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Chris is in front of the camera, as he sported off his signature grin.

"Last time, on Dictionary..."

"Our teams partaken in their first true challenge as a team! The task was to find seven of their team's MacGuffin, and boy… It was such a search! A dragon went berserk! And so did Gabriella when she forced Frankie into a bear's den, and later on, a live minefield! As for the Squids, they went on their boring journey getting trapped by boring traps, where they eventually lost rather boringly. And rather surprisingly enough, it was Zero who got the first boot. Quite fitting for his name..."

"Now, 25 contestants are left. Who shall be eliminated tonight? And who shall win tonight's rivalry between Peter and Tina? My bet's on Peter, but you'll never know what could happen, right here! On..."




Cue I Wanna Be Famous

Maggie's Lab

In a room underneath the island, several monitors turned on, as both Maggie and Dana entered a room, with Maggie holding her laptop with some of the virus which affected the dragon from earlier.

"Whoa… I feel like I just jumped right into the future..." Dana said out loud, with her arms behind her head. "If we actually did, you think my pre-order for that game is still applicable?"

Maggie only smirked back. "Check this s*** out..."

She soon pressed down on her pad, as a hologram suddenly beamed to light. It appeared to look female, and was sporting biker like clothing. She was even sporting what appeared to be a couple of tattoos on both her arms.

"Good evening." The hologram spoke out loud.

"Whoa!" Dana yelped in surprised, before she gave a closer look at the hologram. "Cool!"

She placed her hand through the hologram's body, causing the hologram to giggle.

"Man, this is so rad!" Dana said happily, as she continued to place her hand through the hologram.

"That badass girl in front of you is known as Katana 3, just the latest in holographic technology." Maggie said out loud. "And you bet that I had to make her rad as hell!"

"I can tell..." Dana noted back, as she pulled her hand back and held it in the air, seemingly holding nothing. "Flawless victory! FATALITY!"

The hologram giggled a bit, before looking over at Maggie.

"And the red-head that just pretended to rip your beating heart out, or trying to steal your wallet is Dana, my co-worker." Maggie said out loud. "She's a bit… cloudy, but she is reliable."

"So, you need an update on life on the island?" Katana 3 asked Maggie.

"No need, I already got the play-by-play from our boss. Zero got the boot, and Gabriella is still holding Frankie hostage." Maggie answered back. "Thought Zero would last longer..."

"Yeah, he was a shoe-in when Producer Gold accepted his application, what with his family life and all." Dana said out loud towards Maggie. "How'd he get voted off this fast?"

"Guess nobody likes edgelords anymore..." Maggie answered back, as she looked at Katana 3. "Anyways, you up for some analyzing a pretty… cute virus?"

"Oh, you bet I'm always ready." Katana 3 nodded back, as she faded away, and showed up on a nearby monitor, in full color.

Maggie hooked up her laptop to a PC tower, as the data was transferred over. Soon, the anime schoolgirl appeared on-screen near Katana 3.

"Make sure to study her. Keep her away from the Zavi." Maggie instructed. "Heck, give her a badass makeover if you have to."

"Got it! Once I find out some more info, you can bet I'll send it your way." Katana 3 replied back. "See ya!"

The monitor displaying both Katana 3 and the virus soon turned off, displaying the logo on Maggie's shirt.

"Sooooo, all we gotta do is wait?" Dana asked.

"Yeah. Thankfully, Katana 3 will make sure that anime chick won't try to hack herself into Project Zavi." Maggie answered back.

"Project Zavi? The heck's that?" Dana asked.

Maggie soon sported a grin. "Oh, if you thought a biker chick of a hologram was rad… Then, check the other stuff that is MAGGIE REALITY out… Hehehe..."

Maggie soon led Dana to what appeared to be a large empty room. Right dead in the center appeared to be the chassis of what appeared to be a giant mech.

"Whoa, this almost seems like something straight out of Gundam..." Dana said out loud. "Or Gigantor. Or any giant robot series. This is rad..."

Maggie could only grin. "You betchya it's rad; it's a giant robot! And this'll be one of my biggest, if not my BIGGEST project yet! After so many years, I shall make my grandma's dream come true!"

"Your grandma also liked robots?" Dana asked.

"You betchya she did. Hell, she was one of the smartest peeps I know… Next to my parents. And my twin brother." Maggie continued. "When I was around six, she illustrated a book basically for both me and my bro. When in truth, I knew it was plans for a giant robot. She must have knew that she wasn't going to be around for too much longer, being she died the following year, so she wanted me to reach great achievements and make our dreams not just a dream, but a reality. And soon… I shall get to test this bad boy out: Project Zavitron X."

Dana glanced at the nearly complete giant robot, top to bottom.

"Man, that is so wicked-cool..." Dana said out loud, looking amazed.

"Yeah, you bet it is. Course, I'm waiting until it's 100% before I test this grand-baby out. Lest it falls into the wrong hands." Maggie added. "That… Would probably be disastrous. And I don't think none of us would want that."

Soon, Dana's phone rang, as she answered it. "Hello?"

"Oh, dudette! You're missing out on some wicked duel!" Chris' voice excitedly said from the phone. "Whoa! Who knew she was skilled at Pikachu?"

"Whoa, really? Who's she playing against?" Dana asked.

"Ganondorf. Whoa, that was a wild Final Smash!" Chris said in glee. "Look, I better go. You two are free to watch if you want!"

Chris soon hung up as Maggie looked at her co-worker.

"Huh… I thought he called us." Maggie noted. "So, you ready to watch some nerds beat each other up virtually?"

"Count me in!" Dana answered back, as the two girls left the room.

The Mess Hall

Meanwhile, both Peter and Tina were in the middle of their self-imposed challenge, while Omelette and Vikki were also sitting at one of the tables, both wearing bowties, holding microphones and giving off their own commentary.

"Ganondorf may have taken over Hyrule in one of the timelines, but even he stands no chance against the most familiar of any electric rodent!" Omelette cheered on.

"Yeah, but what could Peter do now, since he's down to his last two stock?" Vikki asked out loud. "Am I saying that right?"

"Hey, even I'm unfamiliar with a few of these Smashers. Like… Who's Bayonetta? All I know is that she has a cute butt..."

Some of the campers, and even the host was even watching the match unfold, and they were rooting for either one of the campers.

"Man, this is so wicked!" Chris grinned, watching the action unfold and eating popcorn as well.

"Go get 'em, Tina!" Maxwell cheered out loud.

"Yeah, whip his butt!" Bob also cheered out loud.

"Come on, Peter! You gonna lose to that dork of all people?" Danny said, seemingly taunting Tina.

"I'm trying, but Tina's just too good with Pikachu!" Peter yelled back, as he looked back at the game. He saw that his character was knocked into the air, where there was no chance of recovering. "Wha? How'd you do that, Tina?"

"Well… First off, I..." Tina began to go into an explanation of how she was able to pull off such a combo.

Luka, still cuddling the squirrel, looked at her teammate, and smiled to herself.

"Shouldn't I be surprised? She is our gamer girl, after all." Luka said to herself, as someone tapped her on the shoulder.

"Um, Luka?" Ethan asked, as he looked up at her. Bob was also by his side.

Luka turned to face Ethan and smiled at him. "Hey, Ethan. What's up?"

"Well… Other than the ceiling tiles and the light fixtures… I wanted to ask you something." Ethan answered back, giving off a smile.

"Ah, sure; go ahead!" Luka responded back. "Tina's got this game in the bag, anyway."

"Well… How did you get such colorful highlights in your hair?" Ethan asked out loud. "Bob's wanting to impress Hannah, so I suggested colorful hair that's outside the norm."

Bob's eyes went wide as saucers.

"Ethan!" Bob gasped, before glaring at Ethan. "That's a bit too much!"

Luka couldn't help but chuckle. "I think you two would make a cute couple, Bobby." She teased back, as she poked at Bob's cheek.

"Hmmph." Bob pouted back.

