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This episode, we get to know the campers some more! And also spot some presents as well...

Chris is sitting in a chair in front of a row of monitors, sipping on what appears to be a latte.

"Welcome back, viewers! If you've just joined us, you missed one wicked intro!" Chris said, giving off his signature grin. "We're about to join our contestants, who's on the hunt for some gift boxes, kinda bought to them by the jolly elf himself!"

He viewed one of the monitors, as his grin developed into a smirk.

"How about we listen in, huh?" Chris offered to the audience watching…

Team 1 – Luka, Quinn, Ulysses, Tina, Xane

Currently, the five teenagers were walking around the island, as they were trying to make conversation. Luka was currently leading, as Xane was walking nearby.

"You've got a unique air about you..." Xane said out loud to Luka, giving off a sweet smile. "Despite your wild and punkish looks, you're great with people."

"Thanks, Xane! And you're not that bad, yourself." Luka replied back, as she eyed the tulip Xane was carrying around. "So, what kinda tulip is that?"

Xane gave off a smile towards Luka. "Thought you be the first to ask. It's of the Darwin Hybrid variety. I usually carry it around with me for good luck, hoo..."

"I see..." Luka nodded back.

"How 'bout you, hoo? Anything that brings you luck?" Xane asked Luka.

Luka looked at Xane. "...I dunno. My bandanna, perhaps? These wristbands?"

"I guess that would count." Xane chuckled back. "Either way, what warms your fuzzies?"

"It has to be animals, buddy." Luka answered back, as she looked up at what appeared to be a rather tall tree. Atop one of its limbs appeared to be a squirrel, as it gave a look at Luka. "They're all so majestic, and they don't have a care about all the problems befalling the world. Who needs political turmoil when you've got a bird by your side?"

At that point, what appeared to be a tiny swallow landed on top of Luka's head, as Xane looked at the punk girl.

"Quick question, hoo… You aren't a Disney Princess bought into the real world, are you?" Xane asked.

Luka chuckled as she shook her head. "Nah, or course not. Besides… What kinda princess would dress like I do? Well, aside of those who I don't know about?"

With Tina, Quinn, and Ulysses, the three were also talking amongst themselves.

"And that's how I won a local tournament using Kirby!" Tina said to the two. "I even got the ribbon to prove it as well! Well, back at home..."

"Really? Interesting." Ulysses responded back.

"You betchya! I even teach others how to play games as well!" Tina continued. "Although with how hand-holdy games are these days… Yeesh, I'm losing my job, dang it!"

"Hehehe… I know about this one game character who was too hand-holdy… He was fried to ashes." Quinn pointed out loud.

Tina looked at Quinn. "Umm… You're talking about your dad from Dragon Quest 5, right?"

Quinn nodded. "Hehe… And then his son was enslaved for several years before he escaped… Then after he got married, both he and his wife was cast into stone… Almost as dark as Final Fantasy 2, hehe..."

"Wow, what happened in there?" Ulysses asked Tina.

"...All sorts of crap. The game more or less ended with 97% of the world's population dead in the ground." Tina answered back. "And the world is pretty much in ruin. Sure, it could be rebuilt, but the damage was already done."

"Yeesh, what kinda games did you two even play?!" Ulysses asked.

"Role playing games?" Tina answered back, shrugging.

"Hehe… Aeris was doomed the moment we saw her." Quinn spoke up. "Cute and kind girl in a game such as that? They are fated to meet their grisly end at some point in-game..."

"Um, it was a clean stab." Ulysses said out loud. "I don't think it was that gruesome..."

"Yeah, game's already rated T. You want it to be bumped up to an M?" Tina asked.

Confessional: Not really. But Aeris does have a pretty sweet A.

Tina: Yeah, if one is trying to avoid spoilers for a 20 year old game, then good f'in luck, pal.

Quinn: Just as well. Besides, blood would taint the waters of that crystal palace dungeon. And aren't those places kinda sacred?

Xane: I kinda didn't mention this to Luka, but… You think she attracts magnets? Or magnets are attracted to her, hoo?

Pretty soon, the five reached what appeared to be a present dangling off the side of a branch. Next to it appeared to be a beehive, which looked empty. Tina instantly paled.

"Crap, bee hive..." Tina said, shivering in fear.

"Hehe… Not a fan of bees, huh?" Quinn responded back. "I feel the same way. Especially with Japanese giant hornets. Their sting is potent enough to destroy flesh and it can cause renal failure, and even death..."

Tina paled even more. "Yeesh, you needn't remind me of what bugs my biological race has..."

Xane looked at the beehive, and smiled.

"Haaaa… It appears that nest is potentially abandoned." Xane spoke up. "Perhaps I can grab it?"

"Without disturbing the hive?" Ulysses asked. "Has any of us ever been stung by several sharp instruments several times before?"

Luka and Tina both raised their hands.

"Piercings and tattoos don't count~!" Ulysses sung out.

Both Luka and Tina lowered their hand, as Luka looked at Tina.

"Tina, you've got a tattoo?" Luka asked.

"I'll explain later." Tina answered back.

"Then, guess it's all you, Herb C." Ulysses said, as he looked at Xane.

Xane smiled. "Hoo… This'll be quite the cinch."

He gave off the tulip to Tina, as he started to climb the tree, over to where the branch with the hive was at. Carefully, he inched his body close to the dangling present, and all without disturbing the hive, he touched the present, as it fell softly onto the ground. Upon seeing his job was done, he let go of the branch, as he landed safely back onto solid ground.

"And that's how it's done..." Xane said, looking at his crew.

Luka soon went over to the present, picked it up, and handed it over to Xane.

"Well, this prezzie's yours." Luka said out loud. "You braved a lotta bee venom to get this thing… Whatever it is. It's yours, fair and square."

Xane smiled, as he accepted it. "Thanks, Luka. Here's hoping the rest of the presents aren't in any potential dangerous areas, hoo..."

"What could be more dangerous than bees?" Tina asked, as she looked at the hive again, shivering in fear.

"I dunno… Walking on coals?" Luka answered back.

But as the five walked away, Ulysses sported a smirk to himself.

"Guess the herb smoker's more athletic than once thought..." Ulysses thought to himself. "Maybe he of use for me… Up until I backstab him… Yes… This plan shall not fail."

Team 2 – Omelette, Peter, Ross, Selena, Vikki

Currently, the team consisting of Omelette, Peter, Ross, Selena, and Vikki were at another portion of the island. They were currently hiding behind a wall, as Ross observed the area via his alien scanner.

"What says it, alien boy? Any paranormal activity out there to feast on our bones?" Peter asked, smirking.

Ross nodded back. "Nope. It's perfectly safe."

"Aww… I wanted a challenge..." Peter grumbled, as the two started to leave the wall.

"Don't you already have a challenge coming up later on? With Tina?" Ross asked.

"Well, true. But it'll be too easy; she's a casual!" Peter complained back. "Your peepers are fine tuned at looking at a pro."

Pretty soon, the three girls started to follow the two boys as well.

"This is quite crazy; how would this island have any paranormal activity?" Selena asked.

"You wouldn't know; all sorts of crazy stuff happened within the first four seasons alone." Omelette answered back. "Going all feral, genetic mutations, clones, that business with Dawn..."

"Besides, what could we do if we were suddenly faced off against an alien? And not the kind who would want to observe our species and offer us their tech and wisdom?" Vikki asked.

"...You're talking about the kind who would shove some goo down our throat, and use our bodies as an incubator." Selena pointed out.

"Simple; if we face off against THAT..." Omelette said, as she tapped on her hat. "I betchya this baby'll take it out, Oddjob style."

"What are the chances we would run into an alien such as that?" asked Vikki.

"Oh, about 8,351 to 1." answered Omelette, as she shrugged back. "We've… kinda done some stuff these past few years which we aren't proud of. So they probably sent some of their elite soldiers down here, disguising themselves as humans, and awaiting the day which we royally screw up in which… They strike back, eradicating our butts and the rest of our bodies to the great beyond. But hey, it's only if we royally screw up something fierce which we can't recover from."

