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You may be asking. Why am I rebooting Dictionary again? Well… For starters, the amusement park idea wasn't working out. Heck, how could I even do a season based in an amusement park if I never went to one to begin with? Second… I was a total noob when I was first writing for Dictionary. This time, I do hope to bring Dictionary to its completion. With that said...

Let's get ready to greet some old friends! And a few new ones, as well! Who shall stand tall at the end? Who knows...

It was a bright and lovely summer day. The sun was shining on what appeared to be an island, as a male around his early 40's came into view, flashing off a familiar looking grin.

"Yo!" The male greeted himself. "Chris McLean here, and did everyone miss me? I bet you did! Especially after watching that sub-par Ridonclous Race. But even that won't top yours truly. Now, you may be asking… Why am I back, inviting myself into your homes for your awesome viewing pleasures? Well… To bring you the most exciting season of Total Drama… Yet!"

The host soon began to walk around his surroundings, all while keeping a smile on his face.

"You may be asking yourself… What can top last season? Well, first off… A new set of contestants, for one thing. Second…" Chris soon frowned. "I kinda lost the deed to Pawkitew Island in a card game. Who knew Probst was that good at Blackjack? And trying to recover Wawanakwa Island ever since it sunk is pretty much a bust. Meaning, I had to dig into my account and buy yet another one! And since we can't beat the original..."

The camera pans back to reveal the island itself: It looked similar to Camp Wawanakwa, almost to a T.

"We decided to replicate it! Yep, welcome one and all to Isle Duplicare! Duplicare meaning Duplicate in Latin." Chris explained, with a wide grin. Yep, pretty soon, our contestants shall embark on the craziest season yet. Speaking of contestants… Since we gotta appeal to the SJWs stating that our stuff isn't educational, we auditioned 26 contestants, each of them representing a letter of the alphabet. Are you happy now? Or do you want me to wave a HUGE banner that reads the word 'TRU-'

The host could see a couple of large ships starting to emerge from the horizon. He regained his composure, as he smiled at the camera again.

"So strap in, and get ready for the most wicked and wildest season yet! On…"




"Seriously, I would had chosen Alphabet, but for some reason, that name was taken..." The host mused as the scene fades to black.

Theme song: I Wanna Be Famous

On one of the boats, a flag was waving in the winds, with the letters A – L stamped on it. Standing at the front of the ship appeared to be a teenage girl. She had a curly bob, with a flower pin in her hair, wearing what appeared to be purple shades, and had on a purple t-shirt, green shorts, blue and pink socks, and a pair of salmon colored sneakers. She gave off a smile.

"Ahhhh, welcome to adventure!" The girl announced out loud. "The pilot episode! The one episode which can make or break a series!"

She soon pointed towards the ocean, as a flock of seagulls flew past her.

"Watch yourself, cause I, Candace Calelle, shall take this show by storm!" The girl named Candace declared. "Or… Well, get voted off, trying."

"Wow, buddy. I can see you're quite the energetic type." A new voice spoke up.

Candace turned around to notice a girl around her age standing there. She observed the girl in question.

She had a black, skull themed bandanna atop their brown hair, which had a few blue streaks in it. She was also wearing a black sweater with a paw print design on the front, shaped like a peace symbol, blue torn jeans, and a pair of brown sandals. The newcomer also had on some purple eyeshadow, and even had several piercings in her ears, as thus around her face.

Candace looked at the newcomer, and gave off a smile.

"While I would wanna declare you a villain cause of your punk wardrobe, I shall refrain from doing so, cause… Well, I feel you aren't the villainous type." said Candace. "In fact, you look more peaceful to do any wrong."

The punk girl giggled back. "That, I am. Better than those wannabees who adore animals. Anyways, I'm Luka, and did you see those cute gulls fly by?"

Candace blinked. "There were gulls? Did it make for an awesome backdrop?"

"I assume so. Birds make anything better." answered Luka, with a sweet smile. "Always flying free, without a care in the world..."

"But don't gulls steal your sandwich at the beach?" asked Candace. "Or your Goldfish crackers?"

"That, they do. But I kinda like letting them have them." answered Luka, giving off a shrug. "Hey, animals gotta eat too, even if they're biting the head off of an animal cracker. So, what's up with you? What are you interested in?"

"Well, I'm kinda interested in cartoons, myself." said Candace, smiling back.

"Really? Which ones?" Asked Luka, as she looked over at Candace.

"Well..." Candace started to say…

Somewhere below deck, a teenage male was mixing up liquids in some sort of beaker. They appeared to be a male, with blonde hair, and wearing a white lab coat over a purple t-shirt. He even had on a pair of beige pants, and blue and orange sneakers. He even had a pair of swirly glasses over his eyes, obscuring them in the process.

"MWAHAHAHAHA!" The owner of the beaker laughed out loud. "Whoever everyone is, I, Alec Nye, shall rule this game by the power of… SCIENCE! MWHAHAHAHA!"

Pretty soon, he noticed someone just leaning on a large crate in the shadows.

"But I shall not go it alone. I may need myself a bit of… Help, if I- No, if SCIENCE shall succeed in this game. HAHAHAHA!" Alec declared, as he started to approach the person in the shadows.

But the shadowed person looked towards Alec.

"Hey… Um, who are you?" The shadowed person asked with a soft sounding voice.

"Why, it is I, Alec! And starting today, you are now my Test Subject!" Alec declared, pointing at the shadowed person. "But, it ain't all that fun if you're just in the shadows all the time. Reveal yourself!"

The shadowed person sighed. "Ah, well… So much for a little crafting before the island..." He muttered to himself, as he stepped under the light.

The formerly shadowed person himself had blue, messy hair, and the blue hump of cloth appeared to be a Snuggie he was wearing over a green t-shirt. He was also wearing red sweatpants, and a pair of black slippers.

"I'm Isaac, and… What's this about a... Test Subject?" The male named Isaac asked. "Do I gotta assist in science?"

Alec shook his head. "Oh, no-no-no. That won't do at all. You gotta shout out science like you mean it. Like so..." He instructed as he inhaled some air into his lungs. "SCIENCE!"

Isaac nodded, as he inhaled. "Umm… SCI… ence?"

"Mwahahaha… We shall work on that, Test Subject." Alec replied back, as he sported a grin. "Trust me, before long… You shall be a bona-fied partner in the pursuit of all sorts of SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES!"

His grin soon dropped to a slight smile.

"Right now, I'm just mixing together some potions. Various mixtures which shall aid the both of us in this here game! WHAHAHAHAHA! Also they're fruit flavored as well." said Alec. "How about it, Test Subject? You wanna go far standing by my side?"

Isaac could only stand there, still starring at Alec.

"We didn't even step onto the island yet, let along get introduced, and I'm already being offered an alliance?" Isaac thought. "I wish I stayed at home and in my room… At least no crazy guys would offer me to be any test subjects… What should I do?"

But before Isaac could say anything, something approached the two. They appeared to be an inch tall blue-furred cat, with brown hair atop their head. They even had on a white t-shirt, and pink pants as well. It appeared to carrying a cup filled with liquid.

"Got you some lemonade from the Caf!" The cat girl said out loud, as she looked towards Alac. "Um, Isaac? Who's your new friend, meow?"

"Beats me, Nerdi." Isaac replied back to the tiny cat, as he bent towards Nerdi's eye level and accepted his lemonade. "He just… Approached me, to be honest."

Nerdi grinned as she patted Isaac's cheek. "Awwww, my Isaac's gaining new friends!"

Isaac could only scratch the back of his head sheepishly. "I can't say we're friends..."

"Anyways, this cat here could see the island coming into view. Perhaps we should get on-deck, and get this show on the roll, meow?" Nerdi suggested.

Isaac nodded. "Certainly. As long as I can keep to myself, the better." He said, as he looked over at Alec. "No offense."

He soon left, as Alec looked over at Isaac.

"You may had escaped today, but you haven't seen the last of ME!" Alec declared.

Meanwhile, on one of the floors of the ship, someone was setting up a camera.

"HELLLLLLLOOOOO, WATCHERS!" The camera's owner shouted out loud, as he did a goat's horns symbol via their hand.

They were a male, and had blonde, curly hair with an orange, alien cap atop their head. They were also wearing a black tank-top with the number 69 stamped on the front, a pair of red shorts, white socks, and some blue sneakers.

"It's ya main boi, Jonah Logan, right here! On Total Drama! Yes, bitches, this entire show just got 1000% better, now that I'm on it!" The male named Jonah declared. "But before we hit up the island… And all the fine single ladies on the isle, how about we meet one of our contestants that yours truly is gonna beat. That's right, Jonah is here! Also, don't forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe if you wanna keep up to date with ya main boi's journey right here!"

He posed, as what appeared to be some voices whispered out…


Taking the camera, he soon saw a young kid just walking around the halls. He had black hair atop his head, and was wearing a blue t-shirt with a fish on the front, and a pair of green pants. He appeared to not have any shoes on.

Jonah gave off a grin, hopeful someone saw his show.

"Perfect. Who needs contestants when I've got my glory right here; one of my subscribers?" Jonah said, as he approached the kid, while pointing the camera at him.

The kid stared back at Jonah.

"I am Jonah Logan, also known as L-Cash on YouTube. I've got more than 13 Billion Subscribers to my channel, even more than those wannabees who's calling them PewDiePie and T-Series. Even the unborn, the dead and even the undead are subscribed to me. And being most of my audience are kids, perhaps you are subbed to me? Like-Comment-Subscribe?"

The kid only blinked back. "Who are you?"

Jonah was in shock, as he stammered a bit.

"I… E… What I'm trying to say… I am L-Cash, one of YouTube's biggest stars! You know, the prankster, hip-hop artist? Making millions upon millions from every video? Well, it's only like 25 bucks now, would had more, but after that incident, I kinda lost ad revenue. Surely, you must know about the dead goldfish prank I pulled on my home-fry, right?" Jonah asked the young kid.

The young kid stared back, as a grin grew on his face. "Ohhhhh, I know you!"

Jonah's eyes lit up, as a grin grew on his face as well.

"...Sorry, I only watch real YouTubers." The kid responded back with an innocent smile.

"And what constitutes as a real YouTuber, hm?" Jonah asked back, as someone stood behind him.

"Maybe I can answer that question instead?" An airy female voice butted in. "Well, for starters, there's… Well… Hundreds out there that are far more awesomer than you..."

Jonah and the kid looked over towards the female. She appeared to have a chocolate skintone, and she had a black hoodie on, with some hot pink symbol sewn on the front. She also wore purple pants, and a pair of black and pink boots. A tuff of light blue hair was sticking out from front of the hoodie, and she even had her nose, eyebrow, and even her bottom lips pierced as well.

"And who are you? You a fan as well?" Jonah asked.

The female gave off a smirk. "Well, I'm Kayley, and while I'm not a fan..."

She took out a rather large book, which had a star-like symbol stamped on the front. In front of the book was a word labeled 'Spells'.

