A/N: You'd think that after more than 3 weeks in quarantine I'd have finished this story or something. You'd be wrong. Whoops

Curt rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall as Dr. Baron Von Nazi rambled on about his plan to bring the Nazis back to power. Curt is fairly sure this guy is a psychopath. Curt had a healthy dislike of Nazis, his years in the Secret Service teaching him that much. But this was his job and he was determined not to fuck it up. Curt cringed at the thought of what Chimera might do if he messed up. Whatever it was, it wouldn't be pretty.

"So, vat do you zink?" Nazi asked with a pleased smile. Curt forced one in return. He thought that the plan was stupid, but that wasn't his call. Chimera wanted Nazi's tech, nothing else. Oh, and the largest amount of pure, unmined silicon for said tech. But the tech first.

"I think you should plan on building an 'HQ' when you take over," the Deadliest Man Alive chimed in. He was lounging in a chair in front of Nazi. Curt was leaning against the wall to the left of DMA, absolutely bored out of his mind.

"Brilliant!" Von Nazi exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air with a bright smile on his face. "Then ze people vill know ve are serious."

DMA hummed in agreement, casting an unamused look at Curt. While they didn't get along great, they both agreed on one thing; Von Nazi was a dumbass. A dumbass who was going to get himself killed soon after starting his 'master plan', something that would be very annoying to Chimera.

"So, we're in agreement then?" DMA while crossing his arms over his chest.

"Da! Ve shall begin our partnership immediately!"

"Joy," DMA muttered under his breath, reaching into his coat for paperwork. "Just sign 'ere and we'll begin."

Without a second thought, Von Nazi grabbed a pen and signed his name. He didn't glance at the papers. Curt and DMA shared a look, this guy just kept getting more stupid. DMA quickly handed the papers to Curt, just in case Von Nazi had more brain cells then excepted and they were just on a delay. DMA stood up and shook hands with Von Nazi, a grimace hidden as a smile on his face.

"Zis is going to be vonderful!"

"It sure is," DMA agreed with a predatory grin. Releasing hands with Von Nazi DMA closed his jacket and place his hands in his pockets. Curt stepped forward, intent on saying his farewells to Von Nazi so he could leave as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it seemed the Von Nazi's brain was on a delay because right as Curt was about to extend his hand, Von Nazi exclaimed, "Oh! I just remembered! I 'ave someone I'd like jou to meet. Tatiana!"

Curt and DMA turned to the door in confusion. As far as they knew Von Nazi was working alone. Another player could throw a wrench in their plans. But a few seconds passed, and no one showed up.

Von Nazi cleared his throat nervously. "Heh, she must not have heard me. Tatiana!"

Curt, being closer to the door, heard a suffering sigh before the door open. Standing in the doorway was a clearly aggravated woman who stood with a hand on her hip and a frown on her face. Curt could see the lewd grin that spread on DMA's face. Curt supposed she was attractive, but she wasn't exactly his type. Besides, he was sure she would appreciate if at least one guy didn't stare at her like a piece of meat.

"What?" Tatiana asked harshly, her cold eye scanning Curt and DMA.

"Ah Tatiana, meet my new partners, Mr. Deadliest Man and Agent Curt Mega!"

"Hi," she deadpanned before looking at Von Nazi, "Can I go now?"

"Ah, come on now, zat is no vay to treat out guest," Von Nazi complained. Curt could see the murder in Tatiana's eyes. Curt and DMA shared a look, she could be useful if they knew what her motives were. Curt decided to step towards Tatiana, putting on his award-winning smile.

"Hi, the name's Curt Mega. It's nice to meet you," he greeted, holding his hand out. Tatiana eyed it warily but grasped it in her hand just long enough for a short handshake.

"And I'm the Deadliest Man Alive, but you can call me DMA, love," DMA flirted, grabbing Tatiana's still outstretched hand and quickly pulling it up to kiss her hand. Tatiana quickly pulled her hand away with a small 'ugh'. Curt stifled a chuckle. No matter how long he'd worked with DMA it was still gratifying to see him get rejected.

Apparently he didn't quiet himself enough because Tatiana shot him a confused look. Curt shrugged.

"So, Ms. Tatiana, how exactly did you come to work with Dr. von Nazi?" Curt asked, trying to break the silence that had come over the office. Curt had never been good with awkward silences, preferring to crack a joke and have people judge him instead of sitting in a stifling quiet.

"Ve 'ave come to an, ah, agreement," Von Nazi replied smugly. Tatiana radiated hate and Curt wondered for a moment if she was going to deck him. That would be awesome.

"Yes," Tatiana, agreed sourly, "an 'agreement'."

DMA hummed curiously. "An agreement? For what exactly?"

"Ah jou know, the usual. She vorks for me, I kept my trap shut, yes?"

Ah, that's why Tatiana was pissed. She wanted nothing to do with this man and his operation. That's good. She wasn't really loyal to Von Nazi so she wouldn't be a problem when it came to subduing him. Curt had a feeling she might even offer to help.

"Well the more the merrier," Curt commented, putting a smile on his face. He did have a reputation to keep after all. The number of people that underestimated him if he just acted a bit more happy-go-lucky than the average person was astounding. Besides, doom and gloom were never a good fit for Curt.

"Yes, yes it is," DMA agreed, heading to the door, winking at Tatiana again. "I look forwards to out next meetin' even more now."

"As do I!" Von Nazi enthusiastically agreed, clearly not understanding DMA's drift.

Curt cast a suffering look at DMA. "Well it was great meeting you Dr Von Nazi. Tatiana."

Tatiana seemed to sense his sincerity and nodded at him, not looking ready to slit his throat for just look at her. Curt will take it.

God, women were terrifying.