Both Selena and Vikki looked at Omelette.

"Um… Question. Are you and Ross related?" Selena asked.

Omelette shook her head. "Naaaahhh… I only channeled my little bro for a moment there."

"Let's not forget that they can potentially fit their entire pointy bodies perfectly well into that of a human's." Vikki spoke up. "It's almost like a mascot outfit to them."

Selena looked at Vikki. "How do you even know about aliens? Isn't that Ross' job?"

"My dad's kinda a sci-fi nerd. He adores stuff, like Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5..." Vikki answered back. "Hey, us clowns do have hobbies outside joy and balloons, silly."

Confessional: Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Vikki: Yeah, the sword-swallower even gave me this. -She takes out what appears to be a lightsaber and turns it on, the blade emitting a calming purple- He was gonna use it for his sword swallowing technique one time, but the day before his first show, Disney bought out Star Wars. Entire program had to be changed. And I probably shouldn't be showing this thing on camera anymore, lest this show gets sued. -She deactivates the lightsaber.-

Omelette: Umm, we didn't get talent-swapped before the show, did we? Is Ross actually Vikki in disguise? Is Vikki actually Ross?! ...DO I STILL LIKE BUTTS?! -She closes her eyes, and smiles- Oh, I do. Thankfully.

Selena: I just had to choose the crazy team…

Pretty soon, the five arrived at what appeared to be a large pile of snow. There appeared to be a note, taped on a rock nearby.

Ross picked up the note, and started to read it.

Sorry to inform you, but after Santa's sleigh blew up, a pile of snow also buried where a couple of presents landed. So start digging, dudes!

"What, that's it?" Peter asked. "No shovel or nothing?"

"Nope, 'fraid not." a female's voice spoke out, approaching the campers.

It appeared to be Dana, dressed in what appeared to be an elf outfit.

"Yeah, the shovels that were supposed to be here were wiped out by that sleigh explosion." Dana admitted. "So, guess you're digging with your hands."

"Fine by me!" Peter said, as he started to dig through the snow with his hands.

"But wouldn't too much exposure to raw, cold temperatures result in frostbite, and the possible amputation of your hands?" Vikki pointed out.

Peter stopped digging. "Dammit, you're probably right… I need these things to wipe the smile off of Kidtendo's face later on."

Vikki soon silently went far from the group, and pulled out a few balloons. Blowing into them, she started to tie them into various shapes until they looked like a shovel. She soon approached the snow pile and started to dig through it with her makeshift shovel.

Dana blinked at Vikki's feat. "Orrrr you can do that. Carry on, then!"

She started to walk away, as Peter looked at the clown girl, raising an eyebrow.

"What kinda..." Peter started to ask.

"Eh, was totally skilled at slight of hand stuff when I was around 5." Vikki responded back between shovelings.

"Man, you're one insane clown to make tools outta balloons." Peter said, as he backed off.

"Shovels are child's play. Give me time, and I can fashion a telly outta this stuff. All with the fixings at that!" Vikki grinned back at Peter.

"Oh, really? How about a balloon energy sword from the Halo series?" Peter asked.

Vikki handed over the shovel to Omelette, as she started to dig herself. Vikki soon took out a few balloons, blew into them, and modeled them into the sword from the games.

Peter pouted. "Lucky shot..."

Meanwhile, Ross raised his scanner again, and aimed it at Vikki again.

"Are we sure she ain't an alien?" Ross asked himself.

"I highly doubt it now..." Selena responded to Ross, who she was standing next to.

"WE HIT PAYDIRT!" Omelette shouted out loud, as she pulled out what appeared to be two presents.

The five contestants looked at the presents in question.

"Soooooo… Who gets a prezzie each?" Omelette asked out loud.

"Um… Maybe Vikki? She did make it easier to dig, all without rubbing our hands completely raw." Selena pointed out.

"Alrighty!" Omelette agreed, as she handed a present over to Vikki. "Now… Who should take this one?"

"How about you?" Ross asked Omelette. "You basically finished up what Vikki started. Go on, treat yourself!"

"Alrighty!" Omelette nodded, as she took the present. "For now, let's wonder what else is in store for us..."

"Knowing this season… All sorts of craziness." Selena said out loud.

Team 3 – Bob, Ethan, Hannah, Kayley, Yuki

On yet another part of the island, the five were walking close by, with Kayley leading the way, and Hannah walking aside her.

"Man, it's so awesome teaming up with a fellow goth like you!" Hannah said, grinning. "We're both dressed in black, we're sporting colored hair, we have piercings..."

"What piercing?" Kayley asked.

Hannah said nothing, as she pulled up her shirt a bit, exposing her pierced bellybutton.

"Got this baby done on my 12th birthday last year." Hannah answered back, still sporting a grin as she pulled her shirt back down.

Kayley gave off a grin as she pulled up her shirt, exposing her bellybutton piercing.

"Got it done on my 11th birthday." Kayley responded back. "After having another ear piercing in my ears, or course."

"Lucky… Anyways, you sure this protection spell of yours could work?" Hannah asked.

"Hey, it never stirred me wrong before." Kayley answered back. "I even know of a few remedies, in the off chance we end up with some pretty intense allergies."

"Well, it is that time of year." Hannah agreed. "We may need something like that at some point."

"Hey, any of you come down with the sniffles, I'm busting out the kit; don't you worry." Kayley said, giving off a sweet smile.

Not too far from the group, Ethan, Bob, and Yuki were walking together, with Bob holding a bag of peanuts. He offered one to Yuki, as she was staring intently at it.

"Peanuts are really weird… How they got in their cozy little homes, even I'm not sure." Yuki mused, as she looked at it. "Hey! You got any Wi-Fi in there?!"

Ethan giggled a bit at Yuki's comment.

"What if it's true? Peanuts can be used for anything, hon! Just ask George Washington Carver! Roast them, broil them, pound them into a paste..." Yuki pointed out loud. "And the texture and design of it makes for a great pattern for a drawing."

She soon looked over at Bob.

"Anyways, I guess by looking at you, you adore that stuff, huh?" Yuki asked, poking gently at Bob's chubby body.

"Don't I ever." Bob responded back, as he cracked open a peanut and ate the contents inside.

"You know, your belly is almost like a rather large watermelon. Offer's still on the table for me to practice my body art skills on your rotund stomach, hon. Whatta ya say?" Yuki offered. "You know, some light green zigzag stripes along with some dark green zigzag stripes going towards your bellybutton?"

Bob blushed at that statement. "Err… Um, why don't you go for someone more offering to have paint sketched on their bodies, like Ethan over here? He makes for a better model, actually."

Ethan instantly blushed. "I… Er, why not you?"

"There's some stuff that's best hidden, pal." Bob answered back.

Confessional: Much like a treasure inside a temple?

Bob: Geez, that was close. If my… secret came out this soon, I would have all sorts of questions being tossed out at me. And I'm not that ready to play 20 questions with these guys.

Yuki: Ah, well. Perhaps I can find some giant rock later on and practice my sculpting skills on it.

The five soon stopped at what appeared to be an empty cave. A note was taped near the entrance, as Kayley tore it off the side, and read it out loud.

"Umm, quick question. How many of you like bears? If so, are you willing to grab a few of your presents from some who grabbed them up for their very own? There may or may not be a bear inside… It's up to you to go inside and check for yourselves." Kayley read, as she looked inside. "We… gotta tangle with Yogi?"

"Yogi's more on the gentle side; I be more afraid of Monokuma." Ethan said, as the two looked inside the cave.

"I'm not sure who that is, so you may wanna explain that later." Kayley responded to Ethan, as she looked inside the cave.

With a single nod, she soon took off her hoodie, and tied it against her waist. She was donning a black t-shirt with the Star of Wicca on the front. She even had a couple of tattoos embedded on her arms. Her hair fell down, colored a vibrant blue, and even her ears were indeed heavily pierced, top to bottom.

"Cool..." Hannah said in pure awe, looking at Kayley.

"She went all sorts of action hero..." Bob added.