"I can cast a hex or two on you, being you deserve so after what you've done to-" Kayley started to say, as Jonah held up his hands.

"Yeesh, I'm outtie. Have fun casting spells with this twerp." Jonah replied back, as he walked away, leaving the two to themselves.

Kayley looked where Jonah once stood, and pocketed her book.

"Never underestimate a witch." Kayley said, as she turned towards the kid, smirking. "And how about you, kiddo? Why associate with that doofus of all people?"

"He came up to me, and I instantly knew him." The kid pointed out. "He done something so horrible, it caused both the Canadian and Mexico borders to shut down and disallow any and all travelers for a solid two weeks."

"And caused huge tensions between the US and the UK as well." Kayley grumbled back. "Probably involved a dead rat. Anyways, who are you? You look to be kinda… Young for Total Drama."

"I'm Ethan, and they lowered the age requirement down to 10 years old. So, I signed up, and here I am!" Ethan answered back with a cheerful smile as he looked at Kayley. "But, aren't you my age as well? Or did puberty hit you early on?"

Kayley giggled back. "Oh, believe me, behind these young looks lies a teenager. Yeah, I haven't hit a growth spurt yet."

"Also, you were gonna put a spell on that guy." Ethan continued. "Were you gonna turn him into a frog? Are you an actual witch?"

"Wiccan, actually. And I wasn't gonna harm him with that spell or turn him into a witch; it would only just teach him a lesson." Kayley answered back. "We aim to help, rather than harm."

Ethan nodded, as he looked at Kayley. "You have really pretty hair."

Kayley smiled back. "Thanks. And you've got some... really pale feet."

"Yep!" Ethan grinned back, folding his arms. "Ain't no 'Shoe Demon' nibbling at my ankles!"

Kayley giggled. "I think us two? We'll get along just fine, goofball..."

Meanwhile, a reddish haired female was waiting by the exit of the ship. She had a designer dress on at the moment, as she tapped her foot in an impatient manner, with a ton of luggage nearby.

"What is taking that sailor so long to get to shore?!" The teenage girl complained. "I want to be the first to step on the island!"

She stomped her foot down.

"I, Gabriella Thyme, didn't whine and bribe my way onto this show for nothing!" The girl named Gabriella protested out loud. "My dear daddy paid a healthy sum to Chris just so I could get on here. And nobody shall stop moi in my path!"

She soon took out what appeared to be a bottle of perfume.

"But the best I shall do is smell decent for the show. Especially if some hot boy is out there..." Gabriella said to herself, as she started to spray herself with perfume, causing the entire hall to start smelling.

But a few moments later, someone came running through the fog of perfume, as there were sounds of a struggle going on.


"Urp… Can't hold it in anymore..."




"Get the hell off me!"

The perfume fog lifted, as Gabriella looked down to see that her designer dress was completely ruined, with a vomit stain in front. She glared at a person who was in front of her.

Said person was a male with some black hair atop his head, and was wearing a raggedy light blue t-shirt, a pair of raggedy gray sweat pants, and had a torn sock on one foot. His entire clothes looked to be dirty and torn, and even the person had a few dirt spots upon him, including a few bruises on his face. Around his mouth, was a few vomit stains as well.

"You..." Gabriella growled, seemingly darting daggers at the raggedy person.

"Eep..." The male yelped.

"Did you vomit all over the glory that is Gabriella Thyme?!" Gabriella accused.

The male held up his hand, which was inside a sock. It appeared to have two dots on the top, seemingly mimicking eyes.

"Excuse me, but my main bro Frankie did say sorry. Can't you even take an apology, miss?" The sock replied right back.

"Sorry ain't going to cut it for ruining a $4,000 designer dress!" Gabriella protested back, getting close to to the male named Frankie.

Frankie blinked, as he held up his sock again.

"Who even goes on a reality show wearing an expensive dress?" The sock asked.

"Well, I hope your homeless owner enjoys paying for luxuries such as mine, cause until he does… He's my servant, whenever you like it or not." Gabriella declared.

Frankie's eyes went wide in fear, as he held the sock closer to himself.

"Come on, dude… Reject her." The sock whispered into Frankie's ear. "Sure, you were forced upon the show thanks to those three idiots you call your siblings, doesn't mean you have to obey this jerk."

"Servant? Front and center!" Gabriella said, as she started to grab Frankie's arm real tight, and started to drag him along. "Since you decided to vomit all over my dress, you shall stand guard while I take a shower to wash this additional smell off me. And if you dare leave your post..."

Frankie gulped in fear.

"I shall make your life a living hell." Gabriella concluded.

Frankie looked down. He knew he was in for it now…

Meanwhile, near the deck's pool area, a tween boy was just walking about, enjoying the scenery. He had a chubby body, with some brown hair atop his hair. He was also wearing a white t-shirt with blue sleeves, purple jeans, and a pair of dark blue sandals. He let out a smile.

"Haaaaaaa… I knew I would get on this show eventually, but never thought I could with… Well, her." The kid said to himself, as he looked towards a standing deck chair. "But since we aren't expected to hit land for the next fifteen minutes, might as well kick back, and enjoy the ocean air hitting my body. Or at least the parts that are exposed. And possibly get into a bit of a gaming session."

He reached into his bag, and pulled out what appeared to be a Switch. There was a sticker on the back, which read 'Bob', which more or less confirmed the kid's name. He turned it on and started to play with it, with a wide grin growing on his face.

"Alright, then. You and me, Rathalos. One giant, scary dragon VS one good boy. Let's see who comes out on top." Bob said out loud, as he began to play his game.

A few minutes elapsed, as a large shadow started to loom over him. Bob paused his game as he looked up at the person who the shadow belonged to, observing said shadow in the process.

They appeared to be a teenage male, with black hair, some of it obscuring half of his face. They were wearing a black t-shirt with the word 'RAGE' written on it with blood red ink, torn blue jeans, black boots, and even wore a pair of spiked wristbands. They even wore earrings, and had snakebite piercings.

"Um, why I do like the extra shade preventing glare on my screen, you come out as too distracting..." Bob said to the shadow, trying hard not to be rude. "...Sorry."

"Hey, kid. Why you playing such a baby game?" A rude, booming voice said down upon him from the older teen.

Bob chuckled. "I… Wouldn't call it baby-ish. There's this one fighter? Absolutely brutal."

The teen scoffed. "Don't care; you should play something MORE violent. Like Mortal Kombat. You can rip out someone's spine and light their bodies on fire."

Bob blinked a bit. "Ummm… Who are you, anyway? And why come up to me of all people?"

"Well, I should at least tell you the name of who's gonna pound you to cream on the show." The teen smirked back. "I'm Danny, and I came to win with what I know best: Brute force."

He pounded his fists in front of Bob, causing the kid to tense up a bit. He soon placed his Switch back in his bag, and sat up from his chair.

"Umm… Wouldn't a fair fight be better your speed? Like, more your height? And strength level?" Bob suggested. "Look at me; I'm only an 11 year old kid with quite a chubby body, and-"

He was soon lifted up by his shirt, and was now at face level with Danny, who gave off a smirk. Bob gulped in fear.

"Well, you're kinda smart for your age. You know what I do with people like you?" Danny asked.

"Umm… Just let me go and hope I run off and not find an adult or older person?" Bob answered back, hopeful it would work.

"Wrong answer!" Danny shouted back, as he walked over to the pool. Bob was now feeling scared. He knew what was going to happen in a few seconds.

"Dude, hold up! I..." Bob tried to protest, but he quickly met up with pool water, having been tossed in there by Danny. He splashed about before he got his bearings and floated there.

"Need I mention that I peed and took a crap in that pool earlier?" Danny taunted down.

Bob was instantly horrified and sickened. "EEEEEEEWWWWW!"

"Have a nice swim… loser." Danny smirked, as all of a sudden, he was lifted up into the air.

"Did you really desantizied that pool with your pee and poop?" A female voice suddenly spoke up.

"What, no! I was only trying to scare the kid!" Danny answered back, not sure what to do or how to react.

"Scare ain't the half of it, buddy; I watched you bully that kid all this time. I stood back, hoping he would stand up to you, but when you suddenly yeet'd him in that pool..." The female voice continued on. "Saaaaaaaaayyyyyy… That sounds like a good idea~… Karmic payback."

Danny gulped. This girl meant business, as he could feel her approach the pool.

"Alright, alright! Geez, just let me go!" Danny protested.

"Well, when you put it that way..." The female replied back, as she placed Danny back on the deck.

Danny looked around, trying to find the female, before she tapped him on the stomach area. He looked down in disbelief at what he saw.

The female was a tween girl half Danny's size, with black hair and a dyed hot pink fringe. She was also wearing a black t-shirt with a cute looking skull on the front, pink torn pants, green sneakers, and had on several wristbands on her wrists, some of them spiked. She was even sporting a hot pink bellybutton piercing as well. In short, she gave off a goth-like appearance.

"Wait… YOU picked me up? But… You're a kid!" said Danny in disbelief.

"Yeaahhh, but I ain't no squid." The tween girl answered back as she gave a proud pose. "You're speaking to Hannah, just your usual normal future ass-kicker."

She pointed towards Danny.

"And that, buddy… Was just a warning. Next time..." Hannah continued, as she looked towards the pool, where Bob was still in the water, staring in awe. "The results may end up being a bit… Wet."

Danny backed away. "Plain yikes! If I'm being lifted up by you, of all people… I'm outta here!"

He soon left the pool side, as Hannah let out a grin.

"Great things come in small packages." Hannah said out loud, before turning towards Bob. She extended an arm out. "Anyways, enough of him; we should get you outta the pool, buddy."

Bob reached out towards Hannah, as she easily pulled him out of the pool. He soon picked himself back up, and smiled at Hannah.

"Thanks..." Bob started to say, as Hannah took his arm and shook his hand lightly.

"Hannah. And you needn't worry about that dork; not while I'm around." Hannah declared with a grin. "You can be sure of that."

"That's a relief..." Bob replied back. "Still, talk about your first impression of a person."

He looked down upon himself, seeing he was still soaking wet from being in the pool. They could see the island coming further into view.

"Man, is there any time to even dry off before we hit up the isle?" Bob asked. "I rather not get my bag all wet."

Hannah smiled. "Allow me to assist!"

She soon lifted up Bob's stuff with one hand, as Bob looked at her, amazed.

"Man… How strong are you?" asked Bob.

"Ohhhh, you'll soon find out, buddy~!" Hannah sung out.

On another boat, a flag whipped in the air, stamped with the letters M-Z. On the pool deck, a male was busy lying back in a chair, with what appeared to be a red tulip in a brown pot was on a chair nearby.

The male had a sorta tan skintone, and had a green bandanna atop his brown hair. He wore a light blue apron with a smiling tulip on the front over a pink t-shirt, green pants, and purple sneakers. The apron had dirt stains on it, as thus the pants around the kneeline. The sneakers were even caked with dried dirt at the bottom.

The male simply sipped some tea, as he kicked back, with a smile.

