Chapter 2: The invasion begins

The asari interrogation was quick, the being had no choice in the matter, it said all it knew, condemning the entire planet, as the asari spoke of the population of the planet, their skills, weapons and purpose, a single tear streamed from its eye, but the lips kept moving, speaking, its body and mind not its own. After it was done, the asari was still, only a dry mark of the tear left on its cheek.

Magos made a simple gesture with his finger, and the asari stood up, and began following the duo.

"Are you truly certain this being is under your control." Said Tesla gazing upon the near drooling asari, whose eyes show nothing of the original inhabitant of this now soulless body.

Magos, briskly gazing upon the blue humanoid before continuing to walk with Tesla to the ship bridge ,said.

"Quite so. Even if it doesn't look that way, this creature may yet be of use."

"I live to serve", the asari uttered without an inkling of emotion.

"Indeed you do xeno", Magos responded uncaringly.

They arrived on the starship bridge, the crew working feverishly with the new information they have received, prayers and incantations could be heard, they were nowhere near the Emperors light, their father and guardian was absent, and the only thing holding their sanity together was the duty they had to the Imperium.

As Tesla and Magos entered the bridge, the myriad of officers and technicians greeted them with the sign of Aquila made with their hands on their chest.

Approaching the red priest of mars was a man in the naval uniform handing him a parchment of paper, before saluting and returning to his post.

Unraveling the folded paper, the bionic eyes of the leader of the mechanicus on this vessel gazed upon the writing, what lobotomized xeno told them was correct, the asari on the planet were clueless about the presence of the fleet, they were going on their daily business, ignorant of what was coming to them.

"Brother captain, it is time." Said Magos handling the scroll to one of the crew, "this planet must be taken in the name of the Imperium."

"Indeed it must", said Tesla, "we will use shock and awe, the element of surprise is one our side, according to your report, the enemy complex consists of what we can assume is the town center, a security complex and various civilian buildings. We will handle this, deep striking at these two important buildings, severing the head of the enemy before it is capable of forming any resistance."

"Most excellent brother captain," said Magos, "but I must insist, if you will forgive me, the collateral damage should be kept to a minimum, these creatures, while abominable, can be used for construction of the necessary equipment if we are to expand out of the solar system."

Tesla gazed upon the hooded magos, what he suggested was borderline heresy, but survival of the expedition is paramount. He knew they would need everything they can use in order to achieve victory. "May the Emperor forgive us all, for what we must do, in order to ensure our success", said the marine, turning away and walking from the bridge, his marines would be waiting for him. The war has come to Elona.

It was near midnight on Elona, the two sister moons of the planet cast an ivory glow on the planet, the colony was fast asleep, only asari children and few guards,were still awake, gazing at the stars as they moved across the heaven.

One of the children stood up and pointed at the beautiful sight before them.

It was a meteor shower, it painted the night sky in colors of red, and yellow, the lights were painting across the night sky,much to the amusement of the children present to witness it.

One of them even made a wish.

But the meteor shower didn't burn out, the glow was brighter, the flames bigger, almost as if the skies were falling closer to the ground.

Scant moments later the boom produced by the fast approaching pods broke the sound barriers and before the innocent eyes of the children could gaze away, crashed onto the ground, in a hail of fire and death. Lightning the ground and many buildings on fire as they have done so.

Then the real disaster struck. The pods flung open, and from it came its deadly cargo, eyes glowing red, their red,blue and white, armor made more prominent by the glow of fire and the sister moons, the White Eagles arrived, before anyone could react beyond hypnotically staring at the armor clad giants, there was fire, and there was pain.

Those few guards present were slaughtered before raising the weapon at the champions of Mankind. The marines were fast, much faster than the asari could react, many were caught at gunpoint as they jumped out of the bed by the marines who stormed the common habitat buildings and captured Asari for the further use by Magos and his tech priests.

The security attachment present at the building, struggled to arm themselves before the coming onslaught, but the hab roof of the freshly made buildings was no match for the weight and rage of the assault marines of the third company, who used their jump packs and slammed as one onto the building, collapsing the roof and falling inside on the confused and panicking asari security detail. They stood no chance.

The blades worked, the bolters sang, and the death claimed all inside the building, the only evidence of the marine passing was gore and blood. The Emperors angels of Death, were not his angels of mercy.

The governor of this small colony stood up from her bed, naked, she ran up to the window and gazed out of the town hall, the colony was on fire, and armored beings were gathering all asari at gunpoint. And some were running towards the town hall, were they the Reaper soldiers, she thought? Captivated by the fast occurring madness before her, she was shaken out of the state she was in by the breaking door of her room. At the door stood Tesla, his right arm carrying the artifact sword of his chapter, The Kosovan Blade, made during the times of the great crusade.

She could do nothing but stare, breathing hardly and harshly, fear grasped her heart, and consumed her thoughts. She felt nothing but transhuman dread filling her very soul.

"I would have a word", said Tesla, as he approached the shaking asari, slapping her, just enough to concuss her, and not kill her, she felt to the ground, and was dragged away by the leg, screaming.

By the coming of the dawn, the colony was taken. Near 400 asari who put the resistance were dead, marines had no casualties, the rest were captured, the rising sun saw countless ships of Magos and his Tech priests descending upon the arid planet.

Then the construction begin, asari have assembled quite the materials from the asteroid mining and what they brought from their ships, even cannibalizing their own space vessels provided a modicum of materials.

