11 - Tokyo-3 -
- Music from Evangelion 1.0 - Track 6 - Crepuscule, Tokyo-3 -

The car train continued along its course, entering the Geofront for the first time. Shinji looked out and was amazed at the place. It was the first time that he had been truely amazed since arriving. "Awesome! A real Geofront!"

"That's right. This is our secret underground base. NERV Headquarters. This is the key to rebuilding our world. A fortress for all of mankind."

- End -

So Chapter 1 is complete! The second half of Episode 1 will be next chapter, and will go like this for the rest of the story. Basically, each Episode will go across two chapters, cutting off where the English title appears in the actual series. Each chapter will also be named after an episode title if it is based on an episode. Although, next chapter will have a different name because the name's the same in Japanese and English.

Also, you may notice some differences in terms of Character backstories. Some ideas will be taken from the Manga and Rebuild, so watch out for those.

Angel Personalities have basically been decided by the fandom and are as follows:

Sachiel: Quite normal, not really much to say. Acts as a Big Brother Mentor figure.
Shamshel: Also normal, but is more serious than Sach, also mistakes certain pleasure devices as his kin.
Ramiel: A TRON Guy, only really talks in Yes and No's, and doesn't do much other than that. Also uses Tetris to get off.
Gaghiel: Nappa from DBZ Abridged.
Israfel: Has always been unsure. I will however, play them like the Weasley Twins.
Sandalphon: Has a habit of daydreaming, isn't very bright and is quite hapless.
Matarael: The Emo of the group. Spends most of the time being no help whatsoever.
Sahaquiel: Will take any and all opportunities to grab on to any female (usually Asuka) and stay there. Generally tries to go for the Breasts. Firmly believes that bigger breasts mean that the woman is more attractive.
Ireul: Loves writing Lemons about anyone with anyone. Also spends time reciting terrible romance scenes that he's written to scare people away.
Leliel: Also has been unsure. In this fic he'll teleport around places seeming at random. What is accepted by the fandom is his fetish for Golf Balls. He's also generally a nuisance, taking parts of people at various time and taking them away for no reason.
Bardiel: Loves taking control of random people (mainly to get Shinji and Asuka together) whenever he can, his favourite target being Kaji. Also takes to helping Toji after his ordeal (mainly with Hikari).
Zeruel: Basically an Arnold Schwarzenegger. Always introduces himself with a My Name is Inigo Montoya line, starting with I AM ZERUEL. ANGEL OF MIGHT. Whenever he enters a room. Is also Gendo's personal secretary.
Arael: Speaks in extremely complicated sentences, with each sentence having another three meanings, with each meaning being closer to what Arael was originally intending. (Thank God I don't have to deal with this until Episode 22)
Armisael: Extremely Sexual. Spends time trying to teach the Pilots about what Sex is, generally using Zeruel to help with the example.
Tabris is not a shoulder angel. He returns to ADAM once he is defeated. He's also important to EoE as well.

Until the 2nd, Ciao!