"Ahhhh, ain't this the life, lovely?" The male asked his tulip. "Just us two… We shall win, and make Mrs. Tortenni proud."

He soon kicked back in his chair, as he heard the wheels of what appeared to be a skateboard. He looked up to see what appeared to be a teenage female skating on deck.

The female soon grinded her board on the side of the pool, before flip-kicking themselves off the side, and done an 180, as she spotted the male. She soon skated over to him, stopping in front, as she gave off a grin at him.

"Hey." The female greeted to the male. "Was that trick SICK or what?"

The male observed the skater girl. She had red hair styled in a ponytail, in a black cap, stamped with a yellow 'N' on the front. Her red hair had a dyed purple fringe, and her ponytail had light blue streaks in it as well. She was even wearing a dark green t-shirt, with a neon green star on the front, which its middriff was ripped off, a plaid, short-sleeved overshirt, a pair of blue jeans with tears, and a pair of pink and yellow sneakers. She even had a few piercings in her ears, a nose stud in the right side of her nose, and a bellybutton piercing as well.

"You aren't sick, are you?" The male asked in concern. "Do you need some herbal tea?"

The female shook her head. "Naaaaahhh, I was just asking if you loved that trick."

The male gave off a smile. "It was interesting; the way you grinded your board on the side of the pool, and not fall in, causing you to get wet."

The female smirked at the male. "Oh, I've got bigger things to do, other than getting this butt wet by cholonated H2O. Name's Nancy."

"And I'm Xane, flower extraordinaire." The male named Xane greeted back. "And… You seem to have quite a… wild get-up upon you."

Nancy grinned back. "You betchya sweet butt it is! I was just practicing my Neapolitan Triple Flip. Pretty sweet stuff, don't you think?"

Xane smiled back. "True… Ice cream is always awesome…"

"Gah, I was talking about my mad skills, brah!" A stunned Nancy giggled back.

She soon looked back towards the entrance into the interior of the ship.

"Anyways, thought I would hang out here before we docked, cause in that ship? A rather colorful box I do not trust." Nancy admitted.

Xane was looking at Nancy's backside, and could spot something on her back. It appeared to be a tattoo of a dragonfly, with a colorful tribal background upon it as well.

"Isn't that a dragonfly tattoo on your back?" Xane asked.

Nancy turned towards Xane, and grinned back. "You betchya it is. This dragonfly? First ink piece I got forever embedded deep within my skin. Hurt as all hell, but it was worth it. So, how about you? Got ink upon your skin I should know about?"

Xane nodded back. "I wouldn't know… You should ask my older bro and older sis about that, instead."

"I should." Nancy agreed, as she looked back towards the interior. "But, as long as that box is inside… I am staying put."

Xane gave off a gentle smile. "I'm sure that box won't contain anything harmful…"

"You obviously wouldn't know…" Nancy replied back. "Something that colorful? It's bound to be dangerous."

"I'm sure that whatever's in that box… It's as gentle as you or me." Xane reassured.

Nancy sighed. "Man… I hope you're right…"

In one of the halls, there was indeed a colorful box lying in the halls.

"I just hope someone opens it soon..." A feminine voice spoke from inside the box. "Hehe… I can't wait to spread the joy and the fun!"

But nobody seemed to walk by the box. The person inside started to get frustrated.

"Awwww, come on! All I wanna do is share a little surprise..." The voice muttered softly, as they started to hear footsteps approaching. "Finally..."

The footsteps belonged to a teenage female, with long, flowing blonde hair, and topped with a bowler hat as a well. She was also wearing a black t-shirt with a smiley face on the front over a pink sweater, green sweat pants, and a pair of purple kicks as well. She even wore a slightly large pair of blue framed sunglasses, obscuring what her eyes looked like. She seemed to twirl around, passing the box and was also singing a song.

"Right before your eyes… Watch us multiply… Come and claim our rights… It's ttttttiiiiimmmmmeeeee~!" The female sung out.

"Umm, before your life changes as we enter the isle… Why not give me a bit of an open?" The box pleaded.

The singing teen turned towards the box, and gave off a grin.'

"Coooooolll, a talking, colorful box!" The teenage girl said, sporting a grin.

"Hehe… Not the reaction I was expecting. Still, why not give me an open?" The box asked again. "I assure you, this won't turn out like any horror movie any of us snuck down to watch at 2 in the morn."

"Well, alrighty then." The teenage girl replied back, as she opened up the box a little crack.

Soon, some confetti burst in the air and some balloons floated up, as a teenage girl hopped out of the box and onto the floor. She had dyed purple hair, going down to her shoulders. There even was a blue jester's hat with pink dots all around it atop her hair. The girl was also wearing what appeared to be a pink clown shirt with blue dots around, and heart shaped buttons going down, as well as green and red plaid pants, and pink clown shoes with a heart motif. Her face was even painted white, with pink eyeshadow around her eyes, some light blue markings under her eyes, light pink lips around her mouth, and even her cheeks had red hearts painted on them. Her hands even had red hearts drawn on them as well. Even though she looked like a clown, she hardly inhabited any fear coming from her.

"Surprise!" The clown girl greeted the blonde haired girl. "Never saw it coming, huh~!"

"Now that's something that you would see at 2 in the morning." The blonde haired girl responded back. "Anyways, you're here for the show, right?"

"Right as rain, buddy!" The clown girl answered back, as she opened a really colorful umbrella, and some blue streamers rained down from within. She soon closed the umbrella and held out her hand. "It's your fun-lovin' buddy, Vikki! The owner and founder of Giggle Bunch Entertainment."

The blonde smiled back. "And I'm Omelette, founder of… Well, a shiny Pokemon in the Safari Zone. Which was a lucky catch. Not as impressive as owning an entire company..."

Omelette accepted Vikki's handshake, as…


"Hehe… The ol' hand buzzer trick." Vikki smirked, as she exposed a hand buzzer. "Gets them every time."

"True, that's a real classic right there." Omelette replied back, as the two separated hands. "Though why dress up as a clown for TD? Like, I know they're cool and all, but some people aren't too accepting of a protag clown. Or any sort of clown in general. Especially now, in this age of trolling online."

"Clowns have always gotten a bad rap. They usually scared people, mugged people, got blamed for making some people fat by them selling them fast food..." Vikki listed off. "And with Jojo's Circus not expecting an action movie remake anytime soon… It's up to me to step up to the plate and be that clowny chum that everyone deserves."

Omelette gave off a smile, as she sported a thumbs up. "Well, you already have one chum right off the bat."

"Awesome!" Vikki replied back. "Anyways, think we should wait by the exit? I wanna make a bit of an entrance upon stepping onto the isle."

Omelette nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I mean… It's just us two, for now. And we haven't even seen the other contestants yet."

Vikki started to make her way towards the entrance, as Omelette followed not far behind, though she couldn't help but stare at the backside of Vikki…

"Man, her bum is so round and perfect..." Omelette thought.

In the dining area, what appeared to be a teenage male was staring out the window. He gave off a chuckle.

He had a bowl-cut of dyed green hair, and was wearing a black t-shirt with three lightning bolts going down, blue shorts, white socks, and red sneakers.

"Hehe… We're all gonna get grievously injured on this show..." The male said out loud. "I betchya, someone is getting a medivac… Hehe..."

"Geeeeee, someone's quite the optimistic one this morn." A female voice spoke up. "Or afternoon?"

The male looked towards to see a teenage female stumble out of the kitchen. The male observed her.

She was a brunette with wild and extremely unkept hair, all in curls and tangles. There was even a stick from a tree sticking out from it as well. Atop her head was a green torque which had the letter W on the front. She was also wearing a torn purple t-shirt with several patches sewn on it, torn blue shorts, a pair of purple socks, and green sneakers. She also seemed to have bandages and scars all over her body as well. She even had freckles, further enhancing her geeky-like nature.

"Hehe… Nice to see someone who's still fighting in this doomed world." The male chuckled back.

"You betchya; ain't nothing keeping Whitney down!" The bandaged up female named Whitney announced. "Well, except for sleeps. That'll keep me temporary unconcious, for certain. Anyways, what's your handle? Might as well know you if you think this doomed world is well and truly doomed."

"Hehe… Name's Quinn." The male named Quinn answered back. "And to be honest, I don't get outta the house too often. Not when there's fires, floods, diseases, sociopath murderers walking the streets and wanting to dissect you and carve a Satanic symbol upon your dead and twitching corpse… Hehe, that's enough reason for me to declare it's safest at home..."

Whitney blinked a bit. "Gee, who crammed all of those thoughts in your noggin?"

"Hehe… It's a reason why I'm not allowed to watch the news anymore..." Quinn answered back.

"Then… Should I walk up to Fox News headquarters, and demand them with the following 'HEY! Quit giving us all the sads!'… Would that help?" Whitney offered, rocking her feet back and forth. "It would solve your prob, and CNN's probs with them as well."

"Hehe… They live off of destroying the happiness of nearly everyone around..." Quinn replied back. "The ones who do follow them… Hehe… They don't know the truth..."

"I can take that as a firm agreement." Whitney said, as a grin grew on her face. "Alrighty, then! Change of plans! We need to send out a calling card to everyone involved there! Oh! But we also need a talking black cat who demands us to go to bed to help assist in battle. And some mythical powers coming from tarot cards and protags from ancient novels. And we need some other buddies with similar powers if we're gonna pull this off."

Quinn blinked in confusion at Whitney's plan.

"Orrrrrr... Maybe we can just step in and give them a stern talking to? Considering we aren't escorted out by buff security dudes?" Whitney asked, as the doors opened, and a teenage female stepped in.

She had blonde hair going down her shoulders, and with a pair of pink-rimmed sunglasses atop her head. She had on a pink t-shirt, a pink skirt, pink boots, and even had on some pretty expensive jewelry on.

She looked at the two, and gave off a sweet smile.

"Greetings; I am Selena, the future heir of my parent's fortune." Selena greeted herself. "And what may you two be?"

Whitney gave off a grin.

"I'm Whitney Morgan, probably the reincarnation of some really unlucky dude." Whitney answered back. "And the freaked out dude right beside me is Quinn."

"Hehehe… I wouldn't say freaked out; I would just say kinda... extremely cautious." Quinn pointed out.

"Anyways, I'm feeling rather famished; is there anything in the kitchen we can munch on?" Selena asked.

Whitney grinned again. "You're just in luck, hun; I was busy whipping up my specialty! Bacon double cheeseburgers on rye buns!"

Selena shook her head. "I'll pass, thanks. How about a salad?"

Whitney nodded. "Alrighty, then; one salad, coming right up!"

She soon entered the kitchen, and started to chop up some veggies, as an explosion was heard from within, and she was shot skyward, through the ceiling and outside the ship.

Both Quinn and Selena ran outside and towards the railing of the ship, to see Whitney about to splash down.

"Iswearthatwasntthesalad!" Whitney screamed out fast as she hit the waters below, and almost instantly, was gobbled up by a shark.

Both Quinn and Selena went wide eyed at what happened.

