The Next day...

Simonov awoke to the sounds of crashing, running then one loud crash. He checked his wrist watch and it showed 12:30 in the afternoon. He overslept for the first time since he was a small boy, stretching he realised his mask was off and in a moment of panic he put it back on before he realised, he wasn't in the Metro or Moscow anymore.

He was in another world, one with breathable air, his panic set in once again when he heard running in his direction, he got up close to the trashbin and un-holstered his revolver, looking around the corner he saw a young girl with pale white skin, orange hair and a pink bow looking around, distressed.

"Another day at the office..." Simonov mumbled to himself as he remained hidden, hearing another person running to the girl.

"Penny!" One of the two yelled, it sounded like a girl and Simonov took a quick glance from around the trash bin, now seeing a girl in a grey long sleeve shirt, black pinafore, a red skirt black stockings and boots, as well as... A cape? A red one at that.

He didn't see a hammer and sickle on it so he mildly loosened up, thankfully no reds were around as far as he knew. But still, he remained silent to listen to the conversation.

"Please, what is going on?" Little red asked while Simonov listened, hidden from sight.

"Why are you running? How did you do that?!" Little red asked once again.

The girl who he assumed to be Penny finally spoke up.

"I-I can't. Everything's fine!" She then hiccuped and continued on. "I-I don't want to talk about it." The girl said as she continued to hiccup, then little red interjected

"Penny, if you can just tell me what's wrong I can help you." Little red said while Simonov listened, quietly backing up more against the trash bin as the two moved, little red trying to get closer to Penny.

"No, no no, no, you wouldn't understand." Penny said, afraid.

"Let me try. You can trust me." Little red said, trying to reassure her friend.

Penny then turned and ran to Little red.

"You're my friend, right? You promise you're my friend?" Penny asked.

"I promise." Little red said, reassuringly.

"Ruby..." Penny said. So that was the girl's name, Ruby. Simonov made somewhat of a mental note of the two names, he felt like he might need to remember them, he didn't know why but he had a gnawing sensation at the back of his head.

Simonov continued on listening while Penny talked.

"I'm not a real girl..." Penny explained.

"Oh." Was all Ruby could muster as a reply for a moment before she continued.

"Penny, I don't understand." Ruby continued on

"Most girls are born, I was made." Penny explained. Simonov's eyes widened and a million questions rushed into his head. Where in the hell was he? What technology did this place have that they could make artificial people? But he mentally shook his head, he had to get through this with a good head on his shoulders, asking too many questions may get him sidetracked from his ultimate goal.

"I'm the world's first synthetic person capable of generating an Aura. I'm not real" Penny went on, and sounded sad. But it just added onto the questions in Simonov's head as he listened.

"Of course you are." Ruby said as she took Penny's hands into her own.

"You think just because you've got nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts makes you any less real than me?" Ruby asked.

"I don't, um... You're taking this extraordinarily well." Penny said, seeming to try to change the subject.

"You're not like those things we saw back there, you've got a heart." Ruby said as he heard a metallic tapping.

"And a soul, I can feel it." Ruby said, adding on, this seemed to cheer Penny up.

"Oh! Oh Ruby! You're the best friend anyone could have!" Penny proclaimed loudly as she hugged Ruby's head to her metal chest. Simonov watched from the trash bin somewhat... Unimpressed.

"Dear god... I hope they move on soon so I can take a morning piss..." Simonov mumbled under his breath, his right leg minutely shaking as he waited for the two to move on.

"I can see why your father would want to protect such a delicate flower!" A muffled Ruby said as her head was hugged to Penny's chest.

"Oh, he's very sweet. My father is the one who built me! I'm sure you would just love him!" Penny proclaimed happily.

"Wow, he built you all by himself?" Ruby asked while Simonov's suffering continued.

"Dear gods above... If you're real, please kill me." Simonov mumbled, listening to the two continue on just hoping, finally for them to go. Finally after a few moments like a blessing from said gods he heard a gruff voice in the distance down the alley.

"Check down here!" Someone off in the distance yelled then he heard the words that made his heard jump from his chest and into his mouth.

"You have to hide!" Penny said as she picked up Ruby and brought her over to the trash bin he was hiding on one side of, he got up as close as he could remaining silent as his heart began beating as if it was going to explode out his chest.

