She didn't know how it had happened. Everything was such a blur to her. All she remembered was a stabbing pain that she had never felt before when she was on a caper.

She didn't think anything was going to go wrong. She thought everything was perfect.

She didn't think that Saint Tail was going to meet a grisly end.

She didn't think that her best friend was going to die alongside her.

She didn't think about the possibly of going to both Heaven and Hell.

She didn't think about the consequences of her nightly capers.

She didn't think about her regrets of not telling him sooner.

She didn't think that her last night would have been her new beginning.

Short Prologue, I know and I'm sorry. But, please tell me what you think about the prologue and if you have any questions, please leave them in the reviews. I hope you enjoy this new story of mine. This is a little something to help me get rid of some ideas in my brain.