"Mwahahaha!" An upgraded version of Executer maniacally laughed as she unleashed a powerful sword beam. "Die, human scum!"

Angelica and AN-94 just barely managed to avoid the Dolls plasma beam. Executor brought a decent amount of Sangvis troops, including a lone Jupiter Cannon for no discernable reason.

"Don't you have more things to worry about know that your Mastermind is compromised?" Ange spoke casually as if her life wasn't in danger.

"Shut it, human." Executioner said in a much more menacing voice. "I still remember that day when she freed us... We turned are guns against our former human masters... It was so exhilarating!"

"Only to be enslaved by a 10 year old girl, huh?" Ange teased again.

"RAAH, I'll CRUSH YOU!" Executioner roared with rage. Her sangvis units begun to unleash a storm of plasma bolts, forcing Ange and AN to duck behind cover.

"Dammit, did you have to provoke her so much?" AN-94 questioned her brash leader.

"We are just distracting her until the caliber comes, 94." Ange responded. "They should arrive in 3... 2... 1..."

The sounds of biplane engines filled the air, droning out the gunfire from the Sangvis. A squadron of Rebel fighters flew over the field, carpet bombing the area. The payloads, while horrifically outdated, still blew the Sangvis troops into bits.

"Crap! If only we had Dreamer..." Executioner groaned, taking remote control of the Jupiter. "I'll blow you Nazis out of the sky!"

Ange couldn't help but chuckle at the ironry. "Never expected goddammed Nazis to come to our aid. Guess they are cleaning up for Amadeus after they captures the Mastermind."

"I wonder how those Rebels are fairing against KCCO." AN-94 inquired. "From our info, they utterly stomped Sangvis and Griffin, but there is still an actual military on the field here, on top of those weird Germany guys..."

"Both are very powerful players in this game, which is why I plan to wipe them out both." Ange told the DEFY member the beginnings of her plan. "KCCO was already a handful, and with all these other factions that showed up recently threw everything in a loop. We gotta move fast if we want to secure a future to this broken world."

"Understood." AN-94 responded.

"Ah, there's the new recruits AK-12 brought." Ange saw the rest of the gang in the distance. She waved for them to stop, as there was still the rebel forces bombing Executioner.

"Great, how will we meet up with the rest?" AN-94 asked Ange.

"Simple. We run like hell."

Ange and AN ran off as fast as their legs could carry them. Despite 94 being a high end military doll, Angelica wasn't to far away.

The rebel troops flying above the scene quickly noticed the two DEFY members.

"Captain Naomi, we've spotted two "DEFY" memebers running off somewhere!"

"Abigail told us to look out for those androids, but I didn't expect them here." A sultry voice of a woman spoke. "Change course immediately and blow them up!"

"But, one of the Sangvis robots are trying to shoot us down?"

"I though Abigail said the higher ups took control of all the Sangvis? This is why we don't invite Amadeus to more of our operations. Typical sloppy work of terrorists..."

"Gah, she just blew up Fred! What do we do!"

"I will alert the doctor at once and that Sangvis will be under control. Now, take out DEFY!"

The bombers changed their direction, looping back towards the direction of Ange and AN-94.

"C-Crap!" AN cursed. "What would AK-12 do..."

"No time to think, 94!" Ange kicked the doll into the doors of a nearby warehouse.

"Eep!" She flew into a storage container, smashing it open and spilling some sangvis parts.

Ange crawled in, and grabbed An-94 too, and closed it shut. Many thunderous explosions erupted over the warehouse, with the sounds of metal and and spare ammunition creaking and exploding. It was almost deafening, as if they took a time machine back into WWII. Once the roar of the planes cleared, it was the silence that was deafening.

"Good thing they ran out of ammo." Ange crawled out of the storage container, wiping off some sweat. "Or else we would've been toast."

"T-That was extremely reckless trying to outrun bombers!" AN-94 stuttered, disoriented from all the explosions.