He temporarily blacked out from the adrenaline and came to a minute later, hearing the footsteps leaving he looked around the side of the trash can and saw Penny and two what might be able to be considered as soldiers walking off with Penny, he went around the front of the trashbin and heard the lid slam down as he passed infront of it, he fell over to the side and scurried back away from the trash can.

"Come out with hands up." Simonov said in his ever still broken English, rather panicked. The lid came up and it was the girl with the hood, Ruby.

"Uhm... Hi?" Ruby said nervously, looking over the sight on the ground in front of her, what was with all that gear he was wearing as well as the weapon he was holding, he looked beat up and as did much of his gear.

"Are you okay?" Ruby asked, Simonov stood up keeping his weapon trained on Ruby.

"I am perfectly fine, little red." Simonov said, motioning for Ruby to leave the trash can which she did still with her hands up.

"What's your name? I'm not gonna hurt you." Ruby said trying to be reassuring and trying to get Simonov to calm himself.

"Alexi Simonov." Simonov responded calmly.

"Okay Alexi, could you please put that gun of yours down?" Ruby said and Simonov lowered it letting out a sigh.

"Are you sure you're okay? You seem worse for wear." Ruby asked and Simonov shook his head.

"As okay as someone can be with no clue of where they are." Simonov replied.

"You're in the Kingdom of Vale." Ruby replied.

"I need to get to Beacon Academy to figure everything out." Simonov quickly replied as he reached back behind him and took out a map, showing it to Ruby with two points circled, one was quite far away and the other was Beacon.

"Oh, I'm a student there, I can help you, or well I normally could help you. But right now we need to go and find my friend, Weiss." Ruby said, Simonov, looked around and sighed.

"Alright, fine. But you need to go around corner, I uhm. Have business to take care of." Simonov motioned for Ruby to go back around the corner and when she was finally out of sight he leaned his Saiga up against the trash bin and unzipped his fly, relieving himself.

Simonov came out a couple minutes later, holding his Saiga.

"Right, lead the way." Simonov said as Ruby began to do so, slowly the day turned to night and Ruby's scroll began ringing, she took the call and put it on speaker for both her and Simonov to hear.

What he heard didn't fill him with any confidence, screaming, something about a giant robot? Just what the hell was going on? He knew he was in trouble when he heard the phrase...

"Oh I am not missing this." Ruby said as she grabbed the tall, heavily armed ranger and zipped off with speed, not experienced to Simonov.

"Ay blyadt!" Simonov yelled in Russian as Ruby zipped off with him, likely to his doom for all he knew.

After zipping across the town to what looked like some sort of industrial district, Ruby let go of Simonov and set him down, Simonov took a moment as he was shocked at the inhuman speed which he just travelled.

"Alexi, would you be able to help us?" Ruby asked Simonov and he quickly snapped out of it, looking to Ruby.

"I am unsure." Simonov said while he looked around a giant pillar the two were hidden behind while three others fought the giant mech robot.

"Okay, then you stay here." Ruby said as she ran to join her team, Simonov watched while she called out apparent teamwork moves which the team carried out in almost perfect sync, it reminded him of some rangers and the partners they had back in the Metro, somewhat causing him to long for home before he snapped out of it and watched, waiting for a perfect opportunity to strike.

Simonov set down his pack and his weapons, sneaking as close as he could to the mech with his lighter out while it seemed a blonde girl was having seven shades of shit knocked out of her, she finally went through a few pillars distracting the mech as she got up.

Simonov quickly ran, he ran as fast as his legs could carry him while another girl yelled out "Yang!" Ruby yelled out "Alexi!" The two girls with Ruby saw the ranger then, the mech turned around and went to swipe Simonov before he slid under the arm and lit two his two grenades, shoving them into the right leg of the mech while he slid under it and then he ran as the leg exploded off, causing it to fall over.

The now four girls stood gobsmacked as this man unknown to all but one of them just disabled the mech. He got up and dusted himself off, looking to the four girls then the mech and back to the girls. The blonde was still as he could tell angry, she ran past Simonov and with one single hit, knocked the mech's right arm off.

Now it was Simonov's turn to be gobsmacked as he watched that violent display. However the woman he could assume to be Yang was knocked back by the mech's left hand, Ruby shouted "Bumblebee!" and a woman with black hair caught Yang with a rope, swinging her around, Yang used her weapon to gain momentum and punched the apparent cockpit of the mech so hard it broke into hundreds of pieces, the figure inside now became visible to all, with a snide remark about his suit.