"Alrighty, then. I'll scout ahead inside. If I come outside running like hell, then you follow me, okay?" Kayley instructed the four kids.

"What if you don't?" Ethan asked. "What if the bear suddenly snaps your bones in two, before they attempt to move in for the kill?"

"No worries; I bought some magick dust with me; if I have to, I can temporary blind a bear, before I come out, running like hell." Kayley answered back, smiling at Ethan. "Be back soon, goofballs!"

Kayley soon ran inside, as everyone watched from outside.

"She is so brave..." Ethan said out loud.

"And cool." Hannah agreed. "Seriously, I can't wait until I'm older; I want tattoos like that!"

"I do know someone. Maybe she can do you up solid?" Bob offered. "Well, when you're older and all."

"Annnnnddd... Offer's still on the table for a paint model." Yuki said out loud, brandishing some paint brushes. "It may not be permanent, but it'll give you a taste of what's in store, bud."

"Guys? The host totally lied to us; no bears in here." Kayley shouted from beyond the cave. "It's safe to enter!"

The four looked at each other, as they soon entered the cave, and looked around.

The interior of the cave seemed to be very roomy, with enough room to walk around in. Even though the cave was empty, save for three presents found by Kayley, everyone was in awe.

"Dude, imagine all the hookups we can do with a place such as this..." Hannah said out loud. "If we find some couch, we can set it near one of the walls… We can find some stereo and have some prime tunes…"

"Yeah; grab a sweet flat-screen and play some games within here..." Bob added.

"There's even enough room in here for me to practice my sculpting..." Yuki agreed, as she noticed what appeared to be some water dripping into a makeshift bucket. "And add in the watercolors… I can paint someone like one of their French girls without running to the sink, hon! It's perfect!"

The four stepped back, and looked all around the cave some more.

"Whatta think? Perfect for a secret hideaway for us kids?" Hannah asked, as she looked at Kayley. "Considering you wanna be in, too?"

"Dude, I'm 16. You wanna have some secret club, go ahead." Kayley answered back, smiling.

"Alrighty, then; it's settled! After this challenge is over, we shall decorate it!" Hannah said out loud.

"But first, we should think of a name!" Ethan spoke up. "How about… The Cool Kid's Club? With Ks replacing the C's? Would that do?"

Kayley giggled a bit, as Ethan looked at her.

"You may wanna go for something more… appropriate, goofball." Kayley suggested, continuing to giggle.

Team 4 – Frankie, Gabriella, Isaac, Maxwell, Whitney

On yet another side of the island, the five were walking on the beach, as Gabriella was leading the way.

"Get with it, people! The quicker we get my present, the quicker you'll get yours!" Gabriella demanded to the four, as she looked at Frankie. "Servant! Are you keeping a close eye out for my present?"

Frankie nodded back.

"Good! Now, keep looking!" Gabriella ordered.

With Isaac, Maxwell, Nerdi, and Whitney, the three were watching the two, wondering what to even do.

"Man, Gabriella is way worse than Princess Martina from Slayers..." Maxwell stated.

"I would compare her to Chloe from Miraclous Ladybug, meow..." Nerdi agreed. "Only that Chloe actually got her paws dirty at times."

"Well, whatta think? Gabriella's net worth is way, way, way, way, way more than all of us combined. That also probably includes past Total Drama contestants, and contestants from Ridonclous Race." Whitney said. "Simply put… We're dealing with a teenage Princess Morbucks."

Maxwell facepalmed. "Oh, lord..."

"What? That brat from Powerpuff Girls?" Isaac asked.

"Exactly." Whitney answered back.

"Augh, I hated her watching reruns of PPG growing up..." Isaac groaned. "And now we've gotta deal with an IRL version of her?"

"Same here, buddy..." Maxwell nodded towards Isaac.

"Dudes, if there's a difference between Gabriella and Princess Morbucks, it's..." Whitney began to say. "Um, it's… Err..."

The two males and the cat animatronic looked at Whitney.

"Alright, there ain't no differences between the two of them..." Whitney admitted.

"Man, how disappointing, meow..." Nerdi groaned.

"Anyways, enough about dealing with snobbish rich girls we can't do a thing about at the moment; what are you guys into?" Whitney asked, as she looked at Maxwell. "I already know you're into anime. Anything else, in particular?"

"Well, I'm also into gaming." Maxwell admitted. "I once took on a Smash tourney with Kirby, and won second to a Banjo main."

"Hehe, my older bro's fiance was thrilled to see the bear and bird in Smash." Whitney said, sporting a grin as she looked at Isaac. "How about you, snuggie boy? Anything you're into? Like cartoons… video games… cheesy cartoons based off of video games?"

Isaac looked at Whitney, and chuckled a bit.

"Umm… I don't usually play games… Much." Isaac answered back.

Nerdi looked over at Isaac, and scoffed.

"Balderdash, meow. How about when you scored that copy of Harvest Moon 64?" Nerdi asked.

"Wasn't it you who was so excited about that game, that you-" Isaac reminded his friend.

Nerdi's eyes went wide in response.

"GAH! Ssshh… Ssshhh..." Nerdi hushed back.

Confessional: Wow, that has to be a secret to keep to one's self.

Nerdi: Nobody needs to know my secret love of farming simulators, meow. And my elite modding skills… Especially in Stardew Valley.

Isaac: Really? ...No wonder Abigail looked like a cat in my game.

The five soon reached what appeared to be a pile of rocks. There was a signpost nearby, as Maxwell approached the post itself.

"Good news, my dudes! A few presents are nearby, underwater, and ripe for the taking!" Maxwell read out loud, as he continued. "Bad news? It's surrounded by flesh-eating, salt water piranhas."

The ocean nearby bubbled like mad, as a few piranha lept out of the water, looking really fierce and hungry.

"Well, I ain't sticking my entire arm down there just for them to strip it to the bone." Gabriella said, as she started to push Frankie forward. "My servant Frankie here volunteers to do so!"

Frankie paled in fear, as he held up his sock.

"Frankie… Stick me in the drink." His sock whispered towards Frankie.

"Wha?" Asked Frankie.

"While I distract the piranha, you grab up the prezzies and jump right back out. That should shut her up for now." The sock suggested.

"But… Wouldn't there be stragglers to pick off anyone who tried to hide from them?" Frankie asked back.

"A-HEM!" Gabriella cleared her throat, as she gave a cold, hard stare at Frankie.

"Gabriella… Maybe I should do it?" Maxwell asked. "And besides… It may feel rather sweet, having a metallic arm. Like Elric from Full Metal Alchemist."

"Um, you may wanna put those awesome arm enhancements on hold, cause..." Isaac pointed out, as Whitney was standing at the rock's edge, ready to jump right in.

The piranhas were swimming in circles around the area, irritated and hungry.

"Whitney Morgan, diving for the Canadian team. Can she bring home the gold?" Whitney asked herself, imitating an Olympics commentator.

She jumped into the ocean, as the piranha started to go after her… Then seemingly swam away in fear.

Whitney managed to grab up the presents, and tossed them out of the ocean. With a grin, she started to make her way for the surface, as a large shadow started to loom over her…

Team 5 – Alec, Candace, Danny, Jonah, Nancy

With that particular team, they were in the forest, as Jonah was leading the way. He kept his camera aimed towards himself.

"I am right inside this forest walking alongside two FIIIIIINNNEE ladies!" Jonah said towards his camera, as he glanced over at both Candace and Nancy. He soon looked back at his camera. "Okay, one of them is fine. The other looks like a dork. Anyways, yours truly found himself a present early on!"

He soon held up one of the presents close to his camera.

"This show is VERY lucky to have me on here. I betchya, I'll bring in ALL the ratings!" Jonah grinned towards the camera.

Following Jonah was Candace and Nancy, the two girls were talking to each other in the process.

"So, toon girl. Are there any female skaters out there in cartoon land?" Nancy asked.

Candace was in thought. "Well, there is that Sissy girl from Johnny Test. She's tough, and considering you have a love for… Well, piercings on the ear and a tough-as-nails attitude, you may enjoy her."