"Anyways… How did you do it?" Ethan asked. "How did you do your blue highlights?"

"Well, I didn't do them, but my friend Angel did. She applied some bleach first, then after it was settled, then she applied the dye itself." Luka explained, as she kneeled down to both the boy's eye level. "Want some more pointers?"

"Nah, I'm good." Ethan answered back. "Just asking cause somehow, Frankie's hair was dyed a dark blue."

"Ahh…" Luka said, as she looked all around the Mess Hall, and noticed the absence of Frankie. "Where is he, anyway?"

Bob sighed. "Being enslaved by Gabriella… Like, there's nothing we can even do about it."

"Yeah, if we try to interfere, we may be sued to heck and back by his rich dad." Ethan pointed out. "To the point that even our kid's kids will be paying the price."

"I see…" Luka nodded back. "Should I give her a stern talking to? Cause I want a slice of her as well."

"Huh? Why you?" Bob asked.

Luka sighed. "...Her folks are planning on building factories around the Amazon, and that kinda crap can… No. Will kill off the rainforest. And if we lose the Amazon… Then it's curtains for all of us."

"Really?" Ethan asked. "Well, I could use some light blocking ones for my hub."

Bob turned towards Ethan.

"Dude, if that happens, we'll be dead. No worrying about the curtains, cause we'll be cooked! Fried! Burned alive!" Bob replied back.

Ethan was shocked at the realization. "Dang! I don't wanna be cooked alive! Besides, I agreed to be Fern's best man for her wedding in the far off future!"

"Exactly. And I want all of us to live a healthy future." Luka agreed.

"Squeak!" The squirrel in Luka's arms agreed back.

"Also, how's your furry buddy?" Bob asked, looking back at Luka.

Luka smiled as she looked down at the squirrel snuggled in her arms.

"He'll be alright, it was just a small konk on the noggin. But I'll let him sleep inside my cabin tonight, then in the morn, I'll release him back into the wild." Luka answered back.

"Hm, sounds awesome." Bob nodded back, as he looked at the squirrel. "See ya… Sometime. Try not to have any books fall on you again!"

"Squeak!" The squirrel squeaked back towards Bob.

"And Pikachu knocks out Ridley with the Star KO, and that spells curtains for Peter!" Omelette announced out loud.

"Huh… Looks like Tina just won." Luka said, as Luka, the squirrel, Bob, and Ethan watched the gaming match conclude.

With Peter, he was stunned at his loss.

"Like… How? I thought I would have totally nailed it with Ridley!" Peter grumbled. "He seemed so menacing, and he seemed to have a pretty high kill count from his looks alone, so I thought he would be super strong..."

"Yeah, but when it comes to those who are able to attack airborne enemies from the ground… He's terrible at countering against them." Tina said, looking over at Peter, as she extended her arm out towards him. "Still, good game."

"Yeah, whatever..." Peter pouted back, as he shaked her hand. "So, what is it that you want me to do? Wash your socks, despite that you don't wear any?"

"Naaaaaaahhhh… I got something far more suitable." Tina replied back, with a smile.

She soon reached into her nearby bag, and pulled out what appeared to be a Nintendo Switch, along with a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

"Here's one of my backups, along with all the hook-ups, along with a game which would be perfect for you. Perhaps give my preferred console a try?" Tina suggested, handing over the Switch.

Peter took a look at the Switch, and soon received it, along with the game, from Tina, as he pocketed it. "Ugh, fine… Not like I may enjoy it..."

He walked away, as Maxwell approached her.

"Hey, Tina. Cool victory! Way to show that even after all those nerfs, Pichu is still awesome to play as!" Maxwell complimented back.

"Thanks, Maxwell!" Tina replied to Maxwell, sporting a smile.

"Still… How'd you score another Switch? Aren't those things expensive as heck?" Maxwell asked out loud.

Tina gently smiled back. "I worked part-time at a gaming store, and bought an additional Switch as a back-up, along with a back-up copy of New Horizons. Score one for employee discounts! But I could see that Peter may want to see gaming outside of blasting the head off of some zombie. Or some alien. Or some zombie-alien."

"But why Animal Crossing? Like, he'll probably get bored with it pretty quick." Maxwell stated.

Tina continued to smile. "Oh, it brings out the best of us..."

Soon, both Dana and Maggie ran into the Mess Hall.

"What we miss?" Dana asked.

"Oh, only one of the most epic duels EVER!" Nancy answered back, sporting a grin.

Dana frowned.

"Dang it." Dana muttered, as she kicked an empty can, while Maggie put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Confessional: Heck, have you seen how they reacted to stairs in New Horizons?

Tina: Sure, it may not be the action game that Peter adores so much, but hey… It was the only extra game I had on hand.

Peter: (He is playing on the Switch) Okay, I placed the tents down, and collected the fruits and some sticks for that raccoon. Now… Time to name this isle. (Grins) I know just what to name my isle! Bloodgore! (Tries to enter it.) What, denied?! Auugghh, pesky soccer moms and their pesky... Christian language!

The Next Day…

It was early in the morning. So early, that the light of the sun was cracking over the east. Luka, having awakened, slowly got out of her bunk. She looked at the box at the foot of her bed and smiled.

"Morning, squrrel-bud. Ready to head back into the wild?" Luka asked, as she approached the box…

...Only to find it empty, and devoid of any squirrel. Luka raised an eyebrow.

"...Where's squirrel-bud?" Luka asked, as she noticed that the window was open a crack. "Strange… None of us opened any windows last night… Unless it was after we went to bed..."

She soon exited the cabin, to see Dana, in her pajamas, standing there.

"Um… Luka?" Dana asked.

"Morning, Dana." Luka greeted back. "Hey… Have you seen a grey squirrel? About this length, with a bandage on his head?"

Dana chuckled a bit. "I was on my way to ask you about that."

"Umm… What happened?" Luka asked.

"Follow me..." Dana nodded, as she motioned for Luka to follow her.

Dana led her to the Mess Hall, as she opened the doors, and the smell of eggs and steak wafted through the air.

"Umm, Dana? I'm a vegetarian..." Luka admitted. "Well, kinda? Hard to explain."

"That ain't it..." Dana replied back, giving off a smirk as the two viewed Maggie, with two empty plates nearby.

"More steak omelettes, squirrel buddy!" Maggie requested, as a grey squirrel lept onto the counter, and saluted.

"Wait… Huh?" Luka asked out loud, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, he's been cooking breakfast since I woke up." Dana answered back. "Don't know how'd he gained tons of culinary skills..."

Luka got closer to the counter.

"Squirrel-Bud?" Luka asked, as the squirrel looked at Luka, grinning.

"SQUEAK!" The squirrel squeaked in delight.

"How'd you learn how to cook?" Luka asked, as she looked all around the kitchen.

"Yeah, how'd you cook up these badass omelettes?" Maggie also asked out loud.

The squirrel started to chirp in its own tongue, as Luka nodded at his responses. Finally, she looked at the two interns.

"Turns out after that cook book landed on his head, he suddenly gained tons of skills on culinary right out of the blue." Luka explained. "And the only thing he wanted to do after I treated him back to health was to cook."

Both Dana and Maggie looked over at Luka.

"...And you got that from squirrel chirps?" Maggie asked, as Luka nodded. "Dude! I outta ask you to help out with my squirrel translator..."

"You're actually working on something like that?" Luka asked back, feeling quite puzzled.

"Hehehe… The mind and wonder of Maggie Reality has always wowed everyone ever since I was three years old." Maggie responded back, sporting a wide grin. "It was a wonder as to why they didn't kick me out of daycare back then with my wondrous and wild creations."

Dana blinked as she stared at her co-worker. "What did you even do?"

Maggie only shrugged back. "Well… When you mess with my twin bro, then you gotta deal with me. Nobody, under any circumstances, teases their sibling except for me."

"Wait… Twin bro?" Luka asked out loud. "I didn't think you even had a twin."