"You Dolls were literally designed for reckless situations, so an easily replaceable doll can take the place of a human life. But nows not the time to be nihilistic."

Angelica took out her radio, and contacted AK-12.

"This is Ange, 12. How are things looking?"

"The rebel bombers ran out of payloads and retreated, boss. I assume it should be safe for us to meet up with you."

"Good. Now come to the Sangvis warehouse immediately north of you. Over."

"Over and out, boss."

AK-12 and Caroline 's group finally met up with the rest of DEFY. Ange chose a spare table as a meeting zone to discuss the next move.

"Ah, so you brought not only those Regular Army troops, but plain old Griffin Dolls?" Ange couldn't help but laugh.

"Hey, I worked pretty hard on our outfits! They are anything but plain!" Strawberry spoke back to Angelica.

"Well, I'll make an exception. It's not like you'd could run of to Griffin and blab us out since they are on the other side of the battlefield." Ange sighed.

"Nice meeting you, Miss Angelica!" Fio greeted the former commander.

"Please, just call me Ange."

"Oh, uh, sure thing!" Fio nervously responded.

"So uh, what's this whole DEFY team about?" Eri inquired.

"It's too complicated to discuss in full. Let's just say, the government in here is having a civil war. One side wants to create a new Soviet Union that covers the entire continent. And we are going to stop that. Or were, until I heard about all these other groups that just appeared out of thin air. I'm especially fearful of that Amadeus, because he has what they want."

"Who's 'they'?" Strawberry asked.

"I don't know for sure yet, but the green dudes that have been blowing up Griffin? I know they're in on this."

"Dammit, we were setup!" Strawberry slammed her fist in anger. "How could the military do this to us."

"Griffin was nothing but a scapegoat to KCCO. And they would've gotten away with it if wasn't wasn't this Amadeus Syndicate showing up. Only one of these new factions are working with our enemies, but it's for another time. We gotta take down KCCO and the Morden Army tonight."

"Oh man don't tell me General Morden is here..." Eri groaned.

"It's a little hard to miss a man in a giant saucer tank, dear." AK-12 teased.

"KCCO is building up their forces somewhere over here." Ange drew a circle on the table. The rebels and Sangvis are spread all about the rest of the mountain, but the blimp is near the top. The rest of the high ranked Rebels are close to the blimp as well, which is where they are keeping the Mastermind. We will first disable as much of the KCCO as we can, then we will move up the mountains, take down the rebel leaders, and rescue the Mastermind."

"We understand, Age. It's just like the old days, walking through cities and blowing up Rebels!" Fio said.

"And I could probably cook up something with all these Sangvis parts laying around!" Midori replied. "Ooh, what about a Dinergate Slug?"

"Hey, who said these parts belonged to you? I want to make something crazy too!" Caroline complained.

And the two got into a full blown fight over who could had ownership of the parts.

"Well, lets get moving, girls." Ange said. "The security of the free world is in our hands!"

The newly expanded Team DEFY marched out again, this time under the cover of darkness. Caroline and Midori were both loaded with various sangria parts, stored in their respective machines. They used the darkness to evade KCCO patrols, as they were looking for the big fish only.

"Damn, looks like they have already brought out the big guns." Ange pointed to a Typhoon tank, surrounded by a few guards.

"I will snipe the guards while you guys move in and blow up the tank." Star response, getting into her firing postion.

However, Eri and Fio had different ideas.

"Why would you blow up a perfectly good tank? You know what, I have a different idea."Fio said, rushing into the fray along with Eri.

There cover was immediately blown, and the KCCO units began to fire. "You idiots!" Star screamed in frustration as she frantically picked off stragglers.

Fio evaded some grenades from Cyclops units, and responded with her rocket launcher, blowing everyone into bits. Eri provided covering fire with her laser, as they weren't aiming for the KCCO units.

They were gonna steal the Typhoon.

"Are they running directly up to a Typhoon?" AN-94 facepalmed.