"Perfect! Sign me up!" Nancy replied back, giving off a grin.

"Umm… You may wanna think twice, pal. Johnny Test? Well, it ain't the bestest toon. Like, how can you root for the hero when they act more like a selfish villain?" Candace questioned. "That, and all those whip cracks can wrack your brain after a while."

"Dammit… Anyone else?" Nancy asked again.

"Err… Reggie Rocket from Rocket Power? But her brother can be quite a handful." Candace answered back.

"Dang it!" Nancy groaned. "Are there any boarders in any cartoons who are complete loons?"

Soon, Jonah's camera was pointed at the two girls, with Jonah behind it, sporting a grin.

"Say, which of you ladies will be lucky with me tonight, hm?" Jonah asked.

Nancy looked at the camera, and blinked a bit.

"Ummm… Isn't it a bit too soon to be shacking up with a girl?" Nancy asked.

"Yeah; at least wait until… I dunno, episode 49 before sleeping with a girl?" Candace suggested.

Jonah gave off a sly smirk. "You two are too moral; you should know that any true girl would just LOVE to hang with a hunk like moi."

"If I wanted to hang with a hunk, I would hang with Chalky Studebaker." Candace said towards Jonah.

"And I'm not too keen on hunks anyway." Nancy replied back.

"Ahahahaha! Muscles are completely over-rated, anyway!" Alec shouted out into the air.

"What do you want, you nerd?" Danny asked.

"When has muscled people ever did anything in media?" Alec questioned out loud. "Aside of hard-R rated action movies, and on Baywatch?"

"Hey, lifeguards are just pure awesome." Candace shrugged. "It's true; my parents used to watch Baywatch when they were our age."

"Dude! That's, like, one really awesome show!" Nancy replied back, beaming at that. "I like the parts when they slow down the footage… Especially when a girl is on-screen. That's when it gets REALLY good."

"Sooooooo… Are you a lesbian?" Danny asked Nancy.

"Well, maybe? Maybe not?" Nancy answered back, giving off a shrug. "I'm probably sure that my bio shall spoil my actual sexuality."

Confessional: Yeah, when it is up and running.

Nancy: Hey, what can I say? If I keep my orientation safely hidden away, then I'll quite possibly have plot armor, enough for me to squeeze through to the merge. Now comes the tricky part… Keeping it hidden for over 20 episodes.

Danny: Yep, I'm pretty sure Nancy's a lesbo. -He shrugs with a smirk- Eh, ain't no skin off my nose; if she wants to kiss a girl and like it, then by all means, do it.

The five soon approached what appeared to be a giant dance floor, with flashing tiles changing every 3 seconds. At the end of the dance floor laid four presents. There were high walls surrounding the dance floor, so nobody could just sneak around back. Alec looked at a sign which was nearby.

"Fancy your foot work, Campers? Then if you do, try to cross this Dance Floor of Death! Best be careful not to step onto a red tile. Else, a 500 volt shock will coarse through your body. Yowza! But if you want those presents, then by any means..." Alec read out loud. "500 volts, huh? It ain't lethal enough to kill. Though we may be feeling a bit tingly for quite a while."

"Then how about you get it, nerd?" Danny suggested, punching Alec on the arm.

"While I would..." Alec retorted, as he fiddled with his glasses. "I haven't perfected the Groundment Potion yet. To which it grounds us-"

"Nerd, I already BEEN grounded. Especially after bum-rushing this one dude who called foul on wrestling being fake." Danny interrupted.

"No-no. Not that sort of grounding; I meant being impervious to electric shocks." Alec corrected back. "You see, when-"

"No time for a science lesson, dork." Danny said, as he shoved Alec down onto his butt, with him making contact onto a red tile.


Alec shot straight back up, yelping in pain and holding onto his butt.

"Owww..." Alec groaned out loud.

"At least it's only 500 volts?" Nancy spoke up. "One of my friends, Roxi? She managed to live through being struck by lightning. Twice! And that's way more than 500 volts! Though it probably wasn't a bright idea in the first place for her to shout out at the heavens during a thunderstorm all while showing off her tongue stud."

"Geez..." Candace could only mutter.

Jonah walked towards the floor, with a smirk on his face.

"Ladies, if you'll allow me..." Jonah said out loud, as he stepped on a tile which was currently red, and suddenly got shocked. "Alright, I can still do this! I pranked my friend back at home with electricity just the same! Although, it did cause quite a nasty blackout..."

He stepped onto a red tile again, and he was shocked again.

"All of that property damage shown online worth it now, dude?" Nancy asked.

Candace soon shrugged, as she went onto the dance floor, hopping on it along the way. When a tile was close to turning red, she jumped towards the next one in front of her. It continued on for quite a while before she reached the presents. She soon grabbed the four presents, and pressed a switch as the dance floor soon shut itself off.

"And that's how it's done." Candace said, as she sported a smirk to her teammates. She delivered a present to Alec, Danny, and Nancy each, as the team looked at each other.

"Well, guess that's a wrap with this challenge." Nancy said, grinning. "How about we head back to camp, now?"

"Yeah, good idea." Candace agreed. "Although… It's quite a long jog back..."

"Excellent… That gives me enough time to talk more about the wonders of SCIENCE!" Alec shouted out loud. "Or perhaps why our feet smell. That's possibly a SCIENCE, too."

Candace grinned, Nancy shrugged, and both Danny and Jonah sighed…

Team 1 – Luka, Quinn, Ulysses, Tina, Xane

Offscreen, the five collected their other four presents from various other obstacles, and were walking back to the camp.

"Yeah, perhaps wondering into the firing squad of a dodgeball squad was kinda a bad idea, hoo..." Xane said to Luka, as he was rubbing a few spots of his body. "Man, they hurt!"

"Well, at least you scored us two more presents. That's a given, right?" Luka replied back, while holding Xane's plant.

"Your sacrifice shall not be forgotten..." Quinn said out loud, bowing his head in respect.

"Um, I'm still alive." Xane responded towards Quinn. "I'm not wilted yet~."

"And we also gotta give props to Tina, who managed to score that other present from a claw machine." Luka continued. "Seriously, those things are rigged to all hell! Even I couldn't grab anything from them."

"It ain't, but it does help if you know what you're doing." Tina said, giving off a smile. "Scored me a fair bit of prizes from 'em."

Luka looked at Tina. "Teach me your secrets!"

"Count me in too, hoo; I've a few cousins who I would like to win some plushies for, hoo..." Xane added, giving off a smile towards Tina.

"Hehe, might as well learn from you, even though I think they're rigged." Quinn said towards Tina. "Still, the day we all die a horrifically fiery death, it be nice to cuddle something nice and cute before we're all incinerated by a huge fireball."

Tina blinked a bit. "Dark, but alright. First off, you..."

Not too far from the group was Ulysses, who had a device in front of his eyes.

"Analyzation complete. Both Xane and Luka can take a lot of punishment and pain, whereas Tina has the brains… Although not my brainy power." Ulysses whispered to himself. "They'll be difficult to take on. But at the end, I shall stand tall."

Confessional: I highly doubt you'll stand proud as well?

Ulysses: That'll teach those idiotic quacks at the university to deny my robotics research once I wave that money in their faces.

"Then, once you have the claw positioned in place, you press down, grab your prize, and BINGO!" Tina instructed, slamming her fist upon her palm. "You have yourself a new addition to your plushie pile! It's how I won a lotta Yoshis. One for myself, my friends, and the rest? I gave to randos."

"So, I been doing it wrong this entire time?" Luka asked. "Whoa, way to enlighten us, Tina."

"Hehe… I still think they're rigged." Quinn interjected.

The five soon noticed Zero leaning against a tree, present in hand. They gave off a cold look at the campers.

"Wasting away your hard-earned cash on something trivial as plushies..." Zero said out loud. "How… childish."

"Hey, it ain't childish!" Tina defended back, stepping in front of the campers. "It takes skill and strategy to win one!"