"You bet I do!" Maggie grinned back. "Alvin Reality, perhaps one of the smartest people I know. The two of us graduated from school recently, with me being one of the most wicked Valedicorians the school ever had. Like… Name one other Val who had purple locks. Come on, take a guess! Anyways, after graduation, we were both given scholarships to Uni, and while I denied the offer, he accepted right away. I shall join him eventually, to fill my noggin with more knowledge, wow the profs, and possibly be cited for knocking out the dorm room's electricity at 3am trying to power up something using a gold brick, but first off, I rather fight it out in the ring with my bots, and… Well, this arm ain't filled with enough ink yet; I need more. More, I say! MWAHAHA!"

"And your bro? Does he..." Luka began to ask.

"Appearance wise, he's still a dweeb. But hey, I wouldn't have it any other way." Maggie answered back.

"Is he single?" Dana asked, feeling a bit hopeful.

Maggie shook her head. "Naaaaahhh, he hooked up with some goth chick that's into aliens. And who may possibly be an alien as well."

Dana sighed. "Awww… Ah, well."

"Anyways, I should head back to my cabin. Campers will wake up at any moment, and… Yeah. Later, Squirrel-Boy!" Luka said, as she made her leave.

The squirrel chirped back, as Dana looked over at Maggie.

"Are you sure about that, dude?" Dana asked. "Like, should we ask Ross to scan her?"

"I only assumed she was an alien cause she has telekinetic powers." Maggie answered back. "And what normal human being would have powers like her, anyway?"

Tough Turtles, Boy's Side

An hour passed by, as the sun has risen, obscured by the clouds covering much of the entire sky. Quinn was looking outside one of the cabin windows, as he observed the sky.

"Hehe… I feel it's gonna rain today..." Quinn chuckled. "We could catch pneumonia if a challenge is outside and we get soaked, hehe..."

"Um, I think that's an old wive's tale?" Maxwell pointed out, not turning away from the TV.

"That's what William Henry Harrison said before he done his inauguration speech back in the year 1841… He died not long after, hehe..." Quinn chuckled back.

"Quinn… He was old. Like, ancient. And even then, it was the pioneer times. Our head colds of today equaled to that of the flu." Ulysses said out loud. "Heck, even getting a paper cut spelt doom for you, thanks to infection."

"Hehe… That's real reassuring..." Quinn chuckled in fear. "Glad we are past those times, hehe..."

"Yeah, totally." Maxwell agreed, as he kicked back and went back to watching his TV show.

Quinn couldn't help but notice what was on TV. On-screen appeared to be a girl with dark blue hair, being given a pep-talk by a floating, talking cupcake. Once it was done, she stood up as she began to glow.

"Hehe, this one of your magical girl shows?" Quinn asked, as he sat next to Maxwell.

"You betchya! This is Cutie Confections Crew, and I'm watching episode 4, the one where Cutie Cupcake joins the squad." Maxwell answered back. "Yeah, it's kinda a not-so written rule which the main of a magical girl anime has to solo the first few foes, before she gets an additional member."

Quinn looked at the TV, all while the transformation was going on.

"Hehe… That has to be surprising, having your entire wardrobe change in an instant." Quinn said out loud.

"Yeah, totally. Cutie Cupcake, IE Misakiya is fan favorite, thanks to her sweet personality, and… Well..." Maxwell responded back, as the two looked back on screen.

Cutie Cupcake's transformation was finished, as she was now in a wardrobe that looked like it was lifted from a fairy tale, with her shoulder blades being a baby blue, and much of her chest being a baby pink. She was even donning a white skirt, pink socks, and blue dress shoes. She even had pink gloves, and light blue pearl earrings as well.

"I guess you can tell from her wardrobe alone why she's a fan fave, heh." Maxwell chuckled back.

"I see… Hehe..." Quinn chuckled back. "My older sis is kinda the same thing. Only without the magical powers, hehe..."

"I see." Maxwell nodded, before smiling back. "I give her my blessings, man."

"Hehe, I would let her know, but being that the cameras are on us..." Quinn said out loud. "You already did so, hehe."

Maxwell looked up at a corner of the cabin and noticed a camera, which seemed to be watching them.

"Ahh, reality TV show. Forgot." Maxwell said, blushing in embarrassment.

As Quinn and Maxwell were chatting, Ulysses was busy listening to the two talking to each other. Soon, a smirk grew on his face.

Confessional: Whatta think this is, Maxwell? Your normal summer camp?

Ulysses: And just like that, I got blackmail for Quinn… Is it a dirty strat? Perhaps. But I will do anything to win. Then the entire world shall learn that my creations are NOT idiotic.

Maxwell: I kinda hope nobody caught me sleep-singing overnight…

Quinn: Hehe… Maxwell sings a really great version of Don't Stop Me Now…

Alec, Isaac, and Nerdi's Boathouse Lab

Isaac was currently snoozing away on his cot, all while Alec was at his lab table. Nerdi was nearby as well, watching the scientist.

"MWAHAHAHAHA!" Alec laughed uproariously. "There is nothing that I love better in the early morning than CRACKIN' A FORMULA!"

"Ooh! Whatcha trying to crack, meow?" Nerdi asked out loud.

"Oh, this and that." Alec answered back. "Since our favorite Test Subject is sawin' logs at the moment, it gives me time to think up some new potions."

He soon looked at Nerdi.

"Anyways, I meant to ask you. How are you even operational? Like, even I never seen any plushies that gone to life."

Nerdi smiled, as she shuffled her glasses.

"Ahh, so you're interested in my origin story, meow? Well, for starters… Have you ever seen that animesque cartoon 'Plushie Fighters' by any chance, meow?" Nerdi asked. "Anyways, yours truly was an OC made by my-"

"Umm… The heck's 'Plushie Fighters'?" Alec questioned back.

Nerdi soon sported a grin. "Ooooooohhh, just one of the coolest and purrfect cartoons ever to be released, meow!" She exclaimed. "Like, there's this young boy named Tommy Wright, who desperately wants a Plushie Fighter to call his own. And prior to the series, he does manage to save enough funds to afford one! ...Of the E Tier series, being that the higher tiers? They cost as much as a new game console, meow. Anyways, in desperation, he ends up buying a Kokiki model, which are not meant for combat; they are more meant for support, and quite popular with young to college aged girls, and senior citizens due to their kind and comforting nature. However… That particular Kokiki, who he names Velvet, meow? She caught an incurable glitch and… Well, she's a bit of a smartass who just loves to get her hands dirty. Tommy, who's a huge fan of Plushie Fighters, is determined to show the world that any Plushie Fighter is capable of fighting and winning, even non-violent models like Kokikis, meow."

Alec could only blink. "Uhhhhh… Run that by me again?"

"TLDR; a boy buys a toy meant for a girl, and that girl's toy loves to fight, meow." Nerdi answered back. "It's just purrfect!"

Alec shook his head. "Forget I said anything..."

He soon looked over at Isaac, who was still snoozing away.

"Anyways, when's the Test Subject gonna wake?" Alec asked. "We've got a bundle of SCIENCE to test out!"

"Ah, him? He's not an early bird, meow." Nerdi answered back. "As far as I knew him, he would stay up late nights..."

"Wonder what he's dreaming about..." Alec pondered, as he stroked his chin.

"Eh, probably about girls, meow." Nerdi shrugged back.

The two looked was looking over at the sleeping Isaac, who was muttering something in his sleep…

Isaac's Dream

Currently, a 12 year old Isaac was in class, with his backpack laying nearby him. Inside appeared to be a plush doll sticking out, looking almost professionally made. And currently, Isaac was drawing up some art on a paper.

"Hmmm… Should I make it a bit chubby?" Isaac asked to himself. "It would make it more huggable..."

He stroked his chin in thought.

"She's gonna love it either way..."

"Class?" The teacher interrupted, snapping the entire class to attention, including Isaac. "Before we begin today's lesson, we have a new student joining us. Come in and introduce yourself, dear!"

Isaac paid attention, as the door opened, and a girl his age entered the classroom.