"Hehe… We should help her, before she becomes digested and comes out the other end..." Quinn stated.

"I can honestly agree to that." Selena replied back.

But in her mind, there were some other thoughts swimming in her mind.

"I didn't think someone would be eliminated this early on. Ah, well… 24 more contestants to go… Then..." Selena sported a smirk, being unnoticed by Quinn.

"The popular girls shall rule the day, and then some."

In another section of the ship, a female teen was in a room, playing a game. The female had dyed pink hair going down to their shoulders, and had on a pair of purple framed glasses, a lime green t-shirt with a Mario mushroom on the front, light blue scrubs, a dark green hoodie tied around her waist, and a pair of purple sandals.

"The heck was that explosion noise?" The female asked herself as she played her game. "I know the Switch has rumble support, but that may had been way too much rumble. Especially for a Mario Kart game."

She continued to play her game, as a male walked into the room. They had ashy brown hair, and was wearing a black t-shirt with a green cross-hair design on the front, green cargo pants, and brown boots as well.

"Whhhooaa, that was one wild explosion..." The male said out loud, as she noticed the female. Pretty soon, a grin grew on his face. "Hot damn, a girl playing a game! This is tight!"

He soon approached the girl, who didn't pay no attention to her new spectator, as the male noticed the game, and frowned at what she was playing.

"Awwww, Mario Kart 8? That's… Man..." The male grumbled, sounding disappointed.

The female paused her game and looked at the male. "Sorry, but I'm on Team Nintendo. But you can still play if you want-"

"I only play real games." The male interrupted. "You know, stuff with bullets whizzing past your ear, explosions a plenty..."

He soon pointed at the girl.

"The name's Peter, and when this game we're about to embark on is done, I'll prove to everyone what a true game is." The male named Peter declared. "So, what might you be? Might as well know one of the faces I'll cream."

The female gave off a smile. "I'm Tina, and you be rather surprised at what a company like Nintendo can do. Ever saw that Smash trailer for Ridley?"

Peter blinked. "That Xenomorph looking dude?"

Tina nodded back. "Yeah, he actually stabbed both Mario and Megaman rather fatally. Then in the next trailer, Luigi bit it… Kinda started a meme for a while, Smash-Wise."

Peter could only blink. "Whoa, hardcore..."

He soon shook his head and pointed at Tina again.

"But hear this; awesome characters or not, you'll still go down, all thanks to me." Peter declared back.

"What if we're on the same team?" Tina pointed out.

Peter lowered his arm. "...Good point."

He soon left the room, as Tina unpaused her game.

"Man, that went by more smoothly than I thought..." Tina said to herself, as someone else approached her.

"Um, ma'am?" A male voice spoke up.

Tina paused her game again, and looked at the voice who entered. "You thought up a witty comment? Then… I've got one for ya, pal."

"Uh, I was about to say isn't that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?" The male returned back.

Tina blinked back. "Ahh… Then, just forget what I was about to say."

She soon let out a smile, as she held up a spare controller.

"Wanna play a round or two?" Tina offered up.

The male smiled back. "You betchya!"

The male hopped over the couch, and landed next to Tina, as she handed over the controller. Tina, in the meantime, observed her new visitor.

The male was wearing a gray beach hat on top of his brunet hair. There appeared to be a pin of an anime logo on the front of the cap. He was also wearing a blue t-shirt with a purple arrow point up, a pair of red sweatpants, and brown sandals.

"The name's Maxwell; what's yours?" The male named Maxwell asked. Tina let out a smirk.

"I'm Tina, and you bet I'm gonna beat your butt in this game!" Tina declared.

Maxwell gave off a grin. "I wouldn't have it any other way..."

The two started to play their game, as Peter watched from afar.

"Guess I've got myself a rival..." Peter thought to himself. "It'll be rather fun challenging you, Tina."

In yet another section of the ship, a male was holding a camera close to his face.

"Ahoy; your main alien seeker himself Ross may had found evidence of an alien!" The male named Ross declared.

He had what appeared to be a colander atop his brunet hair, and was wearing a black t-shirt with the words 'Beam Me Up' written in an alienish font, blue jeans and a pair of brown sneakers.

"It's true; that explosion from earlier may had been an alien crashing our pre-show party!" Ross decided. "And whoever this alien is… They picked a pretty rad time to land; we're about to hit up Total Drama. Who knows what kinda paranormal activity I may run across?"

He soon looked forward to see what appeared to be a female walking around the ship, holding what appeared to be some kind of pad.

"Rule Number 1 of aliens? They often disguise the female race as female humans in order to lure men to them." Ross said out loud. "I shall risk it for that biscuit. Here we go!"

Ross approached the female, as she looked towards him.

"Um, hey?" The female asked towards Ross.

Ross observed the female. They were actually a tween girl. She had her black hair in a ponytail, and both it and her fringe were streaked all sorts of wild colors. She was also wearing a purple t-shirt with a flower on the front, pink sweatpants, orange and purple sandals, and a pair of purple and black striped wristbands. She even had on a pair of strange-shaped glasses and seemed to have a skull painted on one side of her face, and a heart painted on the other side.

"Alright, this sub-species may or may not be an alien. It must be a trap, set up by them!" Ross declared, as he pointed what appeared to be a scanner at her and holding his camera close to his face "They've disguised themselves as a kid, ready to get our attention down. Then just before you know it… Her alien species shall either conquer us all… Or be integrated within our society!"

The tween girl blinked at Ross.

"Aliens? Me being an alien?" The tween girl asked, staring at Ross. "What are you even hinting at, bud?"

Ross slowly lowered his tracking device. "Hey… Can't be too careful out there. Most sorts of people dressing wild like you? Who knows if they're actually a friend… Or a foe..."

The tween girl giggled. "I can assure you, I'm a friend, bud. And even if I was an alien… I would still be a friend. The only tampering I would do if I was an actual alien? Well… Perhaps decorate a corn field?"

She soon shook her head.

"...Naaaaaaahhhh, that may cripple the corn industry." The tween girl continued. "By the way, name's Yuki. What may you be?"

"I'm Ross, and I shall be someone who shall… No. WILL find some source of paranormal activity out there." Ross declared back.

"Maybe I can help?" Yuki offered.

"You two would be at a loss, then..." A new voice spoke up.

Both Ross and Yuki looked at the corner, to see a male, leaning at the wall.

He had black hair, parted towards one side of their face and with red highlights as well. He also had a clean shave on their face, gauges in his ears, a dark green hoodie with a glaring face sewn on the front, grey pants, and black and red boots.

"Even if paranormal activity were out there, they be wasting their time on the human race." The newcomer said out loud. "What have we done in recent years? Nothing but doom and destruction. They be appalled at what we've accomplished."

Yuki blinked at the male. "Gee, somebody's a Gloomy Gus this morning. Or afternoon? Did it hit noon?"

Ross held up his scanner in defense.

"Okay, Yuki, I can understand being all normal, but who hates on humans that much?" Ross asked. "You must be one of THEM."

Yuki held her hand up.

"Ross, calm down before we start accusing people of being from another planet." Yuki said out loud. "We're just dealing with your average Edgelord here. And he probably has some edgy sounding name! Like Shadow… Or Xeon… Or Reaper..."

"Um, I already got the R letter, buddy." Ross reminded Yuki.

"The name's Zero." The edgy looking male named Zero said out loud, feeling rather annoyed as he looked at the two. "And just so you know, all the fighting you're up against? Good triumphing over Evil? It doesn't matter in the end… For it shall mean nothing."

Zero made his leave, as both Ross and Yuki only watched.

"Gee, he's quite the cheerful one, ain't he?" Yuki asked.

"That's a total yep." Ross agreed. "Still thinking he's an alien, though."

Yuki could only shake her head.

Meanwhile, looking towards the upcoming island, someone was drinking what appeared to be red fruit juice in a glass cup.

They were a male, with black hair, and a black goatee, topped with a green and blue striped hat. They were also wearing a blue sweater with a lightning motif, green pants, and a pair of brown boots. They gave off a grin.

"I looked at everyone boarding..." The male monolouged to himself. "Useless R-Tards. For it shall be me, Ulysses, who'll rule the entire game. All I need to do is find everyone's weaknesses..."

Pretty soon, the two ships docked, and a couple of ramps lowered from the deck as well, connecting to the dock and allowing access for the soon to be campers to disembark.

As predicted, Gabriella, now in a purple sleeveless shirt and a dark purple skirt stepped off from her ship and onto the dock first.

"I would have arrived here looking more... glamorous, had it not been for someone ruining my Kardasian." Gabriella stated, as she looked towards the ramp. "Speaking of which… Servant?! Bring down all of my belongings immediately."

Frankie was the next one off the ramp, as he tried to keep the large tower that was Gabriella's belongings steady. However, he was having a difficult time, trying to keep things steady.

"Okay… Just step onto the dock…" Frankie muttered under his breath, as he didn't notice the tower of belongings becoming a bit lighter. He looked forward to see that Vikki lifted some of Gabriella's belongings out of his stack, and placed it near Gabriella.

"Hey, just thought you needed any help." Vikki said, warmly.

Frankie looked over at Vikki, feeling unsure. Vikki gave off a sweet smile towards him.

"Don't sweat the details, or the reason as to why a clown is actually helping you out." Vikki continued on.

Frankie gave off a slight smile, as the two wondered away from the ramp.

Soon, both Bob, Ethan, Hannah, and Yuki stepped onto the dock, as they looked at each other.

"Nice to see other kids other than me on here." Yuki said out loud, as she sported a smile on her face. "Name's Yuki!"

Ethan looked at Yuki and smiled. "I'm Ethan! You know, just your average kid with their head in the clouds."

"I'm Bob." Bob also greeted himself.

"And I'm Hannah!" Hannah also greeted herself, as she looked at Yuki. "You've got some really awesome hair."

"Right back at ya!" Yuki complimented back.

"Not to mention the designs on your face." Ethan said, as he looked at Yuki. "A skull and a heart?"

"You betchya!" Yuki answered back. "How else could I show off a sample of my artwork?"

"I dunno, draw on your belly?" asked Bob.

Yuki chuckled, as she rose her shirt up a bit. On her stomach appeared to be the word 'Awesome' painted on her stomach.

"Ahh, you got me there." Bob chuckled back.

"Saaaaaaaayyyy… You've got quite a belly yourself; want me to decorate it?" Yuki offered, as she took out a few paints.

"Umm… Maybe later." Bob denied back.

Back with Vikki and Frankie, the clown girl was talking to the raggedy boy.

"Anyways, how'd you get roped into working with Veruca Salt here?" asked Vikki. "Usually, Alliances tend to happen when we're already on the island. And they're more kinder… Ish. Kinda-Sorta?"

Frankie's smile dropped, as he looked down in shame. He held up his sock puppet.

"He threw up on that bitch there." The sock said out loud, looking over at Gabriella.

Frankie looked at his sock puppet in shock, as Gabriella was darting glares over at the two.

"That's right! He ruined the dress I was intended on wearing when stepping onto the isle! Which I did get on here first, by the way." Gabriella protested. "And now, I wish for you to make yourself scarce."