Xane stepped aside Tina and placed a comforting hand upon her shoulder. "Relax, Tina… No reason to get up in arms, hoooo..."

"So, I take it you got your present already, Zero?" asked Luka.

Zero held up his present.

"What do you expect from some jolly old fat elf, who doesn't exist?" Zero questioned back.

"Annnnnndddd you probably made a lot of young kids cry." Luka replied back.

"Oh, they would cry at all the darkness in this world. Then they would figure out that us humans? We're the root of all this darkness going on. War. Plague. Famine. Strife." Zero continued. "What good have we've done as a species? Nothing. What bad have we done? Everything. It even went so bad, that the world neeeded to be purged away via a flash flood."

"Hehe… Never took you for the religious type." Quinn chuckled.

"If you're concerned about who this season's villain is, then look at a mirror. You'll all get your answer." Zero finished, as he walked away.

The five stood around in silence, until…

"Geez, what an edgelord." Luka said out loud.

Team 2 – Omelette, Peter, Ross, Selena, Vikki

Currently, they were looking at what appeared to be an anthill, which had a present atop of it. Said present was swarmed by some angry-looking ants, in an attempt to prevent the five campers from swiping it away.

"Well… This blows." Selena said, frowning. "And we just got four of our five prezzies as well."

"Yeah, tell me about it. These species of ants are capable of leaving you with bite marks which could leave you itching for a few days." Ross added, as he scanned the ants. "And I don't think these species aren't supposed to be here up north."

"Then how about we torch them?" Peter suggested with a grin. "Besides, they're only fire ants. What good did they do? Aside of making short work of one of Indy's foes back in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?"

Omelette looked over at Peter. "Dude… You actually watched that?"

"I was young, okay?" Peter defended back, as he looked at the ant hill. "But that dude was a minion to the villain; he was free real estate. I, however, am one of the heroes! We just gotta get rid of them first."

He looked over at Omelette, eyeing her shades.

"Hey, you think that sunbeam trick could-" Peter began to say, as Omelette held up her hand.

"Um, I have to ask you to not touch my shades. They may make me look like the coolest of cool, but they're actually prescription." Omelette replied back.

"Prescription?" Peter questioned, as Omelette nodded back. "Dude, I know you aren't blind; otherwise…"

He looked over at Vikki, who was busy constructing something with a few balloons.

"...Why would you be taking a few peeks at Vikki?" Peter finished.

Omelette looked over at Peter for a few seconds, before…


The two contestants looked over at the ant hill, where the present was tossed near both Omelette and Peter, still swarming with a few ants.

"The hell?" Peter asked out loud, backing away from the swarmed present. "I haven't heard someone scream like that after some brat on Xbox Live bit into his older brother's taco wrap, slathered in hot sauce."

Omelette pointed over towards Ross, whose arm had a few wilts upon it, having been bitten from a few fire ants.

"I thought I could negotiate with them! Who knew they were capable of betraying us?!" Ross whined out, approaching the two.

"One of the many questions which keeps me up at night." Peter snarked back.

Confessional: What would be the other questions?

Peter: Hey, if it's any consolation, at least he's a true Total Drama contestant now? He got injured by a bug. Or at least 22?

Omelette: And you guys just bare witness to the TRUE villain of any reality TV show; dangerous insects! And you wonder why there was only one season of Survivor set in Australia.

Selena: Geez, how idiotic could one guy be? He deserved to be bit!

A few minutes later, Ross was having his bitten-up arm treated by Vikki. She was currently rubbing some medicine upon his wilts. Peter, Omelette, and Selena were watching everything unfold.

"Hnnngg, it itches so much..." Ross complained, wincing at Vikki applying the medicine upon his arm.

"I know it does, but you gotta resist. Else, it could spread the rash all around." Vikki instructed, as she placed a rather colorful bandage on Ross' arm. "And that wouldn't be very fun now, wouldn't it?"

"Hey, um..." Peter spoke up. "How would you even know? You're a clown-"

"And so is my mom, who've I've learned all of her medical stuff from." Vikki answered back, as she gave off a sweet smile towards Peter. "She works as a children's pedritition at the ER, and knows her stuff as well."

"I feel sorry for the kids who are assigned to her..." Selena muttered.

"Ahh, the kids that come in very much adore her." Vikki replied back, applying another bandage on Ross' arm. "Trust me, if someone can help you get better if you got really yucky and vomit feeling, then it's her."

"And your old man… Question mark?" Peter asked.

"Also a clown as well." Vikki answered back. "He works as a teacher at Squeaky Clown U, an afterschool program for those who want to unleash their inner clown."

She treated the last wilt on Ross' arm, applied the last bandage on him, and looked at Ross.

"There we go; your arm should be back to normal in a couple days. Just make sure not to go all scratchy on it." Vikki suggested towards Ross.

"Alright." Ross nodded back, as he looked at his arm. "Still… Why break out the bright bandages?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Vikki shrugged back. "It's no fun to get hurt, that's for sure. But the kids adore bright colors, soooooooo..."

"There's only four squeakers on this isle anyway." Peter replied back.

"Hey, brightly colored bandages always brighten up some injured kid's day." Vikki said, as she looked at the present. Most of the ants have taken off, leaving the package out there in the open. "Soooooooo… What do we do with this package?"

"You kidding me? We take it with us!" Peter answered back. "Most of those ants which were on this present already went home. So, it's ripe for the pickings!"

"Um, you may wanna be careful, Peter. A few ants may have hidden in a crevice made by the wrapping paper." Omelette warned back.

"But it's only a few ants. Not like a near entire swarm which nearly took Ross' arm clean off." Peter replied back to Omelette.

"Hey; it was only around 17 bites." Ross said, pouting.

"Trust me, I'll be fine." Peter responded back, looking very confident.

Peter picked up the present, and at that moment, a solo ant hopped upon Peter's thumb, and bit onto it.

"OW!" Peter yelped in pain, dropping the present as he flicked the ant off of his thumb and threw it far, it landing onto a spiderweb.

Vikki sighed, as she took out her medical kit again.

"Welp… Here we go again." Vikki said, as she started to approach Peter.

Team 3 – Bob, Ethan, Hannah, Kayley, Yuki

Currently, the five were walking alongside the beach, with Kayley carrying their five packages in a knapsack upon her back.

"Who knew the rest of those packages were nearby some faked plane crash, along with some fake skeletonized body?" Bob asked.

"Beats me, but it would make for a great Halloween prop." Hannah replied back, as she looked at Yuki, who was busy sketching something in her sketchpad. "Anyways, what you up to?"

Yuki looked up from her sketchpad. "Oh? Well, I'm drawing up some floor plans for our cave. How do you feel about a couch? Considering we manage to find one?"

"Maybe we should find some old animal skulls; give it the old gothic touch." Hannah suggested. "Also, perhaps you can make some makeshift cobwebs to hang from the ceiling as well?"

"Ahh, the old cobweb trick… Nice touch." Yuki said, giving off a grin. "Man, this cave is gonna ROCK!"

"But what if we make it too badass?" Hannah asked. "Like, what if the more edgier contestants decide to set up camp in our Kid's Cave?"

Hannah was silent for a moment, as she grinned.

"That sounds like a good name for our cave?" Hannah offered.

"Weeellll, I did have the name Subterranean Lair For Kids, but your name for it works better, hon." Yuki answered back.

With Ethan, he was walking alongside Kayley, as the two were holding up a conversation.

"And that's when my older sisters dyed my hair the brightest of blue you can ever imagine." Kayley said to Ethan. "Anyways, how about you, goofball? You've got any siblings rooting for you at home?"

Ethan shook his head. "I'm actually an only child. My dad has a narrow urethra, and that actually caused him a lot of problems trying to procreate. I was a lucky one to even grow in my mommy."

"Those are some big boy words, goofball..." Kayley said, blinking a bit. "Where did you even learn all of that, anyway? And when?"

"From my babysitter when I was nine; she taught me all about the birds and the bees when I read from her Sex Ed book while she was making out with her boyfriend." Ethan answered back. "I learned all sorts of things from there, like-"

"Ooooookkkaaayyy, maybe you outta zip it, lest we end up getting yanked off the air." Kayley suggested, trying her hardest not to laugh.