"Ah I just got this thing cleaned.." The man remarked as Simonov joined Yang's side she fired some sort of fireball at the man though it was blocked by the intervention of some small woman with an umbrella.

Simonov drew his revolver and aimed it at the umbrella, the small woman moved the umbrella out of the way, holding it over her shoulder. Before Simonov could get a shot off the man yelled to the group.

"Ladies and Gentleman, Ice queen." The man gave a halfassed two finger salute. The apparent Ice queen took offence and yelled "Hey!" Before the man continued.

"Always a pleasure." The man finished before he spoke to his apparent accomplice.

"Neo, if you would." He said, the woman gave a bow and the two froze in place, Yang ran and punched the two, shattering them into a million different pieces.

Simonov took some breaths as he lowered his revolver, the sound of a couple jet engines was heard and the whole group saw the man and his accomplice, Neo fly off, Ruby, the girl in black and the apparent "ice queen" ran to Yang, watching as the vehicle flew off.

"So I guess he got a new henchman." The focus of the group now turned to Simonov who holstered his revolver, then went and gathered his gear, coming back while Ruby was explaining where she was, then Weiss instantly snapped back to Simonov as he returned.

"Ruby, who is this guy the smells like a thousand year old sewer?" The Ice Queen asked, covering her nose, no one noticed the scent until it was pointed out, Yang appeared mildly more calmer than before, Simonov noticed before he decided to snap back at Weiss before Ruby had a chance to explain.

"That is no way to saying thanks to someone who just sacrificed his two last only grenades on the mechanical monstrosity you were fighting." Simonov said, staring daggers at the Ice Queen.

"Hold on, before you two start fighting, who are you?" The apparent more level headed on being the blonde asked.

"I am Alexi Simonov." Simonov responded.

"Okay but Who are you?" The blonde asked again as if trying to get more information.

"You mean who I work for?" Simonov asked.

"Yeah because you're kitted out like you're ready for a war." The blonde responded.

"This, is kind of standard issue equipment for the Rangers of the Order in the Metro." Simonov responded.

"Rangers of the Order?" The woman with black hair chimed in, asking.

"The Rangers of the "SPARTA" Order, the guardians of whole Metro." Simonov replied.

"He'll be coming back with us to Beacon, he's not from around here." Ruby chimed in.

"Yes, I'm from somewhere very far away from here." Simonov replied.

"Can you tell us?" The blonde asked

"The Metro is in Moscow, under it to be precise. The only place where one can live since the surface is uninhabitable." Simonov replied plainly.

"Oh. ...Why is it uninhabitable?" Ruby asked, curious.

"Because of nuclear weapons were dropped on the city, killing everyone who was unable to get to the Metro. At first the metro contained two million people. Now is probably in the hundred thousands." Simonov said, grimly.

"I-I'm sorry." The blonde said and Simonov shrugged.

"It is not your place to be sorry, you had no part in it... Now shall we be going?" Simonov asked, the group all agreed and they got going, then Ruby realised two people were missing.

"Wait, guys? Where's Sun and Neptune?" Ruby asked as the group walked.

"Who is this Sun and this Neptune?" Simonov asked in his broken English.

"You'll meet them later, I suppose we should introduce themselves, you probably already met my little sis, Ruby, I'm Yang." The blonde now identified as Yang held her hand out and Simonov shook it, her grip unsurprisingly to him was as firm as his.

"As I said, Alexi Simonov, Ranger of the Order." Simonov said, the woman with black hair then stepped up.

"I'm Blake." She said, Simonov gave her a nod, then Ruby went over to Weiss.

"And this is Weiss." Ruby said with a smile.

"I think I will be sticking with the famous nickname of the Ice Queen." Simonov said with a smirk donned on his face, under his mask.

"You won't if you know what's good for you." Weiss said lowly.

"Of course your highness, the queen of the Ice. Anyway, davai let's get going." Simonov motioned, Yang walked with Simonov the whole way, the two talked on the way back to Beacon.

Upon reaching Beacon, Simonov whistled and lifted his mask.

"Bozhe moy." Simonov said as he looked up to the tower before him.

"What's wrong Simonov?" Ruby asked and the whole group turned around.

"I lived all my life underground, I've never seen something so big... Well. There was one time I saw the old Ostakino television tower... But. This is completely different..." Simonov said as he followed the group into the building, Simonov looked around and saw all manor of people, even some with ears and tails of animals, were they mutants of some sort?