Gabriella gave off a threatening glare Vikki's way, as she had no choice but to back off, but not before giving off one last look at Frankie, before joining with Omelette who has since stepped off the boat.

"What's with that tattered up dude?" Omelette asked.

"That… I'm unsure of." Vikki answered back. "Someone wearing raggedy clothing like that hides so many secrets… So, anything happened while I dealt with chibi Queen of Mean over there?"

"Isn't it a bit too early to give everyone nicknames?" asked Omelette. "Anyways, the dude wearing an orange alien cap tried to flirt with that other blonder and prettier haired gal, but somehow landed in the water… That tall punk dude tried to pick a fight with some colander guy, when he called punk an alien… Some mad scientist just poofed into existence..."

"HAHAHAHAHA! The invisibility potion is a success!" Alec's voice laughed out loud.

"Guess we've got quite the unique cast for our season, huh?" Vikki asked sporting a grin.

Soon Nancy, performing a trick with her board, stopped in front of the two girls. Noticing Vikki, she suddenly froze in fear.

"Clown... "Nancy muttered, in pure fright. "Clown…"

Vikki gave off a warm smile.

"Hey-Hey! It's your fun-lovin' buddy, Vikki!" Vikki greeted herself, holding out her hand.

Nancy screamed, as she ran off in fear. Vikki lowered her arm as she blinked a bit.

"Quite the natural response, huh?" Omelette asked Vikki.

"I… don't think doing any clowning with her is a bright idea." Vikki said, looking at Omelette.

"Nah, I'm guessing that fear of clowns? Totally mutual." Omelette agreed.

"Campers!" Chris' voice rang in the air, alerting everyone on the dock. Everyone turned to face the host. "As you all know, I am Chris McLean, your host for this show, and welcome to Total Drama Dictionary! For the next few weeks, 25 of you dudes shall fall by the wayside, all while one of you shall walk away, one million dollars richer! That is, if you can best our many intense challenges!"

The host observed the group.

"Speaking of which… Where's Whitney?" Chris asked.

"Hehe… There was some accident, and… She's probably in some shark's small intestine right now…" Quinn spoke up. Almost instantly, near everyone was sickened.

"...Gross." Candace said, feeling disgusted.

Chris nodded, and gave off a shrug. "Ah, well. Guess I have to find a replacement W contestant, then."

Pretty soon, what appeared to be a shark surfaced, clenching to its stomach, as it couldn't stomach the pain anymore. It spat out Whitney, who went flying past the contestants, and slamming against a pole, covered in saliva. She soon slid off the pole, all while sporting a grin.

"Now I know what Gepetto felt when being swallowed by Monstro…" Whitney said out loud.

"Hey, Whitney!" Vikki yelled from the dock. "Are you okay? Do you need medical attention?"

"Eh, just a shower and some nachos, and I'll be right as rain!" Whitney responded back.

"Anyways, welcome one and all to Isle Duplicare!" Chris announced out loud. "It may look like Camp Wawanakwa, but everything was built to replicate the original experience. Right down to the wooden carving of a rando Duncan and Courtney heart on a tree."

"Wow, someone's done their research..." Candace sadi to herself.

"But enough standing around; let's tour this isle, shall we?" Chris continued, as he stepped off the dock, and the campers soon followed.

They walked about the semi-tropical setting, as the contestants were looking all around their surroundings.

"Like, this thing is truly real. It's like Wawanakwa never sunk, at all..." Ulysses said out loud.

"Whoa, look! It's that hill where Cody failed to disarm that time bomb!" Kayley said, pointing at a hill in the distance. "And there's the arena where Cameron managed to defeat the big and bad Lightning Bottelle!"

"They have last names?" Ethan asked Kayley.

Kayley gave off a chuckle. "Who doesn't, goofball?"

"Well, there's disowned people, people in cults, orphans..." Ethan listed off.

Quinn, meanwhile, smirked to himself.

"Hehe… Chris is totally getting busted for copyright infringement..." Quinn stated to himself.

"How can you plagiarize yourself?" Omelette asked, overhearing Quinn's statement.

Gabriella, meanwhile, just huffed. "We have to stay HERE?! My daddy would not approve of how you're treating his favorite daughter!"

Xane looked over at Gabriella. "Ummm, don't count me wrong, but, don't you have a twin sis-"

"I don't talk about her." Gabriella answered back. "She would rather spend her time giving away sandwiches with her money rather than spending it on who matters most."

She soon pointed to herself, as Chris continued talking.

"You have to ask yourself… Why did I decide on remaking Wawanakwa entirely in its image? Well… It all started after Pawkitew was a success..." Chris started, beginning to walk as the campers could only follow.

"Ah, s-t… Here we go again." Danny muttered.

"Knowing him, he ain't gonna stop anytime soon." Hannah agreed.

"True; he's even flashing off the cameras with his teeth." Bob pointed out. "Who even listens to Chris' musings, anyway?"

"Apparently those two?" Hannah asked, as the two looked towards Kayley and Ethan, seemingly taking notes.

"Psst, Ethan. What did Chris say about that restraining order involving Topher?" Kayley asked.

"I dunno; I lost count after being zapped by a robot hedgehog built by Scarlet." Ethan answered back.

"Why are you two even jotting down notes?" asked Yuki.

"What if there's a Chris McLean quiz afterwards?" answered Ethan. "Best to be prepped."

"Or course, we ALL know who has the Shiny Teeth." Candace said, giving off a slight smirk.

"Who?" asked Luka.

"Chip Skylark, or course!" Candace answered back.

"...And that's when we landed this isle above where Wawanakwa Island once proudly stood!" Chris finished, as he stopped walking. "Anyways, any questions before we continue on?"

Tina raised her hand. "You mean to tell us, that we're actually floating above where Wawanakwa Island once stood? Like… Wind Waker style?"

Chris nodded back. "Yep! Under us is indeed what remains of our very first island."

Whitney grinned. "Alrighty; I'm taking a dive and seeing to believing it. Besides, I need a bit of a swim to wash all of this shark saliva off me anyways."

She started to make a run for the exit, as Quinn cleared his throat. Whitney stopped in her tracks.

"Hehe… Didn't you nearly get digested by a shark a few minutes ago?" asked Quinn.

Whitney returned to the group. "Yeah, good point."

"Besides, there's nothing down there but algae, barnacles, and possibly a feral mermaid. Trust me, I checked a few days ago via submarine." A new voice spoke up.

They appeared to be a female, and had short, reddish hair with a pink bow on the side. She also were wearing a green t-shirt with a heart and the words 'Awesome Angel' stamped on the front, and a pair of blue bellbottoms with a flower motif. She appeared to not wear any shoes. She sported a bandage underneath her eye.

"And meet one of our main Interns, Dana!" Chris announced out loud, as Dana smiled at the contestants.

"Whoa… You're just joking, are you?" Xane asked. "Is there an actual feral mermaid underneath us?"

"If that's true… That makes me wanna jump into the waters even more!" Whitney yelled back.

"You bet the bandages on your body there's a feral mermaid underneath our feet..." Dana grinned back. "It even plastered itself on the windshield of my submarine almost like a plush decoration you have in your car! I barely got outta there alive, with my feet still attached..."

Dana soon chuckled, as everyone stared at her.

"Okay, I was in my sub that entire time." Dana shrugged. "I did scare it off, though… Who knew it hated pop music? Anyways, I should get back to my job."

Dana soon left the group, as Alec gave off a grin, and pulled Isaac closer.

"Rest assured, everyone! For I, along with my Test Subject and Assistant, shall capture that beast, and run a few tests on it, and possibly set it back into the wild. All in the name of SCIENCE!" Alec announced out loud. "MWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Isaac looked at Alec with wide eyes.

"Whoa; aren't we rushing things a bit?" Isaac asked. "Heck, have you even seen this series before? Us two nerds, trying to catch a feral mermaid? That's… Insane!"

"Well, would you rather try catching a feral Ezekiel? Whose spit is all sorts of acidic?" Alec asked Isaac.

The snuggie wearing teen blinked. "...Good point."

Nerdi gave off a grin. "Interaction; go for it, Isaac! Catch that feral!"

Isaac looked over at Nerdi. "I dunno..."

Chris looked over at the three. "You've got balls, dudes. Perhaps a bit too many." He said, as the tour continued.

The group soon stopped at what appeared to be a large pit, which looked like it could contain a fire. There appeared to be several benches in front of the pit as well. The host gave off a grin.

"Anyways, in true Total Drama fashion, this here is the Elimination Ceremony. And you won't be feeling any warm fuzzies from this fire, cause if your team loses, then you'll have to vote off one of your own. Be it your worst enemy, one of your friends, or maybe… Whoever you fall for." Chris said. "And aside of reruns and the finale, you may never, ever return here… Ever."

"Gee, that's all sorts of scary..." Xane said out loud.

"But what do you gotta worry about? Since today is rather special, nobody is going home!" Chris announced with a grin.

Most, if not all of the cast cheered. Frankie only gave a thumbs up.

"Anyways, let's continue on." Chris said, as the campers continued to follow the host.

The host soon stopped at what appeared to be a bathroom.

"Right here is a bathroom. Nothing special about it, but if anyone has to take a leak, then go for it, dudes!" Chris offered, sporting a sly grin.

Nobody dared budge an inch. But someone was shivering a bit.

"What? I offer you guys a pristine bathroom, and you don't take the offer to relieve yourself?" asked Chris. "Just think of all that soda you drank while on those ships."

"Actually..." Whitney said, continuing to shiver. "I could use a bit of a leak myself… Be back in a bit, guys!"

Whitney soon entered the bathroom, as Gabriella huffed.

"I rather NOT use that roach-infested facility. I only use the most pristine bathrooms which my daddy builds for me!" Gabriella pointed out loud.

Ethan looked at Kayley.

"How long will you give Gabriella?" asked Ethan.

"Along with toilets which provide proper spring water!" Gabriella continued protesting.

"I'll give her until Day 2 at the slight." Kayley told Ethan. "Day 3 if we're unlucky."

"What if there's a Day 4?" Ethan asked, worried.

"Don't sweat it, goofball." Kayley reassured, smiling back. "Who would want to withstand her for more than four days?"

? - Welcome to Total Drama Dictionary! Featuring me! Bow Ki-I mean...

Whitney: -A flushing sound is heard as she exits the stall. She soon noticed a blinking red light, and got closer.- ...Yep, this ain't no ordinary bathroom, at all.

Whitney exited the bathroom. "Okay, good news and bad news. Good news? It's an awesome bathroom. Real awesome, in fact. Bad news? It's this season's Confessional.

"Wait, so… This season's Confessional is the Can?" Kayley asked.

"Right you are!" Chris answered back. "There are a lot of these Confessional Cams around the isle, including in all sorts of outhouses, so if you have a secret you wanna share to the world, or you wanna spread some juicy gossip, feel free to! It may be broadcasted to the world, so I would be careful about what you say or do in there." Chris warned.