Confessional: So, Zip it! Zip it! Zip it before we're canceled!

Ethan: Yeah, after that night, she got fired. Probably cause of unintentionally teaching me about the Hunka and making out with her boyfriend in our house. Besides, Fern's tons better!

Kayley: Eh, I learned all that stuff when I was eight. Mainly from my cousin and her spouse. And I turned out okay.

The five were continuing to walk along the beach, as…


The five stopped in their tracks, as they looked at each other, as they instantly realized who that commanding voice belonged to.

"Gabriella?" Hannah asked.

Bob sighed. "I'm afraid so..."

Ethan looked over at Kayley. "Kayley, you sure you can't hex Gabriella? I'm sure your fellow witches would understand you casting a spell on a brat like her."

Kayley shook her head. "Like I explained earlier, us Wiccans use our spells to help. And considering who Gabriella is related to..."

"Ah, right..." Ethan realized. "He could have you burned at the stake."

"No, not exactly. Though our fam would be completely screwed." said Kayley, sighing. "Maaaannn, I hope someone puts her in her place someday."


"Shark punching? Wha?" Yuki asked, as she started to dash ahead.

The other four started to tail Yuki as a result...

Team 4 – Frankie, Gabriella, Isaac, Maxwell, Whitney

Meanwhile, Gabriella was arguing with Frankie, or at least his sock puppet. Maxwell, Isaac, and Nerdi were nearby, trying to reason with Gabriella, while Whitney… Seemed to be missing.

"Come on, let one of us punch the shark instead, meow?" Nerdi asked. "I can pull off quite the mean right hook."

"NO! It has to be Frankie who does it!" Gabriella answered back. "He's my servant, that's final."

"My owner doesn't have to; and besides, you saw what it did to Whitney!" Frankie's sock yelled towards Gabriella.

"I don't care about that smelly trash-heap of a human!" Gabriella yelled back.

"Umm, I can still hear you inside Jaws, you know..." Whitney shouted from inside the shark.

"How is it inside?" Isaac asked.

"Well, aside of finding our presents… I also found some pretty neat-o stuff!" Whitney answered back cheerfully. "No, wait… It's undigested copies of Daikatana."

"That overhyped game which turned out to be trash?" Maxwell asked.

"Hey, Whitney!" Nerdi yelled towards the shark. "Isn't there another way you can escape from deep within, meow? Like from the back door?"

"Well… Perhaps? Though it would be kinda tricky… Especially coming from someone who doesn't know squat about shark antimony." Whitney shouted back from within the shark.

Pretty soon, Yuki ran up towards the group.

"Grrrreeeaattt, one of the brats is here." Gabriella grumbled.

"You should know..." Frankie muttered to himself.

"Anyways, what's going on?" Yuki asked the group.

"Whitney took a dive and got swallowed whole." Maxwell answered back.

"And then I fought it from inside!" Whitney added. "That's how it ended up being beached."

Yuki looked at the shark, which seemed absolutely miserable lying on the beach.

"Umm… I wouldn't know how to deal with something like that." Yuki admitted, as she looked to the side and saw her teammates coming. "But I do know someone who does."

Bob, Hannah, Ethan, and Kayley both arrived to the scene, as they too skid to a halt.

"Alright, that ain't something you see everyday." Bob said, as he observed the shark. He soon looked at Hannah. "Hannah, you think you can shake Whitney outta there?"

Hannah gave off a grin. "Oh, just you watch..."

Gabriella looked over at Hannah, as she casually approached the shark. She soon gave off a scoff.

"Like someone like her could lift that shark, free that trash human, and send it back out to the ocean." Gabriella said, smirking.

Hannah soon lifted the shark over her head, shook it a bit, as it opened it's mouth and freed Whitney from deep within, along with the presents inside as well. She soon approached the shark, and tossed it back into the ocean waters.

"Bye-bye! Make sure to keep us humans off your diet now, alrighty?" Hannah shouted towards the ocean.

Gabriella looked all sorts of surprised at Hannah's feat.

"Like… How?" Gabriella asked.

"Had this strength since I was born." Hannah answered back. "Not sure why I was born with such strength, but I ain't complaining. Helps that any bullies that approached anyone… One lifting of the Principal's car afterwards, and they changed their ways."

Whitney, covered in shark saliva, picked herself back up.

"Well, that's two times today I got swallowed by a shark." Whitney said, giving off a grin. "I rather not wanna go through that again. At least not today."

She looked around at the campers staring at her.

"Right, soooooo… Who should I thank for helping me outta that womb level?" asked Whitney, looking at the campers.

"She did all the work." Bob answered, pointing at Hannah.

Whitney gave off a grin. "Thanks a ton, kiddo. Now..."

She looked inland towards where camp could be.

"Maybe we should head back towards camp. Besides, I need yet another shower." Whitney said, as she picked up the saliva coated presents, and started to lead the way…

Everyone started to follow suit, as Gabriella could only think to herself.

"That… brat ain't kidding around. If she's that strong to lift up a shark..." Gabriella thought. "I didn't beg my way onto the show for nothing. Everyone is going DOWN. Including her."

Back at camp, everyone was gathering around, as they laid a pile of presents in front of themselves. The host was in front of them, sporting his signature grin, as Dana was laying down a few mats behind him.

"Man, what a wild introduction to you guys for this first challenge! We've had piles of snow! Wasp nests! Shark attacks!" Chris announced.

"Well, either way, I'm smelling like lavender again." Whitney added.

"But now, you may be wondering… What's inside?" Chris asked. "Well… It's now time to open up one of those presents… On with it, campers!"

They started to do so, as Ethan held up what appeared to be a blue disc, with what appeared to be the shape of a flounder stamped on the front.

"Hey, I got a fish symbol!" Ethan said out loud.

"I did, too!" Bob added.

"Then you two are on the team known as the Funky Flounders! Anyone who's got a Flounder symbol, please report to the blue mat behind me." Chris instructed.

Ethan, Bob, Kayley, Nancy, Gabriella, Frankie, Jonah, and Candace done so.

With the other campers, Hannah unwrapped her present and pulled out a red disc, with a squid stamped onto the front.

"Awesome, I got a squid!" Hannah announced.

Luka also unwrapped her present, also receiving a squid. "I did, too."

"Then you guys are a part of the Screaming Squids! Anyone who has a squid symbol, please approach the red mat.

Both Hannah and Luka did so, as thus Whitney, Tina, Ross, Peter, and Zero.

With Quinn, he pulled out a green disc, with a turtle symbol stamped onto the front.

"Hehe… I got a turtle." Quinn said out loud. "Not help that shell wouldn't do in the final days of this earth, hehe..."

"Well, the world's not doomed, but your game is." Omelette teased towards Quinn, holding up a green disc as well.

"Quinn! Omelette! Since you two got green discs, you guys are a part of the Tough Turtles! Anyone who has a turtle symbol, please report to the green mat.

The two done so, as Alec, Isaac, Ulysses, Maxwell, Yuki, Vikki, and Selena followed as well.

Funky Flounders

With his newly formed team, Jonah was again holding his camera close to his face.

"Your main boi Jonah lucked out!" Jonah announced, aiming his camera towards Nancy, Candace, Gabriella, and Kayley. "He's got three of the hottest ladies on his team… And one who looks way too young for your boi Jonah."

"Hey! I'm 16! Starting to find my way!" Kayley yelled towards Jonah, feeling insulted.

"Wait, really?" Jonah asked, as he looked over at Kayley.

"How else would I have these boobs?" Kayley answered back, smirking.

"Either case, you all lucked out, cause you have a true superstar on your team." Jonah said, as he did a pose, with the wind blowing his way, whispering his name… Jonah.

"How does he do that?" Ethan asked, as he looked at Kayley. "How about you; you've got any ideas?"

Kayley shook her head. "Nope, I've got no idea where that wind's coming from. Nor is it in any of my spellbooks."

