Pokemon Blue Army Version

Chapter 1: A new adventure

Braden woke up one day, and ran downstairs. Today was the day he began his Pokemon journey, so he was very excited. Once he got downstairs, he was greeted by his sister. "Hey Braden", she said. "Mom told me you will receive a Pokemon today. Once you get one, will you please battle me?" she asked. "Fine, I will battle you later", Braden replied. "Good, but you don't stand a chance against my Pokemon", she exclaimed. "Yeah, right", he responded. He walked up to their Mom. "Hello Braden, today is your big day!", she stated. "Yeah, I know", he said. "Today is the day you get a Pokemon. So here you go". She handed him a Master Ball. "Professor Elm was originally going to come here, but he got busy. Luckily for you, I had ordered a couple of Master Balls the last time I ordered from Silph Co's website, so I ran outside and caught you one myself. I hope you like the one I chose", his mom said. Braden chucked the Master Ball to the other side of the room. Out of the ball came a Quilava, the Fire Mouse Pokemon. "Wow! I get an evolved form of Cyndaquil! Thanks Mom!, he said. Braden grabbed his Pokegear and Pokedex, and then started to leave. "Wait!", his mom called. "What do you want?", he asked. "I want to battle you to test your skills", she stated. "Fine". Mom sent out her Pokémon, a Meowth. Braden sent out his Quilava. The battle has begun. "Meowth, use Pay Day!", Mom ordered. Meowth grabbed some change, and threw it at Quilava. Luckily for Braden, it was not very effective. He ordered his Quilava to use Ember. Meowth got burned! Mom ordered her Meowth to use Fury Swipes. It was super effective! He got Quilava down to critical heath. Meowth could have won, but then his burn knocked him out. Braden had defeated his mom. "Aw.. dang it, my poor Meowth!" Mom said. His Mom game him 80 for winning. Braden then went east onto Route 31 to grind his Pokémon, and make it stronger. He defeated every trainer on the route, and fainted some wild Pokémon. He was about to head back, when someone walked out of Dark Cave. "Hey, you!" they shouted. They walked up to him. It was his sister. "It's just me, why do you look so scared? You were supposed to battle me, remember? Your Pokémon's performance against Mom was impressive, so I went out of my way to catch another Pokémon." Braden then realized, he hadn't bought any Poke Balls yet. His plan was to catch another Pokémon after grinding his Quilava. "Uh, I'm not re-". His sister interrupted him. "Ready or not, you're going down!", she exclaimed

To Be Continued

Author's Note:

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this story so far. Be sure to check in for Chapter 2. If the story has any problems, please let me know how I can improve. I am only a beginner. This is my first fanfic, after all.