"Hehe… At least they're not in the actual stalls..." Quinn chuckled.

Confessional: We are BACK!

Gabriella: I wanted to be the first to get a Confessional! Not some lousy trash girl with trash hair! -She stomps on her feet- Once this season is over, I am telling my daddy to have Chris edit it so I am the first one to get a Confessional!

Jonah: That's quite a prank there, Chris. Though not up to Jonah standards… You'll never outprank the Master of Pranksters!

Isaac: -Nerdi is standing by his side- To tell you the truth… I don't wanna be here, to be honest. I only signed up for this show cause my parents bribed me. -He chuckles a bit- And even Nerdi got into the action as well. And I'm now someone's Test Subject and we have to catch a feral mermaid? ...Hope that bribery cloth was worth it.

Nerdi: Oh, it will be, meow~! -She lightly punches Isaac's arm.-

Kayley: You know, this bathroom ain't all that bad. Just install some incense in the girl's room, and then it be perfect!

Dana: Not to worry for everyone; there are some bathrooms without cams inside, so they can crap in peace. Good thing, too; I can't go while people are watching.

Maxwell: So, if nearly anything is broadcast throughout the entire world in this thing, maybe I shouldn't tell everyone that I'm a fan of Shoujo manga, like Yumeiro Patisserie… -His eyes went all wide all of a sudden- Oops. You may wanna edit that part out.

The campers were now in front of three, rather large cabins.

"These are your living arrangements!" Chris said out loud. "They will be your new homes during the contest. They also come complete with bunk beds, so you have to fight it out on who gets the top bunk. And with so many campers this season, you may wanna fight it out on who even gets a bunk."

"Battle for a bed... I like it!" Danny replied with a grin.

"How about those who have to sleep on the floor?" Ross asked. "Like, I like a good campout and all, but I rather sleep on something soft."

"That's where these come in!" Chris continued, rolling out a sleeping bag. The word 'Barbie' was stamped on the front.

"On second thought, the floor is more nicer." Ross chuckled.

"Hey, boss! I'm done with the 'You Know What' you asked me to do~!" Dana rang out, approaching the host again.

"Wait, what 'You Know What'?" Selena asked out loud.

"Oh, I would say so, but Chris can explain more." Dana answered back, as she set up an easel and a rather large sketchpad, and smiled at the host. "Whenever you're ready, host."

"Anyways, Dana was just finishing hiding the many idols scattered around this isle. They can be found practically anywhere, and it's up to you to use them or not." Chris announced, as he turned the page on the large sketchpad.

On the page, appeared to be a drawing of the host itself. It also appeared to be wooden colored as well.

"This handsome mug right here is known as the Chris Idol! Modeled after yours truly, if you find one and use it at the Campfire, any votes cast on you shall be negated!" Chris announced. "Seriously, it can save your hide on this isle."

"Heh, that looks rather wicked." Danny gave off a devious smirk.

"But be warned; there are some fakes scattered about here. You'll know cause they're not as handsome as moi." Chris continued. "And carving them to be as handsome as yours truly won't work as well, cause I will know if it was originally a fake. Looking at you all, artistic contestants."

Both Isaac and Yuki looked at each other and shrugged. Chris turned the page on the sketchpad, where it showed off what appeared to be a Plus Sign on the front.

"This right here, is the Math Idol. If you want to double your votes, then find this and play this." Chris said. "And before anyone asks, no, you can't use two at a time to triple your votes. You can only use one at a time."

Chris turned the page, and on the front, appeared to be a drawing of an idol, with what appeared to be a Brontosaurus' neck.

"This, right here, is known as the Thesaurus Idol! This can be played after the Campfire to see who voted for you, and… Oh, boy, this can cause some drama."

"So, I can see who I voted for moi?" Gabriella asked, as the host nodded. "Good."

"Why a Brontosaurus, though?" Ulysses asked. "Would a Vercloraptor be a more intense choice of dinosaurs?"

"Because everyone always uses the meat eaters. That, and those snowflake mothers would complain that the T-Rex is far too violent." Chris answered back. "Moving on..."

Chris flipped the page again, this time showing off a drawing of some person holding up what appeared to be the planet Earth.

"This fine baby is known as the Atlus Idol. Are you suspecting someone saying anything behind your back? Then EXPOSE THEM right back! Be warned, it is a double edged sword; who knows if your intended target even talked about you?" Chris said.

"Basically, high risk, high award?" asked Maxwell.

"You think that idol would make any upcoming challenge quite the tough one for any opposing team to slog through." said Tina, giving off a chuckle.

Chris turned the page, as there was a question mark, covering the page.

"This last idol? It's a complete mystery as to what it does. But it may be something big? Or something worthless? Does it even exist? Who knows." Chris said out loud, closing the sketchbook. "Now… Who's hungry?"

"I'm interested! I need some for… Well, experimental projects." Alec answered back.

"I'm also hungry to eat some meat eating potatoes!" Omelette spoke up, sporting a grin.

"Actually… Chef Hatchet has since retired from this show and moved on to host Confectionery Nightmares." Chris announced.

"Then, how will we even eat?" Gabriella asked.

"You're all teenagers; you can cook for yourselves." Chris answered back. "That, and what if one of you is an expert at cooking? You would want to keep them on as long as poss-"

"Yo!" Dana yelled from afar in what appeared to be a Mess Hall. "Food's ready!"

In almost an instant, the cast of contestants started to run towards the Mess Hall, nearly trampling the host.

Chris sighed. "Spoilsport."

Confessional: Yum-Yum!

Quinn: Hehe… At least we won't starve and end up as malnourished skeletons by the end of the show...

Vikki: Ohhh, just wait until everyone tastes my pies. -She looks at the camera- What, just cause I'm a clown doesn't mean I only hurl pies. I even offer them up at parties on special occasions.

Ross: Ah, well. At least I won't have to second-check my grub and see if I'm eating anything alien?

In the Mess Hall, the scents of all sorts of foods wafted throughout the air. Some music, seemingly from various sources played through the speakers.

Dana was cooking up some omelets, and once she was done, slid one into Bob's plate.

"Here you go, kiddo; bacon and ham omelets! Enjoy!" Dana said, winking at the kid.

Bob gave off a smile. "Thanks, Dana!"

He soon went to grab a beverage, as Omelette was about to order some food, but Gabriella cut in front of her.

"You do know there's a line..." Omelette muttered, as Gabriella ignored the sunglasses wearing teenager.

"I want a strawberry milk made with the freshest strawberries, some filet mingon, some mashed potatoes made with the richest of potatoes, and I want it now!" Gabriella ordered Dana, as she then glanced over at Omelette. "You should know who I am already, blindy."

"Err… Someone who may end up on some MTV reality TV show?" Omelette asked back, as she fiddled with her shades. "Can't promise ya it won't be any of those shows involving pregger people."

She looked closer at Gabriella.

"Ah, and before you bring some unfortunate male into your grasp… You may wanna clean up that booger outta your nose. Just a protip, that's all." Omelette jokingly suggested.

Dana blinked over at Gabriella. "I… think filet mingon is way beyond our budget."

"Then, what is within your dollar store budget?" Gabriella asked rather rudely.

"...Lobster nuggets?" Dana answered back. "An omelet?"

"And another thing; can you change the music to something more appropriate?" Gabriella continued.

"What, are you kidding me?" Omelette asked. "What's more better than Last Surprise?"

"The soundtrack to… I dunno. Twilight?" Gabriella answered back.

Omelette blinked. "...You listen to that stuff in the late 2010s? Listen… Twilight's BEEN dead for a long-butt while. It's deader than dead. Even a gender-swapped reboot won't bring it back from its well deserved demise."

Gabriella stared at Omelette in shock. "It'll… It'll come back! And if not… My daddy will force Stephanie Meyer to write 15 more Twilight novels!" Gabriella pouted back.

Omelette smirked to herself. "Suuuuuurrrrreeee she will..."

Confessional: INB4 Twilight 5 is published…

Omelette: Yeeeeaahhh, I kinda snoozed through those kinda book reports in school. Besides, I think they just watched the movie, as an excuse to not read the book. My book report, however? It contained excitement! Action! Pirates! Treasure! ...Annnnnnnddd about 5 people stayed awake for it.

Gabriella: I let you know, that I come from a family that's richer than Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Scrooge McDuck combined!

At one of the tables, Kayley and Ethan were sitting, and talking amongst themselves. Kayley was simply eating a sandwich, and Ethan was sipping down on some soup.

"So, what is it that a Wiccan actually does?" asked Ethan.

Kayley smiled warmly at Ethan. "Well, we preform magick spells and such. Magic with a K at the end, remember that. Wanna score some good grades on your test? I can do exactly that. Wanna help get some sleep? Consider it done, goofball."

"So, I can preform a spell to change a substitute teacher into a spoon? Or a bully into a spork?" asked Ethan.

Kayley giggled. "You're quite the goofball, aren't you? Again, we aim to help our friends and family with our spells. Can't change anyone into eating utensils, sorry."

Ethan pouted back. "Well, that's a no dealer if I ever heard of one."

"Is anyone bullying you?" Kayley asked. "Or demeaning you in any way?"

Ethan shook his head. "Nah, I didn't make any enemies."

Kayley let out a smile. "That's good."

"WE made enemies. Remember Jonah from the boat? Tall, muscular, wearing a hat which I think Ross deserves more than him?" Ethan continued.

Kayley frowned. "Ooohhh, him. Thanks to him, we couldn't import any bay leaves from America for a few weeks. What kinda disastrous thing did he even DO in order for our country to not be on speaking terms with our neighbors down south? In fact, WHO did he even royally piss off to close our nation's borders?"

"Danged if I knew." Ethan replied back.

Confessional: Danged if you don't.

Kayley: That little goofball's quite the sweet bean. #protectethan! ...You know, I may follow up on that hashtag, too. -She smiles- I've always wanted a little bro.

Ethan: Whatever it was, it couldn't had been as bad as the time Jonah mooned the President. Even if politics are what my grandma calls the Spawns of Satan, even he doesn't deserve to view some teenage wannabee's butt. Well, except for that childish Dorito. But I rather not open up a can of worms, so I'm ending it here.

Meanwhile, Jonah was looking through his webcam, and sporting a grin.

"Maaaaaannnn, these bitches are fine!" Jonah announced out loud. "I'm gonna find me one hot-lookin' honey to call my own!"

He looks around, and spots Omelette, digging into an omelet. He approaches her with a sly grin on his face.

"Say, hon… How about we ditch these soon to be losers, and you hang with a real winner, huh?" Jonah offered. "You know, me, the famous L-Cash… I can make you internet famous!"

Omelette looked up from her meal as Jonah got closer to Omelette's face.

"And just think about it; you may become so famous, you'll start up your own channel! A spinoff of sorts! Course, you'll have me on your channel, won't you?" Jonah continued. "I can see it now: O-Cent! The GF of L-Cash! Whatta think, huh?"