She had long, black flowing hair going down her back, and she was wearing a blue t-shirt with a logo saying 'Plushie Fighters' along with a pink haired plushie whose hair is in pigtails on the front of the shirt, a jean skirt, long socks, and sneakers.

"Weeeeellll… I'm Betty Kluttelle, and I'm kinda new in town." Betty introduced herself, as she brushed her hair back. "My dad moved to this town to seek a new opportunity, and… Well, here I am, right here, talking to you all! I enjoy baseball… And Plushie Fighters… And that's it, really."

"That's nice, Betty." The teacher nodded back. "Now… Why not sit next to… Hmm…"

The teacher scanned the desks in her class, and noticed an empty seat near Isaac.

"...How about Isaac? He's the one in the bright green shirt with his homework sticking outside his bag." The teacher suggested.

Betty nodded back, as she went over to her assigned desk and sat in it, as Isaac was now back to sketching up his plan for a plushie. But Betty couldn't help but take a peek over at Isaac's sketch.

"Sooooo… Whatcha drawing?" Betty asked Isaac.

Isaac looked over at Betty, and smiled.

"Oh, just a concept I have in mind." Isaac answered back. "Basically, just a chubby plushie whom anyone can hug."

"Ahhhh, alright." Betty understood. "Wait, a plushie? Like, stuffed animals and dolls and all that stuff?"

"The very same." Isaac answered back, smiling towards Betty. "Why do you think I got my homework sticking outta my bag for Home Ec? The teacher only said I had to craft something out of cloth. I… decided to go beyond the call of duty."

Betty looked at the doll sticking out of Isaac's bag, and smiled.

"I am sure you're getting an A." Betty said gently.

"Oh, I hope so..." Isaac chuckled. "I stayed up 'till near 2am crafting that."

"Anyways..." Betty said, as she extended her arm. "You already know I'm Betty."

Isaac extended his arm. "And I'm Isaac."

The two new friends shared a handshake, but little did they know…


Isaac soon slowly opened his eyes to see both Alec and Nerdi standing there, staring at Isaac.

"Umm… Morning, guys." Isaac said to both his two roommates. "Did I drool too much last night?"

"Well, not more than usual, meow." Nerdi shrugged back.

"Nerdi..." Isaac grumbled.

"Ahhhh, the Test Subject awakens from his dreams!" Alec shouted out loud, grinning. "So, what were you dreamin' about which had you drooling from the mouth?"

Isaac blushed. "Well… Girls. Doesn't any boy our age dream about girls?"

"Well… That's true..." Alec muttered back.

Confessional: Ya, it is true…

Isaac: I can only talk to Betty in my dreams now… (He sighs) Terminal illnesses can be such a bitch…

Alec: My ideal woman? She will have blonde hair! Glasses! Possibly boobs, but doesn't any girl? And a perky personality!

Nerdi: Dude, I know all about Plushie Fighters more than anybody, meow. Heck, had to do something while she was sleeping.

Tough Turtles, Girl's Side – Omelette, Selena, Vikki, Yuki

Meanwhile, the girls were in their cabin, ready for the day. Selena looked outside the cabin window, and frowned at the sky.

"Man, it feels like rain..." Selena grumbled. "My poor do's gonna dry out..."

"Eh, I don't mind; I love the rain, hon!" Yuki said, as she was busy painting a second design on her other cheek.

"Wait, why? Why would you wanna enjoy clouds just squirting out droplets of water?" Selena asked, curiosity hitting her.

"Wellllll… It's comforting, it helps me sleep at night..." Yuki listed off. "And I done a piece using water colors and rainwater that I collected one time. It just felt even more natural, hon."

Selena looked at Yuki and couldn't help but sport a smirk.

"Annnnnnddd you do know that if it rains, your face paint's gonna be ruined..." Selena pointed out, looking at the design that Yuki was painting on her face.

Yuki only smiled back. "Oh, don't count on the rains possibly doing that~! You see, my kinda brand of face paint? It only comes off if you scrub on it with water real hard."

"I see..." Selena nodded. "And how about our resident clown girl?"

"Umm..." Yuki thought to herself, as she looked over at Vikki, who was already done applying her clown get-up for the day. "Hey, Vikki!"

Vikki strutted on over to where the two were. "Yeah?"

"You use the same brand of face paint as I do?" Yuki asked, as she held up a jar of her paint.

Vikki nodded back with a smile. "Ahhh, indeed I do. Gotta have the best paint for anything, really! Cause nobody likes a melted clown, even those who aren't scared of them..."

Selena could only blink in response. "Uhhh… Okay?"

"And done, hon!" Yuki announced, as everyone looked over at her.

She had an apple painted on the left side of her face, and a lightbulb painted on the right side of her face.

"Ahh, nice choices, Yuki!" Omelette complimented towards her.

"Thanks!" Yuki responded back. "Now… Time to think of a word to paint on my belly..."

"You do that." Omelette nodded, as she looked over at Vikki. "Anyways, you think we should hit up the Mess Hall? I took a bit of a sniff, and I could smell omelettes. Like, actual omelettes."

"Yeah, like someone would actually eat you up." Selena smirked, as Omelette chuckled.

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea." Vikki agreed, as she took off for the Mess Hall, leaving the cabin.

Omelette couldn't help but wait for a few seconds, as she stared at Vikki's butt, before she snapped back to attention and left the Mess Hall as well.

It was just Selena and Yuki in the cabin now.

"Now with those two outta the cabin, perhaps I can offer up a deal with you." Selena said, as she looked at the kid. "How about we form an Alliance? Together, we can make it to the finals, and we can prove that us girls? We are made of some truly tough stuff!"

Yuki looked at Selena as she stood up from her bunk. "You think so? I mean, it seems a bit too early… Only one camper got booted off, and that was on the Squids, sweetie."

" was a Squid that got the boot, not one of us." Selena responded back. "Listen… You stick by my side, and I can assure you that we shall reach the finale… Together."

Selena soon extended her hand, as Yuki looked at it, looking a bit uneasy.

"Well… Okay, then..." Yuki said, as she accepted Selena's offer.

"Excellent." Selena grinned. "Welcome to the Alliance, Yuki! Now… What should we call it? You're the creative one, you figure it out..."

Confessional: I guess my name of Breadsticks is out, huh?

Yuki: I had to; like, she gave me an offer I couldn't refuse, hon. I just hope this won't turn too sour like a few alliances did. Like, look what happened to Heather's alliance back in Season 1. Real heavy stuff, sweetie. Now to think up some name for it. Something that says kindness, cause I know Selena isn't the type who would do harm.

Selena: (She is giving off a devious smirk.) And she bought it… Hook, line, and sinker.

Screaming Squids, Boy's Side – Danny, Peter, Ross, Xane

Inside their cabin, Danny, Ross, and Xane were currently staring at Peter, who was playing on the Switch that Tina gave him last night.

"Umm… Is our shooter buddy alright?" Xane asked out loud.

"Yeah, I wanted to sleep and beat people up in my dreams! But nope!" Danny said, grumbling.

"Like… Are we sure some alien didn't just outright swap bodies with Peter?" Ross asked out loud. "And it's a reason why someone who is into FPS games is into a cute game all of a sudden."

"I should see what he's really up to..." Xane said, as he crept towards Peter, and looked at the screen.

Peter, noticing Xane, looked up at him. "...Yeah, my island's full of bug cages and fish tanks. So what? That raccoon wouldn't accept more of them, sooooo… I'm saving them for his friend. That'll teach 'em."

Xane looked back at the boys, and grinned. "Well, this is normal, hooooooo..."

"Ugh, what's the appeal of that cute kid's game, anyway?" Danny spoke out loud. "All you do is friendship stuff, and possibly kiss them at the end!"

"Ummm, about that?" Ross asked, as he picked up the game case, and pointed at the letter E at the corner of the case. "I don't think there's any hanky-spanky stuff in there."

