Chapter 9

Meeting the Family

Boxing Day


Lords quarters


Damian watched his bride laying on the couch a book in her hand given to him from his father who got it from Napoleon being French herself and a bit of a history buff anything to do with the History of France made her happy, it was this that he decided to tell her something.

"My Love how would you like to visit my Family?". He could not help but smile at her as she quickly sat up looking at him her eyes wide with shock and anticipation.

Sending word to his guards he would be of site for a while he took his wife to the balcony allowing his wings to unfurl before wrapping his arms around her waist telling her to hold on as he took flight towards the Silver City.

Palace of God

Silver City

Fleur was in complete aww at the sight she was in Heaven itself looking around she saw people of all races living in peace above she saw Angels flying across the sky until one flew down towards her and Damian.

She looked to be her own age and a bit geeky looking however glancing over to Damian she saw the smile on his face. "Damian what brings you back to the silver City and this beauty must be Fleur."

"Hello Auntie Azrael it's good to see you and yes this is my Beautiful Wife Lady Fleur Morningstar we are here to see grandfather".

Azrael smiled at this she was happy that her only Nephew had accepted the plan Father had laid for him she had no idea why her father would have a divine soul bond with a mortal even if she was a Veela, however she would soon find out as she informed them both she had been task with escorting them to the palace.

The young couple and their angel escort arrived within the firm Damian noticed that all his aunts and uncles were here and sitting there on his throne was his grandfather God himself who looked down at his only grandson and smiled seeing him and his soul mate together.

"Welcome back Damian its good to see you again, and you too Fleur welcome to the family my dear child". To the amusement of everyone Fleur could not say a word she was just so overwhelmed by meeting God himself that she froze, this however gave Damian's least favourite Uncle a chance to but in.

"well are you going to say something I'm not speak Mortal you stand before the Lord in fact bow before him". Came the snide voice of Michael twin brother of Lucifer as he walked past them and stood before god.

He could not see his nephews Eyes turn hellfire red as he moved Fleur over to Azrael and Amenadiel the other Angels and God himself could see Damian was close to exploding and went to move in only to feel their fathers will telling them no.

"Father I don't see why you waste your time with the boy he is my brother's spawn with a lowly mortal and a witch no less and now you have him bond with another mortal who's considered nothing more than a filthy half breed by mortals."

"Oh Uncle now you fucked up" was all Michael heard before he was thrown into a pillar quickly getting up he saw his nephews hellfire eyes and white wings out, unfurling his own black wings he accepted the boys challenge drawing his holy sword from his belt he would strike the unarmed brat down.

That plan was quickly dashed as his sister Remiel tossed her spear to Damian, Fleur watched in horror as her Mate battled his Uncle not that she was horrified that he was fighting she was horrified that Michael had said about her and Damian's mother.

Many believed Michael would win the fight especially after he cut Damian's spear in half however Remiel knew differently she on the odd occasion had visited Hell had witnessed Damian training with the demons particularly Mazikeen Lucifers right hand.

That was made evident when Damian used his right half of the spear to knock Michaels Sword back taking the Arch-Angel of balance and with his left struck at his uncles Face leaving a deep gash from the left side of his chin across to the top right side of his head.

He looked up from his position on the floor to he his nephews hellfire eyes glaring down at him the tip of his spear pointed right at his Neck it was at this moment god intervened. "THAT'S ENOUGH YOU TWO!" He bellowed before talking to them in a calmer manner.

"Michael you have lost the fight now apologise to your Nephew and his wife, Damian allow your uncle to stand if you please" as he waved his hand and healed Michaels injuries.

Damian nodded tossing the now repaired spear by to his proud aunt only to quickly turn back to his uncle with a Demon forged blade in hand stoping it only inches away from his neck much to the shock of Everyone. "never insult my mother or my wife again uncle or next time your scars won't be so easily healed." With that he turned and left Fleur quickly following behind him knowing Damian needed to get away from the palace.

They never saw God smile and once again wave his hand granting Fleur a divine gift that they would it learn until they returned to that castle.

Potter home

Silver City

Harry had calmed down enough to hug his wife apologising for storming off only to hear her laugh saying she didn't care she enjoyed watching him put the stuck up Git in his place as they knocked on the door expecting to see his mother as he knew his dad James was visiting his parents the woman who opened the door was not his mother.

"Oh, Damian look how you've grown last time I saw you were were a little boy visiting Heaven for the first time now your married are you here to see your mom" the brown-haired woman asked.

"Yes, I am it's good to see you two Eve is that barrel of laughs Adam here as well" Damian asked the first human women with a roll of his eyes he really didn't like Adam. To which she just laughed telling him he wasn't here before letting the two in to the house and into the living room to see lily who was overjoyed to meet her Daughter-in-law and made them blush for the next two hours talking about when she could expect grandchildren.

After the Spanish Inquisition that was the conversation, they had with lily they made there way back to the gates to head home when Fleur asked him a very awkward question about why Michael didn't like Veela.

"Fleur Unlike most other things on earth Veela were not created by Grandfather but by Grandmother the Goddess of all Creation and she and grandfather had a falling out sometime ago".

"Damian where is your Grandmother now". The answer she god shocked her greatly. "Where Grandfather banished her to, she is in Hell.

"well then tomorrow we are going to Hell to meet her". That comment made Damian freeze he knew this was going to be awkward.

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