Simonov didn't feel it right to ask. Mutations weren't all too rare an occurrence in the Metro, hearing one story of some woman who went to the Reich and was found with a puppy dog's tail. He just shrugged it off until he heard someone yell Ruby's name. Looking around, Simonov took note of a somewhat older woman, someone old enough to be his bigger sister, a blonde woman with green eyes, white shirt a figure embracing skirt, and some sort of tattered cape.

"Oh uhm... Hi Professor Goodwitch!" Ruby said nervously as she got to the elevator.

"Who is that?" Professor Goodwitch motioned to Simonov who stood in place, not moving.

"Oh, Alexi, he well..." Ruby was interrupted by Professor Goodwitch

"He's not a student I recognise." Professor Goodwitch said, looking at the battered young man in attire she hadn't seen before Simonov spoke up for himself in his broken English.

"I am... Not student, I am lost, not from around uh... This place." Simonov tried explaining.

"I think it's best if we all go up to the headmaster's office." Goodwitch said, going past Ruby, the whole group went into the elevator and it ascended, Simonov held tightly onto the metal hold bar on the elevator nervously as he closed his eyes, elevators in the Metro were likely to kill a man as they stepped onto it.

Finally it reached the top and the doors opened, Goodwitch made her way out and the group followed behind, Simonov followed out with the group, the five stood in a lineup, Simonov stood in the typical at ease stance, looking around. He noticed the cogs above, was this some sort of office and clocktower?

"So girls and sir, would you please explain yourselves?" A man with white hair, Simonov could only assume to be the headmaster mentioned before. Simonov to the surprise of Ruby and her group spoke up first.

"Sir, I uhm... My english, is not good. I am, Alexi Simonov, I am a ranger of the sparta order, sir." Simonov said.

"I see." The apparent headmaster said.

"So how did you come to end up here, Mister Simonov." The apparent headmaster asked.

"I do not know, I come from Metro, under city of Moscow, I was searching for fellow Ranger when I found a place in the Metro, I walked through and fell in water, then I woke up on side of river in woods, sir." Simonov explained.

"May I ask why you came from this Metro?" The headmaster asked.

"Because surface, the city is uninhabitable, since the great war, nuclear weapons rained on the city and since 2013 has been uninhabitable." Simonov explained further.

"I see... I'm sorry to hear that." The headmaster said.

"It is not your place to be sorry, it was the stupidity of humanity, even in the metro we still kill each other while trying to fight off the mutants from above and the usual tunnel trash, it is a fate we are not undeserving of." Simonov said rather coldly.

"Well... I see. So Mister Simonov, why have you come here?" The headmaster asked.

"I am a soldier, headmaster. However my people, my home, are far away, I do not even know how to get back." Simonov said.

"We could offer you a place at this school if you can tell me how long you've been a soldier." The headmaster suggested.

"I joined local security team at my home station, Prospekt Mira, uhm... The Market Station, for three weeks I trained when I was fourteen. Then when I turned eighteen I left the station for Polis Station, the whole way I fought bandits and other mutants in the Metro and in Moscow itself. This year which at home would be 2034, I was inducted into The Order, I trained under a uhm... US Marine who was guard at US Embassy before the war, he was another Ranger I was on the searching mission with." Simonov explained.

"So all in all... You've had six years of training?" The headmaster asked.

"Yes, sir. I have experience building weapons, explosives, and combat first aid." Simonov stated.

"I see. Well, Mister Simonov. In this case I will have to make an exception to the usual procedures. You'll be allowed to study at this academy." The headmaster said

"Thank you, sir." Simonov said, the headmaster held his hand up.

"Unfortunately there are no other teams we can fold you in with as all are full, so since you have already acquainted yourself with team RWBY, then you'll be folded with them." The headmaster said and Ruby's eye's lit up with excitement, Simonov mentally sighed, if this meant what he thought it meant then...

The meeting ended from there and Ruby pulled Simonov to the elevator, Yang, Blake and the Ice Queen followed while Professor Goodwitch, looked to Ozpin.

"What does this mean?" Glynda asked and Ozpin shook his head.

"I'm not sure, however we should keep a close eye on him." Ozpin said before took a sip from his coffee mug

"Do you believe the story he put up?" Glynda asked.

"Did you see the scars on his face? How roughed up he looked? There's a reason he looked that way. A few of those scars on his face were too big to be knives, they were claw marks. Whether Grimm or those Mutants he mentioned made them we'll never truly know, however with the way he carried himself as he walked, the insignias he had, the gear and weaponry on him, that was all worn and torn in places. His story may be true, however as I said with the claw marks on his face, we'll never know." Ozpin said.