"You DOOOOOOO know I can ruin your entire career, pal." Omelette spoke back, frowning. "Yep, just one negative post on Twitter, and your totally done. And while it is being used for evil… Maybe I can do this universe a favor and-"

Jonah backed away. "Geez, so-rry! Yeesh, who knew you were truly vicious?"

He went to sit at another table, as Vikki looked at her.

"Omelette, you wouldn't..." Vikki began to say as Omelette shook her head.

"Naaahh, I wouldn't had gone through with it. At least not unless he did something truly irredeemable. I just wanted him to go away." Omelette answered back.

"Yeah, he does seem to be the type that deserves to be shot out of a cannon." Vikki agreed.

"You got one on you?" Omelette asked.

Vikki giggled. "Yeah, but it would be all kinds of a tight fit."

At another table, Frankie was sitting next to Gabriella. While she had a grand meal of what appeared to be a steamed lobster, all Frankie was stuck with was a bowl of lima beans. He was gagging his way through it, as he held up his puppet.

"Hang in there, Frankie!" The puppet encouraged. "Think of those beans as the enemy! And you're devouring them with your jaws..."

Frankie nodded, as he uneasily ate another bean, as Gabriella glared over at Frankie.

"Did I give you permission to talk, Servant?" Gabriella questioned rather rudely.

Frankie looked over at Gabriella in fear.

"You're still under debt until my dress is paid in full. By YOU." Gabriella continued. "So don't go begging that Selena girl or anyone that looks rich for any cash or anything."

Frankie looked down at his bowl of lima beans, which bubbled a bit, and looked over at Gabriella.

"...Can I be excused?" Frankie asked polietly.

Gabriella sighed. "Okay, fine. But be back here, post-haste."

Frankie nodded, as he got up to throw the beans away, as he was about to do so…

"Um, Frankie… Is it?" Bob asked.

Frankie turned to look at Bob, as he held up his sock.

"Um, if you want to speak to Frankie, you gotta forward it to me. Cause... Yeah..." The sock spoke back.

"Well, what I wanna ask is… I noticed everything going on with you and Gabriella, and… Why are you letting her push you around?" Bob asked. "I saw everything she was forcing you to do; carry her luggage after you two got off the boat, she didn't let you speak… She even ordered lima beans for you. And what kinda human being on this planet actually enjoys that stuff?" asked Bob, continuing to look at Frankie. "Well, aside of vegetarians. And probably vegans."

The sock looked over at Bob. "Don't you know who she even is? She's Gabriella Varuca Thyme. She-"

"Servant?!" Gabriella yelled out loud, as Frankie started to run back to his table. Bob could only stare at the two in sadness and shock.

"I gotta find out who this Gabriella Thyme truly is." Bob mused to himself, as Danny snuck over to Bob, and wedgied him secretly before running off. "Well, between wedgies, or course. Dang it, Danny."

At yet another table, Tina was playing a game of Mario Kart 8 on her Switch, and she was sporting a grin.

"Hell ya! First place!" Tina grinned, as she continued to play, all while Peter watched from behind her back.

"Heh, doesn't take a genius to play such a wimp game for squeakers, Kidtendo." Peter said, letting off a smirk.

Tina didn't even turn her head back. "You should know; your preferred genre is completely full of them."

Peter stammered a bit. "I—Ye- Ugh, got me there; they're so annoying!"

"And if you think this is a wimp game… You haven't even touched 200cc mode. That stuff is the essence of nightmares to the unexpected. Both exciting and dangerous at the same time..." Tina continued, as she crossed the finish line. "Hell ya!"

"Like what? Some red demon comes out and hijacks your car? Some fat, annoying kid taunts you while running around in some giant hamster ball?" Peter listed off.

"Dude, that be one wild crossover." Tina said. "Still, it is one WIIIILLLDDD ride. Even took me by surprise a few times."

Peter soon pointed at Tina, sporting a grin.

"Then… How about it? Tonight, we see who's good at our prefer game consoles. If I win… You gotta wash my socks for a week." Peter challenged. "If you win, I gotta… Um..."

He soon frowned at the gamer girl.

"Dammit, why aren't you wearing socks?" Peter complained.

"Cause, they're kinda uncomfortable and hard to really wear." Tina answered back.

"Then… I'll think of something!" Peter said, as he left in a huff.

Tina could only shrug, as she went back to her game.

Confessional: Game ON!

Peter: Kidtendo is kinda weird. What kinda normal person DOESN'T wear socks?! At least Frankie wears one.

Tina: Okay, then. I gotta strategize for tonight. I know it's gonna be a war game, so FPS games are on the table. -She thinks a bit- Think I can translate my Splatoon skills into CoD?

Soon enough, the host entered the Mess Hall.

"Campers! Are you ready for your first challenge?" Chris announced.

"Hell to the yeah!" Jonah replied back, sporting a grin. "Your main boy L-Cash is always ready!"

He did a pose, as a whisper of Jonah's name blew through the air...


"That's what I like to hear!" Chris continued. "This challenge is like, super important. Even though you won't be going home today, it is still important."

"How many times will you even say important?" Zero butted in, annoyed.

"Trust me, it is important. So why don't you follow me outside, and I'll discuss more." Chris said, as he walked outside. Everyone else followed suit, as a contestant entered the mess hall, their hair tied into a damp ponytail.

"Ummm, did I miss something?" Whitney asked.

Now outside, everyone was looking at the host, as he sported a grin.

"Campers! Before I continue on, what would be the worst way that Christmas can be ruined?" Chris asked.

"Why you asking that sorta question, and in the middle of summer?" Luka questioned back.

"Hehehe… Santa's sleigh blowing up, thanks to him flying over a No Fly zone and being shot down?" Quinn answered back. "Hehe… Christmas is already ruined, as thus all of the other holidays, thanks to all sorts of calamity happening on a particular holiday. Except for probably flag day, nobody touched that for some reason… Yet."

"You… are a bright ray of sunshine, Quinn." Omelette said to him.

"You do bring up a very good point, my dude. Speaking of which..." Chris continued, as a grin grew on the host's face. "You all may wanna look up."

The campers done so, as what appeared to be a make-shift sleigh was launched in the air.

"Oooooh, Santa Claus!" Ethan gleamed with delight, as he realized something. "Waaaiiittt… It's Summer. Why is he-"

Ethan didn't finish that sentence as the sleigh soon exploded, as some debris came flying down, all over the park. Someone even jumped out of the sleigh, and was descending via a parachute.

"Whhhhoooaaa, talk about a start to your season by blowing up the Jolly Elf himself, am I right dudes?" Chris asked.

"You do know you probably made a lot of little kids cry, right?" Ethan asked Chris.

"Ummm..." Vikki spoke up. "I think vaporizing Santa Claus' sleigh in a fiery explosion is a sure-fire way to get on the naughty list. Pun not intended."

Chris grinned towards the campers some more. "Oh, don't worry; Santa lived to tell the tale! He was just on a test flight for when the 24th of December does come. Or, it was probably Mrs. Claus taking a test flight? I dunno. However… Those that stuff that fell from that sleigh? They were your Christmas prezzies, dudes. Your task? Team up in teams of five, and find your presents! However, try not to get ahead of yourself and open them by yourselves; wait until we're back here. Oh, and for one of you… You're flying solo, my dude."

"Fine by me; I rather work alone anyway." Zero muttered, as he walked off on his own.

With everyone having understood, they started to choose what teams they wanted to be a part of.

Before Frankie could even choose, Gabriella dragged him with her.

"Oh, no way am I letting you out of my sight, Servant!" Gabriella sneered. "You will find me my present. Or I'm telling my Daddy!"

Frankie nodded in fear, as Whitney took notice at the commotion going on.

"Servant? Daddy? ...Are you two even related?" Whitney asked.

Gabriella went wide with shock, as she shook her head. "That's none of your business, you dirty, stinky hobo!"

Whitney looked back at Gabriella. "First off, I took a shower while you guys were eating lunch. At this moment, I smell like lavender. Second, I should let you know that I'm a Middle Class citizen. Third, I only dress this way cause, well, shorts are comfy and easy to wear, and I hear the tattered look is in. That, and you should never underestimate anyone."

"She's right, Gabriella." Maxwell said, approaching the group and giving a smile towards Whitney's way. "Why, I bet she's even fought a monster from a rando Precure series, and managed to win. And she's not even a Cure! As far as I know."

"Why would I ever be one? Sure, they're cool and all, but I rather fight naturally!" Whitney agreed, sporting a grin. "That, and… They're kinda too girly."

Isaac soon appeared, standing next to Frankie. The raggedy boy looked at Isaac, with fear, while Isaac gave off a gentle smile.

"Kinda nervous, huh?" Isaac asked, as Frankie nodded back. "Well, it is our first time on a Total Drama, so it is warranted to be so."

"Yeah, Isaac here wouldn't even go, until-" Nerdi spoke up, as Isaac quickly held his hand over her mouth.

"Ssssh, quiet; it's a secret." Isaac whispered to Nerdi.

"EXCUSE ME!?" Gabriella yelled out loud. "Did I give you permission to talk? We have my present to find! And if we find yours, then we can pick them up on the way back. Now, let's get going."

The campers nodded, as they started to follow Gabriella.

"Welcome to r/EntitledTotalDramaContestants..." Whitney muttered underneath her breath.

Confessional: Should we enact some ProRevenge on her?

Isaac: -Nerdi is standing nearby- I didn't tell anyone the truth, but… Alec thought up the idea of us two scoping out other teams. See what makes them tick and all. He also gave me… This. -He holds up a potion, labeled 'Shrinky Dink', and a post-it note plastered on the front.- Drink if necessary, but effect will last for a minute. So be quick about it. Hmm… Should I drink something that's green as grass? Why did I even accept this from Alec?

Nerdi: Hey, you'll never know; with an experimental drink labeled Shrinky Dink… You may make members of the G/t community proud!

Isaac: Wha… G/t community? -He raises an eyebrow- The heck kinda stuff you been doing online late at night?

Nerdi: Well, there was that… And the time I busted an elected official on the Deep Web… And I even picked up an awesome muffin recipe, too! Just like she used to make, meow…

Meanwhile, another group was meeting up. Jonah was holding his camera close to his face.

"What is UP, my bitches?! Jonah here, ready to drop the first challenge of Dictionary upon all of you!" Jonah announced out loud, as he aimed his camera at two of the females nearby. "How about it, huh? Which one of you fine ladies wants to team up with the L-Cash today, hm?"

Both ladies looked over at Jonah.

"Ummm, if I wanted to team up with some YouTuber, I would team up with… I dunno… anyone BUT you?" Nancy replied back.

"I gotta agree with that." Candace nodded back.

"I can take that as a no." Jonah said, as he pointed his camera at Danny, who was giving off a smirk to Alec.

"So, nerd… What makes you think you can take me on, hm?" Danny asked, starring down at Alec.

"Well, for starters, I am an ace at Chemistry and SCIENCE!" Alec answered back. "And it seems you are in some serious need of some tutoring."