But it was not enough.

Tech priests began working, tearing down what was once homes for the fleeing aliens. Dozens at first, hundreds by the end of the day, asari were dragged into the ships of the mechanicus, they entered screaming, at first. They existed subservient, and began working, until their limbs gave up and their bodies died, they would work for the imperial war effort. And even then, death was not salvation, for machine is stronger than flesh.

The next batches seeing what happened to their race came far less willingly into the mechanicus ships, but still, they entered inside, soiling and attempting to kill themselves as they were dragged by the iron hands of the tech priests, amused as to the prospect of having so many subjects on which to experiment.

Planet was aptly renamed to Indomitus, unbreakable, like the spirit of its new inhabitants, it was here where the sons of the Emperor would make their presence known upon the galaxy.

Governor of the Asari was brought to the improvised cell with one more of its race by one of the tactical marines, and locked inside. She was naked her jaw bruised and bleeding, she came closer to another asari to whom she asked a simple question.

"What is going on?"

"I don't know miss T'yala. It all happened so fast, my guard detail was slaughtered to the woman, I would consider myself lucky for being unconscious by the debris falling on top of me, but I am not sure it is appropriate for the situation we find ourselves in."

Governor, her jaw still aching and her vision blurry could only ask simple questions. "What are they", she mused through great pain, as her lips parted, blood flew in trickles, and words left her mouth.

"I thought they were reapers, spoke the second asari, but I saw humans among them. I am not certain…"

T'yala's thoughts started wandering, and the words of the other asari became quieter and quieter until she couldn't hear them. her mind raced, who was this new enemy? were they the mythical reapers?

Reapers were still a myth to the galaxy, she thought, scribbles of text and Prothean remnant artifacts spoke of them, but nobody saw or knew about them beyond that. Save for a few afraid people in the cosmos who sought to escape this phantom enemy by forming colonies in the furthest reaches of the galaxy, the rest of the galactic population simply didn't care.

It is no surprise these isolated colonies were often targets of pirates, raiders, various xenos who lust for flesh and blood of the other beings.

The sudden sound of the metal footsteps shook her from her delirious state,and the cell doors cracked open, the metal squealed as the doors parted letting in a huge figure of Tesla coming through. His face visible without the helmet he usually carried.

"It is time to speak xeno", his gaze fixated on the governor, cold and commanding, his gaze was as strong as a weapon he carried by his side , she began to slightly shake, sheer fear consuming her from this imposing being in front of her.

" are a human? But why…" The second asari spoke, disturbing the painful silence that issued upon Marine's entry.

"I am the one asking questions xeno!" his thunderous voice echoed strongly in the small cell. "Another word and I will see you speak no more."

Second asari was dumbstruck, she gazed at the frightened governor, her instincts kicked in, and in her moment of defiance ,screaming, she gathered her biotic powers and lunged a ball of pure energy at the marine, who ever coldly and quicker than the eye could see dodged to the side.

Before she could do anything or utter a word, the figure of the marine closed the distance grasping the head of the defiant prisoner with his hand, and lifted her up, the struggle didn't last a second later, as her head burst apart like a ripe watermelon when the Angel of death applied pressure, splattering blood and gore all over his beautiful armor and the naked governor, who could only look in terror at the sight before her.

Moments later the marine dismissively tossed the corpse against the wall on the other side of the cell, who cracked like a doll under the impact.

His gaze met the frightened being ,who in her fear assumed a crouched position in the opposite corner of the cell.

"Now…" he spoke. "I would hear a few things from you."

He walked to her, in her mind his footsteps were like thunderbolts, each new one resonating like a hammer upon a steel.

Coming closer, he commander her "Stand up and speak xeno, withhold nothing, for if i notice a speck of lies coming from you, there are far worse ways to make you speak than simple incentive in words."

Tears strolling from her eyes, she gazed upon the metal giant standing over her for a moment,inclined to obey she began standing up, her legs felt like lead, still naked, she clumsily covered her breasts and started standing up, only now noticing she has soiled herself.

He noticed she was uncomfortable, knowing the information would be partial due to her emotional imbalance he came to the broken asari on the ground and ripped her cloak off with one swift motion, again approaching the governor before throwing it into her arms.

Taking the cloak of her dead comrade, the governor wiped herself swiftly and covered her naked figure, her gaze then met those of a marine and asked.

"W-what do you want to know?" unsteady words parting from her mouth.

"Everything" the marine stoically responded.

And so she talked, delivering information upon information to the patient marine, who did not change his facial expression as he learned of this new galaxy, ripe for conquest in the name of the Imperium of Man.

By the time she said everything a long time has passed, the marine still silently stood watching over her, as if seeking if she was honest or not much to the horror of the asari fearing her imminent demise.

He then turned towards the exit and began walking, "you live another day asari, cherish this moment." he spoke before leaving the cell, two techpriests ran quickly into it taking and dragging the corpse of another xeno and taking it with them for who knows what experiments.

The cell doors were now locked, leaving inside only the governor whom only now realized the gravity of the situation, and silence was upon her. she sat in the corner of the cell, grasping her face with her hands, the silence was now broken with sounds of crying.

And on the outside the ground was getting filled with imperial ships descending and marking the fate of an entire Asari population on Indomitus, and soon, that of the entire galaxy.