"I'll make sure to keep a close eye on him." Glynda said as she left.

Ozpin himself was left wondering, just what brought this apparent "Ranger of the Order" to Vale, or even to Remnant, he never head of any place named "Moscow", or even the "Metro", aside from old metro tunnels in Vale. Yet to his knowledge no one lived down in those tunnels.

Meanwhile at the School Dormitory.

"I will be first to admit, this is cleaner than even D6." Simonov said while still being pulled by Ruby, down the long hall.

The two turned a corner and there was a redheaded woman who wore some strange bronze armour, another. A male wore a black hoodie with his hood down, white armour and jeans, the third there was a orange haired girl who was quite... Lively. Far too lively for Simonov. Next to the girl was a asiatic looking man with some sort of Chinese type outfit he recognised in a picture from before the war.

"Oh, Ruby, who's that?" The boy in the white armour asked, the whole group turned to see a man who looked like he crawled up out of a pit with his bare finger nails and his finger nails alone, being pulled by a shorter in comparison red haired girl, soon followed by Blake, Yang, and the, as Simonov called her. Ice Queen.

"This? This is Alexi, he's Ranger." Ruby said as she pulled the man down the hall.

"A Ranger? Who does he work for?" The red haired woman asked while Ruby pulled Simonov past.

"I am a Ranger of the Sparta Order." Simonov said as Ruby stopped pulling him.

"He's part of our team now until Professor Ozpin can figure out what to do with him." Yang said

"Figure out what to do with him? Part of your team? Why?" The asiatic man asked

"Because I am not from around "here"." Simonov replied.

"Okay, where are you from?" The red haired woman asked.

"I am from the Metro, under the city of Moscow." Simonov replied.

"Ooh, where's Moscow? Is it cool? Is there a lot to do there? Is that why you're a Ranger?" The orange haired girl asked and Simonov let out a sigh, deadpanning.

"It's "cool" in the sense that there's been a thus far for 20 years, winter that's been a result of a nuclear war which has left the surface of the city uninhabitable, leaving nowhere but the Metro as a place for people to live." Simonov replied, somewhat annoyed, he had to explain this story a few times before and he didn't think much of someone asking if the Metro was "cool" to someone else it may be, however he's had so many brushes with death, he might as well high five the grim reaper the next time around.

"Oh. I see." The orange haired girl backed off, in part due to being pulled back by the white armoured boy.

"Well, we'll get out of your hair then." The red haired woman opened the door opposite to the door on Simonov and team RWBY's side of the hallway.

Ruby turned around and opened the door on her side of the hallway.

"And this is where you'll be staying, with us." Ruby said motioning for Simonov to enter, he did so and looked around, going over to a desk he unslung his guns, switched the safety to on, on his Saiga then set it leaned against the far corner of the room, then he unslung his Valve and leaned it up against the Saiga, then his RPK-74M. Simonov then took off his pack and set it on the desk next to the corner.

"Thank you, Ruby." Simonov said, while he set his revolver and his satchel on the desk next to his pack.

"It's no problem but I don't know where you'll sleep." Ruby said, scratching the back of her neck while the rest of the team came in.

"The bathroom, is it a shower or a bath tub in there?" Simonov asked, turning around to face Ruby.

"It's a hybrid, so a shower in a bath tub." Ruby explained.

"Then I shall be sleeping in there, I would think there is a curtain in there, is there not?" Simonov asked.

"Yes, there is, but are you sure you want to sleep in there?" Yang confirmed with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes it will be fine, I will keep the shower curtain closed while I sleep so you all will be unhindered in your daily routines. Besides, I have slept in worse places." Simonov said as he took off his vest and set it with his weapons in the corner.

Simonov then grabbed his pack and took out another gun which the team didn't even realise was in it until Simonov grabbed the compensator of the rifle, he set it in the corner with his other guns and took the pack with him into the bathroom, he shut off the light and the curtain of the shower could be heard opening then closing, then a tired yawn as the Ranger settled down to sleep.

In the other room, Simonov could hear the four talking, they didn't know what to think or really how to deal with the ranger that was plopped in their care whether it be temporary or permanent they didn't know but still. They had to figure something out, they decided to call it a night an hour later and all went to sleep while in the meantime, Simonov fell asleep himself, not sure what to expect the next day.