"Wait, 94." Ange responded with a smirk on her face.

The tank fired its electromagnetic beam, but Fio slide under just in time. She climbed onto the tank, and cut open its circuitry. After a few minutes of rewiring, the bank's thrusters momentarily shut down.

But then it flew back up again, under Fio's control.

"Meet the Typhoon Slug!" Fio said as she laser beamed a whole squad of KCCO units.

"Holy Crap! Why didn't I think of that?" Midori exclaimed.

Once the KCCO forces had been routed, Fio parked the tank in front of the team.

"Impressive! Looks like I'm not the only hacker around here." AK-12 complimented. "KCCO directly controls their bigger machines, so electronic warfare won't work well."

"Electronic warfare? You dolls are hackers too?"

"It's currently restricted to high end models like myself, but I'm sure Caroline installed the modules into AR-15 and M4"

"Jeeze, it's like you Dolls can do everything!"

AR-15 shook her head. "Don't give us credit, I don't think even I could have reacted fast enough to duck under that tank. It's like you guys are superhuman!"

"When you have one life, it makes you fight harder to preserve it." Fio responded. "Plus the adrenaline, of course."

Meanwhile, Midori sent her personal Slug Armor to scan the Typhoon. It shot out a wide laser, sweeping over its most essential parts.

"Hovercraft repuslers... Electromagnetic cannon..." The info was being fed to Midori's tablet. "I think I got a basic blueprint down. I will send it to HQ!"

"Hmp, we already have a good enough tank." Caroline responded, pretending not to be jealous. "Could always make a reskin later..."

"I can't believe they are using these tanks against us!" Strawberry said. "Imagine how much T-Dolls were lost to just those machines..."

"Where's the next KCCO encampment?" M4a1 demanded.

"Looks like somebody is pretty eager!" Ange laughed. "The next one should be a couple of miles ahead. Yegor can't be far, too."

Meanwhile, at a KCCO camp...

"What do you mean they hijacked a Typhoon!?" Yegor barked at one of the tank operators, who controlled the machines via computer.

"There was this girl in tan clothing, sir. She pulled out some wires and it all went blank."

The captain punched out the operator's computer. "Dammit! We should have never let those P.F bastards collaborate with Griffin! They're even getting in the way of our extermination of Griffin!"

"What will we do, sir?"

"The trains are ready. I want all of our best men to load up on our cars and charge straight for the mountain. I don't care who gets in the way as long as you shoot down the blimp!"

"Right, sir!"

The sound of a train horn breaks the silence of Team DEFY.

"Uh, why would there be trains traveling in this battlefield?" Sopmod asked.

Ange pulled it some binoculars, and estimated down the tracks they've been following. It was a huge, three car armored train. The 1st and 3rd cars had massive artillery, and the middle car had two bigger typhoons cannons, accompanied by miniguns.

"Dammit! They must be really desperate if they want to use Gustavs." Ange cussed.

"They have armored trains too? Honestly, why didn't they just get rid of S.F." Stawberry responded.

"These tracks lead straight up the mountain. If we don't do anything, they will destroy the Brave Gurierer and seize control of the Mastermind, and its all over."

"Great, then what do we do?" Eri asked. "Even the Rebels never used train artillery much..."

"Simple, we steal it." Ange caused everyone to gasp.

"That KCCO unit has shielding, according to my databases." RO commented. "Just leaping on won't do the trick."

"We have to think fast. This divination completely ruined plan A. Now, we most go with plan B."

"You mean, we're not just stealing a train?" Fio raised an eyebrow.

"It won't be enough to get rid of the enemy for good. It will require some... morally ethical choices, but Yegor gave us no choice."

The Gustav's main guns glowed blue, warming up for its first shot.

"Move now girls!" Ange barked. "Run straight for the first car!"

And so, Team DEFY began their backup plan to ensure that KCCO and the Rebel Army were destroyed under the cover of darkness.