With Nancy and Candace, the two girls were chatting it up with each other.

"So, toon girl… Guess we're both Flounders, huh?" Nancy said, slapping Candace's back. "Man, this is gonna be wild!"

"I'm not sure how wild, but..." Candace responded back, as she fiddled with her glasses. "Just think of all the crazy we can do..."

"Yep! Perhaps I could teach you how to truly shred on a board!" Nancy said, as she sported a grin. "Trust me, once I'm done with you… You'll be more than just some dorky toon watcher."

Candace smiled back. "And after I'm done nursing my injuries I'll get on the board… I'll treat you to some of my most favorite toons! Trust me, once I'm done with you… You'll be one avid toon watcher!"

"I look forward to-" Nancy started to say, as...


The two girls looked to their side to see Gabriella, having folded her arms, and tapping her foot as she gave off a glare at the two girls.

"You DO know that I'm Team Captain. So I'm in charge." Gabriella declared back.

"What? Since when are you in charge of us?!" Nancy objected back.

"Yeah! All I wanna do is share the joy of cartoons to everyone, Nancy included! Why should you ruin our fun?" Candace joined in.

"Because…" Gabriella continued, as she waved a few hundred dollar bills and waved them towards Chris' direction. She threw the bills up in the air, as he caught them. "I can get anything I want. And if I don't… Then my father shall get it for me. And NOBODY says no to my dear daddy."

"Augh, this shill again..." Nancy grumbled, sighing in anger.

"Now… While I'm in charge, the TV belongs to me." Gabriella said. "That's final. Now… Where's my servant?"

Candace looked behind her to see Bob chatting with Frankie, or at least his sock puppet. Gabriella took notice and shoved Nancy and Candace down before starting to stomp towards the two boys.

"Wow, rude!" Nancy yelled at Gabriella, before she looked at Candace. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Candace reassured back. "But someone's truly gotta take that Trixie Tang wannabee down a lotta pegs."

"Want me to take the honors?" Nancy offered. "I did pack together a few pranks we can use together. Like a hair dye prank… Some stink bombs which has you smell like one of the most non-smelly smells..."

"Nah, that would give you an N ranking on your Edgic." Candace warned back. "I'm sure she'll get her just desserts sooner. Hopefully not later."

Meanwhile, Bob was still chatting it up with Frankie, or at least his puppet, up until Gabriella arrived.

"You. Fatso." Gabriella glared at Bob. "Stay away from my servant."

Bob looked at Gabriella. "Why? I wasn't chatting with Frankie; I was chatting with his SOCK. There's a difference."

"Explain how?" Gabriella asked in a commanding tone, before she shook her head."No, wait. I don't care. He's MY servant, and he's gonna BE my servant. Up until he pays upfront for that gown he ruined!"

"Ugh… It's only a dress. You can buy another one!" Bob complained back.

"Also..." Gabriella continued, as she yanked the sock out of Frankie's hand, and tossed it directly at Bob's face, much to Frankie's horror. "You can keep his sock. Now, servant? Come."

Gabriella was soon dragging Frankie behind her, as Frankie could only mouth out the words 'sorry' towards Bob.

Bob peeled off the sock from his face, and looked at it with interest.

"Hmm..." Bob said to himself, inspecting the sock, as some ideas crept up in his head. "Maybe add in a few arms on the side… Give him some googly eyes..."

He sported a smirk.

"This'll be a fun project to do."

Screaming Squids

Meanwhile, Ross was busy scanning his fellow contestants with his scanner.

"So far, there seems to be no outerworldy peeps right in front of our faces..." Ross said to himself. "But, what would I know? Anyone of us could be someone who was born out of this world..."


Ross looked away from his scanner to see Luka, staring at him.

"How'd you get your arm bandaged up like that?" Luka asked, pointing towards his bandaged arm.

"Ahh, I got in a bit of a tussle with a few fire ants. About 17 of them." Ross answered back. "And boy, does it itch like a bitch!"

"Well, there are creams out there which eases up the itching." Luka said, smiling. "I used them while any of my tattoos were healing."

"Really?" Ross asked.

"Yep!" Luka answered back. "It helps a lot during the period of healing and all that stuff. If you need any, I can always rub a little lotion on your skin."

Ross giggled a bit. "That sounds a bit adult..."

"Hey, we're all adults here." Luka shrugged back, as she looked behind to see Hannah chatting with Xane. "...Well, most of us are, anyway."

"Um, aren't most of us teenagers anyway?" Ross questioned back.

With Hannah and Xane, the two were talking amongst each other.

"Hooooo, you've got quite an interesting way of dressing for someone so young..." Xane said towards Hannah.

"You have my parents and cousins to thank for that; most of the family is totally goth." Hannah replied back. "You know, wearing all black, with some kinda death motif, or something with skulls, and piercings and tattoos galore. The wild colored hair is a bonus."

Xane chuckled. "I can totally see; I highly doubt I can pull off green hair… Anyways, what convinced you to sign up for his show, hoo? Other than to bring the gothic community back in a good light after the trainwreck that was Gwen?"

"Weeeeeellll… Ya know, just to test my mettle. Take on 25 peeps older than I am. Course, that was the plan. Now? Considering Bob, Ethan, and Yuki, its now taking on 22 peeps older than I am." Hannah answered back. "How 'bout you?"

Xane looked towards the cabins near camp, as he noticed a tree nearby, which appeared to be aged. While it had leaves on it, there were a fair few on it.

"I'm here for Mrs. Tortenni. She owns a florist where I work, and suddenly fell sickly ill. There is a treatment out there, but it's expensive as heck." Xane replied back. "If I win the mil… Then it'll help her get well by a ton. In fact, I hope so, hooooo..."

Hannah looked at Xane, and gave off a gentle smile. "I'm sure she'll be alright. I betchya, with a name like Torteeni, she is a toughie true and true."

"Yeah, she is. She once survived the Black Friday of 1998. Hoooo, that one was a doozy." Xander said, as he looked at the tree, which a single leaf flew off of it.

With Tina, she was busy playing on her Switch, as Peter approached her.

"Alright, then! You and me! 1-v-1!" Peter demanded, as he pointed at Tina. "I don't care if my thumb still stings a bit, I shall show you how a true gamer plays a game!"

Tina peeked from her game, and saw his thumb had a bandage applied on it.

"Dude, no. You're not at 100% at the moment." Tina denied back. "And besides, it wouldn't be that much of a challenge if I took on someone whose thumb is in pain."

"Aww, you're just wimping out cause of the ass whooping I would give you." Peter said, as he crossed his arms and glared at Tina.

"No, I ain't wimping out; I'll still kick your butt in-game. But only when your thumb heals. Alright?" Tina reassured.

"Besides, it was just one fire ant that bit my thumb, which is probably some spider's lunch right about now." Peter shrugged.

Tina pocketed her game, as she put a comforting hand on Peter's shoulder.

"Peter, I know you wanna challenge me, and that's fine and all. But if I took you on right now with your thumb in pain… I would completely cream you. And I don't think you would want that. Just give it around a day or two, and then I'll challenge you, alright?" Tina said gently.

Peter sighed in defeat. "Fiiiiinnnneee, I'll wait."

He soon made a pouting face.

"Mannnnn, you're like our Team Mom, and it's only the first day." Peter grumbled. "Team's barely even whole yet..."

"Well, I do have experience with younger kids..." Tina trailed off, giggling a bit.

With Whitney, she was rocking back and forth, as Danny sported a grin towards her.

"Sooooo, heard you roughed up a shark." Danny said towards her. "How did that even happen?"

Whitney shrugged. "Beats me, but I probably have a primal fear of gorn after being swallowed whole in the span of 24 hours. By the same shark."

"That's what actually happened?" Danny asked, as Whitney nodded back. "Man, you're more badass than I once thought!"

"It would had been more poetic and proper to dive into its stomach acid."

The two looked to see Zero, standing there, looking at the two.

"Aw, great. We got an edgelord on the team who thinks he's all that..." Danny groaned.