"Plus, it's a really calming game, hoooo..." Xane pointed out loud. "Keeps your mind away from other pressing matters..."

As he said that, a leaf from the nearby tree soon lost another leaf, floating to the ground near the window.

"Let's not forget that dweeb Tina? She decorated her island so wonderfully, that I'm jealous! I shall make my island better than hers! I can't go down to the likes of some pink-haired Japanese-blooded girl who got buddy-buddy with me one time!" Peter declared. "Even if she did offer me some other fruits… And some long lasting tools… And a fountain..."

Ross lifted up his alien scanner, and pointed it at Peter. One ding later, he pocketed his scanner.

"Yep, he's normal." Ross concluded.

"So, what shall be our plan for today? We're out one Zero, so we've gotta work harder to beat all those other nerds out there." Danny pointed out.

"Hoooo, I say we wait and see what the challenge is, before we decide on that..." Xane answered back, as he was giving his tulip a little water.

"Yeah; we may be down a player, but we can still fight back!" Ross agreed. "This is just a minor setback, that's all!"

"Dammit! Another Black Bass!" Peter cursed out loud. "Where's the frickin' piranhas? The Golden Trouts? Anything that's not something lifted out of some outdoorsman's magazine?!"

The three other boys looked at each other.

"Breakfast?" Ross offered.

"You bet." Xane answered back.

Confessional: Can I be part of that complete breakfast, too?

Ross: I… don't think we'll ever understand Peter… Unless you were some gamer nut or something…

Peter: Alright, perhaps I maaaaaaaayyyy had caught more scorpions than they suggested. But hey, at least I'm making tons of bank, now.

Screaming Squids, Girl's Side – Hannah, Luka, Tina, Whitney

Over at the girl's side, Luka was talking to Tina and Hannah, while Whitney was looking out the window.

"Gals, you will never believe what I saw earlier: A squirrel cooking breakfast!" Luka exclaimed to her two teammates.

"I see them all the time." Tina responded back. "I think you would really enjoy Animal Crossing."

"Not from your game, Tina; I meant, IRL!" Luka stated.

"So, no wonder your squirrel went AWOL..." Hannah said out loud.

With Whitney, she grinned as she looked at her fellow campers.

"Whoa, cool! Today's bound to be really stormy, from what I feel!" Whitney exclaimed, grinning. "I can call it now; bolts of lightning crashing down upon this island's surface! A hailstorm which could paint the surface white! Strong winds which can bring down a few tree limbs and branches!"

Luka raised an eyebrow. "And that's a good thing?"

"Hey, what's life without a little chaos?" Whitney shrugged. "Too much chaos? Bad. Worldwide chaos? Really bad. And Universal chaos? Don't get me started on that front. Chaos should come in very small amounts. And shouldn't end with dead bodies on the floor."

"Yeah, and at least with that little bit of chaos, you can actually fight back!" Hannah agreed.

Tina couldn't help but chuckle. "That's true."

"And don't worry about me; I already got electrocuted one time! When I was around six. And when I stuck my finger in some electrical prongs while trying to plugging in a radio." Whitney shrugged. "Did you know I looked great in overalls?"

"You probably wouldn't see me in overalls." Hannah said. "Like, name one goth who actually wears overalls. Just guess!"

"Anyways, I'm just hoping that today's challenge isn't another scavenger hunt. Like, those tend to get boring after a while." Luka spoke up.

"I don't think Chris would be that predictable." Tina responded back. "I'm calling for a Minesweeper challenge."

Almost instantly, Tina was met with a ton of glares from her fellow roommates, with Luka tossing a plushie at Tina, which she dodged.

"Have you gone insane, Tina? Nobody wants that kinda chaos!" Whitney scolded back.

"Yeah! Like… It could take weeks, if not months for us to get done with that challenge!" Luka added.

Hannah looked at Luka. "Um, why did you throw my Mr. Skull-For-A-Head at Tina?"

Tina could only blink in response. "Wow… That bad, huh?"

"I may be calling for something involving animals. If that's the case… Victory!" Luka said out loud.

"That, I can agree with!" Hannah nodded back.

"I bet it'll involve something with bears, or penguins..." Luka continued, grinning. "And this is coming from someone who has a dolphin and a sea turtle on their backside… This'll be a blast!"

Confessional: But not a Blast from the Past?

Hannah: Now that I think about it… If Luka is all about saving land based animals, why does she sport that awesome dolphin and sea turtle on her back? ...And can I get a sea turtle on my backside when I'm older?

Luka: As for those two ink choices? I helped hatch some sea turtles when I was young and living in Africa with my fam one time, and another time, I was out in the ocean again with my fam, and I saw a dolphin jumping out at the sunset. I enjoyed those times so much, I wanted to keep them forever on my skin. As for the iguana on my leg? (She grins.) That's a tale for another time.

Funky Flounders, Boy's Side – Bob, Ethan, Frankie, Jonah

Jonah was currently holding his camera to his face, with a wide grin. In the background appeared to be Bob and Ethan, who were both looking over at the YouTube star.

"Yooooooo, what is up my BITCHES?! Your main boi Jonah here, ready to start Day 3 of his Total Drama journey!" Jonah announced, as he brushed his hair aside, as the winds whispered his name…


"But first off, how about we get to know some of my fans, hm?" Jonah questioned, as he pointed the camera at both Bob and Ethan. "Whatta gotta say to your millions of viewers, hm?"

Ethan looked at the camera. "Umm… Gooby-Snookey?"

Bob blinked. "I think we're getting on YouTube on the wrong channel, for the absolute wrong reasons..."

Jonah blinked back. "I think I'll edit that last bit out."

Bob said nothing, as he pointed at one of the cameras in the cabin.

"Dammit!" Jonah cursed out loud.

Ethan looked over at Bob. "Hey, if you want to get on YouTube as a cameo, I can always ask my friend Fern. She runs a blog, and even I became a part of it at some point."

"What is it about?" Bob asked.

"And is she single?" Jonah also asked, grinning.

"Well… It's of various subjects. You know, puppy chaos… Body piercings… Dying her mohawk a funky new color… Old 90's boardgames..." Ethan listed off.

"But… Is she single?" Jonah reminded.

"She's already taken." Ethan answered back, grinning.

Jonah grumbled, as he walked away from the two boys.

"Dude, way to let him down." Bob said towards Ethan.

"Hey, like I'm gonna let some novice YouTuber get close to the coolest girl I know?" Ethan responded back. "Especially someone who got banned from Antarctica of all places."

Soon, the door swung open, revealing Gabriella at the other end. Frankie shot up from his bunk and stood there in fear.

"Servant! Front and center!" Gabriella demanded.

Frankie did as told, standing there in fear.

"Good. Now, I've got a list of stuff you need to do for me. And I expect everything done by tonight." Gabriella said, as she presented Frankie a long roll of paper, which extended beyond the front door…

Frankie held up his puppet while holding onto the list. "Are you insane?! Nobody on this earth can get all of these demands done in one day, especially if half of it was done doing a challenge on a reality TV show!"

Ethan also looked at the list. "Also… Isn't the Canadian Alligator considered a protective species? Won't you get in a lot of trouble for killing it and skinning its hide?"

Bob looked at the list, and the horrified expression on Frankie's face, as his eyes narrowed. Finally, he gave a glare at Gabriella.

"Have you gone insane, Gabriella?! Just cause you're rich doesn't give you an excuse to push people around!" Bob yelled, pointing at Gabriella.

"And you DO know that I can buy your family out..." Gabriella responded back, not flinching in the process.

"Well… Joke's on you! I've got no family!" Bob responded back. "At least… Not technically."

Gabriella started to step back, as she yanked at Frankie's arm, dragging him outside the cabin. Gabriella soon slammed the door to the cabin, causing a bit of dust to fall off the walls.

"Dang… I didn't know that..." Ethan said, looking over at Bob. "I'm sorry."

"Yeah, same here..." Jonah said, silenced at the realization. "Like, harsh."

