Chapter 2: Second battle and first gym

Braden's Pokemon was weak and tired from all the other battles he had fought. He needed to get it to a Pokemon Center as soon as possible. "Please, let me get Quilava to a Pokemon Center first", he begged. "Not happening, loser", she replied. She pulled out a Poke Ball. Braden tried to run, but apparently you can't run from trainer battles. His sister sent out one of her Pokemon. It was a Jigglypuff, his sister's first Pokemon. Braden had no choice. He sent out his exhausted Pokemon. His sister commanded her Jigglypuff to use Sing. The song put Quilava asleep. Unfortunately, Braden had no Awakenings, so he was screwed. Jigglypuff then finished him with Pound. Braden was out of usable Pokemon. He had lost. "Alright, fork it over", his sister demanded. He sighed, and gave his sister P 1000, half of his money. He then ran off.

He then returned home to Violet City. After healing up his Pokemon, he decided he wanted to challenge the gym. First, he needed another Pokemon. He ran back onto Route 31, where he found a Hoothoot. He weakened it, and then threw a Poke Ball. He managed to catch it on his first throw.

After healing his new Pokemon, he went to challenge the gym leader. The gym leader's name was Falkner. Falkner specialized in flying types. When he wasn't battling, he was talking to people around, so Braden knew him. He ran to the Gym. He almost ran into the door, but he managed to slow down and walk inside. Once inside, he challenged the two Bird Catchers standing in his way. They were easily beaten, because Quilava used Ember on their Pokemon. Flying types are weak to Fire types, so Ember one shot all of them. He then walked up to Falkner. "Hello there Braden. Long time, no see", he said. "Yea, it's been a while", Braden replied. "So I take it your here to challenge me", Falkner guessed. "Of course I am. Why else would I be here?". "Good point", Falkner responded. "Let my awesome sweep begin". Braden had almost been right. Quilava one shot Falkner's Pidgey with Ember. Braden thought Pidgeotto was going to go down just as easy. It didn't. Quilava's attack missed. This gave Pidgeotto a turn to send out a strong gust, knocking out Quilava. Braden thought all hope was lost, when he realized he still had Hoothoot. He sent her out. Hoothoot had used a Tackle attack so strong, it made Pidgeotto smash into the wall. The collision fainted the poor bird. Braden had defeated Falkner! Braden received P500 for winning.

"Wow, you sure have potential", Falkner stated. "I think you earned this". It was the Violet City gym badge, also known as the Zephybadge. Braden received the badge and TM39 (Mud-Slap), and then he was sent on his way.

After healing up his Pokemon, he thought about where to go next. He decided to go to the Ruins, just to his south. There he can catch Unown, a rare Pokemon exclusive to that area. He then left

for the Ruins.


Author's note:

Another chapter finished. Hope you guys enjoyed. Chapter 3 should be out in a few days. Once again, tell me what you think. If there is any mistakes, please let me know. Bye for now.