"What'cha talking about? This is great!" Whitney spoke up, grinning. "He may have some mysterious dark past which can shed some light into his dark past. This is gonna be awesome!"

"You are wasting your time." Zero darkly spoke towards Whitney. "There is no past about me for you to unlock. And besides… You may be tough, but how tough are you when it comes to the end of the world?"

"Weeeeeellll…" Whitney trailed off as she held up her left arm and pointed at a scar. "I got this scar back in 2016, back when people thought the world really was coming to an end. If I could survive THAT… Then I can survive the Apocalypse. And possibly rebuild and repopulate the Earth at that."

"Wow, hardcore." Danny said, looking at Whitney.

"But even someone like you won't be prepared for the enetible, like the heat death of the world." Zero continued. "Even someone like you won't survive temperatures up to 1,400 degrees."

"Then, guess I'm applying two million sunblock on that day, I guess." Whitney shrugged back.

"You'll run out eventually. Even you won't be able to escape death's grasp once this world is doomed." Zero finished, as he walked away.

"In that case, guess I'm meeting up with my great grandma, then." Whitney said out loud, grinning. "She was vital to our victory in the war, and afterwards, continued to adventure. It took old age to take her down."

"Okay, then. Guess I shouldn't take on someone whose great-grandma was in some kinda war." Danny responded back, backing off.

"Smart decision. Besides, she gave some German soldier a well deserved kick in the balls." Whitney replied back.

Tough Turtles

"MWAHAHAHA!" Alec laughed out loud, as he looked at Isaac and Nerdi. "Test Subject! We're on the same team!"

"I guess… Hehe." Isaac chuckled back.

"Now, then… Since we're working together, let's wow everyone around us with the wonders of SCIENCE!" Alec shouted out in glee. "So, scored any dirt on who you hung out with?"

"Well, I learned that Whitney is great for attracting sharks, and Frankie is being bullied by Gabriella." Isaac answered back.

Alec nodded towards Isaac. "Well, it works for starters. We can work off that. But first… We should find a proper lair. Hmmm..."

"Hm?" Isaac hummed back.

"Mew?" Nerdi also meowed back.

"I've got it! Test Subject, how familiar are you with season one?" Alec asked.

"Well, I did watch up until the cooking episode. That was last night." Isaac answered back.

Alec looked at Isaac, before shaking his head. "Nevermind; I've got the perfect place for us to conduct our SCIENTIFIC experiments!"

"Well, as long as it doesn't result in a gender bender, then I'm perfectly game." Isaac said.

Alec looked at Isaac, as he raised an eyebrow.

"Umm… It's a long story, meow. It involved a cousin of Isaac's, some ray gun, and a copy of Twilight." Nerdi said, as she shuffled her glasses.

Meanwhile, Omelette was sporting a grin, as she looked at her fellow campers.

"Heh, I lucked out." Omelette said to herself, as…


Vikki was standing near Omelette, holding a horn and sporting a playful smile.

"Hey-hey, funny buddy!" Vikki said towards Omelette. "I guess we really lucked out getting in a team together!"

"Ain't that the truth; everyone's gonna underestimate us two goofy girls in due time!" Omelette grinned towards the clown girl.

"We shooting for Final Two?" Vikki asked.

"You betchya. And it's gonna be one wild and laugh-filled finale!" Omelette answered back, sporting a grin.

"That is, if you two do make it that far." A voice spoke up.

The two turned to see Selena, standing there.

"Hey, fellow Turtle. What's up?" Omelette asked. "Well, other than the slowly setting sun… And possibly some kinda satellite up in space."

"You do know at some point, you will have to vote off a friend or two if you want your wild and laugh-filled finale, you know?" Selena stated back. "Perhaps even your love interest..."

"Ahh… Then… That would be a real doozy." Vikki said, as she twiddled her fingers.

"You may have to make a sacrifice to get what you want, girls." Selena warned the two, as she walked off.

Vikki looked at Omelette with uncertainty in her face.

"What if it does get to that point?" Vikki asked.

Omelette could only grin, as she patted Vikki on her back.

"Don't ya worry; if you score a boy… Then, I'll make sure you two are the Finalists." Omelette reassured. "Don't ya worry; it won't be how All-Stars ended. No sir-ee!"

As with Selena, she sported a smirk unbeknownst to the girls.

"Their spirits must be broken now… That million is as good as mine." Selena muttered to herself.

With Quinn, he looked at his entire team and chuckled.

"Hehe… One of us is doomed to be medivaked outta the show." Quinn chuckled. "I just have a feeling, hehe..."

"Dude… That's kinda dark." Maxwell spoke up, approaching Quinn. "You should think of more lighter things! Like… Well, anime for starters."

"Hehe, the anime I saw? The heroes were completely doomed as the bad guys sucked out the last of their souls..." Quinn responded back.

Maxwell blinked a bit. "Err, did you see the dub? Or the sub? Usually the sub continues on in a different series after the so-called downer ending. Or the heroes fight back."

"Then you must see life in a different light than I do, heh." Quinn responded back. "How you ignore all the doom and gloom around you, I've no clue."

"Eh, I just shrug it off, to be honest." Maxwell said, shrugging. "You should kick back and relax, buddy!"

"Hehe, how should I relax?" Quinn asked. "What with murderers running all about?"

"What, in Canada? The worst we've got is some serial killer with a chainsaw and a hook. As well as Izzy, even if she did raid Area 51 and managed to take on some alien named Giygas and won. Otherwise, she's harmless. You've got nothing to worry about." Maxwell reassured. "Be lucky you aren't living in Battle Royale."

"Hehe, what's that about?" Quinn asked.

"Weeeeeellll… It makes the Hunger Games feel like a tea party." Maxwell trailed off. "I don't think… No, you aren't ready for Battle Royale. Not even I'm ready for it, and I watched Dragon Ball Z uncut! And boooooooyy, it can get brutal."

Quinn shivered. "Hehe… Guess I'm skipping that, then."

"Perhaps we should start you off with the basics." Maxwell said, as he reached into his bag and pulled out a DVD case. On the front appeared to be what appeared to be a blue cat missing its ears. "How about we begin with Doraemon?"

"Hehe… Is that a Pokemon?" Quinn asked.

"Dude, it's way before Pokemon..." Maxwell blinked back.

With Yuki, she was busy drawing one of the contestants, as Ulysses approached her.

"Hey, fellow Tough Turtle." Ulysses greeted himself in a friendly tone towards her as he noticed her drawing. "What'cha drawing?"

"Eh? I'm just drawing up a few contestants, hon." Yuki answered back, as she continued to draw. "Geez, how many scars do you even have?"

He looked at Yuki's sketch, which appeared to be of Whitney.

"Whitney's on the Squids. How are you able to draw her without even looking at her?" Ulysses asked Yuki.

Yuki gave off a smile. "Photographic memory, sweetie. I can memorize pretty much anything, or something about someone, and it stays within my mind. Like that shark who ate Whitney. Or that Wicca symbol on Kayley's hoodie."

"I see you're very perceptive..." Ulysses said.

"I guess you can call it that." Yuki responded back, as she continued to draw.

"Alright, then." Ulysses nodded, as he walked off.

"Crud. She's more smarter than I once thought. She has to go…" He said to himself. "...For my plans and ideas to come to fruition."

Chris is standing on the Dock of Shame, as he grinned towards the camera with the sun starting to set in the west.

"And there you've have it! Day one complete for our 26 campers! But what will tomorrow bring for them all? Find out next time, right here! On…"




And there we've got it! Episode 1 clear! What shall next episode bring? Well, as Chris said, stay tuned and find out!

As a refresher for the current teams…

Funky Flounders - Bob, Ethan, Jonah, Frankie, Gabriella, Kayley, Candace, Nancy

Screaming Squids - Ross, Zero, Xane, Peter, Danny, Tina, Luka, Whitney, Hannah

Tough Turtles - Alec, Isaac, Ulysses, Quinn, Maxwell , Yuki, Vikki, Omelette, Selena


We're going on some kind of treasure hunt! Madness shall be had...