"Eh, it's cool." Bob responded back, giving off a shrug. "I know one of the most coolest peeps now, and that's all that matters."

"So, whatta we do now? Gabriella has Frankie, and you at least try to free him." Ethan said out loud. "Nice effort, though."

"Don't worry… I'll think of something." Bob nodded back.

Confessional: What is his plan, anyway?

Bob: Hmm… Should I? Nope, she already thought of that by now… Dang it!

The Girl's Tent – Candace, Kayley, Nancy

Currently, Kayley and Nancy were in their tent, sitting and chatting.

"Well… It's safe to say that we learned a lesson last night." Nancy said out loud.

"Yeah, never play a cursed Jumanji game board." Kayley agreed. "How is Candace doing after last night, by the way?"


Both Kayley and Nancy looked at each other and nodded in agreement as they left their tent to see Candace, chanting and marching around a freshly made cake, topped with pink frosting, all while wielding a giant spear. Since it was light out, they could see more of her jungle garb.

It consisted of a giant red flower in her hair, a coconut bra tied together with jungle vines, and a leopard-spotted skirt. She had vine bracelets along her wrists and ankles, and war paint going from the feet up to her face. She was still wearing her glasses.

"I don't believe it..." Nancy said out loud, wide-eyed.

"Yeah, tell me about it." Kayley responded back.

"Where the hell did she get a giant spear at?" Nancy asked.

Kayley looked over at Nancy, alarmed and confused. "There's a giant cake out in the open, and you take notice of the spear, instead?"

"It wasn't a chocolate cake..." Nancy muttered back, as Candace approached the two girls.

"You two! Do you have an offering for the Cartoon Queen?!" Candace yelled at the two girls, pointing her spear at the two.

Nancy and Candace backed up a bit in fear.

"Umm..." Kayley said, reaching into a pants pocket, and pulling out a reddish gem. "Here, it's a Gem named Rhodonite! She got in some battle, and got poofed in the process. I'm sure she'll be unpoofed at some point."

"And I know this one artist who can draw one of the frogs from that show you talked about at dinner last night; Amphibia! Sure, it may hurt for a bit and it'll be stuck to your body forever, but it's the best we got at such short notice!" Nancy added.

Candace gave off a glare towards the two.

"Those do not appease the Cartoon Queen! Besides, I already got markings on myself anyway!" Candace responded back.

Kayley pocketed her stone. "Well, so much for promoting self-esteem with that."

"How do you do that with such a colorful rock, anyway?" Nancy asked.

"What else do you got?" Candace questioned back, pointing her spear at the two again.

"Umm… Cereal? Do you want some cereal?" Nancy offered, pointing towards the Mess Hall. "You know, the go-to breakfast treat for some kid who grew up in the 80's and 90's when watching Saturday morning cartoons?"

Candace lowered her spear softly. "You got a deal… The Cartoon Queen thanks you."

She soon took off for the Mess Hall, as both Kayley and Nancy looked at each other.

"Dude, the hell that jungle did to her?" Kayley asked.

"I dunno, to be honest..." Nancy answered back. "But at least we've got a beast of a contestant for today's challenge?"

"Eh, I prefer the beauty, myself." Kayley shrugged back. "Come on, let's go get some chow."

Confessional: I would reference a song, but we be royally sued… Stupid copyrights~!

Kayley: Well, that's a way to wake up in the morn; being spooked by one of our very own wearing jungle garb and attempting to sacrifice us to a volcano god… Wait, that last bit didn't happen.

Nancy: You know, I'm quite digging this new Candace. She's got a lot more edge… And she could be useful in today's challenge.

Mess Hall

Soon, the Mess Hall started to fill up with the campers, ready to grab a bite to eat.

Maxwell was eating some breakfast, as Nerdi approached him.

"Morning, Maxwell!" Nerdi greeted out loud. "Saaaaayyy… You're the anime nerd around here, meow."

Maxwell smirked at the cat. "Why, indeed I am! Why you ask?"

"Well, do you know a show called 'Plushie Fighters'?" Nerdi asked out loud.

Maxwell grinned. "Ah, dude! I love that show! Even if it was made in America."

Tina, who was walking by, also sported a smile before looking at the two. "Wait, you talking about 'Plushie Fighters'? Dude, see the episode where Velvet managed to take on some mob boss' gorilla of a Plushie Fighter in order to protect the gym teacher's daughter from being falsely accused of a crime she never even committed?"

"Ah, no way! That was one of my favorite episodes!" Maxwell grinned towards Tina. "Ooh, how about the one where both Tommy and Velvet, as thus Beth and Skippy tag teamed against a pair of bullies and their Plushie Fighters?"

"And how about episode one, when Velvet won her first battle when she body-slammed against Dollar Dragonight?" Both Maxwell and Tina cheered together.

"Dude, I didn't know you were a Plushie Fighters fan!" Maxwell said towards Tina.

"I got into it when I was… Well, babysitting some kids and they were also fans as well." Tina replied back, smiling. "My favorite Fighter is Skippy, the kid who is dressed in a squirrel onesie!"

Nerdi gave off a smile. "Guess you two are fans, huh?"

Tina smirked back at the cat. "You betchya."

With Frankie, he was busy dashing towards Gabriella's table, with a whole plate full of food. He laid it down, as Gabriella gave him a death glare.

"About time, you useless, slow servant." Gabriella sneered, as she started to eat her breakfast. "Whatta still standing around here for? Go away. Seriously, you're as useless as a squirrel..."

Frankie slowly walked back to his team's table, as he slumped onto a chair, staring down at the floor in shame…

His other teammates looked at Frankie in concern.

"Man, Gabriella really boils my soup…" Nancy grumbled, as she bit into her eggs in anger.

"Yeah, like… I encountered many an entitled woman at my place of work, but nobody to the level of Gabriella..." Kayley agreed.

"Shall the Cartoon Queen offer her up as a sacrifice?!" Candace grinned towards the girls, pointing a spoon at her teammates. "I do know a couple of lab rats that could suffice in such a situation such as this..."

Kayley breathed a huge sigh of relief. "Even in that jungle garb, Candace is still Candace..."

Bob looked at both Nancy and Kayley. "What the heck even happened last night?"

"Candace decided to play a game of Jumanji and got Thanos-Snapped into the game for 10 minutes." Nancy answered back. "And she kinda came out looking like that. Still don't know how she got that spear..."

"Still, the Cartoon Queen needs some subjects!" Candace demanded with a wide grin, looking at her teammates before she stopped at Ethan. "You! You remind me of a good friend at home! Why don't you be one of my tribe-mates? Together, we can dominate this world with animation!"

Ethan beamed at Candace's offer. "You mean I can carry around a spear? And have war paint on? And watch cartoons?"

"Yeah, all three of the above and so much more!" Candace answered back, with a grin on her face.

"Nice, I'm in!" Ethan responded back.

Soon, the two left the Mess Hall, as Kayley chuckled to herself.

"See ya later, goofball!" Kayley said out loud, as she looked over at Frankie, who was looking down in the dumps. "Anyways, why are you even listening to that redhead?"

"Yeah, like, she's not that powerful!" Bob agreed. "Like, even though she has a sum of about 900 Billion dollars to her name doesn't mean that she is capable of pushing you around."

Frankie held up his sock puppet.

"What if she hires Danny to beat Frankie more black and blue?" The sock asked out loud.

Nancy smirked. "Leave that to me; he harms a single blue hair on Frankie's body, then-"

"SERVANT! FRONT AND CENTER!" Gabriella yelled from her table towards Frankie.

Frankie tensely stood up, and walked over to Gabriella's table, where she was looking at him with an angry look.

"What the hell is this crap? This ostrich omelette is all runny!" Gabriella sneered towards Frankie. "Go have that stupid squirrel cook up another one. Now. Or I WILL SSSSCCRREEAAMM!"

Frankie hurriedly dashed over to the kitchen counter in fear, as not too far, Bob only gave off a glare at Gabriella.