Danny scoffed. "Whatever, man. If I needed tutoring, I can just copy the test answers off of some other bozo."

"Anyways, you shall be lucky you've got me along." Alec continued, as he held a potion. "My potent potions can solve any situation we may find ourselves into-"

Danny snatched the potion out of Alec's hands and started to chug it.

"Hey! You shouldn't drink someone else's potions down like that!" scolded Alec. "You don't even know how they work!"

Danny glanced at Alec and shrugged. "Eh, I seen movies; I'll probably gain like some alternate, bloodthirsty personality or something." He replied back as he finished his drink. Pretty soon, he felt his entire body start to change, clothes included, until he was looking like a female. He was even wearing a feminine version of his usual clothing.

"Tried to warn ya." Alec looked down at Danny.

"Dammit all, nerd!" Danny shouted at the scientist. "Even though I like the ladies, I don't actually wanna BE ONE."

Both Nancy and Candace looked at the two boys, blinking.

"Umm, what kinda deity did we piss off to be stuck with those three?" Nancy asked.

"Beats me..." Candace answered back, unsure herself. "Perhaps all of them..."

"Even War and Famine? Ouch!" Nancy said, shivering.

Confessional: Yep, this team'll be fun!

Alec: For starters, my 'Super Crownious' potion is still in its testing stages. It's suppose to grant its consumer temporary Super Crown powers, regardless of gender. -He stares at the camera- Yes, I made liquidized Super Crown potions. Make of that what you will. It was all in the name of SCIENCE!

Nancy: -She gives off a grin- You know, Danny looks kinda cute as a girl. -She blushes-

With another group, they were also meeting up.

"Hey, Nature Boy." Luka called out to Xane. "You wanna team up with me?"

Xane gave off a smile as he ran over to her. "Certainly."

Luka looked at Xane, who was still holding his tulip. She gave off a smile.

"You seem to adore that tulip of yours, huh?" Luka asked.

"Hoo, it's my pride and joy, Luka." Xane replied back with a gentle smile, patting the tulip on the top. "I just couldn't part home without it, hoo."

"You must really adore nature, huh?" Luka questioned, smiling to Xane.

Xane smiled. "Yeah. Without nature, what use is there in even living? Hoo… Mrs. Tortenni was the same way."

"I hear you." Luka agreed. "Wait, who's Mrs. Tortenni?"

"Oh, just a friend." Xane answered back, as Tina approached the two.

"Hey, you don't mind a cotton candy haired party member in your group?" Tina offered up.

Luka and Xane looked at Tina and smiled. "Ah, yeah; sure!" Luka answered.

"Three's quite a party, hoo!" Xane agreed.

Soon, Quinn approached them, and stared at them.

"Hehe… Nature will take over once we're all doomed and decomposing..." Quinn chuckled out loud. "Unless… Hehe… We die of heat death first. Which may or may not happen earlier than expected, thanks to climate change. Hehe..."

Luka looked over at Quinn and raised an eyebrow. "Um, are you feeling alright, bud? That was quite an out of nowhere statement."

"Yeah, what's going on?" Xane asked in concern.

"I gotta agree with the two." Tina agreed, as she put a comforting hand on Quinn's shoulder. "What's going on with the really grim stuff?"

"Hehe, there's nothing but doom and gloom all around. Best for us to accept..." Quinn answered back.

Tina looked at Quinn, and gave off a gentle smile. "Why not hang with us for a while? We'll try to help you change your way about this future grimdark future."

"You sure about that, Tina? What if Quinn accidentally talks about grimmy politics?" Luka advised. "Cause that kinda talk can… Well, spark fights and all. And this is pretty much episode 1. We wanna at least save the CPN stuff for episode 2."

"You can count on me." Tina replied back, giving off a thumbs up.

"Hehe… Might as well… Even if we are doomed." Quinn nodded back.

"Hey… Can I also join in as well?" Ulysses asked, walking to the group.

"Hooo… Or course you can!" Xane answered back, smiling.

"There we go. Now… Let's grab ourselves some prezzies!" Luka announced, as the team started to make their way around the park, with Ulysses following the four.

"Excellent… All I have to do is view their strengths and weaknesses, and… That prize money shall be mine." Ulysses thought, sporting a devious grin. "Then… Everyone shall bow down at my feet."

Confessional: Bow to me!

Tina: We got a lotta work to do involving Quinn... How'd he end up that way? Too much watching the local news or something?

Quinn: Hehe… You can try, but we're doomed either way, Tina…

Meanwhile, another team was gathering up, as Ross was busy grasping his scanner.

"Alrighty, I am for sure someone on this team's an alien." Ross said to himself, noticing one of the campers. In almost an instant, he held his scanner in front of said camper. "No wonder people are afraid of your bunch; your people's trying to take over our planet. Mind discussing about that?"

The camper simply blinked at Ross.

"Um, you feeling alright, bud?" Vikki asked. "Last time I checked, I… Didn't come from space. Though that would make for a kinda fun backstory."

Ross lowered his scanner. "Then… You're actually a human? Not an alien?"

Vikki chuckled. "Whatta think, silly? If I was actually an alien, I would had conquered this puny planet by now... With joy and laughter. I wouldn't be all about enslaving the human race. I would just be ensuring that everyone has a good time."

Omelette grinned, slapping Vikki on the back. "Heck yeah; that's the ticket! The world needs more people like you."

Ross pocketed his scanner. "Then… You guys have any clues on who may actually be an alien? One who may have plans on world domination?"

"Oh, I know of a few people, but it would cause all sorts of riots online if I admitted it." Omelette answered, giving off a shrug. "So I'm keeping my trap shut."

"Whatever, ya doof; the only good alien is a dead one, blasted with a 7mm." Peter stated.

Omelette looked towards Selena. "Hey, Selena! You wanna join our group? We could use someone as strong and cute as you!"

Selena blushed a bit. "Wait, really? Well… You could use some more cute. Vikki ain't enough cute, no offense."

"Well, at least it's a better response that someone would say to some normal clown, to be honest." Vikki admitted.

Confessional: Cuteness Overload?

Selena: I'm only joining in with these clowns until this game truly gets rolling. Then… -She makes a cutting motion with her thumb against her throat.- They're dead, all while I walk easily to the Million bucks.

Ross: Why do I think this team-up will only lead to disaster? All we are are a clown, someone that's deep into FPS games, one of the popular girls in school, and… Um… What should I classify Omelette under?

With the remaining five contestants, they were meeting up with each other.

"Alrighty, we're kinda and literally the kids of this season. So, why not join up and prove to everyone that we're just as tough as these teens are!" Yuki cheered out loud.

"Sounds like a good idea; you got the smarts..." Bob agreed, as he looked at Yuki. "We got the brawn..."

"Wait, what brawn?" Yuki asked, looking at Hannah.

Hannah chuckled a bit. "Yeeeeaaahhh, that Danny dude kinda threatened Bob. So I had to step in."

"And I've..." Bob said, as he patted his stomach. "...Got the ability to pack in the snacks?"

"Hey, guys!" Ethan shouted out loud, running up to them, with Kayley following not far behind him.

"Hey." Kayley said, waving at the kids.

"You don't mind if Kayley here joins up with us?" Ethan offered. "Since we're kinda the smallest, and youngest."

He looked over at Kayley.

"I assume you're around 13? Cause I don't know too many 13 year olds who have their lips pierced." Ethan stated.

"Actually… I'm 16." Kayley admitted. "Yeah, I was kinda a late bloomer. But even they can blossom into a beautiful flower, if you give it time."

Bob looked at Kayley. "You remind me of one of my sister's friends…" He said, before smiling back. "Alright; you're in with us."

"Cool!" Yuki cheered out loud. "Heck, we wouldn't had denied you anyway; look at your hair! You know how to make mocha skin and bright blue hair work!"

"Hey, you've got an awesome do, as well." Kayley complimented back.

"That, and those piercings of yours? Soooooo awesome!" Hannah squeed back. "Like, your nose… Eyebrow… Lips..."

Kayley stuck out her tongue, revealing a tongue piercing.

"...Tongue… Man, you're all sorts of cool!" Hannah continued, grinning. "And my folks said once I turn 13 this October… Well, my snot factory shall have some metal attached to it as well."

"That ain't all of 'em. My ears? Pierced from the bottom up." Kayley replied back.

"And just you wait; by the time I'm around your age? Hehe..." Hannah continued still, smiling. "Man, I was born in the right family."

"Gee, I hate to actually feel how much it hurt to get all that done..." Bob shivered.

"Not a fan of pain?" asked Ethan.

Bob shook his head. "Nope, not at all. Makes me wonder how a friend I know can handle such pain, considering their future career."

"Anyways, let's hold hands in a circle." Kayley offered, as the four kids looked at each other, before joining together.

"Um, what's this about?" Yuki asked.

"Now… Close your eyes, and repeat after me." Kayley instructed.

Yuki was unsure, but she done so.

Kayley soon closed her eyes, as she breathed in deep.

"Oh, kindred spirits far and wide… Please protect our new friend's hides..." Kayley chanted out loud.

"Oh, kindred spirits far and wide… Please protect our new friend's hides..." The kids repeated back.

"They are all happy with glee… Please keep them cheerful and care-free." Kayley continued.

"They are all happy with glee… Please keep them cheerful and care-free." The kids also repeated back.

Kayley soon opened her eyes, and smiled at the four, as they also opened their eyes as well.

"Umm..." Yuki asked, looking unsure. "What was all that about?"

Ethan gave a smile to Yuki. "Eh, nothing. She was just granting us..."

"A protection spell." Kayley said, looking at Ethan warmly. "Basically to protect all of us. Cause, well, we're on Total Drama and all."

"So, you're a witch?" Yuki asked.

Kayley chuckled. "Wiccan, actually. Already explained it to Ethan earlier. Yeah, I get the witch act a lot. Best I don't travel back to the 1690's using a DeLorean. Cause… I probably don't taste good with a bread roll on the side."

"In either case, let's get going!" Bob chirped out loud. "Race ya all!"

The four kids started to dash into the forest, as Kayley started to tail right behind.

Confessional: Race for your life, Kayley Willow!

Kayley: Oh, I've only started with the spells. I've several kinds I can cast on everyone, including pet blessing spells, protection spells like you seen…

Yuki: I never done some kinda ritual before… You don't think we accidentally summoned a demon somewhere in the world? Like somewhere in Alaska? ...Is Alaska too cold for demons?

Chris is standing on the Dock, as he gives off a grin.

"And there you have it! Our campers are out there, in search for Santa's lost treasure! But what may they find? Find out… After the break!" Chris announced, as his cell phone rang out. He answered it. "Hello?"

"Umm… I'm kinda sorta stuck here." Dana said through the phone. "Maybe jumping out of an exploding sleigh wasn't the best idea for introducing a challenge..."

Yep, the first challenge has started, and boy… How else can you start off by destroying Santa's sleigh? This'll put Chris on the Naughty list for sure this year…

NEXT TIME: The hunt for the presents is under way! And we get to know the campers a bit more.