Confessional: Did she… Just…

Frankie: ...Help… (He suddenly holds up his sock) Whatta expect someone who's only been cooking for 8 hours? Someone to cook Gabri-bitch a Thanksgiving meal? (He suddenly realizes something was a bit… off.) ...Wait. What squirrel?

Bob: (He is giving the camera a displeased look.) Man, I never thought I be targeting someone this soon! But you can bet that once we lose… Gabriella is on the chopping block! (He blinks a bit as his expression softens.) ...Does that mean I'm a true reality TV show star now?

With Vikki, she was juggling various utensils, as her teammates watched.

"Hehe, I am glad those are butter knives..." Quinn chuckled.

"Yeah, it's so hypnotic to see..." Isaac said out loud.

Omelette was smiling as she was looking at Vikki.

"So, how long have you been juggling for?" Omelette asked out loud. "Ten years, tops?"

"I guess you can say that." Vikki smiled back, as she caught the utensils with her hands and laid them down on her empty plate. "I been a clown ever since… Well, ever since I was born."

"Hehe… You were born a clown?" Quinn asked. "That's… kinda a bit creepy, not gonna lie, hehe..."

"Weeeeeelllll… That was kinda a lie. I wasn't exactly born a clown..." Vikki admitted, chuckling. "Let's just say, that my folks? They are both clowns, and my mom couldn't bear any children thanks to… Well, it's kinda a long story. Which if I revealed now… Gotta keep some things a secret, ya'll. Keep everyone wanting more."

"Heh, understandable." Alec said, grinning. "Why you think I didn't break out my most powerful potions right off the bat?"

"Do I wanna know what those are?" Isaac asked back.

"In due time, Test Subject. You can't rush SCIENCE!" Alec answered, grinning.

Yuki was doing some thinking, as she came to a realization.

"Are you adopted, Vikki?" Yuki asked out loud.

Vikki stared at Yuki at the sudden question coming from the pre-teen.

"Hmmmm… Yeah. I am." Vikki admitted. "My birth mom didn't want me, so she dumped me off at the circus, ran off, and my adopted parents more or less took me in."

"Wow, dang..." Omelette said, blinking.

"Have you ever thought of seeking out your birth mom? Let her know how much of a woman you… Well, grew up to be?" Selena suggested.

Vikki simply shook her head.

"Naaaahh, I already declared my adopted parents my TRUE parents. Your true fam is those who truly care for you, who love you, and who adore you." Vikki answered back truthfully, with a sweet smile on her face.

"She could had a good reason for abandoning you..." Selena said out loud. "Like… Poverty, or she was an illegal, or-"

"She was one of those women who 'had a life' and didn't want to be in charge of raising a kid." Vikki shrugged back.

"Ah, well. Her loss. Your actual parents lucked out big time, huh?" Omelette said, smirking towards Vikki. "They end up with one of the coolest gals ever, and that 'busy' bitch who ditched ya? Karma probably slapped her in the butt, hard..."

"Heh, here's hoping." Quinn agreed.

Confessional: Karma's a bitch to someone who's an actual bitch, huh?

Selena: Wow… Vikki's birth mom is a real bitch… And I thought I was a cold-hearted one.

Vikki: Besides, think my birth mom could do THIS? (She takes out some balloons, and suddenly wraps and ties them together until it's in the shape of an umbrella.) What? It could rain today; best be prepped!

Over at the Squid's table, Peter was busy sketching out something on a napkin.

"Hmm… Where can I put everyone once I unlock everything?" Peter asked himself, while he was sketching a map on said napkin. "Perhaps near the beach, make it into a proper boardwalk? Have the houses on the cliffsides?"

Xane looked at Peter's napkin, observed it, and smiled.

"If I may make a suggestion… How about some flowers in your yard, hooooo?" Xane asked.

"Xane, I ain't no pansy! I ain't gonna have any pansies in my yard!" Peter responded back, glaring at the gardener.

Xane only shook his head. "I see… Perhaps you're more of a lily type of guy, hooooo?"

Peter moaned, all while both Ross and Luka overheard the two's conversation, and giggled together.

Meanwhile, Whitney was on her third serving of scrambled eggs, while Hannah watched.

"Man, Luka was right; this squirrel really is a great cook!" Whitney said out loud. "Better than my cooking attempts."

"What cooking attempts?" Hannah asked.

"Weeelll..." Whitney responded back. "Let's just say that I kinda failed at making a salad for Selena back when we were on that boat on day one. Which resulted in me being launched halfway into orbit, and being some shark's lunch."

Hannah blinked. "How? How do you fail at making a salad?"

"Beats me..." Whitney answered back. "Whatta take from someone who is more pro at cooking up meat products? Like, sure, the hot dogs are slightly burnt on the outside, but the inside is delish!"

Hannah smirked back. "Slightly burnt?"

"Okay, it's 80% brown and black. Still, it makes for a great hot dog." Whitney replied back, giggling.

"Dude, you want great hot dogs, hit up my aunt Pixel Dust. Her hot dogs are really divine!" Hannah said, smiling.

Whitney nodded, as she looked over at Luka, then back over towards Hannah.

"Hey… You think we should even be talking about hot dogs in front of Luka? I mean, with her love of animals and such, she is probably vegetarian." Whitney pointed out.

"Ahhh… Right." Hannah nodded, as Chris soon walked into the room, sporting his signature grin.

"Contestants! Are you all ready for your next challenge?" Chris announced out loud.

"Oh, I was BORN ready!" Danny declared towards the host, pointing at him. "Bring it on, Chris!"

"Ahh, someone is already pumped..." Chris said, looking at Danny with a grin.

Danny also gave off a grin. "Hey, I plan to win, Chris. Don't forget it."

Chris soon looked around the room, and raised an eyebrow.'

"Hey… Where's Candace and Ethan?" Chris asked out loud.

As if like clockwork, Candace came back in, still in her jungle garb. She sported a wide grin.

"Hey, Chris! The Cartoon Queen has returned!" Candace announced out loud, as she stepped out of the way. "And she's bought along a special guest! Featuring… The Cartoon Lad!"

Ethan soon stepped in, wielding a spear, and wearing a green tanktop, and dark green shorts. He had war paint among his legs, arms, and face. He was also sporting a smile.

"I'm the Cartoon Lad! Lover of the bestest cartoons!" Ethan announced out loud, as he held his spear up in the air. "I shall defend my queen's love of animation!"

"Yeah, Chris! So if some company ever decides to do a remake of Sym-Bionic Titan, and make everyone be deformed, complete jerkbags, then we shall strike!" Candace declared, as she looked at the camera. "Come on, who do you think'll win? Some company who thinks twerking is the way to go for their cartoons? Or two cartoon obsessed people in the age demographic?"

"Hey! I only suggested that once!" Omelette protested back.

"Uhh, Candace?" Yuki spoke up. "Where did you find the paints for Ethan? You didn't steal from my art kit, did you, sweetie?"

Candace only grinned at Yuki. "The Cartoon Queen never steals from anyone! I just grabbed up some charcoal paints from the Tuck Shop!"

Yuki's eyes lit up in happiness. "Charcoal paints? Sign me up!"

Meanwhile, Chris only blinked. "...Okay… Anyways, after breakfast, please report over to the location I shall share to you on your phones. You all do have the McLean App installed, right?"

Everyone looked at the host in confusion.

"...You bring that up to us now?" Nancy asked. "Would that be a Day One thing?"

"And besides, how about Frankie? He doesn't have a phone..." Bob pointed out loud. "Well… As far as I know."

Chris groaned in frustration. "Okay, before the challenge starts, turn your phones on, and download the McLean app, alright? It's in a special section in the app store to which only you guys can access."

"So, nobody should be able to get on the app store and just up and download this app?" asked Alec.

"Nope!" Chris answered back, grinning.

Confessional: We gotta stay phoned in with the times! Hahaha… Sorry.

Whitney: (She looks down at her phone.) ...Heh, who would had known? (She shows her phone to display the app icon in question: Chris McLean's head. ) Leave it to Chris to have a Total Drama app icon be his head. Hehehe!

Omelette: (She shows off her phone, that has the same McLean icon… Next to some eyeball with a red and black aesthetic.) Umm… When did this strange eyeball icon get on my phone? I never even downloaded this. Wonder what it is… (She presses the button and the surroundings become wavy. Black and red waves fill the confessional and transforms the room, until she finds herself in a subway. The area is filled with washed out colors and heavy red accents.) ...Oooooooohhh, boy… Never saw this coming. Nope, nada. Where's the cat which is supposed to tell me to go to bed?

A few minutes later, everyone has downloaded their app, except…

"Okay, does everyone have the McLean app downloaded onto their phones?" Chris asked out loud.

"Not Frankie!" Frankie's sock said out loud. "Because he doesn't have one thanks to his family being-"

Frankie quickly put his sock away, as Ethan looked at him.

"Ah, man! No phone? Even the Cartoon Lad has a phone!" Ethan said out loud, as he showed off his phone.

Kayley put a gentle hand on Ethan's shoulder.

"Goofball… Perhaps Frankie couldn't afford one?" Kayley suggested gently.

Frankie held up his sock again. "Again, blame family. They are attempting to keep him screen-free since birth."

Bob looked over at Frankie, as he overheard that statement from his sock.

Chris sighed as he looked over at Frankie. He soon decided to reach into one of his pockets, and tossed a phone towards Frankie, in which after he very nearly had it slip from his hands, caught it.

"You do know how to operate it, right?" Chris asked Frankie. "If so, it's yours."

Frankie nodded, as he pocketed his new phone, as Bob raised an eyebrow.

"Wait… If his parents are keeping him screen-free since birth… How does he know how to operate a phone?" Bob thought. "Something is very fishy… And not the menu at Papa Craw's Seafood Hut..."

"Alright, then, with that outta the way… Contestants! Within the app contains a map of Dulcare Island! And believe me, it shall come in handy for today's challenge." Chris instructed. "Oh, and before I forget, if you thought you could attempt to find Idols, bad news, my dudes; this app doesn't detect any locations for any idols."

Selena muttered a quiet 'dammit' to herself.

"Anyways, after you're finished eating, please head over to where the blinking icon on the map is." Chris said, as he left the Mess Hall, as the contestants looked at each other.

"So, guess we're using our phones, now." said Nancy, as she grinned. "Nice! We're pissing off the Boomers who think today's phones are destroying all of society!"

"What, do they explode?" Ethan asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, they do… And they came after one of the darkest times in human history." Omelette answered back. "Like, after the war, a lot of men were hungry for some other action, and..."

A few minutes later…

The teams were walking to the challenge, as they were talking to each other.

"Omelette, was all of that really necessary?" Selena asked her teammate.

"What, has anyone never had 'The Talk' before?" Omelette responded back, smiling confidently as she fiddled with her shades.

"The Cartoon Lad never had it in that much detail." Ethan pointed out, blinking. "...Fern just gave a truncated version of 'The Talk'..."

"But now, we all know about how our mothers got their little buns in their oven." Whitney said, smirking.

"Except for my mom, for… Well, obvious reasons." Vikki stated, as she twirled around her makeshift balloon-umbrella.

"Hehe, so, what kinda challenge you think we'll have?" Quinn asked. "I'm thinking it'll be deadly, hehe... Chris is known to do that."

"Hooooo, hopefully plants are involved." Xane said out loud, as he was holding the pot that contained his tulip. "Some of this isle could use a bit more color..."

"Did you bring some seeds with you?" Tina asked Xane.

"Sadly, no. And besides, who could had taken care of the plants if I got the boot?" Xane answered back. "Best to collect seeds from this isle, and plant them at home, hoooooo..."


"What was that?" Hannah asked, as she pulled out her phone, and looked down at her phone. She noticed that the McLean app was glowing, so she tapped on it.

Soon, on her phone screen, appeared to be Heather, doing her victory dance from Total Drama World Tour. Hannah was instantly weirded out.

"...The heck's Heather's doing on my phone?" Hannah asked.

"Hm? Let me see..." Bob responded back, as he held up his phone. "I got an Ezekiel… Who's looking up at the sky."

"Campers! Welcome to your next challenge!" Chris announced, as he walked up to the groups. "It's what I would like to call… Total... Drama... GO!"

Danny looked at the host. "So, do we become all child-like and become, like, assholes or something?"

Candace slammed her spear onto the ground in anger, causing Danny to back up. "The Cartoon Queen shall NOT talk of that program! Sure, it has its quirks and its fans, but it should at least give other shows a chance to shine!"

Danny nodded quickly. "Yep… Still Candace, alright."

"Nope, that's another show. That isn't as superior as Total Drama! Anyways, how many of you ever played Pokemon GO?" Chris asked the campers.

Tina rose her hand. "Ooh, ooh! I did! Caught my shiny Jigglypuff and later teamed up with my friend in a raid to take on a Kyogre!"

She soon grinned happily.

"It was rainy, as you could expect from a Kyogre bringing down a torrential downpour. That's when I, along with my semi-inked up friend-" Tina began to reminisce.

"Okay, we get it, Tina. You're a geek." Chris said, interrupting Tina. "Anyways, today's challenge… You will be capturing the campers of Total Drama past! That's right; campers ranging from Ezekiel to Shawn are running among this isle virtually! And it's your task to capture them with Camper Balls." He soon giggled. "...Balls..."

"I am quite surprised you aren't being sued for this, meow." Nerdi spoke up, as she fiddled with her glasses.

"Anyways, if you catch a normal camper, then you earn a point for your team. If you catch a shiny camper, then it's two points! And shinies? They are alternately colored campers, like if you run across a blue haired Duncan or something. If you capture anyone who was a finalist, then you score three points! A shiny finalist nets you four. Annnnnnnddd… If you capture yours truly..." Chris instructed, as he pointed to himself. "You score five points! You are all given 50 balls. If you run out of balls, then you're outta the challenge, which can make or break your team. So use them sparingly. The team that scores the most points… Wins! While the team with the least points is sent to the Campfire, where you shall vote off one of your own."

"I gotta agree with you, Nerdi; I am also surprised he ain't being sued." Isaac said to Nerdi, who was now perched on his shoulder.

" Also, there may be some locations on this island which may be dangerous for you to go through. So don't risk it if you don't think you can handle it. Your life isn't worth ending just to catch a Shiny Sugar."

"Why are you delivering a PSA now? After what you made campers do in the past?" Ross asked out loud.

"Yeah, and who would wanna catch a Shiny Sugar, anyway? Let alone any kind of Sugar?" Danny also asked.

"Anyways, you know the rules, get going!" Chris announced, ignoring Ross and Danny as the teams started to head deep into the forest, before he looks at the camera. "And there you have it; the challenge is underway! But can they catch the Best of the Best? Or the Worst of the Worst? Find out… After the break!"

Confessional: ...CamperBalls. Hey, I ain't technically stealing from this GoldEmblem guy!

Hannah: Aw, dude! We could had caught that Heather back there! Still… Shiny campers. They gotta be pretty valuable; my cousin Alice spent six hours trying to capture some Ralts with blue hair.

Quinn: Hehe, I never even bothered with Pokemon GO. With that, you… Hehe… Have to travel… Outside. And avoid venomous insects and venomous viruses and venomous livestock and venomous-

Maggie: (She is swinging her wrench in the air.) Quinn… Dude. How are teddy bears considered venomous? Well, not like that one time with that black and white hued bear, that doesn't count!

Candace: (She is looking down at her phone, sporting a wide grin.) The Cartoon Queen is gonna add some more to her cartoon watchin' island tribe! ...Well, virtually! Now, what kinda toons would everyone like...

And there you have it; the next challenge is underway, with the campers having to catch various campers of the past… Virtually! Who will come out on top?

NEXT TIME: ...The balls fly, my man! :D